Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Many fraudulent cases in MyKad applications

PUTRAJAYA: Many of the cases alleging delays in the application for citizenship, MyKad or passports are actually fraudulent.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said in these cases, the applicants were foreign nationals who had sneaked into the country illegally and threw away their documents.

“They then claimed to be Malaysians. The National Registration and Immigration Departments have to be careful when processing their applications.

Let's just ask the Home Minister whether he knew there were hundreds of thousands who got MyKad in Sabah through illegal means! And what is he going to do about these???


  1. That is question we all "true" Sabahans will be asking.

  2. TAWAU: Tawau MP Datuk Chua Soon Bui urged the National Registration Department to set up a mobile task force on the plight of genuine Malaysians, particularly Sabahans in rural areas seeking proper identification papers.

    These documents could greatly help them exercise their rights as Malaysians, she said, during a recent visit to Kampung Ranggu.

    She regretted reports of some families having to travel all the way to Kota Kinabalu to obtain the proper documentation, which is not only costly but time consuming.

    "This is not practical for them as they are mostly poor families and travelling to Kota Kinabalu is a costly affair for them," she said while conducting a survey on the number of hardcore poor families in the village.

    She expressed optimism that the newly appointed Sabah NRD Director, being a Sabahan, would be able to understand the situation and take the necessary measures to assist them.

    "There is also a need to bring translators as there are a number of the older generation who could only speak their native dialect, such as Murut individuals," she said.

    Citing an example, she described the dilemma faced by one Zakariah Mariano, a Kadazan man living in Ranggu village with his wife of Murut race. Chua said they used to live at Sungai Burung but their home was burnt down by fire resulting in the destruction of their identification documents.

    Chua added that their five children, with the oldest being 12, face hardship at being deprived of the privileges given to Malaysian children as none of them possessed birth certificates and being deprived from obtaining education. She also said that this was just the tip of an iceberg.

  3. few of the officers (also sabahan)were careful when processing the applications,but they were more careful about the "income".

  4. Sabahan ought to blame themselves for those generous approval of MyKad 20 years ago.

  5. Ask Syed Hamid to go to hell with these stupid statements.

    Sabahans will not be easily taken in by your hypocrisy to solving our perennial problems.

    The State NRD has to be managed by our own Sabahan people.

  6. Sabah leaders got themslve to blame for giving the autonomy to KL for issuing mycard to PILAKS.

    UMNO need to kick out ASAP! No more excuse!

  7. Before both of U blame others,ask yung suck lee also regarding Pulau Gaya!!!!!

    sapa makan cili,dia yg rasa pedas sampai gugur rambut!!!!!

    apa yg boleh di buat masa ini sia pikir,blajar la dari kesilapan.Tidak kira pengarah dari semenanjung @ anak watan SABAH,kina tahan gudaan "RASUAH"!!itu masalah utama.Ingat kalau suda tukar pengarah,kita boleh guaranty 500% tiada suda ic PROJEK?tepuk dada tanya selera......Kalo kamurang mau sakap pasal projek mahadir pun,kamurang kina ingat...sapa yg jadi anjing suruhannya pada masa tuh,salah seorangnya memang YUNG SUCK LEE!!!!This is FACT!!!!!

    So learn from our mistake bro!!!!!!

  8. Hidraf,

    what i think you just said is "learn from the mistake"? well, Yong Teck Lee had learned that SAPP can no longer work with all the stupid leadership that led to IC problems and all the project corruption that ended up failing halfway..
    SAPP had enough of the leadership from BN and that's why we are different!!!!!

    This is Fact and Get your Fact right!!!

  9. yes i agree... get your facts right bro....

  10. umno is a party full of BANGSA PARASITE and PENDATANG HARAM. Whoever is a muslim PENDATANG, you can join umno and get free mycard and become instant bumiputra.


  11. http://www.mysinchew.com/node/17630?tid=14

    "Hishammuddin (Education Minister) said the government also had to decide whether it should be a stand alone subject or included in others because the social contract was part of Malaysias history which should be well understood by the younger generation.

    ""Our aim is not to split society but for all Malaysians to understand the nation's history and how inter-racial tolerance brought about the success the country is enjoying today," he said."
    The so-called "social contract" is in reality nothing more than neo-apartheid shoved down the throat of the Chinese, the Indians, and other non-Malays through the deadly threats of racist slaughter of May 13. Unfortunately, stooges such as MCA, MIC, Gerakan, and other BN components had whitewashed and sanitized such racist inequalities as NEP and ketuanan Melayu calling them "social contract." This is the sell-out of the MCA and other BN components against their own peoples.

    All fairminded peoples of Malaysia must speak out and expose the racist nature of the NEP and ketuanan Melayu and condemn them for what they truly are. All non-Malays reject NEP and ketuanan Melayu. Many fairminded Malays are also ashamed of these unfair and unequal policies that are condemned by UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    Malaysian peoples have matured and can no longer be fooled by devious and sinister propagandas.



  13. The problem is not only with the application for citizenship by people who are not qualified but with the fundamental inequalities in that many people who have lived in Malaysia for many years and have contributed to the progress and development of Malaysia are by law excluded from ever applying for citizenship. Many Chinese who have invested in Malaysia and have lived and managed their businesses for decades still cannot get citizenship while millions who came with only the shirt of their back can get citizenship within days.

    Therefore, the entire racist bigotry that underlies the unequal immigration law must be changed first and then the immigration laws must be changed to allow for the immigration and naturalization of all races who can be of benefit to Malaysia's development to come legally into Malaysia and then in due time apply for and become citizens of Malaysia.

    The current system of irrational laws unequally applied must end.

  14. How many original Sabahans are in the pool of Sabahans now? How many are Sabahans manufactured to topple PBS before are still with the new "Instant I.C."? These are critical issues to be resolved if Sabah is going to be hijacked by PTIs?

    Neither BN nor PK can resolve the issue unless "real and true Sabahans" dare to stand up together without fear or favor. Now you are divided into so many parties, the majority of which find BN the only shelter these parties can survive.

    BN will never resolve the "fake ICS
    issue" as it is always needed to ensure UMNO dominance, isn't it?

  15. Let's us Pure Sabahan learn to accept the fact that the PTI's manage to penetrate and become one of us through our weakness and greed.
    We Sabahan was and will never be United in pursuing to solve the problem instead we are collaborating with those peoples specially UMNO to divides and rule. JOMOSAMA and HINDRAF IMPOSTER are among of them who are happily accepting the PTI to becomes one of the our future TUAN.

  16. I think the owner of some company should be educated not to take advantages of employing the illegal immigrants as in cheap labour pay. The major problem for the illegal immigrant in Sabah was mainly because they can survive with a job employment from those irresponsible employer. Plus I come across a filipino who is able to get a Malaysian driving licence in Malaysia using old I/C which was issued to them reffered as penduduk sementara years back. I am very frustruated with the authorities as they didnt take any measures to prevent this thing to happened. There are many others go through legal procedure just to get the citizenship in Malaysia for years but this minority obtain the benefit through the loopholes of the authorities. Please do something to be fair and square.

  17. SAPP: Take illegal immigrant issue seriously

    Tony Thien | Nov 1, 08 11:33am:

    The Sabah Progressive Party (Sapp) has again issued a stern warning to the federal government - don't insult the intelligence of Sabahans by ignoring the problems plaguing their state.

    The former BN component party wants the government to summon strong "political will" to resolve the perennial problem of illegal immigrants in Sabah.

    In a statement to Malaysiakini yesterday, the party's secretary-general Richard Yong responded to Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz's statement in Parliament that immigrants from the Philippines and Indonesia had contributed to a drastic rise in the population of the state between 1970 and 2000.

    Nazri had said this in a written reply to Sepanggar MP Eric Majimbun's question during his debate on the national budget in the Dewan Rakyat on Wednesday on the latter’s inquiry on the increase in Sabah's population by a whopping 285 per cent, based on the Population and Housing Census for 1970 and 2000.

    Yong said Sabahans don’t want reminders of the facts and figures.

    "What we want is a genuine and comprehensive solution to the perennial problem, with a specific time frame, and not just another academic answer as the problem has existed for more than three decades now and has inflicted immense suffering to the people of Sabah," he said.

    A perennial problem

    Yong added that the minister must take responsibility if he fails to handle and resolve the problem. He also reminded the government of its responsibility to safeguard the sovereignty of the country.

    Since it pulled out of the BN in September, Sapp has been a vocal critic of both the federal and state governments, especially on the issue of illegal immigrants and the issuance of identity cards to thousands of illegals in Sabah.

    Locals say the government has only been paying lip service and doing very little to seriously tackle the problem and its reluctance to address the issue has resulted in the state becoming inundated with illegal immigrants, some of whom have even become Malaysian ‘citizens’ after obtaining false identification documents.

    The above statements by SAPP are testament to our State's population boom.

    WHY is the Federal govt. so blind and ignorant of this ??

    WHAT have PBS, LDP n PBRS done to solve this 'Mother of All Threats' issue ??

  18. Yeah i've heard this one myself.

    My sister had her Mykad checked one day and found that she had 5 family mambers registered in her kad.
    She was amazed because from the time we were born to this day we only had 4 members.
    So she asked about the 5 th members name, thats when the registration officer's face changed and declined to give any more information.

    So i think that is the new way these illegals is given IC, by adding them to our and your family counts.

    Maybe jomosama tuaran have 10 under his belt.