Saturday, September 27, 2008

Put NRD under Sabah Government!

Illegals gain citizenship; Sabahans lose theirs'
What had happened to 78-year-old Yong Lee Hua @ Piang Lin, a Sino-Kadazan, being replaced with a PR instead of MyKad by the NRD when she claimed her IC after it was reported lost.

"She asked the officer why it was red and the lady officer said for senior citizens who lost their IC, the department normally replaced them with red ICs?"

So she will be deprived of her citizenship and the right to vote. What is happening here?

Do you think we need to revamp the whole of NRD, Immigration in Sabah. To do it is by changing the Malaysian Government! Yong: Denial breach of agreement...and MP Eric reveals scandal


  1. Pls lah! enough is enough... why day after day we keep "gostan"!!!
    We sould move forward... nobody will protect Sabahan anymore.
    Sabah minister & leader only busy with their own pocket.

  2. YB Datuk Mojilip, Illegal imigran yang beli tanah NT lebih serius. Napa tak lapur dengan segera. No gran dan No Ic. If you fail to report and fail to prove it, Its better for PBS to resolve the red IC case pada you gembar gembur di paper. If you ada niat nak keluar BN, tak siapa nak halang. We PBS would be very happy. BTW, I still remember you poster of BN bertingkat-tingkat u pasang during PRU 12. Next election We kasi bertingkat-tingkat bendera dan lambang PBS against you. NO, Datuk disilakan.

  3. Hanya Mojilip yang lebih kuah dari Nasi. Donald Mojunting lebih matang membuat kenyataan walaupun Mojilip telah banyak makan garam dari Donald.Donald yang highlited kes ic merah ini, Mojilip pula bagai treathening mahu keluar BN.Dia lupa, the momment dia keluar BN smalah dengan the momment dia keluar PBS dulu di Tamparuli. Apa yang perlu dibuat ialah seperti Donald kata, beri peluang utk NRD explain and say their reasonings. Yng Datuk Mojilip sampai nak bawa UPKO keluar BN apa hal.. Kami ahli PBS Tamparuli nak tahu. Satu lagi kami juga mahu supaya Mojilip melunaskan hutang PRU 12 kepada rakyat Kiulu dan Tamparuli. Kami PBS akan mengemas rumah lepas Mojilip keluar dari BN.

  4. I agree with Bumburing to review their BN membership.

    If Upko wants to fight for the Sabahans, it should follow Sapp's bold step...leave the BN, now!

    As long as BN under Umno control, we Sabahans will not get what we want. I believe Sapp's move will not be in vain..We can wait one year, two, three or even four years to oust the BN from Sabah forever!

  5. keluar jgn tak keluar.
    bn tipu rakyat.
    for sake of the rakyat.

  6. Sudahlah Bee End. Sudah berapa tahun orang kita diseksa tapi diam saja macam seekor tikus. Berapa tahun lagi kena tunggu untuk menyeleseaikan masalah macam ini? Masalah-masalah ini macam tambah saja bukan dikurangkan?

    Wake up PBS, LDP, UPKO, MCA!

  7. WHY should we the ones to suffer? While Umno cronies are getting richer by the day, we are poorer instead.

    to all sabahans, do u really contented with what we are having? what are we getting?

    Even leftovers are not forthcoming. wakeup for the moment, opportunity doesnt come twice, this is the opportune time!

    With PR, you will see what's forthcoming. Wake up! we are almost there, but unfortunately, only sapp has the balls! come out like sapp! don't hide! dont be ball lickers!

  8. Upko, LDP, PBS try to play heroes bringing up this issue which has been going on for so long. If not for the political tsunami, they would gladly give their balls for safe-keeping by Umno. Why rock the boat when the gravy is coming.

  9. This explains the current attitude and culture of the Malaysian Civil Service. This is clearly a by-product or Dr.M years of abuse of power.

    To Wilfred Bumburing, now because of this single IC issue with NRD you wanna reveal UPKO status in BN? What happen to Sabah 20% Oil Royalty, Illegal immigrant and other issues widely raised by Sabahan?

    I though UPKO can always solve the problem through BN proper channel? Why suddenly such an angry threatening tune against BN?

    I see this more a political strategy to gain first hand cheap publicity to project UPKO as the defender of KDM.

    Wilfred, there is no place for you by these cheap talks. To buy our support you will have to sacrifice personal interests and walk the talks like SAPP!!

  10. My question is, who is holding her original MyCard with all its benefits including buying land reserved for the natives of Sabah?

  11. Kepada Anonymous 8.02,
    Saya ketawa terbahak bahak dengan kenyataan anda. Kau ingat PBS sekarang ini dengan kepimpinan Pairin dan Penjilat Maximus cukup kuat dan mampu untuk menawan kawasan parlimen Tuaran sekiranya di adakan PRU dalam masa terdekat? ada kemungkinan hilang wang pertaruhan, Sedarlah pengampu macam Maximus dan kepimpinan Pairin yang sudah HALF PAST SIX SUDAH TIDAK MENDAPAT PENGARUH KEPADA RAKYAT SABAH.

  12. The feds has never bothered to improve our livelihood here in Sabah.

    They inundated sabah with illegals with Mykad, now "legally" citizens and with bumi status.

    Sabah is just like a dumping site for illegals allowed by KL for their evil political plan.

    Lets rid Malaysia of racists, power abusers, selective persecutors.......rid BN!

  13. We want to hear the opinion from PBS 1st and 2nd top leaders.

  14. To Anonymous 4.26pm,

    What do you expect from PBS? Logic will tell you that they'll condemn NRD in the public for cheap political gain. What else? May be this lembik hypocrite Pairin can follow up the matter with NRD to plead to settle it, and then claim credit for solving the case which should had never happened?

    We the public is more interested in knowing how the hell this freaking incident can happen? What had the BN government been doing all these while?

    This issue may just be the tip of an iceberg. The impression created is that Malaysian Civil Service delivery system is no longer functioning, with senior officers building their little empires acting like little Napolean terrorising the livelihood of ordinary Malaysian.

  15. what happening to our BN leaders in sabah and where is PBS leaders; pairin, Dr. Max and the chinese hero Yee Mo chai. the problem happen to our beloved sabahan and where ARE YOU??? hiring under UMNO's legs (below the balls). so many bumi (KDM, sino KDm) because of late register of their children birth certificates, or a lots in the far KG without birth certs, they only can get a RED IC. WHY CAN'T you HEROS HELP OUR OWN PEOPLE?? WHERE ARE YOUR BALLS???? BRING THE MATTER UP AND TALK TO THE KL LEADERS. WHAT THE SHIT ARE YOU. DO YOU REMIMBER YB Eric had brought up in parliment that his family name being used by PTI to obtain MY card.HAVE YOU SUPPORT YB ERIC??? have you bring to the BN meeting???? HAVE YOU BRING TO CABINET(dr.MAX)??????? THE KDM AND SINO KDM ARE YOUR AND MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS.YOU DO'NT HELP THEM, do you exepect bn dogs to help??? oh!! I forgot YOU ARE THE SAME KIND. dOGS!!!

  16. It is well known to all Chinese in Sabah that the Sabah Immigration had practised racial cleansing by repeated denial of application for PR or citizenship no matter how long they had lived in Sabah or how much they had contributed to the Sabah development. On the other hand, any illegal Muslim can get citizenship automatically. While tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Chinese had been deported or denied citizenship since the beginning of "independence" and fedeeration with Malaya. This is why the Chinese population has dropped from 30% or more in 1963 to less than 10% today.

    If the Chinese are to have a chance in Sabah, the UMNO-BN government must be toppled and replaced with a new government with more equality and justice. New immigration laws must be implemented to admit more Chinese and give automatic citizenship to all Chinese who have lived in Sabah for more than 7 years or with net assets of more RM250,000.

  17. To john s peter,
    I do not agree with u, don't use the dirty words to accuse PBS leaders(our leaders). u must understand that they have so many things to do,and this is a small case. what have done can be undo. let this old lady Yong to re-register again and let her get back a real MYCARD. don't accuse they as dogs, they speak the same language as we did and they don't eat dog foods.I fully support my leaders in PBS. keep up!!! me and my family members will give vote for u in the next election.

  18. PRU 13, PBS willbe wiped out.

  19. SAPP President Datuk Seri Yong Teck Lee today said, "Denial of citizenship to Yong Lee Hua@Piang Lin is a breach of the Malaysia Agreement 1963. How can a genuine Sabahan Malaysian lose her citizenship so casually whereas other foreigners can become citizens so easily?"

  20. Quoted:
    "This is why the Chinese population has dropped from 30% or more in 1963 to less than 10% today."
    Refer to above & here another news recently from a local paper read:"In Singapore, the population of chinese race too has decrease very much despite effort to bring in more foreigner of chinese origin to become citizen!"

    What happen nowaday even in Kuala Lumpur city nothing so uncommon to have "happy hour" spots whereby men will drink with service or companion of beautiful "China" ladies. It could be a reason as nobody knows the intention behind no drastic check on this sort of practice to weaken men "sperming" away too much on wrong holes.

    How to have an increase in population with this sort of amusement whereby our enforcer has "no-eye" to see? Other races know too well of chinese gentlemen's weakness dying for "fun & drink"!

    What say you and you may easily ask around in KL to even locate the spot during the day but not at night! Seeing is believing and WCC
    women group should protest to government immediately.

  21. BNBBC vice chairman Bong Moktar said Yong Lee Fah's incident is only an isolated case, urged those BN component leaders who making noise berfikiran matang demi kebaikan rakyat.

  22. Wake up , ALL SABAHANS !!!!

    What a joke ... that a senior citizen can become a 'red I/C holder' !!

    Where is our Sabahans' Rights as Partners and not as FOLLOWERS when we joined Malaya with Sarawak and Singapore in 1963 ???

    Look at Singapore since they pulled out more than 45 years ago ..... they have made waves around the world !!!

    VOTE BN-UMNO out in the next Sabah State Elections !!!!

    These parties care for their own self-interest n personal wealth , while the Sabah Rakyat suffer as the consequence of "We enrich ourselves for our next generations, who cares about the rights and plights of the Sabah Rakyat???" attitude of all the hypocrit BN Leaders !!!!

    The nuisance that SAPP caused to Pak Lah in their reasonable requests and the pathetic and incompetent PM in his indecisive response had made SAPP made the honourable and righteous decision to quit BN, not as reported in the press by the those YESMAN Sabah UMNO and PBS leaders.

    Without SAPP consistent requests, will Pak Lah come out with the millions allocated for Sabah in the 2009 Budget ??? ... And yet this sum is only a fraction of our annual State Oil Revenue !!!


  23. To Martin Mojimin @ Double M.

    I am very sorry, I do not agree with you.(Totally).
    1.They have(Pbs)so many things to do.Are you sure? Then,please give us TEN(10)very good example.
    2.This is a small case. What? You must be joking,mate.Let me ask you,if one of your beloved family facing the same case, tell me what are you going to do.
    3.Don't accuse they(Pbs) as dogs & they don't eat dog foods.Then, if they are not dogs,what should be the appropriate name? If they don't eat dog foods,then they should eat AAB or NAJIB balls!What do you think,mate!
    4.They speak the same language as we did.What language? KDM?Malay?Bajau?Chinese?Tamil?English?Russian?Latin?African?Pbs own language(Parti Pak Turut or Pairin Pak Turut).Sorry mate,I am a bit harsh BUT this is the truth about your beloved party,Pbs.Lastly,please send my warmest regards to your beloved party leaders namely Pairin,Maximus,Radin,Moi Chai,James Vitales,Johnny Mositun,Jahid Jahim and etc...
    Tell them,they all can go to six feet underground.

    Honesty from,SAPP My Idol.

  24. msg for Umno puteriOctober 4, 2008 at 12:42 PM

    "Puteri Umno deputy chief Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin said the issue of changing the status of a Sino-Kadazan Sabahan to that of a permanent resident should not be politicised."
    What I would like to say to Puteri Umno Rosmah Abd Rashid is that the issue such as this should be more politicised for the benefit of the people and the victims.

    Such deliberate and discriminatory acts of NRD should be exposed fully. Their evil agenda to make illegals citizens and make citizens become non-citizens!

    A syaitan mesti tolong a syaitan so we need to expose the syaitans!

  25. PKR to take red IC case to court, says Jeffrey

    Kota Kinabalu: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) will help a Malaysian woman, who lost her citizenship after losing her identity card, to seek redress from the court.

    PKR Vice President, Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan, said going to court would be the best action to resolve the matter and other issues related to identity card.

    "We will assist the victim, Yong Hee Hua, 78, to take the matter to court," he said in a statement, Friday.

    Jeffrey was referring to Yong, a Sino-Kadazan from Penampang, to whom the National Registration Department (NRD) had issued a permanent resident identity card as a replacement to her lost identity card.

    He said the court action would help determine, among others, the qualification of citizenship under the Malaysia Agreement and the requirements for the issuance of identity card as well as the qualifications for natives as defined by State laws and the Federal Constitution.

    "Yong is not the issue. Yong's rights represent Sabahans' rights. Injustice to her is an injustice to all Sabahans.

    "Sabah leaders, irrespective of their political ideology, must stand together on this," he said.

    Jeffrey said there had been too much talk with no action and too many problems but no solution to the issues concerning the Government's handling of Malaysian citizenship and dubious identity cards in Sabah.

    .....since the NRD and Fed govt kept mum over this controversy, lets go to the courts!

    .....local parties still in the BN Sabah must realize that the BN govt itself is practising double-standards, our destiny, our children and grandchildren to come will have no place to stand in Sabah...Sabah will be crowded with illegals having citizenship ICs...Leave BN before it is too late! Or remain as the servants of Federal bigots!

  26. to anonymous on oct.,3th,2.19pm.

    what I expressed on the on29th sept., 6.18pm are truth. you are living in this kind of political situetion, what can you do? you have to follew. after all pbs is a party consist of all races like pairin, max, dr.yee, yong oil fah and other malay leaders. the IC issue of mdm.yong is a small case, and regarding Eric's family name being use by pti to obtain MYCARD also a small case, we have so many pti have got their MYCARD and they are citizen of malaysia. they are our brothers and sisters now. they are our voters now, what can you do??? so, just take them and let them be part of us. after all our KL leaders agreed this happen, so we have to fellow. god bless u. Amen.

  27. To all my fellow genuine Sabahan,!!
    please check your MyKad information/details, b'cos is so rampant that our race and religion stated in our MyKad are not according to what we have filled up in our application form....Beware ! and get it check before it is too late !!!

  28. To all my fellow genuine Sabahan,!!
    please check your MyKad information/details, b'cos is so rampant that our race and religion stated in our MyKad are not according to what we have filled up in our application form....Beware ! and get it check before it is too late !!!

  29. Citizenship reinstated but still bitter
    Kota Kinabalu: Sino-Kadazan Yong Lee Hua @ Piang Lin's Malaysian citizenship was finally restored by the National Registration Department (NRD) after it was stripped from her after she lost her identity card (IC) last year.

    The 78-year-old picked up her new IC from the NRD office at Federal Administrative Complex at Jalan UMS, accompanied by her sons Frankie and Jonathan and Moyog Assemblyman Donald Mojuntin and former PBS Supreme Council member Dr Chong En Leong, Thursday.

    However, despite being overjoyed about having "regained" her Malaysian citizenship, Yong was bitter about the "hardship" that she had gone through for the past one year.

    "I am not satisfied because I still do not know the real reason (cancellation of citizenship)," she said. She said she visited the NRD office more than 10 times to change her Permanent Resident (PR) status to Malaysian citizen but was not entertained.

    Her misfortune started when her wallet was stolen from her handbag while shopping in a supermarket at Penampang Baru on Feb 12, last year.

    On the same day, she applied for a replacement at the Donggongon NRD after lodging a police report. After several months, she was told to collect her replacement IC.

    Being an illiterate, she didn't find anything amiss when she saw the colour of the IC but instead brought it home and proudly showed it to her children.

    She did ask the officer why it was red but was told that it was for senior citizens who had lost their ICs. Her children, however, were not amused because they knew such IC was issued to those with PR status.

    They brought her back to the NRD office to get it changed but the officer told her to "apply for Malaysian citizenship" instead.

    It was the beginning of her problem because soon after, her bank accounts were frozen resulting in her unable to withdraw money for her daily expenses.

    She also could not travel outside the country because she could not renew her passport.

    She was told by the NRD officer that she could not even travel to West Malaysia to visit her youngest son who was working in a bank in Kuala Lumpur. Yong was so embarrassed that she used her driving licence as proof of identity wherever she went.

    She even used it as an identity document to vote during the March 8 general election.

    Thanks to Upko's Bureau for Citizenship and Security, led by Donald Mojuntin, her case was highlighted in the media that subsequently drew the attention of the nation.

    Her son Jonathan, 48, also concurred with his mother's demand for an explanation from the NRD. "Even though the matter has been settled, we are not satisfiedÉwe want explanation," he said.

    ----------------- The NRD never gave any explanation the case....WHY DO THEY KEPT MUM????

  30. We should leave Malaysia. Agree with me?

    Or do you prefer to remain in a country which obviously prefers 'pilaks' over you?

  31. Some illegal easy to get MYkad at our country.But we are sarawakian and sabahan apply change PR to Mykad have to wait many year....
    Asking help from Sabah minister & leader, also dont have much change.I really dunno what happen to our country.Is it going to make a big trouble and get to the headline news so those department will take action????
    Since the new of Mrs.Yong Lee Hua, i think all citizen of Sabahan and Sarawakian with PR must stand out to ask the JPN and those regarding department to settle these problem as soon as possible.
    I know that some citizen had apply PR to MYkad since year 1963 until now, but say true got how many citizen were really get the MYkad???

  32. Extracted from The Daily Express (dated Oct 12 )

    Syed Hamid got it all wrong: SAPP

    Kota Kinabalu: The notion that the Home Minister had "restored" or "granted" the citizenship of natives like in the case of Yong Lee Hua is "absolutely ridiculous".

    He has no power to grant or take away the citizenship of a person who is a citizen by operation of law, said Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP), Saturday.

    To suggest that locals, who apply for recognition of their status as citizens through MyKad applications, should understand that it is a "privilege" and not a "right" is completely wrong, said SAPP Deputy President Datuk Eric Majimbun.

    In fact, he said it is the law that determines whether a local Sabahan is a citizen and it was agreed in the 1963 Malaysia Agreement and the Federal Constitution that all Sabahans are citizens.

    "When Sabah formed Malaysia in 1963 together with Sarawak, Malaya and Singapore, it was expressly agreed that all Sabahans, whether native Sabahans or otherwise, shall be automatically entitled to citizenship of the Federation.

    "This was inserted into the Malaysia Agreement and the amended Federal Constitution. Sabahans like Yong are, therefore, citizens by operation of law," he said.

    "Even if a local Sabahan did not bother to obtain an identity card, he or she is still nonetheless a citizen by operation of law. After all, the identity card regulations do not govern citizenship status of a person.

    "Identity cards originated as an emergency measure adopted during the Communist insurgency to weed out and identify subversives," he said in a statement.

    Since then it has become a useful and convenient identity document.

    The Sepanggar MP said for genuine citizens their status of citizenship cannot depend on the whim and fancy of the National Registration Department, if they decide to replace their MyKad with a MyPR card.

    Majimbun said it was only where non-Malaysians were concerned that the Minister, Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar, was right when saying that the application for PR or citizenship was a privilege.

    "However, for Malaysians, it is an absolute right to obtain a MyKad that denotes citizenship," he said, commenting on the statement by the Home Minister on Friday.

    Syed Hamid was reported as saying that "he had directed NRD to make it clear that applying for PR status and citizenship were not a right but a privilege."

    He had earlier said that though there were 30,000 applications involving locals, he had decided to grant citizenship to Yong because it was a deserving case.