Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Singapore couple claim Malaysian VIP, bodyguards bashed them

2009 Jan 8 - She watched in horror as her fiance was allegedly pinned down on a couch and beaten up by about 15 men dressed in black.

She herself was slapped twice on the face by a man who claimed to be a VIP in Malaysia.

Nurul, 20, and her fiance Mark, 31, were so outraged by the incident that they contacted The New Paper to recount the incident.

Anybody? Any idea as who are these so-called VIPs...expose them so the public will know they are! Details of news


  1. I'm baffle and surprise,that no comments has so far appeared in this article.Would a comment appear,had it been a Sabahan or is it that nobody is at all concern?

    While the truth will prevail,this kind of animal behavior must be exposed.Malaysian VIP,so what.How Pathetic.

  2. I am very sorry for both of them, but I would like to tell them as well, be very carefull of what you do because "excidents" are happening fast and no one will be able to make that go away! VIP are bullis and have no basic human education an human rights! Be very careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Surprised and disappointed why the no investigation has been forthcoming....pls identify the culprits