Monday, March 23, 2009

SAPP: Explain the RM 601 loan to KL company

Kota Kinabalu, Mar 15, 2009: Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) said the State Government owes the people of Sabah an explanation why a RM 601 million loan was given by the Sabah Development Bank (SDB) to a KL company to develop luxury condominium in Kuala Lumpur's Ampang.

Has Sabah Development Bank has lost confidence in the Sabah economy?


  1. What do we meant by "SABAH DEVELOPMENT" bank?

  2. It is supposed to help develop Sabah...not KL companies

  3. Aiyahhh... never mind lah. Duit Sabah, Malaysia punya. Duit Malaysia, Malaysia punya lah...

  4. Susah lah nak cerita... nampaknya rakyat dan muak dan lali dengan situasi mcm tu.
    Tunggu PR13 saja lah...

  5. "We lose out on the RM625.00 fuel rebate due to late implementation of the auto-scrapping scheme and the price differences of cars (RM1,900 to RM2,200 more) between Sabah and West Malaysia", reiterated Chong.

    With the RM5,000 discount, we get less than West Malaysia between RM2,800 to RM3,100, because we paid more for the cars (new) initially.

    According to reliable sources, local Proton agents are not even ready to accept or proceed with the said scheme.

    Vehicles need to be in tip-top condition (approved Puspakom roadworthy test) before given the RM5,000 discount, Chong questioned the rationale of "scrap" in the Auto-scrapping Scheme.

  6. something to remember next election. Show UMNO the fixed deposit has expired!

  7. Do you guys know who are those fella working in SABAH DEVELOPMENT BANK? THEY ARE ALL FROM WEST MALAYSIA holding all the high ranking post.

    Don't believe me? Please find out yourself. I wonder WHY NONE OF THE SABAHAN ARE QUALIFY TO RUN OUR OWN BANK? Our musang bin tidak aman is useless kok kok hai!