Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Show Cause Reply

We will reiterate the points we made in our earlier statements on why we have lost confidence in the prime minister," said Yong when contacted today.

"The question of backing down does not arise at this juncture. Instead, we urge them to find out why Sapp feels this way."


  1. Declaration of the People of Sabah for change in the country

    KOTA KINABALU : SAPP President, Datuk Seri Panglima Yong Teck Lee said at the press conference just after the Supreme Council Meeting that the Party (SAPP) is not leaving the Barisan Nasional (BN). However, the meeting reached a consensus on the 'No Confidence Vote on the PM'.

    The meeting of Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) supreme council meeting declared:

    • Whereas our mission is to establish a trustworthy government and a progressive, just and harmonious society,
    • Whereas the people of Sabah expresses our solidarity and friendship with the other Malaysians,

    It is now hereby declared:

    1. That the government shall be of the people and based on Good Governance and Civil Society and non-racial politics based on a progressive, just and harmonious society,

    2. That Sabah shall have political autonomy whereby the government shall be formed and run by the people of Sabah,

    3. That Sabah and other oil producing States shall be entitled to the petroleum royalty of 20%

    4. That the Federal Territory of Labuan shall be returned to Sabah and governed as a special region,

    5. That unfair and imprudent federal laws which have been extended to Sabah and federal departments and which are to the detriment of the State shall be reviewed,

    6. That Sabah shall be given fair and just participation in the federal administration, the civil service and private sector, and that the federal departments in Sabah shall, as far as possible, be headed by local Malaysians,

    7. That the federal government and the state governments shall put in sufficient resources, political will and leadership in solving the illegal immigrant problems in a firm but humane manner, with emphasis on regional concept and smart partnership,

    8. That the federal and state governments shall together work on redressing the in-built structural imbalances in the economic and social structure of the country affecting Sabah and other states.

  2. Thank you SAPP for a clear stand on Sabah! Good luck!!

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  5. It appears that solidarity within is sending all the wrong signals,as illustrated by fellow comrats,in todays daily.

    How do we define RIGHTS,EQUALITY, FAIRNESS AND JUSTICE,when there seem to be different languages spoken.Politics being politics,let us not loose sight on the ultimate objectives here.You are either with the people,for the people or is this an act of deceiving.

    My advice to the leadership of SAPP is to stay focus and finish what you started,anything less would be history.

    Pakatan Rakyat awaits only warriors that professes the peoples aspiration and not political greed.


  6. Agree with Ronnie... We have been waiting too long... We have been experiencing a broad economic gap, at the same time depleting our natural resources... We need leaders who could stand firm for their people...

  7. Raymond Tan should avoid confusing the people of Sabah. He should keep his mouth shut! Chicken!

    SAPP should continue fighting for the people of Sabah. Raymond is history as far as his political career is concerned.

  8. Raymond Tan should avoid confusing the people of Sabah. He should keep his mouth shut! Chicken!

    SAPP should continue fighting for the people of Sabah. Raymond is history as far as his political career is concerned.

  9. what Datuk YTL did to reafirm the SAPP stand of No-Confidence against the current BN Govt should be applauded.

    However just resign from BN=UMNO=BN to gain the full respect and support of the people of Malaysia.

    These BN=UMNO leaders are rotten to the roots.

    Just imagine Getting the Health DG to accept only the report from HKL. What about the report from Hospital Pusrawi Sdn Bhd. They are also qualified Doctors. This goes to show that BN=UMNO leadership will only accept stupid MPs who support them blindly or any comments that is good to their ears.

  10. To all forumist, Raymond Tan ini takut hilang pangkat dan kuasa, jadi tolonglah jangan hina dia.Kalaulah ramai pemimpin tamak macam dia ini, susahlah kita. Sapp harus buang saja pemimpin yang tamak dan pentingkan diri sendiri. Siapa kenal Raymond Tan kalau bukan SAPP?

  11. I fully agree with Anonymous....

    BN=UMNO is rotten to the roots.

    So all you clean, young and respectable MPs, Leave BN=UMNO now before the tree falls.

  12. Raymond Tan is a man with no principle, dignity and pride. You betray your party principle and policy and BCOS of TEMPTATION and GREED, you do EVIL. You kow tow to your evil master umno. Your days are numbered.

  13. Raymond Tan is indeed a disgrace to SAPP, his own family, his community, his clan and the people of Sabah as a whole.

    He seemed to have forgotten how he got to be where he is today - if not for the party and the people's support.

    He's a real unprincipled, thick-skinned, selfish, ungrateful bastard that qualifies to be inducted into "The Legion of Extraordinary Scums of Sabah" like Pailin, Maximus, Joni Mousitut, Yee Moi Cai, Conman Lim, Kapitan cum Lawyer TM Chin, VK, Teo Chee Bai, Fatso Pang Nyuk Min, Joseph Kurap, Edward Khoo, Bung Orangutan, Rahman Dahlan and others.

    He stinks worse than his wife's used tampons.

    Shame on you, Raymond! You are history!

    Tiau Nyia Sifut

  14. Wow, interesting thing to do.

    I would like to congratulate SAPP for having the ball to voice your opinion in a place where only Yes Men seems to survive.

    While, i would like to see SAPP join pakatan to establish new direction for this country, i understand SAPP may have to consider other things at the moment.

    Anyway, good luck and i expect some good decisions from SAPP in the near future.

  15. joe said:
    1. That the government shall be of the people and based on Good Governance and Civil Society and non-racial politics based on a progressive, just and harmonious society,
    I think SAPP should be even more clear and forceful in its declaration. It should categorically denounce the dogma of "ketuanan Melayu" or Malay supremacy as racist evil and in violation of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    The problems of Malaysia can be traced directly to this evil racist dogma. It has been the cause of the emigration of millions of Chinese out of Malaysia and 100,000 or more of Chinese out of Sabah. The exodus of Chinese is the basic reason why Malaysian economy is so moribund while the economy of Singapore which has no resources but has a population of 80% Chinese is so advanced and prosperous.

    The racist policy of ketuanan Malayu is also responsible for the illegal immigrants problem in Sabah because of the goal of UMNO to promote Malay dominance in Sabah by gaining the majority of the Sabah population with illegal Muslim immigrants turning them into citizens by giving them IC cards that allow them to vote to support UMNO.

    Since SAPP is obviously already out of favor with UMNO, it is no longer possible for it to work effectively inside BN. Therefore, it should do the logical thing which is to leave BN. While this might lose it government positions, yet they will gain it all back when Anwar got elected to the parliament and form the next government. And even in the worst case scenario where Anwar failed to take over the government, the people of Sabah will be impressed by the honesty and courage of SAPP and vote for it next election.

    In fact, SAPP could expand its influence by winning the majority of the constituencies all over Sabah. This would be like DAP and PKR winning in Malaya where the people of Malaya got sick and tired of UMNO-BN and turned to DAP and PKR as champions for their future security and prosperity.

    The tide of public sentiment is running stronly against UMNO-BN. SAPP should boldly cross the Rubicon and ride the current while it serves. I'd say that SAPP had already crossed the Rubicon when it proposed the no confidence motion. Now it must continue on without looking back. UMNO is obviously desperate and showing every sign of terminal collapse. Therefore, SAPP should be leading the way to a new and better future by leaving BN and help form a Pan-Borneo Alliance to give Sabah and Sarawak the power to be king makers and help eradicate root evils such as ketuanan Melayu.

  16. I think the Teo Chew clans in Sabah are more than ashamed to have a descendant like Raymond Tan.

    SAPP made n groomed him in 1994 to what he is today, not the other way round and yet he betray the trust party members gave him in all Congress elections.

    To all Sabahans, he has betrayed us, not only SAPP !!

    He makes himself like a wolf in sheep's clothings; an opportunist, NOT a martyr fighting for Sabahans' rights.

    How can he lead SAPP anymore ??

    I think his political days are numbered; Datuk Tham was and should have remained as first Deputy.

    He has now earned n considered himself in the same "Scums of Sabah" league as Pairin, VK Liew, Kurup, Maximus, Mositun, Yee Moh Chai, Bung Mokhtar, Osu, Musa Aman, etc of plunderers of Sabah's wealth.

    YB Melanie never complained of her likely loss in Cabinet if SAPP are expelled, unlike Raymond.

    A coward, greedy n selfish leader is a sign of a weak leader with conduct unbecoming of a TRUE Politician.

    How can he remain in SAPP ?? Better go n join other parties who share the same vision of 'getting riches n high positions only'.

    You are a real disgrace to SAPP !!

    From the Sabahan Voices

  17. UMNO-PAS Talks on Malay Unity and Islam.

    Non-Bumi and Non-Muslim Bumi especially from Sabah and Sarawak should not take the issue lightly!

    Remember the KRIS? Remember how UMNO interpreted it so so that Non-Bumi would buy it after much objection? Look at Khairi, just because he is PM's son-in-law, SOMBONGnya! Is he the leader we want? Look at Ezam, the Malay mindset - offer himself to the highest buyer! No CONSCIENCE lah! The stronger they are the more ANGKUH they will be.

    Sarawakians and Sabahans non-Bumi and non-Muslim Bumi are far smarter intellectually than the Malays in W. M'sia. The only problem is that W. M'sian Malays are appointed to the post (privatisation - Build, Operate and Transfer). Forever they are walking on crutches. Look at what Daim did - make as many Malay Millionaires. Come financial crisis, where are they now?

    Be like Singapore - they left Malaysia because they know that they have brain far better than Malays . Why should they kow-tow to Morons (Malay)? Look at Idris Jala! There are manay many Idris Jalas in Sabah and Sarawak!

    There is no place in Malaysia for us Sabahan and Sarawakian non-Bumi and non-Muslim Bumi.

    Let us manage ourselves and let the Malays manage W. M'sia. Minus our Oil revenue, Oil Palm Plantation (we have ample land - they dont)

  18. Counter opposition propaganda: CM
    Keningau: Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman urged community leaders to assist in explaining to the people that the policies and development implemented by the Government are for their benefit.

    Pls. do NOT insult ppls intelligence and tell them, that it is for there benefit if a few MPs getting richer but millions are poorer!

    It is time to create a PanBorneonAlliance and take faith into our own hands! The next thing what will come up and no one should take it lightly, is the hudud and other implementation if PAS and UMNO go together!!! So start voting for SAPP and be independent with our own oil, palm oil, timber money! This way we all would have a bright future!

  19. Thursday July 31, 2008 MYT 12:39:10 PM
    Pairin faces dissent within party

    KOTA KINABALU: Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan appears to be facing dissent within the party he founded 23 years ago with a division chief calling for him to step down from the post.

    Other senior PBS officials however quickly dismissed the call by Kiulu division chief Sindin Ranggongon saying that “there was no hurry” for a leadership change in the party.

    “There is no reason for Pairin to make way as yet. And I'm sure the various leaders can wait for their turn at the helm,” said PBS Information Chief Johnny Mositun.

    He said Pairin's leadership was still needed in the party “and this is the status until Pairin feels otherwise.”

    Sindin was quoted in a local newspaper here as saying that Pairin, the Huguan Siou or Kadazandusun paramount leader, should make way for others who had more energy, calibre and charisma.

    He said Pairin's obvious successor was PBS deputy president Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili, the Science, Technology and Innovation Minister.

    He said this was the general sentiment among the Kiulu PBS division members at their recent meeting.

    Sindin said a leadership change in PBS was needed as support for the party had been diminishing which was indicated in a decline in the number of votes the party's candidates had received in the March 2008 polls which also saw two candidates being defeated.

    He also alleged that Pairin, a Deputy Chief Minister and Rural Development Minister, practised favouritism such as in choices of the party's candidates and appointments to key government posts.

    Pairin set up PBS in March 1985 soon after being nudged out of the then ruling Parti Berjaya. He became Sabah's seventh chief minister after PBS defeated Berjaya in the same year.

    Just before the 1990 general election, Pairin made the decision to pull PBS out of Barisan Nasional paving the way for Umno's entry into Sabah. Four years later, PBS lost the reins of the state government to Barisan.

    In 2002, the party was re-admitted into the ruling coalition.

  20. KUALA LUMPUR: Presiden Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Ismail hari ini mengumumkan peletakan jawatan sebagai Ahli Parlimen Permatang Pauh.

    Katanya, pengundurannya itu bagi membolehkan suaminya, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim bertanding di kerusi itu dalam pilihan raya kecil.

    Beliau berkata demikian dalam sidang media bersama dengan Anwar di ibu pejabat parti itu di sini.

    Pas tolak sebarang kerjasama dengan BN
    31/07/2008 3:2

    KUALA LUMPUR 31 Julai – Pas menolak sebarang kerjasama dengan Barisan Nasional (BN) untuk mewujudkan kerajaan campuran sama ada di peringkat Pusat ataupun negeri.

    Presidennya, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang bagaimanapun berkata, Pas bersedia menemui mana-mana pihak termasuk UMNO untuk mengadakan perbincangan demi kepentingan negara.

    Beliau berkata demikian selepas merasmikan mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Pas pusat di sini hari ini. – Utusan.

  21. Sabah's oil royalty was dropped to 5% in 1976 when Berjaya came into power.

    After the mysterious plane crash in Sembulan where people heard an explosion in mid air before the plane plunged into the sea. Tun Fuad, Chong Thain Vun and few important cabinet ministers were killed after an unsuccessful negotiation in Labuan over oil royalty percentage.

    Subsequently, Harris took over as Chief minister and the deal was sealed. Who signed the deal? Datuk Harris and Datuk Pairin...agreed 5%oil royalty.

    Later, the Berjaya government also give away Labuan.

    Umno was brought into Sabah by Tun Mustapha, Tun Dr M, thanks to Pairin.

  22. SAPP must stand firm on the issue of "No Confidence Vote on the PM" with or within being expelled from the BN coalition, and fight for the interest of Sabahan.

  23. BN is really a RECALCITRANT Grouping. Tehy don't bloody care for the promises they have made.
    They don't bloody care for the welfare of their own citizen as long as the principal could satisfy their own agenda.

  24. I would suggest to Raymond to form a group within sapp.

    Since there are the Youth and Women's Wings, the new group can be called "Chicken Wing" so Raymond can invite his few renegades to join this juicy and delicious wing.



  26. 'YES'

    about Permatang Pauh coming By-Election. The gomen is now spinning in their bed.. tossing and turning in their bed all night... cant sleep including sleepy head. WHY?

    1. Can only get Bird-Brained candidate to challenge Anwar. Sure to Loose

    2. If Lost also problem. will create record of Largest Majority Win by an Opposition

    3. If Dont contest also problem. Gomen will be branded Chicken... good for Raymond Tan Chicken Wing Party.

    4. Sent Anwar to jail also big..big problem. All voters sitting on the fence will support PR.

    Any suggestion for the Bird-Brained BN=UMNO gomen.

  27. CORRUPTED umno dogs will use $$$$ to win the by-election. GOD's know!

  28. SAPP’s contesting candidates in BN(diminishing numbers from 1994 till 2008)

    1994 State Elections

    1. Likas
    2. Api-Api
    3. Inanam
    4. Elopura
    5. Tanjung Papat
    6. Karamunting
    7. Sri Tanjong

    1999 State Elections (Api-Api was contested by MCA, while Karamunting contested by LDP)

    1. Likas
    2. Sembulan
    3. Elopura
    4. Sri Tanjong
    5. Tanjung Papat

    2004 & 2008 State Elections (Further erosion…Sri Tanjong was taken over by PBS)

    1. Likas
    2. Luyang
    3. Elopura
    4. Tanjung Papat

    1995 Parliament Elections (1994 – 1995 SAPP holds 4 MP seats (including Sandakan taken by LDP)

    1. Gaya
    2. Tanjung Aru
    3. Tawau

    1999 Parliament Elections

    1. Gaya
    2. Tanjung Aru
    3. Tawau

    2004 & 2008 Parliament Elections (Tanjung Aru, later called Kota Kinabalu was taken away by PBS)

    1. Sepanggar
    2. Tawau

    (2 by 4)

  29. Yes!

    I wish Anwar "Good luck" and hope, he will win. Do not forget, BN is desperate to stay in power. Hope nothing ugly will come from this site! Hope September 16 means better times ahead for Sabah and the rest of Malaysia. GOOD LUCK ANWAR!!

  30. The PR led State Governments have so far uncovered improper land deals of former BN led State Governments in Penang, Selangor and Perak. The list also included such novelties as Balkis, Baiduri, Mercs vs Perdana V6, etc., and many others. Had it not for the change brought about in the 8 March 2008 Election under the guidance of DSAI, even though he was not permitted to stand for election at that time. Good luck to DSAI in Permantang Pauh byelection from a SAPP supporter.

  31. The PR led State Governments have so far uncovered improper land deals of former BN led State Governments in Penang, Selangor and Perak. The list also included such novelties as Balkis, Baiduri, Mercs vs Perdana V6, etc., and many others. Had it not for the change brought about in the 8 March 2008 Election under the guidance of DSAI, even though he was not permitted to stand for election at that time, these intrigues cannot see the light. Good luck to DSAI in Permantang Pauh byelection from a SAPP supporter.

  32. To all Sabahan, umno invited the illegal muslim immigrants to come in sabah to give free mycard to them in order to outnumber the local population as you guys can see the number of seats holding by the NON MUSLIM area have been reduced in every term of election.

    Next GE13, UMNO will says our illegal muslim immigrants population are more than the local NON MUSLIM and most of the Sabah seats should belong to UMNO.

    UMNO is the MOTHER OF ALL ILLEGAL MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS in Sabah. When all the Sabah chinese migrated out from Sabah, the ILLEGAL MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS got no jobs will create social problem which this has been happened in Indonesia 10 years ago.

    Why we Sabahans havent learn the mistake from the past especially the local party like PBS, LDP and PBRS are still licking the EVIL MASTER UMNO ASS? Ini ke kebudayaan BN suka liwat-meliwat?

    The BIGGEST LOSER will the the kadazandusun in Sabah. You guys will become the PTI in our own state!

  33. State Of The Economy And Political Developments Are Main Voters’ Concerns

    Four months after the 12th General Elections, Malaysian voters cite the state of the
    economy and political developments as main concerns, as found in the opinion poll conducted by Merdeka Center released today.

    The opinion poll, 2nd Quarter 2008 Peninsular Malaysia Voter Opinion Survey was carried out by the Merdeka Center for Opinion Research between 4th and 14th July 2008 to gauge voters’ perceptions of current issues, the state of the economy and leadership.

    The poll’s findings will inform policymakers, politicians, and grassroots advocacy groups as they address voters’ needs as well as engage in public debate. The opinion poll also provides a view of the state of affairs approximately four months after the results of the general elections. This poll is a part of Merdeka Center’s series of surveys intended to be carried out on a quarterly basis on issues of top voter concern and perceptions of the economic and views on Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat. The first poll in the series was released in April 2008.

    The survey reveals a large majority also indicated that they perceived the country was going in the wrong direction – based on only 28% who felt satisfied with the way things are going in the country. This may be in part due to a deepening concern over the state of the economy as a majority (59%), were worried over economic related issues followed by 10% who cited political issues as being most important.

    With respect to views on political parties and leaders, in two mutually exclusive questions, the survey found 44% of Peninsular Malaysia voters were satisfied with the Barisan Nasional while 57% report being satisfied with Pakatan Rakyat. The poll also
    found 42% of voters reported satisfaction with Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s
    performance as prime minister.

    With respect to Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the survey found that only 11% believed in the allegation of sexual misconduct while 66% agreed that it “was a politically motivated action to disrupt Anwar Ibrahim’s political career”. The survey also found that public confidence towards institutions likely to be involved in handling the matter to be
    relatively low with not more than 33% citing confidence.

    The Peninsular Malaysia wide telephone survey of 1030 randomly selected Malaysian registered voters was carried out between 4th and 14th July 2008 was funded via Merdeka Center’s internally generated resources. Respondents were selected using the random,
    stratified sampling method and structured along the national electorate profile and
    specifically proportional to gender, ethnicity, and state of residence.

    About Merdeka Center for Opinion Research Merdeka Center for Opinion Research was formally established in 2001 as an
    independent organization focused on public opinion research and socio-economic analysis. Its members comprise social scientists and professionals with qualifications in economics, communications, marketing and law. Merdeka’s mission is to act as a bridge between ordinary Malaysians and other stakeholders with the leading members of the nation – by collecting public opinion studies and expressing them through survey results, analysis and position papers.

  34. 7. That the federal government and the state governments shall put in sufficient resources, political will and leadership in solving the illegal immigrant problems in a firm but humane manner, with emphasis on regional concept and smart partnership,

    The main problem of the illegal immigrants is due entirely to the heinous goal of UMNO to racially cleanse the Chinese and other non-Malays out of Sabah while increasing the proportion of the Muslims who are expected to vote for UMNO to achieve and maintain its dominance in Sabah. While the plantation, construction, and restaurant and retail sectors are currently relying on cheap foreign labor to achieve profits, yet the issue of cheap foreign labor is separate and distinct from the issue of illegal immigrants. Cheap foreign labor should be continued to be made available to the local plantations through a legalized procedure that is efficient and cost effective. The legal foreign workers should be given work passes that allow them to work for a number of years without the possibility of converting to permanent residence or citizenship unless they qualify for these statuses through some other legal ways such as having enough money to qualify for permanent residence through investment.

    The illegal immigrants who have entered Sabah without any kind of visas should be rounded up and deported. Some have suggested amnesties because amnesties had been given before. It was a big mistake to give the illegal immigrants amnesties before which is why they keep coming despite the existing law that prohibits such illegal entry. If amnesty is given again, then the law of Sabah will be totally discredited and nobody will obey it. And that will make it much more difficult to enforce the law. The current catastrophic situation is the direct result of the UMNO policy of converting illegal Muslim immigrants into citizens on the one hand and the giving of amnesties on the other. Those Chinese who are millionaires and have lived for decades in Sabah are continuously denied permanent residence and citizenship while those who entered illegally with nothing but the shirt on their back are given permanent residence and citizenship. Such an unjust enforcement of law make a mockery of Sabah law and motivate the Filipinos and Indonesian to flout the law with contempt. Therefore, in order to establish the credibility and power of the law, no more amnesties must ever be given again.

    There are also difference between the needs of the various kinds of employers for foreign cheap labor. The plantation owners must have foreign cheap labor because the prices of cocoa and palm oil are set by international market. This means that the cost of production cannot be passed onto the local consumers in Sabah. In other words, if the price of palm is 3,000 ringgits per ton then the cost of production must stay below 3,000 ringgit per ton or the planters will go bankrupt. Since palm oil is produced in Indonesia as well, in order to be competitive the Sabahan planters must use labor that is as cheap as that in Indonesia. Since Indonesian workers in Sabah are already getting higher wages than their cousins in Indonesia, the Sabahan planters are already at a disadvantage. If Sabahan planters are required to hire local high wage workers, they will all go bankrupt. And if the plantation sector collapsed, then the Sabah economy will also collapse. This is why the plantation sector must be allowed to hire cheap foreign labor. But as I said above, while foreign workers must be allowed to work on Sabah plantations, they must not be allowed to gain permanent residence or citizenship ever.

    The construction sector and restaurant and retail sectors should ultimately use only local workers. The reason is that the higher cost can be passed onto the customers who are Sabahans. If all construction companies and restaurants and retailers use local high wage workers, then nobody has the competitive advantage over other competitors. The competition will be based on better quality of goods and services as it should be. Of course, the current condition of economy of Sabah is very bad. The incomes of Sabah residents are very low compared with Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other advanced countries. This is why the housing prices is much lower than in Singapore or Hong Kong. In Hong Kong a condo would cost some 3,000 ringgits per square foot or 3 million ringgits for a 1,000 sq. ft. condo. This is more than 10 times the price of a condo in Sabah. Sabahans are used to live in semi-detached houses or bungalows. The cost of land is so expensive in Hong Kong that the prices of semi-detached houses and bungalows are probably 10 times higher still, if you can find them. The point of this is that if the construction companies want to make more profits, then they cannot depend on cheap foreign labor which can maybe give them a few thousand ringgits of profit per house. But if the economy of Sabah can reach the level of Singapore and Hong Kong, then they can increase their profits by many times. For instance, if they currently make a profit of 50,000 ringgits per semi-d on a sale price of 300,000 ringgits, then they can make a profit of 500,000 ringgits per semi-d on a sale price of 3 million ringgits if the economy of Sabah rises to the level of Hong Kong and Singapore.

    Therefore, it should be obvious that the way that will allow the construction sector to make much bigger profits is by advancing the economy of Sabah. Once the economy of Sabah reaches the level of Hong Kong, then it doesn’t matter whether the construction companies use expensive local labor or cheap foreign labor. In either case the difference is not significant when the housing prices is increased 10 times over the current prices. Furthermore, by using more efficient tools such as power saws and nail guns instead of hand saws and hammers the productivity of the construction workers will be increased. So even if the wages are higher, the output will also be higher so that cost per unit production will remain pretty much the same. And not the least, it might be better for the construction companies to keep their workers for the long term to promote company loyalty as well as to retain the experienced and skilled workers. Therefore, while over the short term, the construction companies might need the cheap foreign labor to keep the housing cost low enough for the Sabah residents to buy, yet the only way for the construction companies to make a lot of profits in the long term is for the economy of Sabah to rise to the level of Hong Kong and Singapore so that wealthy Sabahans can pay millions of ringgits for a house and give big profits to the construction companies no matter whether they use cheap foreign labor or expensive local labor.

    The same thing applies to the restaurants and retail stores. While the cheap foreign labor can allow the employers to make a little extra profits, yet the profit is not much. Only if the Sabah economy can expand many times will the profits of the restaurants and shops be increased many times. In which case the restaurants and shops can still make a lot of profits no matter whether they use cheap foreign labor or expensive local labor.

    There is also a very important point that Sabahans don’t consider when talking about using foreign labor. Foreign workers will generally remit their wages back to the Philippines or Indonesia. For instance, if there were 1 million foreign workers each earning 5,000 ringgits per year. The total amount earned by these foreign workers per year is RM5 billion. When this money is remitted out of Sabah, it is lost to the Sabahan economy. But if only local workers are used instead of foreign workers, then these RM 5 billion will stay in Sabah and spent in Sabah. For instance, if a construction worker is a local resident, then he will probably spend his money in a local restaurant or buy something from a local shop. The restaurateur will than make more incomes to give his local workers higher wages. The local restaurant workers will then spend their higher wages to buy more things from local stores to give the store owners more profits so that the store owners can give their local workers higher wages. And the local restaurant and retail industries will make more profits so that they all buy more houses to give more profits to the construction companies who can then give his local workers higher wages. Which then repeat the cycle over again.

    In total this means some RM5 billion more will be spent in the local economy by using local workers instead of foreign workers. As this money cycles through the Sabahan economy, it could multiply several times depending on how fast the money is spent. Economists call this the multiplier effect. So that if RM5 billion were saved by using local workers, the ultimate effect is the expansion of the Sabahan economy by some RM15 billion or more per year. This is obviously a very large amount and will have important effects on the growth and development of the Sabahan economy.

    Furthermore, the RM 5 billion earned by the foreign workers will have to be changed into US dollars or some other hard currencies before the foreign workers can remit it out of Sabah to the Philippines or Indonesia. This means that billions of US dollars will be drawn down from the total foreign reserve of the country thus contributing to a worsening of trade deficit. It is not so bad for the plantation sector to hire foreign labor because the produces of plantations are mostly exported to earn hard foreign exchange, which can then be used to allow their foreign workers to change their ringgits to whatever foreign currencies they need . But the products of the construction companies, restaurants, and retail stores are sold locally and so earn no foreign exchange to allow their foreign workers to exchange their ringgits into foreign currencies. Therefore, it is a serious drain on the country’s foreign reserve if the construction companies, restaurants, and retail stores hire many foreign workers.

    Some have objected that deporting the illegal immigrants will take years. This is nonsense. As it is well known that supply will follow demand. That is to say, if there are hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants that need to be deported, the means of transportation will quickly found to move them to the Philippines or Indonesia. For instance, the government can contract with Air Asia or some low cost airline to ferry them at 50 to 100 ringgits each from Sabah to Zamboanga. This is reasonable since Zamboanga is only a few hundred miles from Sabah. A B-737 can carry up to 215 passengers. Allowing 5 hours or less for each round trip, there can be 5 round trips within a 24 hour period. This means some 1,000 passengers can be moved to Zamboanga each 24-hour period. So even if there were 365,000 illegal immigrants, they can be all deported within a year by a single B-737. If Air Asia bought 4 more B-737, then these illegal immigrants can all be deported within 3 months. But I thin all Air Asia needs to do is get a single new B-737 and move the 365,000 illegal immigrants in a year. This is because it will probably take about a year for all 365,000 illegal immigrants to be rounded up and brought to the detention camps where they can be processed and loaded onto the plane. So moving the illegal immigrants will not be a problem at all even if there were hundreds of thousands of them. Even if there were a million of them, it will need only 4 new B-737s to deport them in a year. And since it will take about a year to round them up, they won’t need to wait in the detention camps for a year. That is to say, it is impossible to round up the entire million of them in a single day so that they had to wait for a year in the detention camps. Furthermore, even if the entire million of them can be rounded up in a single, day, half of them will be gone by the end of the first 6 months. And if 4 new B-737s can be bought, then half of the million will be gone by the end of the first month and a half. From this analysis, it is obvious that deporting the illegal immigrants, no matter how many there are, is no problem at all.

    Another objection raised by some to solving the illegal immigrant problem is that many of the illegal immigrants are the children of the illegal immigrants. Some estimate that the majority of the illegal immigrants are actually the children. This is obviously a catastrophic situation. But before anything else is done it must be realized that this is even more reason for solving the problem of the illegal immigrants. The illegal immigrants absolutely must be deported so that they don’t hang around and produce even more children. People who somehow want to make this an excuse not to deport the illegal immigrants are contributing to a catastrophic problem.

    The illegal immigrant children must go with their parents. If the children are born to local women, then either the children must be deported with the father or the entire family can be deported. As it is, Sabah is not rich enough to care for the hundreds of thousands of children. If most of the children leave with their father, then most of the problem is solved. Another way out is to allow these children to be adopted by richer countries such as the US where there are many couples who want to adopt children. If most of them can be adopted by the advanced countries, then the problem is mostly solved. And once all the illegal immigrants are deported there will be no more illegal children added.

    From this analysis, it is obvious that the illegal immigrants must be deported as soon as possible. Otherwise, the problem will only become even worse as time drags on. It should be clear that while it is advantageous for individual local construction companies, restaurants, retail stores to use foreign cheap labor, yet hiring hundreds of thousands of foreign workers is ultimately harmful to the growth and development of the Sabah economy. It other words, by hiring local workers, Sabah economy can grow by tens of billions of ringgits more every year by retaining the wages paid to the foreign workers inside Sabah economy. And by hiring local workers, there will be savings of billions of US dollars’ worth of foreign reserve. It is unfortunately that the plantations must compete against international producers of cocoa and palm oil and so must use cheap foreign labor to remain profitable. But for the construction companies, restaurants, and retail stores, there is no such foreign competition and so they can pass the increased cost of hiring local workers to their customers. They can rely on better quality of goods and services to be competitive. In the end, hiring local workers will contribute to the growth and development of the Sabah economy which will give more business and profits to the construction companies, restaurants, and retail stores.

    The last point I’d like to make is that the most important factor in allowing the local construction companies, restaurants, retail stores, etc. to make more profits while hiring local workers is the expansion of the Sabah economy. If Sabah economy can be raised to the level of Singapore and Hong Kong, then the incomes of the local people can be raised to several times their current level. Given such high incomes, the construction companies, restaurants, and retail stores can pay high wages to hire local workers and still make many times the profits they are making now.

    In order to expand the economy of Sabah, the Chinese investors and entrepreneurs must be encouraged to immigrate to Sabah to set up manufacturing and services enterprises to hire local workers at high wages thus expanding and advancing the economy of Sabah. And in order to encourage the Chinese investors and entrepreneurs to immigrate to Sabah the mentality of the government and the laws pertaining to immigration must be changed. In order to change the racist mentality of the government and change the immigration laws to welcome the Chinese investors and entrepreneurs, the UMNO-BN government must be replaced. This means either forming a Pan-Borneo Alliance among the Sabah and Sarawak parties and then forming a coalition with PR to take over the government, or Sabah and Sarawak should seriously think about getting out of Malaysia and join with Singapore to form a new federation. If Sabah joins Singapore in a federation, then it will most probably keep all 100% of its oil profits. And given Singapore’s enlightened government, the Chinese entrepreneurs will be welcomed into Sabah to rapidly expand the Sabahan economy to make the Sabahans very rich and thereby solving the illegal immigrants problem.

  35. All history,with facts & figure about specially on Sabah economy as well as surrounding issues. But then what's wrong to EPU's opinion or suggestion from before till today? Do this really present true fact & figure to reveal actual matter or merely an adhoc one?
    Also, where have been about our ultimum leadership in the country even almost 5 months after election still propagate tug-of-war more about political will then looking into problems of people, country's future development and progress. Personal agenda or political agenda on ethnics issue or religion progress shall by no way become a political benchmark for desired leaders to take as advantage like ex-MB and in coming century these extreme leaders will be ousted by new malaysian generation!
    Always remember Sabah has no place for using ethnics,social and religion issues as political mileage to upset sabahan. We always demand for positive leadership to free us from the poor state of economy!
    All too quiet & less concern about development and one can feel the different before and after PRU 12.
    What ledership has gone wrong in the country?


    Right on Datuk Yong. Your decision is spot on. Dont let them UMNO monkeys dictate Sabahan Future and Malaysian Future in General. All Ad-hoc solutions after 8/3/08 is just lies without long term solutions.

    UMNO dont care a damn about what happen to the Sabahans BECAUSE they dont even respect their own Puasa Month. The latest EC statement tells all. EC states... "Permatang Pauh Campaigning can also be held in Sept which happen to be the Muslim Bulan Berpuasa" Bulan Berpuasa is suppose to be a very holy month to the Muslim where Muslim are refrain from slandering & commit sin. I foresee ,We can definitely expect slandering and a lot of sinning from UMNO during this Holy Month if the EC set campaigning Period during this Holy Month of Ramadhan.

    All Muslim take note!!!!

  37. Show couse letter /surat tunjuk sebab....Syabas dan tahniah kepada Dtk YTL & SAPP kerana tidak berganjak dari kenyataan awal yang telah dibuat oleh SAPP mengenai 8 perkara yang disuarakan dan juga mengenai hilang kepercayaan atas pimpinan PM, Pak Lah Badawi.

    Herannya bila SAPP menyuarakan perkara tersebut, ramai pemimpin dikalangan komponen BN termasuk lah pemimpin dari sabah mula menghentam dengan berbagai-bagai komen, sedangkan apa yagn disuarakan adalah masaalah dan hak rakyat sabah.

    Tidak ada yang bertanya.....mengapa dan apa sebabnya SAPP menyuarakan perkara tersebut.

    Patut ke sesaorang itu dihukum sebelum mencari punca, sebab dan kenapa?

    Kenapa BN Pusat tidak ikut saja nasihat Ahli Parlimen Gua Musang - Tengku Razaleigh- agar PM Abdullah Badawi dan BN Pusat - bersikap diplomasi - kerana Tengku Razaleigh sendiri pernah mengatakan bahawa BN tidak akan memerintah tanpa kemenangan yang diperolehi dari BN Sabah & Sarawak.

    Tengku Razaleigh sendiri juga mencadangkan bahawa jalan terbaik adalah PM letak Jawatan, dan ramai juga katanya ahli-ahli UMNO di semenanjung yang sudah tidak berpuas hati dengan kepimpinan Abdulah Badawi, sama ada menjadi PM mahupun menjadi Presiden UMNO sendiri.

    Jadi soalnya disini...PM & BN Pusat harus cari jawapan dulu sebelum mebuat keputusan .........................KENAPA ? MENGAPA? dan apa SEBABNYA SAPP sanggup mengorbankan diri dan Parti demi menyuarakan 8 perkara dan TIDAK PERCAYA LAGI KEPADA KEPIMPINAN PM....? cari jawapannya.

    Kepada ci.bai.......saya ingin tanya, kenapa SAPP harus keluar BN ?
    Saolah-olah tindak SAPP itu salah....orang bersalah saja yang akan lari.....

    SAPP tidak seharusnya keluar BN....biarkan BN Pusat yang buat keputusan......

    Kalau BN Pusat buang SAPP dan terima 8 perkara yang disuarakan oleh SAPP....SAPP jangan patah semangat....ini adalah satu kemenangan bagi SAPP walaupun SAPP menjadi mangsa demi menyelamatkan hak dan rakyat sabah...dan saya percaya.....rakyat sabah tahu untuk membalas jasa dan pegorbanan SAPP.

    Sekiranya BN Pusat....tidak endakan dan membuat SAPP seperti digantung tidak bertali.....nah saya rasa SAPP sudah tahu jawapannya....kesabaran ada had dan batasnya.....kita tunggu dan lihat.......

    Kepada rakyat sabah.....kita yakin bahawa SAPP tidak akan membiarkan perkara ini tanpa penyelasaian kerana SAPP tahu dan sedar bahawa kita rakyat sabah sudah lama tidak dipedulikan dan tidak di endahkan oleh pemimpin BN pusat.

    alang-alang mandi biar lah sampai basah....

    Alang-alang menyeluk pekesam biar lah sampai ke pangkal lengan....

    Teruskan usaha mu SAPP....
    Usaha yang murni akan sentiasa diberkati oleh Tuhan.....

    Tuhan akan bersama-sama orang yang jujur dalam memperjuangkan kebenaran dan menentang kezaliman.


  38. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  39. • 伤天害理


    穿梭亚庇,斗湖,山打根有那么一个人物—- JESSICA LIN。竟然随便把一些所谓










    August 1st, 2008 at 7:44 am

    Beauty & the beast
    Everyone knows that liposuction is the most effective way of body contouring. Nonetheless, it is also a very risky treatment to the extent that it could cause death, if not properly done.

    There had been many news reports of unnatural death due to failed liposuction treatment in overseas as well as in Malaysia in the past.

    Recently, such an unfortunate incident too had come on Sabah’s shore - thanks to an unscrupulous beautician by the name of Jessica Lin.

    Operating from shophouses in Kota Kinabalu under the names of Dematics Skin Centres and Skin Century Sdn Bhd, not only that her clinics lack the proper set up, she even engaged some Chinese physicians from China whose credentials were dubious to conduct various beautification treatments including liposuction and breast enlargement.

    On several occasions patients waiting for their turn at these clinics were terrified to witness horrying scene of another patient undergoing the liposuction treatment.

    The entire clinic was filled with very strong smell of blood from dustbin full of blood soaked tissue papers.

    A few months ago, another woman patient suffered tremendously after she underwent breast enlargement treatment at one of her clinics.

    Her breasts were subsequently infected and badly swollen with puss in them and she had to seek long-term treatment at one of the hospitals now.

    However, all these incidents were never reported in the local newspapers as they have been covered up by this beautician, with the help of her influential boyfriend.

    Her influential boyfriend is none other than the Sabah MCA Chairman, Datuk Edward Khoo who is also in charge of Sabah medical department.
    If you have friends from Sandakan, they could probably tell you something about their intimate relations.

    It’s rather sad and a shame that a person who held such a high position has no qualm of abusing his position to cover up the crime of his girlfriend, just to satisfy his lust.

    A victim’s family

  40. >>By news:



    Ladies and gentlemen,
    Make clear stand for Sabah and sabahan!

    For comment "Beauty & the beast"
    more proper to get over the matter either to Michael Chong of MCA or relevant party instead to avoid another mistakes in propaganda! It is rather a personal social context problem if without political agenda.

  41. STAR ONLINE Sat 2, August 2008

    UMNO defeated candidate Mohd Nor Awang in March 8, 2008 election nabbed for trying to bribe branch chief.

    On DSAI standing in Permatang Pauh

    UMNO made so many excuses/comments

    Annuar Musa - boycot the by-election
    Bedawai - we are not afraid of Annuar
    Khairy - chidded Annuar for standing in safe seat of Pematang Pauh
    Ong, MCA Sec. Gen. we can when with the right strategy
    M. Yassin - good chance for UMNO
    Hamid Albar - silent (Shiverin with fear)

    Be like Lim Chong Yew, fallen CM of Penang by Lim Kit Siang.

    Come Badawi or Najib or Khairy or Haid Albar. Anyone of YOU take Annuar. Dont send Ezam or unknown UMNO or 3x deafeated candidate (Firdaus). TAKE UP THE CHALLENGE and stand in Permatang Pauh! All of you TALK COCK only.

    Pak Lah, look at the survey and how you are being rated - FAIL!

    Pak Lah retire and enjoy life with the evergreen Jean. Take care of her needs.


  42. SAPP Datuk Yong

    The show has just begun
    Go and serve the people

  43. Datuk Seri YONG Teck Lee ,

    The people be with you
    ( and also with you - u answer )

    May the 'People of Sabah '
    bless you all.
    In the name of - For the people , By the people , With the people .

    Datuk Yong and SAPP ,
    Go all out to the Land Below The wind
    and serve the people .


    Sudahlah, jangan baca lagi. Hari ini, esok atau bulan depan anda baca. SAPP tetap dalam BN. Cakap saja lebih, entah menunggu apa. Tunggu parti pecah, baru Yong terkial-kial meminta tolong pakatan rakyat. Kita di Sabah macam ni lah. Dapat semua pemimpin yang "tak ada" telur. Perut lebih penting dari nasib rakyat maa...