Friday, April 10, 2009

Sabah awaits new PM Dato Seri Najib to fulfill promises

Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) expected to hear the chorus of support from BN leaders hailing the appointment of the new PM Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak.

"These are the same BN leaders who had obligingly pledged unconditional support to Datuk Seri Abdulah Ahmad Badawi as PM in June last year when SAPP announced our loss of confidence in him as the PM. SAPP's only hope for our Sabahan leaders in the BN government is that they will use this new era of the Najib premiership for Sabah's legitimate interests," said Yong.


  1. Dream on! Nothing but words because they do not cost money!

  2. the ghost of altantuyaApril 12, 2009 at 6:42 AM

    How could you trust a suspected murderer?

    First, he denied he ever met the chap who claimed to have been sodomised by Anwar, but he later admitted that the chap had gone to see him for a scholarship application. Remember that episode still? And, until today, no one realy knows where the bugger as well as P.I Bala are.

    And the best part was, the day after he was sworn in as the sicked, ooops, sorry, i mean the 6th prime minister of Malaysia, the two suspects in the high-profile Mongolian woman murder case were sentenced to death, without the motive established.

    It looks like the duo are indeed meaner and more insane than Dr Hannibal Lecter - blowing up a total stranger for 'fun'!

    Hollywood should perhaps consider making a box-office movie out of this.

    Or, could it be that some genius in our Government had actually planned this tragic event with the chief aim of promoting Malaysia in an 'explosive' manner?

    Well, those who guess it right could probably win a chance for a cameo apprearance in the movie, other than receiving a dozen of government-sponsored C4s.

  3. UMNO a organisation with a bunch of HYPOCRITE!

  4. The old school propaganda of advocating "HOPE"that this and that will be done to resolve Sabah's legitimate problems has been a fairy tale.
    Had there been strong political will,these problems would have been resolved 2 administrations ago.
    Recently,I launch the signature campaign to lift the ban on the usage of the word "Allah"in Christian Publication and Literature.I approached some non-Muslim politicians in BN and Opposition.To my surprise,they supported silently but refused to comment further or bring this matter up higher,simply because they feared that they may not get the support of the Muslims in the next general elections.How Pathetic!!
    The signature campaign was a success as we notice the support of many of our Muslim brothers and sisters.
    Dato'Seri's 1Malaysia concept can only work if he practice what he preaches,otherwise it's tantamount to hoodwinking Malaysians all over again.For Sabah,the first thing he should be doing is to remove Musa Aman as the Chief Minister of Sabah.
    The title of this article"Sabah awaits new PM Dato'Seri Najib to fulfill promises"is mind boggling.I've heard this tag line every time there's a change in the country's Premiership.The only thing that has change over the years is,all UMNO/BN assemblyman and MP's have gain extra pounds and much wealth while the people are still suffering.
    The State Government of Sabah have become like cable tv operated by remote control.UMNO/BN Sabah hails and exalts the new Federal Ministers of Sabah.The redundant Bernard Dompok,the playboy Maximus,the yesman Shafie and the spoil brat Anifah,are good combination's of nothing to expect.
    Having said that,the new PM's KPI if proven to be firm,will see the downfall of many of these Ministers.
    Lastly,I wish to convey my sincere thanks and appreciation to all who have supported our signature campaign.The 14,000 signatures we got from Malaysia and Internationally has proven without doubt that the Christian community's voice must be respected.

  5. Make religion private, take it out of politics and let ppl do what is best for them - we would live in a nice place! As long " a few so called learned ones" tell as what we have to do and thinks we are doomed!

  6. Besides such indexes like CPI, GDP, corruption, transparency etc, many democratic and advanced countries in the world are also paying lots of attention to their peoples' happiness to gauge the overall success of their nation.

    A nation full of unhappy and bitter people certainly cannot be regarded as a healthy and successful nation.

    This is especially true when a nation is endowed with rich natural resources, including oil and gas, but a majority of the peoples, are still living in poverty or constantly struggling to make ends meet while the leaders and their cronies are living in luxury and in excess.

    I believe many of us would probably resonate with the following article!

    And my father said, 'Son, don't come home'

    Ice Cream Seller

    Malaysiakini| Apr 10, 09 5:14pm

    Sometime in 1980, when I was a final year student in London, I had a very short tele-conversation with my father. In those days, there were no call cards, Skype or the like and calls were expensive. He had a very simple message - 'Son, don’t come home'.

    Now almost 30 years on, I see where he was coming from.

    He advised me to stay on in the UK or if I found the weather not to my liking, told me to go to Australia - even if it meant that I may eventually marry a ‘white girl’ as he put it. I was 23 and marriage was certainly not on my mind.

    He was a pendatang. A pendatang, however, who secured a scholarship to study in Raffles College (the precursor to the University of Malaya) and served some 30-odd years in various senior teaching positions culminating with the last few years in the Malay College Kuala Kangsar.

    Amongst his students were past and present ministers and opposition figures. I didn’t heed his advice till last year and spent the last 28 years in Malaysia. However, it became increasingly untenable to work here without compromising my values, integrity and conscience.

    Why did he advise me such? With hindsight, I saw his foresight. As an educationist, he saw we were heading to be another Ceylon (from where he was sent here when orphaned), Burma, Philippines and in today's scenario, Zimbabwe.

    He saw what the outcome would be when we mix education with politics. He saw that religion would be a divisive factor in years to come (he even encouraged me to learn Jawi as a nine-year-old).

    He believed that in a country like this, mixed marriages would help cement society. He saw in some of our leaders of yesterday that even in their youth, they had unbridled cunning and only needed an opening to exploit that trait.

    He saw in some of his students a potential to be PM but said that would never be because they were ‘too smart for Umno's liking’. He saw that given our racial demographics, religion would be used as a means to ensure the survival of a particular group.

    He believed that eventually, the Malays would have a class war amongst themselves. He said that even amongst the Malays, many of the English-educated would opt to live away from Malaysia.

    He told me promotions won’t necessarily be given for competence. These are usually won in the ‘clubs’ (read: the political parties today) and over a few drinks. Being a bit of an introvert myself, he encouraged me to join clubs, associations and play sports and travel.

    He said honesty doesn't necessarily pay in this world but it is still better to be honest and live with dignity.

    Our home was (at different times) home to three delinquent Chinese boys - sent by the juvenile court. He volunteered to take them in. Add to that, a few other Indian boys as well.

    Though not my mother tongue, I spoke to my parents in Malay till I was about 10. We took in a Chinese lady injured during the war and she lived with us for about 40 years till she died. My father referred to her as his mother-in-law. I thought she was my grandmother even though my mother was not Chinese!

    By the late 70s and early 80s, he saw that this scenario would not likely repeat in the years to come. When he died in 1982, we were pleasantly surprised to see some of his students (by then in their 50s) came from the different states for his funeral.

    One told me that it was my father that made sure he spoke flawless English and another told me how my father would bring the Sixth Formers home from the hostel and used our home for dinner to teach them social graces - including dancing (taught by my mother). Partners were arranged from the Convent school with the blessings of the headmistress!

    Twenty-nine years on, I view his foresight through the same prism and now agonise as to whether I should tell my children the same. For now, I am allowing my eldest to pursue his tertiary education overseas.

    Maybe when he finishes, he may not be as shortsighted as I was. I pray to God to grant him the wisdom and vision.

    Last year, I resigned from my job, returned the company car and driver, said goodbye to my executive package and moved to Australia where I now live with no maid, no driver, no Audi 2.8, no golf, no teh tarik sessions, no bonus, etc.

    But I am rediscovering humanity running a humble ice-cream shop. Sometimes we learn very late.

  7. If all Chinese, INdians and lain-lain get out of Malaysia, this country will be given back to the animals and flora in absolutly no time because no one will take care of business and make money, invent some new things.... thats the way we will go if we do not learn to be ONE MALAYSIA. We are in the same boat! And UMNO sees only the UMNO boat but this will sink without the tax money from all the others. UMNO PUTRAS do not pay tax! Cronies do not pay tax and so on. So who is keeping Malaysia and UMNOputras alive? Vote for the opposition next election, if we have one what is not sure yet! Pray for change, because if change is not coming our way soon Foreign Investers are out! We are going as well!

  8. Well... We still can survive. If DS Najib can fulfill then we thank him very much.
    Voices of opposition equally important.
    Keep it up SAPP!

  9. Najib, why keep silent on Altantuya murder?

    We need some answers. Are you involved???

  10. 那吉更像是巫统末代首相,他的内阁有好多位后门进入的部长,比较引人注目的是KPI部长许子根,许子根把民间对他的委任的评语,归罪给反对党是不完全正确,第8空间的一项短机调查,80%回应认为许子根的委任,是‘后门方式’委任。我不觉得这项民意是反对党策划的,充其量反对党也利用民意吧了。那吉的‘一个马来西亚’是很吸引人的口号,他才提出这口号不到几天,我们就听到某巫青团称:‘一个马来西亚’不等于‘马来西亚人的马来西亚’,还有某部长的‘感恩论’,使人感到难以适从。

  11. Why the ILLEGAL MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS still roaming around in any cities and towns in Sabah FREELY?

    Why as long as they are ILLEGAL MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS can easily obtained MYCARD with instant bumiputra status especially they are from Pakistan, Pilipin, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Arab and etc .... ?

    Why the foreign experts from Europe, Japan, Korea, China, Australia, HK and Singapore hardly get the PR status to work here?

    Do you mean the ILLEGAL MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS are more qualify to become Sabah bumiputra than the foreign expert?

    In Sabah was full of BANGSA PARASITE@PTI and you can see all these MONKEY loitering in our towns like nobody business. They can conduct any illegal business without appliying any license like duty not paid rokok, carpet, ahlong, syabu, illgeal 4D and etc .....

    Where are those so called KDM leaders to protect the native rights? You guys already become a minority in sabah and will become PELARIAN soon in your own soil. SHAME ON YOU!!!

  12. Very soon these illegal immigrants will benefit from the policy of '1Malaysia' after securing their Mycards.

  13. Najib won't be staying long to fulfill, if any, promises made by bodowi.

    too much scandals....involved to tackle first

  14. Urgently read and start cashing out our fixed deposit!

    Thats what Sabah is for UMNO BN!!! nothing more as a cash cow!

  15. NEWS...Ex-CID boss cries 'black-eye' conspiracy Former Kuala Lumpur CID chief Mat Zain Ibrahim, who was declared a bankrupt, has claimed that several 'powerful hidden hands' wanted to destroy his credibility.
    And he said their reason for doing so was "to paralyse my capabilities and prevent me from giving evidence against attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail and inspector-general of police Musa Hassan for fabricating evidence in the Anwar Ibrahim 'black-eye' case."

    In a statement emailed to all media organisations today, Mat Zain said his friends and relatives were wondering why his case, which is a non-issue and not worthy of publication, was given tremendous prominence by the media.

    The issue was reported in the mainstream media today.

    "I was just a common retired senior assistant commissioner II who went on optional retirement some eight years ago. I am not a member of any political party and have no intentions of being one.

    "Surely you too are curious to know the reasons why the news on me had to be played up as such," he said.

    "No ordinary person can influence the entire media (radio and TV) to run this sort of news simultaneously. I say with certainty there are very powerful hidden hands that wanted it so," he added.

    The former CID chief was the investigating officer of the black-eye incident, and pledged that the probe was done "professionally without fear or favour."

    On July 7 last year, Anwar filed a police report accusing Gani, Musa and one Dr Abdul Rahman Yusof and Mat Zain of falsifying a medical report.

    The matter was also investigated by the then Anti-Corruption Agency (now renamed Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency).

    Commenting on the corruption watchdog's probe, Mat Zain said: "My detailed statement was recorded no less than five times by the investigating officer."

    "I made full disclosure and provided the MACC with documentary evidence, which I believe was more than sufficient to proof criminal wrongdoings on the part of Gani in particular," he added.