Sunday, September 28, 2008

Malaysia should have a fresh election

Umno and its component parties in the BN are in a internal political turmoil with the "Pot calling the kettle black", the people are all so confused and frustrated with the never ending political uncertainties everyday. No confidence in PM, ISA, racism, Hindraf, ACA, Sodomy, Sex Scandals, Fuel hike and bla bla bla...

If the PM is so sure BN still have the support of the people towards the government, why not dissolve the parliament and call for fresh elections in order to reassure and stabilize the country once and for all?

The rakyat are waiting for this, A FRESH SNAP ELECTION!


  1. Yes 200% aye for fresh election. Now that Anwar eligible to contest not like mac 2008 'disqualifed by default' and Msian in Sbh had seen that its not 'chaotic' to vote against BN. As for SAPP, have they decided how many seat to contest. SAPP must sit and talk with the Pakatan leaders in Sbh and/or KL. I am saddened to read certain bloggers just did their cyber posting without qualities. Egagah, MP Kota Belud, SabahKita, Senjaliza etc should not smear the qualities of cyber knowledge. Who are these guys so erratic with their compilations.
    Thumb up for SAPP,, SSkeruakblogspot,malaysiakini,msia today. Balanced and educational.

  2. Stupid Idiot "Malaysia Bodoh" Mentality Rais! What a shame to the world.

    His and UMNO's mentality talk like a small kid to the world. UMNO and gangs still didnt get the point from the RAKYAT last general election.

    During the financial crisis, Unlike the US, UMNO and gangs abuse the bail out plans where they only and interested to bail out their individual cronies who were then together with UMNO and gangs connection plunder and rape the rakyat's money. What about minority shareholders of the companies....they were left to bleeds and die.

    ......this is Umno and gangs "Malaysia Bodoh" .mentality..sorry not "Malaysia Boleh"...shown to the world at the United Nations.

    Thats the problem when these fellas feed under under NEP....never use their brains to think effectively.

    NEW YORK, Sept 28 - Malaysia has voiced concern at the United Nations over the recent attempts by the United States to question its national law and administration of justice.

    In his address, Rais also compared the present financial crisis suffered by the United States to the Asian financial crisis in 1997.

    "The troubles of Asian companies then was the result of outside forces, while the present troubles of US financial companies are entirely of their own doing.

    "It is to be asked, why were the actions taken by the governments of Asia, in particular that of Malaysia, to save our own companies a decade ago deemed so wrong while the present bailout of US financial companies are deemed to be right?" he said.

    In Washington, the US Congress and the Bush administration are negotiating a US$700 billion rescue plan for its ailing financial industry, the largest bailout since the Great Depression.

    The rescue plan would give Washington the power to purchase bad mortgage-related assets from US financial institutions for the next two years.

    To ensure the debacle did not recur, Rais called on the international community to "check the excesses of the so called `financial wizards' whose alchemy has resulted in so much suffering".

    He said Malaysia supported the view that corporate captains should not sap their entities by having unbelievably high pay packages.

  3. This UMNO and gangs's Malaysia Bodoh mentality. Pretending to be Bodoh, whilst plunder and gangs rape rakyat's money and brutally murder the opposition and rakyat's voices by using Police, ISA and Sodomy and soon Military.

    Yes, US abuses human rights under Guantanamao detention. So what, UMNO and gangs are admitting to the World that they abusing the Police, ISA, Sodomy charges to brutally murdered the opposition and rakyat's voices.

    Talk about mega projects in Malaysia " Malaysia Boleh" wants to be Number One Top in the world ie Petronas Twin Towers, PutrayaJaya, Submarine and Helicopters (coz got kick backs). Talk about oil price wants to be at par with world "Mark to Developed Market" on the world oil prices.

    But when talk about rakyat's foods prices, car prices, our cost of living, ISA, Seditions Acts, DNA Acts, Human Rights, NEP and Sodomy bla...bla like to "Mark to Undeveloped Market" ie compare those countries like Zimbabwe, Yanmar, Sudan.....

    This is the "Malaysia Bodoh" mentality...or Malay saying "Memperbodhksn Rakyat". UMNO and the gangs are admitting to the World.

    Malaysia voices concern over US meddling
    NEW YORK, Sept 28 - Malaysia has voiced concern at the United Nations over the recent attempts by the United States to question its national law and administration of justice.

    "We could, if we choose to question the legal basis of Guantanamao detention without trial, but we did not in as much as we do not question societal behaviour in other jurisdictions," Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said.

    Rais was speaking at the 63rd general assembly of the world body here Saturday, in place of Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak who had earlier cancelled his trip here.

    "It needs to be restated -- we have no right to meddle, in any form of manifestation or under any pretext or circumstances, in the conduct of the internal affairs of other countries," said Rais.

    Washington has warned Malaysia against any "politically-motivated" investigation or prosecution of Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, saying that the rule of law needed to stand above politics.

    Anwar, who is Parti Keadilan Rakyat adviser, is currently being charged in court of sodomising a former male aide.

    Rais said that certain societal behaviour might be acceptable in one country or region but not in another, saying, while "same-sex marriage are acceptable in California", sodomy is a crime in many Asian countries.

    Rais said that democracy in Malaysia remained vibrant and progressive, and that the rule of law via Parliament remained central to Malaysia's existence as a sovereign and independent nation.

  4. I only care for the PROFESSIONAL site of a canditate, not his privat, behind closed door preferences!

    We have to take care that Anwar wins!

  5. Remain me of Datuk Lawrence Gimbang, the used to be PBS fanatic, but betryed his own struggle. Balik-balik treaten BN with election nanti baru tau. If election is only to Test a failed and rejected leader like Yunof Marinking, Shukur Mumin (KB loser),Saidil, James Bagah (jual maruah to DARD), Hendrey The car wash, and many more PKR x candidates and x rejected from UMNO and PBS, sad to say...wasting time. Aso guno. Come election time all PKR lobbiers be sidelined and promised by DAP and DSAI and Dr. Jeffrey. At the end KO ROYON POH DI, mcm Shukur Muminlah kita, pengedar syabu dalam PKR.

  6. Lets have a showdown! Agree upon yourselves the government and the opposition.

    winner takes all! We are all for it! See who wins!

  7. Bubarkan parlimen untuk adakan pilihan raya adalah cara yang terbaik untuk kembalikan keyakinan pelabur dan pada masa yang sama dapat memastikan kestabilan politik berterusan.
    DSAAB tidak akan rugi apa-apa kalau beliau membubarkan parlimen kerana dalam masa terdekat ini DSAAB terpaksa juga menyerahkan kuasa no.1 Malaysia.
    Untuk diingati dengan gelaran seperti PM yang lalu cthnya Tunku Abdul R. = BAPA KEMERDEKAAN, Tun Mahathir= BAPA PEMODENAN, tetapi DSAAB = BAPA MERTUA KJ akan menjadi kenyataan.
    Cara terbaik untuk mengubah segala-segalanya sebelum sejarah tercatat, adakan p.Raya adalah tindakan yang terbaik.
    Mengikut penganalisis ekonomi, pelabur asing pada masa kini tidak begitu yakin dengan cara DSAAB menangani situasi politik negara.

  8. Remain me of Datuk Lawrence Gimbang, the used to be PBS fanatic, but betryed his own struggle. Balik-balik treaten BN with election nanti baru tau. If election is only to Test a failed and rejected leader like Yunof Marinking, Shukur Mumin (KB loser),Saidil, James Bagah (jual maruah to DARD), Hendrey The car wash, and many more PKR x candidates and x rejected from UMNO and PBS, sad to say...wasting time. Aso guno. Come election time all PKR lobbiers be sidelined and promised by DAP and DSAI and Dr. Jeffrey. At the end KO ROYON POH DI, mcm Shukur Muminlah kita, pengedar syabu dalam PKR.

    RESPOND from hardcore:-

    I beg to differ from U bro. All those that you smeared had a steady profession except for Saidil only as full time politician and part time business. Ko royon poh di sio. he he he

  9. I won't quit BN, says Tan

    So he did not win for SAPP! We really should have new elections to give him the choice to win with UMNO-BN

  10. Gerakan and Upko - please leave the BN, it stinks inside there.
    Let's make a snap election a reality!

    For the state, for the country, for the political stability and peace of mind!

    I believe the BN now "kiasu".

  11. People's power will come into play when election comes.

    Call for new elections!

    Malaysia is going nowhere with all the controversies, the infightings... The country is going down and doomed!

    If you want to save the country, call for a fresh election and see what happens! Test the people's wishes!

    Dissolve the parliament and assemblies! If your got the guts!

  12. Malaysia Today.

    Not only non-bumiputra marginalised but the bumiputra ie orang asli, penan, murut, melayu pas, pkr....etc.

    Only UMNO Melayu and its gangs (running dogs) ie okt mca, ktk gerakan, semi mic, parit pbs, taid sarawak, musang umno sabah.....etc benefited

    By Jared Taylor

    Over the course of several trips to the South East Asian country of Malaysia I have been struck by how similar Malaysia’s race relations are to America’s—despite the obvious enormous differences. The official Malaysian policy of dispensing privileges by race may even be a warning of what the future may hold if our current policies and demographic trends continue.

    Malaysia is about 60 percent Malay, 25 percent Chinese, and 8 percent Indian.

    In the 19th century, the British colonial government found that the native Malays did not want to work in tin mines or on rubber plantations, so they imported people who did: Tamils from India. The British also worried that smart Chinese immigrants would dominate the country. They therefore deliberately steered business to Malays and recruited them for government jobs. They feared—rightly as it turned out—that Malays would turn ugly if they thought Chinese were getting too far ahead. The British wanted Malays to keep getting a leg up even after independence in 1957, so when they drafted a constitution for the new country, they included Article 153 specifically to "safeguard the special position of the Malays and natives" through relatively mild preferences in education, the civil service and business licenses.

    The races rubbed along without too much friction until 1969. That year, Chinese political parties nearly upset the ruling Malay coalition and held a victory parade through Malay neighborhoods in the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. The Malays didn’t like Chinese flaunting their power, and rioted, killing hundreds of Chinese. [Race War In Malaysia, Time Magazine, May. 23, 1969]

    Violence works. The government responded with a new, stronger pro-Malay preferences program called the New Economic Policy (NEP), designed to increase the Malay share of national wealth. It is also known as the Bumiputra Program, from a Malay word that means "son of the soil" or "native."

    All Malaysians are officially divided into bumiputras, who get preferences, and non-bumiputras, who don’t. "Bumis" must be Muslim Malay stock, though they need not be from Malaysia. This means an immigrant from Indonesia gets preferences over Indians or Chinese who have been in Malaysia for generations. Some of the specifics of the NEP are that Malays get a 60 percent quota at universities, discounts on real estate, and a guaranteed 30 percent of all new issues on the Malaysian stock market. The civil service became a bumi reserve, companies owned by non-bumis were barred from government contracts, and it became even harder for Indians and Chinese to get business licenses. The NEP set aside millions of dollars to pay for overseas training for Malay students and executives.

    The Bumiputra Program does not take class into consideration, so the children of Malay millionaires get the inside track on boardroom posts, overseas scholarships, business licenses and plum government jobs. Minorities don’t like the system, but there is little they can do in a country that is majority Malay.

    The general sense among some Malays is that this is their country and this is the way they will run it; Indians and Chinese are lucky just to be citizens. As the governing Malay party’s Youth Information Chief, Azimi Daim, famously pointed out in 2003:

    "In Malaysia, everybody knows that Malays are the masters of this land. We rule this country as provided for in the federal constitution. Anyone who touches upon Malay affairs or criticizes Malays is [offending] our sensitivities." [Abdullah stirs a hornets' nest, By Ioannis Gatsiounis, Asia Times, October 2, 2004]]

    Most of the time, Indians and Chinese don’t make a fuss. But all whom I spoke to privately said the system was unfair. Beneath the surface, the country is divided by race, and this makes the Chinese and Indians to not feel emotionally Malaysian.

    What does this suggest about the future of the United States? Most Americans can hardly imagine preferences for the majority and—if they even think about it—assume that racial preferences will fade away as the U.S. becomes more diverse and they become a minority.

    They shouldn’t count on it. As Malaysia proves, groups don’t have to be minorities to develop a taste for preferences.

    Preferences for bumis were supposed to be temporary—just as in the United States—to give them just enough of a boost so they could compete with the Chinese.

    In America, blacks and Hispanics will not lose interest in preferences just because they become the majority. Racial preferences may seem to be on the wane now, but when the balance of power shifts they will be back.

    Jared Taylor (email him) is the editor of American Renaissance.

  13. 东马政党应组织第三政治联盟
    loh yun seen | 9月30日 傍晚6点53分





  14. In view of Pak Lah situation within UMNO, it's better to have a fresh election to resolve the chaos democratically once & for all.


    DAP: Return KL to Selangor. Petition to Sultan of Selangor

    KUALA LUMPUR: DAP wants Kuala Lumpur to be returned to Selangor.

    Selangor DAP secretary Lau Weng San said this was because the Federal Government had failed to administer the city properly since it became a federal territory 30 years ago.

    "That Pemudah (Special task Force to Facilitate Business) has adopted City Hall shows that the government has failed to administer KL properly."

    He said if KL was returned to Selangor, the residents would benefit from community programmes carried out by the state government.

  16. I am Sickening with so called race based party to fight for their own race. What has umno done to the poor malay living in their kampung where they are still poor and some without basic public utility like water and electricity? PBS also the same shitty party only know how to using race to fight for their race in actual fact the KDM population is getting lesser and lesser and the KDM who living in their kampung still without basic utility after 45 years of independent.

    This bunch of evil only interested on how to cheat the RAKYAT $$$ instead of helping the poor.

    Please GET LOST from Sabah and Malaysia because we RAKYAT want to see our nation PROGRESS irregardless of race and religion. STOP cheating the poor kampung folks and Almighty JESUS cast this evil into the south china sea.

  17. From today in Protest of the corruption of Barisan Nasional Politicians and the various ongoing mega projects such as the Muram Dam, I am protesting to the government in the following manner:-

    1. Tamper with my SESCO Meter and let the blade it run for 5 days of the month only.

    2. Refuse to pay in come tax.

    3. Stop my voluntary contribution to EPF

    4. Boycott all state owned business and those related to CM.

    5. Close my account with RHB Bank (since my account only have RM1.00, I will donate this one dollar to GMI)

    To join me, please contact me at 086484225 / 0198884836


    Of Outspokenness And Equal Treatment

    2008-10-02 17:53

    "Dare to speak out" has all of a sudden become a fashionable buzzword in the country's politics, as if a politician will never become a good leader and win the hearts of the people unless he is brave enough to speak out.

    As such, those who have not been bold enough to speak out in the past, will now have to "speak out audibly." And those who were marginalised for their bold remarks in the past, will now harness the opportunity to launch verbal assaults on those who used to marginalise them, and vow to be even more outspoken than anyone else.

    As a matter of fact, "outspokenness" should have been the most fundamental principle for human existence. If a person has been bullied or insulted, but chooses to remain submissive, taciturn and self-consolatory instead of putting on a good fight or resisting, how much different is he from Ah Q, the infamous character created by novelist Lu Xun?

    As such, if a component party of Barisan Nasional is being suppressed by another component party, and chooses to speak nothing of it, then the party's future is at stake.

    Having suffered the humiliating defeat in the March general elections, MCA, UMNO and Gerakan Rakyat have now found themselves at a crossroad: whether they should proceed with their own ways, or make the right turn.

    Change, is therefore inevitable and essential. Nevertheless, if the direction of change is only established upon the "dare to speak out" objective, then that is not going to be a real change, but a reversal to the original starting point.

    When MCA joined BN back then, wasn't it embracing "outspokenness" to fight for the rights of the Chinese community? Wasn't that the most fundamental principle for its peaceful co-existence with UMNO and the attitude that it should have? But why has the party come to the actual realisation of this only after six long decades? Perhaps the leaders in MCA have something they find it very hard to utter, or else why shouldn't it put things clear in words?

    In the face of the current uncertainties and rapid changes in the country's politics, those who have high expectations for MCA's transformation are definitely not going to be satisfied with the party's so-called "dare to speak out" objective and direction.
    The more a political party stresses that it has to be outspoken, the more does it protrude the unfavourable position it is now in, as well as how helpless it has been in the past.

    While being outspoken could save the Chinese community some grace, if MCA's objective to change and reform is confined to "outspokenness" when dealt with unfair treatment, even after the humiliating defeat in March elections, all I can say is that the party's scope has been too narrow.

    Besides, challenging other people in "outspokenness" is but insignificant. In the past, we have seen some party big shots and leaders showing off their outspoken spirit, but later giving in to the counter-attacks of UMNO leaders.

    Not all MCA leaders fall into this category of people though, as we still see many who would truthfully fight for the rights of the Chinese community when the going is tough.

    Against a backdrop of emerging bipartisan politics and improved public perception of democracy, what the voters want from their elected representatives is more than just outspokenness. They want to live a respectful life with self-esteem and equitable policies.
    In view of this, the transformation of MCA should be steered towards a broader scope. Instead of speaking out only at crucial times, why not discard its own inferiority complex and fight for equal treatment with UMNO, which I believe is what the Chinese community has really wanted?

    (By TAN POH KHENG/Translated by DOMINIC LOH/Sin Chew Daily)
    Above is an article in Sin Chew Daily that I fully concur with. If MCA and Gerakan only pay lip service to the rights of the Chinese, then they do not fully serve the Chinese people. They must fight for the rights of the Chinese people with action that produce solid improvements. Especially in fighting for equality and justice. The only way to do this is to join the PR and help abolish ketuanan Melayu and repeal the NEP.

    I am heartened by the "speaking out" of MCA and Gerakan. Now I want to see them "do" the right things by joining the PR and really fight substantively for the rights of the Chinese.

  19. Whether or not there's an election PM Badawi's influence in Umno is fast on the tangent of eclipse. The nation has long awaited an independent judiciary, prosecution and enforcement agencies under his limited tenure. Instead the market gossip's gaining momentum on the posible return of Mahathir to Umno to resurrect his position in the much fractured BN.




  21. Everybody will be erected when election is on. I therefore support fully a new snap election, so the people will decide again.

  22. What is this gerakan party talking? If you really want to leave the BN, why all the nonsense, split and confusing comments from each gerakan leader.

    If you can't decide, but shut up!

  23. Saturday October 4, 2008 MYT 1:10:38 PM
    Sabah needs more MCA reps, says Lim

    What is he talking about? Do we really need more YES MEN in Sabah or do we need someone who has SABAH in his-her heart and soul? Willing to go the extra mile to get things done or do we need ppl asking for seats and after election never show their face again whiles busy with making money? I think we need STRONG ppl for Sabah, willing to work hard to make things right like not allowing a coal fired power plant in Sabah, getting the promised money in to Sabahs coffer to develop this beautyfull country in a propper way. I think, we do not need anymore Peninsular ppl here in Sabah to tell us how we have to run STATE AFFAIRS!!! Sabahans are intelligent and proud ppl how are able to run their own country! It is time to take on this task by ourselfs!

  24. Below is some excerpts from an article in Sin Chew Daily:

    Zaid: Chinese Malaysians Have Made Great Sacrifices

    KUALA LUMPUR: Former minister in the prime minister's department Datuk Zaid Ibrahim said true Malays need not be afraid, or feel lack of a sense of security.

    "We are only talking about Malaysia as the 19th largest export country in the world, and that we have the twin towers and are a developed country... Do you think we have done all this ourselves? You're wrong. This achievement has been made after so many people from different ethnic groups have sacrificed for the nation.

    "I've never been worried about the Chinese. In my legal firm, my partner is a Chinese, and we trust each other. Do you think I have built up my success all on my own?
    "I'm not scared that the Chinese are smart, for I'm also very smart. I'm not scared that the Chinese are hard working, for I'm also very hard working. We have bad guys in every ethnic group, and you're cheated simply because you're not smart enough. We must educate young Malaysians to look at things from a positive perspective."

    Zaid said certain people have kept on mentioning May 13 to blackmail the people. However he felt that given our current situation, this thing would never happen again.
    "I am thinking, for a better future, all Malaysians should stand up and speak out bravely. The Chinese must defend the rights of the Malays, and the Malays must also defend the rights of the Chinese. Everyone must be properly taken care of here."

    He felt that we should not rely on a single political party to take care of a particular community. It should be that the rights of every individual must be respected and taken care of by everyone else. (By HOU YALUN/Translated by DOMINIC LOH/Sin Chew Daily)
    I salute Zaid for this. He is a courageous man. There is actually no real evidence that any race is superior to any other race in innate intelligence. But obviously there is a lot of cultural differences. The Chinese achieve higher education and greater wealth because they respect higher scholarship historically. The Chinese also work harder, save more, and take greater risks in investment. Many failed, but even more have succeeded over long period of time.

    If the Malays want to become more wealthy, then they should allow the Chinese to study next to them to provide the example and the competition for the Malay to learn and to catch up. How is the steel tempered? By heat and stress and hard blows. If the Malays can study and work like the Chinese, then they will be as wealthy as the Chinese. No question about it. So the Malays should not demean themselves and say they are inferior and can never catch up with the Chinese because they can.

  25. Why we do not exercise the " No Confidence" to the "??$$!!YB" ? Let the Sandakan people to exercise "No Confidence",so we will know the people support Mr Tan or SAPP.

  26. ALMOST FACT:(HYPO) After election BN win, Raymond Tan Win; Say Yong Teck Lee win in Likas on Oppositio ticket with the help from DAP. The Government of that day would be BN. Apa Yong boleh buat. For all us know later HE WOULD REJOIN BN. Politician are given special licence to deceive us. So DONT FIGHT HERE LOVE ONE ANOTHER..Never trust politiciann. They suck.

  27. Peacemaker said;
    Politician are given special licence to deceive us. So DONT FIGHT HERE LOVE ONE ANOTHER..Never trust politiciann. They suck.

    Peacemaker..i agree with your thought..sound buduh, but good for the people in here to read and telan....
    A fresh election..?? No way dude...
    siapa yang mahu jadi kiasu like SAPP??? Menyalak kita ramai2, tapi siapa yang mahu dengar...kamu disini saja yang mati-matian bermaki-maki, sedangkan para pemimpin kita (Kerajaan atau Pembangkang) minum sambil bertepuk bahu di coffe house...kenapa lah kita ndak pandai guna pakai otak kita ini...kita cukup dengki tengok Datuk Raymond jadi kaya, tapi, siapa yang `terlebih' kaya..Datuk Raymond belum pernah jadi Ketua Menteri!! Mustahil dia boleh survive tanpa apa-apa jawatan dalam kabinet dan jadi presiden parti pulak tu,bukan juga wakil rakyat, apa lagi anak tycoon govenor Hong kong...KENAPA????

  28. misi Anwar gagal sehingga hari ini. Selepas berjaya menafikan majoriti 2/3 Barisan Nasional dalam Pilihanraya Umum yang lepas dan selepas menang bergaya dalam Pilihanraya Kecil Permatang Pauh, Anwar dengan begitu yakin mewar-warkan yang beliau akan dapat mengambil-alih kerajaan persekutuan dengan melompatnya Ahli-Ahli Parlimen Barisan Nasional ke Pakatan Rakyat, paling mengejutkan bila tarikhnya diberi, 16 September 2008, hingga pada satu masa, jumlah Ahli Parlimen Barisan Nasional yang ingin melompat itu dikatakan bertambah setiap jam!

    16 September dihampiri, tiba dan berlalu, tidak ada apa-apa berlaku, tarikh lain diberi, dan terus diberi, sehingga tidak bertarikh lagi, perubahan tidak berlaku juga. Mungkin agaknya sudah kebas mulut untuk berjanji manis, akhirnya melalui laporan The Malaysian Insider bertarikh 23 Oktober (laporan ini tidak dipetik oleh blog peribadi Anwar Ibrahim – memelikkan) Anwar telah memberi respon paling pesimis semenjak Pilihanraya Umum 8 Mac 2008. Ayat Anwar tidak lagi mengatakan bahawa pelan perubahan Malaysia melalui pengambil-alihan kuasa adalah satu keyakinan dan pasti tetapi telah menjadi opsyen yang semakin sukar.

    Saya kadang-kadang tersenyum sendiri, ketawa dan sesekali menggeleng kepala bila mengikuti drama “rampasan kuasa berperlembagaan” Anwar Ibrahim ini. Sampai hari ini saya hairan bagaimana orang boleh begitu percaya kepada idea dan perancangan Anwar ini. Saya tidak percaya, saya dah cakap lama dah!!! Kalangan bawahan Parti Keadilan dan juga PAS dulu ramai yang bertanya saya soal ini, saya kata saya tidak percaya, ia tidak akan berlaku. Ya, saya akui Anwar punya karisma yang cukup hebat, pidato yang cukup memukau, siap lagu dan tarinya. Tetapi itu belum menjamin yang Anwar juga cukup hebat dan memukau bila berstrategi dalam politik, hujah saya cukup ringkas, kalau idea dan perancangan Anwar itu syumul sifatnya, ketika dalam Umno lagi dah dia berjaya menjadi Perdana Menteri, kalau ketika bersama parti yang memerintah pun dia gagal dan tersepak keluar, apa lagilah ketika ini yang berstatus pakatan pembangkang, memanglah memerintah di lima negeri, tetapi tetap pembangkang di lapan negeri yang lain, juga pembangkang di Dewan Rakyat. Kalau SAPP yang begitu lantang mahu mengusulkan undi tidak percaya kepada Pak Lah boleh tiba-tiba menikus, apa sangatlah yang boleh diharap dengan Ahli-Ahli Parlimen Barisan Nasional yang lain, beranikah mereka… Kalau dahulu Barisan Nasional pun tersungkur dalam usaha mengambil-alih Kerajaan Kelantan yang hanya berkelebihan dua kerusi (dan kini di Perak), macam mana kita boleh bermimpi untuk mengambil-alih Kerajaan Persekutuan yang mana Barisan Nasional mempunyai kelebihan 58 kerusi! Apakah Anwar Ibrahim dan pengikut-pengikutnya menganggap kalangan pemimpin Barisan Nasional hanya berpeluk tubuh dan berdiam diri sahaja melihat perilaku Anwar?

    Maka kecewalah penyokong-penyokong bawahan Parti Keadilan dan PAS ini bila mendengar hujah-hujah saya ini. Begitu taksub, percaya dan besarnya harapan mereka terhadap Anwar. Saya kasihankan mereka, saya tidak kata Anwar tidak ada pengaruh, memang ada kalangan Umno dan pemimpin parti komponen lain yang menyertai Parti Keadilan dan Pakatan Rakyat selepas Pilihanraya Umum 8 Mac 2008, tetapi bukanlah yang berstatus Ahli Parlimen atau Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri, yang ada hanyalah pemimpin-pemimpin Umno pencen, tidakpun pemimpin-pemimpin parti komponen Barisan Nasional yang lain yang sedang diserang penyakit buntu dan keliru, gagal mencari sebab mengapa parti-parti yang dipimpin mereka sebelum ini tiba-tiba ditolak rakyat sebegitu rupa, terperangkap di antara yang mereka anggap perjuangan dan survival kuasa.

    Kenapa Anwar gagal? Anwar lupa rakyat, Anwar hanya mahukan sokongan dan undi mereka, perubahan itu rakyat, bukan Anwar, yang merobah itu rakyat, bukan Anwar, itu yang Anwar lupa. Anwar cuba meyakinkan rakyat yang dia mampu membuat perubahan (baca: perubahan susunan orang di pejabat-pejabat mewah di Putrajaya). Anwar lupa meyakinkan rakyat yang rakyatlah paling perlu membuat perubahan sebelum mahu melihat perubahan berlaku di mana-mana (baca: perubahan pendekatan politik, ekonomi, sosial, budaya, perubahan mentaliti, perubahan ideologi, perubahan kepercayaan kepada status quo, perubahan sikap dan cara bertindak). Garis dasar untuk ini perlu ada, lalu wujudlah keperluan segala macam jenis manifesto dan agenda. Tetapi oleh kerana kempen pengimejan Anwar sebagai dewa perubahan ini terlalu melampau dan dominan, maka dokumen-dokumen ini semakin lama menjadi semakin mengecil dan tidak diperhatikan serta tidak dianggap penting, rakyat pun akhirnya tidak dapat menangkap apakah idea perubahan itu dan bagaimana mereka harus berperanan…

    Hasilnya, jadilah seperti yang kita dapat lihat selepas Pilihanraya Umum 8 Mac 2008, kegagalan Pakatan Rakyat yang saya namakan sebagai kegagalan yang mengecewakan, kenapa? Sebab kegagalan ini sedikit lagi boleh menjadi kejayaan, tetapi malangnya tidak berjaya. Di antara kegagalan dan kejayaan ini adalah titik keseimbangan graviti, Anwar telah salah menanda titik keseimbangan, kemudiannya berdiri pula di atas titik keseimbangan yang salah itu.

    Written by : Zukri Aksah
    post by :ME