Thursday, March 26, 2009

Scrap or XChange?

Are Auto-scrapping and Xchange similar schemes?...Government trying to inject money into the ailing car maker? Why Xchange programme which started in 2007 only in West Malaysia......Why Sabah and Sarawak were NOT included in this programme?

Only then, when SAPP voiced it out, then the scheme (whatever)was immediately announced for Sabah and Sarawak. Xchange or auto-scrap, dubious as it seems...(your car must be tested tip-top condition before you can none other than a cheap tactic.


  1. Sabahans are always the late recipients of goodies from kl

  2. Correction anon 4.25pm, Sabahans are always the last recipients or even worst we do not receive at all.

  3. who is tiau chee kee ?

  4. "Sabahans are always the late recipients of goodies from kl"

    hehe...R U Know why?
    Look at the UMNO election....


    and then.....

    UMNO Sabah Boleh????

  5. Auto scrapping scheme is mainly a disguise to pay off proton for their ailing motor industry...

    one of bn's corrupt and incompetence in the good example is Dr M. who built white elephants to show the world that malaysia boleh....boleh apa?

    Minyak Sabah lah!

  6. Sabahans should be discounted more than RM5,000 since we have paid more for a proton or perodua.

    So an amount of RM6,500 would be more appropriate.

    Who is this Teo Chi skang trying to lick KL's balls and his boss VK liew.

  7. YB En.Teo, Kalau salah atau silap mengaku saja. Tak perlu mau putar belit. We also know how to read but pls dont "angkat kaki"... just keep quiet & pray for... people will forget to remember that issue in 3 or 4 yrs to come bfore 13 GE.
    Hidup VK Liew!!!

  8. WHY all the opposition party in Sabah only attack all the small fries like Pailin, VK Liew, Dumb Pork and Joseph Kurap? BUT no one dare to attack Sabah CM Musang bin TIDAK AMAN?

    Issue of PTI, unstability of electric and water supply, lousy public transport system, high cabatage charge to sabah, KK no hospital and blar blar blar ....

    Who is running the state? It is the evil umno. Who is the CM? Sabah CM sweep all the state projects for his cronies and blar .... but yet NO ONE DARE TO OPEN THEIR MOUTH TO CONDEMN SABAH CM. WHY?

    What is the point everytime we just attacked the ikan bilis party and yet their evil master umno you guys just keep quiet? if SAPP, DAP, and PKR are really want to form the next state government?

  9. This is only one of the basket-full of reasons why Malaysia must have a brand new government.

    A person or group of people staying in power for too long, would have developed the disease of power crazy and corruption at all fronts.

    Consciencious people in East Malaysia, vote with your conscience at your next available opportunity... for CHANGE.

  10. A change for a new government is always good for the people.....

    why not Malaysia try a two party democrats and republicans in america...

    We don't like you,,,out you!

    Try it for a change...Malaysians!

  11. Two party system is good,one pary is BN,the other part is PR,SAPP agree or not ??

  12. After today we will not see a two party system! We will not have a GE 13 or a vote of no-confidence! Najib will not risk his future on something so avoidable! Why should he hold elections? He will go and get his 2/3 majority and change the constitution. Do you believe the King, Rulers, BN will have a say in this? No way! It is all abaut money! And he will keep this position as long as HE likes it!