Monday, June 9, 2008

SAPP's 14 Points "Sabah Issues"

SAPP's 14 points submitted to the PM on 7 April 2008. Long and overdue issues highlighted.


  1. SAPP’s 14 points submitted to PM

    1. Political autonomy should be enhanced so that Sabah can manage its own affairs, including the implementation of the Sabah Development Corridor, 9th
    Malaysia Plan projects and the civil service.
    Response from the Federal Government? None.

    2. Respect for and recognition of the State Government under the leadership of the Chief Minister of the day. At times, Sabah representatives bad mouth other
    Sabah leaders in front of federal leaders. This has made Sabah look divided and therefore easily manipulated.
    Response from the Federal Government? None.

    3. Sabah needs increased representation at the national political (Cabinet) and
    administrative (civil service) main stream and revival of the Ministry of Special Affairs for Sabah and Sarawak.
    Response from the Federal Government? PM announced 2 for civil service. No reply on Minister of Special Affairs.

    4. A non-racial approach to national unity and the empowerment of minority groups are also important in nation building to stop the polarization of racial
    and religious communities in the country.
    Response from the Federal Government? None.

    5. There is also a need to clarify once and for all the validity of post-NEP New Economic Policy) policies so that any affirmative action must reach the target groups, irrespective of race, that is the people truly in need of
    Response from the Federal Government? No clarification to date.

    6. The government must embark on an immediate action plan to solve the illegal immigrant situation in Sabah, including the syndicated My Kad and other dubious documents, that has been a source of unhappiness among the people.
    Response from the Federal Government? Cabinet Committee merely window dressing.
    (Same committee was announced in 2004)

    7. The closure of the JPPS (Federal Department of Development) in Sabah. The
    reason for JPPS's existence is long gone.
    Response from the Federal Government? Closure affirmative, only after more than a decade. 38 local staff not given post.

    8. Abolition of the double taxation on oil palm in the form of cooking oil subsidies paid ever since June 2007. This taxation should be refunded to the oil palm planters concerned. On the other hand, Sabah does not benefit from the other rice-producing regions in the country. In fact, we pay more for the rice that we consume in Sabah.
    Response from the Federal Government? A new tax of 7.5% will be imposed on CPO millers in Sabah and Sarawak and 15% from Peninsular Malaysia. Questionable Windfall Profit Levy.

    9. To address the higher freight charges, exorbitant air fares, increasing costs of living, inefficient internet broad band services, electric power break downs, bureaucratic red tape and a host of other entrenched interests (BERNAS monopoly, proton car prices, newspaper prices, KLIA-spoke and wheel policy (against an open air policy), etc..) have staked up against a State like Sabah.
    Response from the Federal Government? No action.

    10. Federal negligence, the abrupt way that the Money Lenders Act 1951 (Act 400) was extended to Sabah on 1 January 2008. No mechanism was put in place to administer the new law. This has caused much confusion, financial losses and potential legal disputes in Sabah. How can this be allowed to happen in the first place? How can the Sabah Money Lenders Ordinance 1901 (Sabah Cap 81) be brushed aside just like that? Where is the hurry to displace an already established administration of the Sabah Money Lenders Ordinance that has worked well for a century? Now, Sabah is left to bear the consequent losses.
    Response from the Federal Government? None.

    11. Proposal to make legally binding (on the Federal Treasury) the compensation of loss of revenues due to Sabah under the Part V of the 10th Schedule of the
    Federal Constitution (Additional Sources of Revenue Assigned to Borneo States).
    This relates to import duty and excise duty on petroleum products in Sabah and Sarawak. Parliamentary amendments (necessitated by the Asean Free Trade Area (AFTA)pact) to the Sales Tax Act 1972 in 1999 had caused Sabah and Sarawak to lose this revenue which amounted to about RM 200 million per annum per state.
    Response from the Federal Government? None.

    12. The Special Status of the High Courts in Sabah and Sarawak under Article 121 of the Federal Constitution must be borne in mind too. The amendments to the Sabah Advocates Ordinance 1953 proposed by the Sabah Law Association has been long overdue to be made into federal law. This is so that the Legal Profession Act need not be extended to Sabah (and Sarawak).
    Response from the Federal Government? None.

    13. Proposal that Petronas money should be used to build the Labuan bridge
    because Labuan needs a bridge to the main land.
    Response from the Federal Government? None.

    14. To seek an increase of oil royalties to 20%.
    Response from the Federal Government? None.

  2. Mangsa Minyak NaikJune 12, 2008 at 4:47 PM

    Free water from Monday for Selangor households

    This follows an agreement by state-owned Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Bhd to pay Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (Syabas) RM10.8 million monthly for the water. Syabas chief executive officer Datuk...

    What a good idea! Sabah pun boleh! Betul Kah?

  3. Pak Lah! the deaf and sleeping PM, dissolve and call for fresh elections. See what happens! I dare you!

  4. Pak Lah is resigning as PM because he is too old. He has listening problem and tend to sleepwalk even during work.

    So next PM seems younger and better omm! Hope he got less defects unlike his predescessor.

  5. SAPP should move out of BN and not align immediately with PR. I think this will make SAPP more respectable and not thought out as being opportunist!

    SAPP what about the 20 points when Sabah joins Malaysia? We need to GET LABUAN BACK! IF YOU DO THIS I WILL JOIN SAPP

  6. Do hope SAPP can do the right choice for Sabahans!!

  7. Sabah can redeem itself by quitting Be End (BN) and not immeditely join PR, but wait for few weeks, months etc. However, one must know that the best deal can come from Pakatan. Why?

    Pakatan is weak today, and when someone is weak, you can negotiate from a point of strength and get what you want or at least much of what you want. So Sabah MPs can be equa partners to PR MPs in the Peninsular and save their people. If you don't act now, a time will come when it will be too late and Sabah's future will be too bleak to be salvaged. You have a national and moral duty to help us your people who elected you but championing our rights and we will remember you for saving Sabah. Malaysia is at crossraod, it is now that we can get our deal done because it is like a new beggining. Pakatan will get more strong and it will be too late for them to give us what we want when they get too strong and they will. They will ignore us like BN, so for that not to happen, we need all Sabah MPs and leaders to negotiate with Pakatan leader, Anwar and get from him what we need. If you fail, history will judge you harshly and you will never be remembered by Sabah and its hopeless people. It is now or never. Badawi may bribe some of you, but will that help your starving people? The tattered dignity of your people? The hopelessness of your people? The bleak future of your people? The resignation and despair of your people? The inferiority complex of your people? The future of your people? No. So, act now or history will judge you harshly. Take the money BN leaders give it to you as a bribe, after all, it was Sabah's plundered money, but join PR and get our dues from them. If Selangor, the most developed State in Malaysia could reject UMNO and BN, why are we Sabahans sticking to it? Selangor gave 78% of its Federal MPs to Pakatan, yet none was from PR in the dissolved parliament on March 8th. Selangor under Khir Toyo had 2 opposition ADUNs, but after March 8, PR got 40 ADUNs in Selangor crushing UMNO and slaughtering MCA, MIC and Gerekan. If this could happen in Selangor, the most developed state in Malaysia, what happened to us? Yet, Badawi have Selangor 4 important ministries. In other words, he appointed the 4 who survived in Selangor. Rewarding losers and neglecting winners, a BN culture. If Selangorians were angry because they said UMNO and BN were not that good, accountable and effective, what happened to us who have suffered immensely?

    Your SAPP leaders and BN MPs and DUNs in Sabah have the a historic choice to make and history will record it. We have no future in BN and we will assure you that we will re-elect you if you show concern for our pressing needs. Lets wait and see.

  8. If SAPP quit BN. Opportunity is:
    1.SAPP will stand at least 8 state DUN rather than 4 at present thus 4 parliment from 2 now.

    2. Non - muslim will have a equity voice. as muslims do.

    3. Sabah gets some (if not all) what we want. (If we are still in BN Sabah will fall very low as fuel price increase)Not good for economy. CHinese hawkers will affect greatly! Social probem eg: aggressive rape will accurs to our love ones.

  9. Just leave BN and Join the peoples' opposition party.. the Pakatan Rakyat. Do it for the people and the country.

    Our country cannot stand further abuses by these Umnoputras. Not even for another year.

    We all must revolt now.

    We can all proudly tell our future generation that we are the one that make the difference in 2008.

    Think about it and pls do away with personal agendas. Forget fighting for cabinet seats as it does not serve the interest of the rakyat, only personal interest served.

  10. Its high time SAPP climb aboard the PAKATAN alliance. Just look at the pitiful sight of sabah. I dont know if most of realise or just plain ignoring the fact that people from sabah are still treated ike immigrants from Indonesia. To make things even worse, the Indonesian's in Sabah are treated better by the federal goverment.

    Everyone should realise that Sabah contributes heavily towards the country's economy. Being one of the largest producers of palm oil which prices has sky rocketed, everyone in the federal goverment is enjoying the benefit except the people of Sabah. It is undeniable

    While states like Johor and Terengganu being fed with mega projects, sabah is still left far behind. Sabah is just being robbed of their wealth.

    Sabah is just another cash cow for the federal goverment where when you run out of milk the rae going to slaughter you to futher feed their greed and hunger.

    We the people of the land plead and if needed are willing to beg on our knees for SAPP to ammend things.

    We are behind your initiative and fully support you in the endeavour of quiting BN for the greener side of the field with PAKATAN.

    We dont need superman, batman,or spiderman to save us from this injustice. We just need our SAPP heroes.

    may the lord almighty always bless your good souls.


  11. Do all Malaysian's a favour and join PR.

    Even though I am not a Sabahan, I still feel your frustration. The federal government has treated you like second class citizens.

    Its time for you, as a party to do the right thing for the people of Sabah.

    The UMNO warlords have plundered enough. If Pak Lah resigns, who is going to take over? Najib? Honestly I rather have Pak Lah then Najib (thats how bad Najib is!).

    I believe that the best person to lead Malaysia at this present moment is Anwar. Don't be afraid of the opposition. I am from Penang, and we use to fear the opposition taking over our state. But now, I regret not voting them in earlier!

  12. SAPP is being treated like 'anak angkat' and why live like a 'beggar'. Sabah and Sarawak deserve to be better than now. After forming Malaysia there was not much development in Sabah and Sarawak. Natural resources from there are being mismanaged all this while.
    So just leave for better future!!!

  13. a vote of no confidence with no pull-out from BN?

    i am not surprise at all. Yong Teck Lee playing to Dr Mahathir's tune. Bought by Mahathir?

    Time for SAPP to disappear into oblivion.. Not relevant anymore.

    Take Yong Teck Lee down.. He has his personal interest at mind.

    Back to you Sabahans!!

  14. kita orang malaysia kena pakai bahasa kebangsaan. kenapa pakai bahasa inggeris? saya tau paklah lembab tapi knp sabah terlalu mintak2, tak cukup ke perkara 20 yang dulu? nanti orang tanah melayu naik angin macam mana?

  15. SAPP's politicians should all retire for good. All YBs were elected by the people and should any YB wants to join the opposition, they should resign and get new mandate.

  16. Hey guys, SAPP is not staying in Be End (BN). It wants to make things difficult for BN and cause chaos since Badawi will be forced to sack SAPP from BN and they will have moral ground to move to PR by then. They are not supporting Najis or Mahathir, Mahathir is the enemy of Sabah while Najis called Sabahans "fixed deposit" and his father started all the diseases Sabah faces. So why would SAPP join Mahathir or Najis. No way. SAPP is joining PR in two weeks. Wait for more information boys and gals.

  17. Stop being a Frog, for god heaven sake.

  18. anon 4:13,

    Your mother is a frog. You want to steal Sabah's money and rsources and we demand better treatment, you spit on us, and when we look for another alternative, you say we are frogs. Asshole! Thief and a stupid AMENO motherfu....

    SAPP will pull out of Be End (BN) and get better deals for Sabah. Those who are not happy with that can commit suicide. Which is immoral to fight for Sabah in another platform and to sit down and get humiliated as being done now? Sheesh! These AMENO people are not satisfied with what they have stolen from us, Sabahans. Huh! Greedy lot.

  19. UMNO as the main player in Barisan has been sucking Sabah high n dry. Oil, and timeber revenue has been suck up by them. What they have given back is planting foreign polulation in Sabah to dilute Sabahan. There be a day when the foriegners will rise and vote to pull out Sabah to join either Philipines or Indonesia. That's the day when we Sabahan will be treated like dirt in our own state. To our politians whom we have voted for you, please do something before our future generation suffer. Remember what happen to Indonesia a few years back, when the chineses will killed to be exterminated. It will happen to us too.

  20. Finally, a Sabahan party that has balls. The rest would be happy with the new "sabahan" UMS VC and some new accountant. So easily pleased...

  21. I love this good news. God bless you SAPP for fighting on behalf of the Sabahan people. I DONT WANT TO HEAR ANY SELFISH AGENDAS BY YONG TECK LEE AGAIN! We want sincere leaders. We want clean leaders. We want this land! We don't want the PTI to rule our land. We want our own oil! We want our own rights! I am sheding my tears while writing this comment and I pray our plight for a better future is not a mere dream.

  22. Shame on you, "sabahan". Where is your manners????

  23. There is nothing to be shameful of speaking ourselfves out. We are just so frustated being dictated and treated awfully. we only ought to be shameful if we just keep mum and be more vulnerable to double standards practiced towards Sabahans.

    BN is the one who should be ashamed of their malpractice governance towards sabah.

    We treat our motherland just like our mother, and if your mother is exploited, will you just keep mum and not retaliate in any manner. If yes is ought to be your answer, then shame on you.

    The only reason that sabahans should be ashamed for is to vote and give the mandate to BN.

    Lets end this nonsense from BN.


    We wish SAPP will lead us to victorry in our long struggle.


  24. Not only to Sabahan, you do think the treatments to other states as well as other races were fairly done???? I am not a pro-BN as well, but this has to be done in a more dignified way, by resigning and get new mandate.

    Politicians, be it from BN or opposition, do you really think that they have the people's interest at heart???

  25. I pity those who blamed Pak lah for your Sabahan problem. Yes, he is leader and should take the responsibility. But i don't think Sabah's problem were created overnight... Look at the issues. It is created by your own leaders who failed to perform their jobs. If you cannot solve your problem, do you expect others to solve your problem? Funny but that seems to be the way in Sabah... Look at Kelantan, they have never received any grant from federal goverment since PAS took over but they are quite okay. So what does it mean? Do you think by switching to other party will solve your problem? You go figure... do you think condeming others will solve your problem? You go figure... I have yet to see in this blog some form of recommendations to overcome your own problems... Even from your own politician... They created the problem in the first place and now expect others to help them out... But why bother right? It's easy to lompat party or blame others rather than to solve problem right... Somehow that's Sabah... Past and presence... What the future will be....? So please change yourselves first ...

  26. Go Sabahan.......ShutUp...."KERAPU"

  27. Response to 14 points:

    1) Go ahead by all means. Do it! Why expect others to do it for you. Just do it! Money? Find it! oooo... i forgot, i rather have money in my pocket rather than find the money...

    2) That's your problem... Wait, i'll get you counselors on how to make friends... oooo.. i forgot, counselors don't have enough money to put in your pockets...

    3) For what? Just make friends and influence them... Is that difficult? oooo.. i forgot, no money, no friendship.

    4) What? Non-racial approach? Even same racial you could not make friends... just like what you said in item 3...ooooo... i forgot, non-racial means more money...

    5)Shit. I've given you but you all are busy putting it in your pocket. Now you want more?

    6)You created all this in the first place, and now you are asking me? Goooodddd....

    7)Okay, this is relevant...

    8)Okay, this is relevant...

    9) Of course no action. Not just you but all countries in the world is facing the problem. COuld you please be specific and what are your recommendation? what? ooooo... need money

    10)Can't you think for yourself? Propose la....

    11) This i pity you. But i give you more than that now... Is that a problem?

    12) What is this? Some federal law is applicable to Sabah? Some are not? So?

    13) Goddamn, all the money i've given to you. what happen? ooooo... in your pocket ka? What? you need more? better build roads la....

    14) 20%? Last time you agree to that number, now you want more? Not enough ka? should be enough for you development la, TRengganu and sarawak okay je with their development for people... what? no wonder tak cukup. Sape suruh masuk poket sendiri.... Now you want to blame me... good!

    response by sabah people: Cilakak punya kerajaaan!!!

    response SAPP: let's change!!! So we can proper sabah people (hehehe.... more in my pocket. Padan muka ko PM, mintak duit tak nak bagi) Kalau kau bagi takde la aku nak kecoh-kecoh hal nie... nie semua anti-rasuah punye pasal. Nasib baik anwar ade, dapat gak sabah people duit sendiri... aku pun dapat lagi banyak. hehehehe... kan senang, tak yah pikir2 atau kerja susah2 nak selamatkan rakyat sabah ni... )

  28. Dear President Yong,

    Your SAPP party created the first CLASS history by sacking and slapping the face of Pak Lah, PM in Malaysia. Yes ! Hari ini dalam sejarah Malaysia - PM di buang kerja !! Bravo.....Congrat!

    SAPP members called for VOTE of NO Confidence against Pak Lah is timely in view that Sabahan people has been marginalised, victimized and you name many more for 50 yrs under Perikatan and BN ruled.

    Sabah demands have fallen into deaf arrogant ears and has been ignored again. It is the best opportunities for a golden era that Sabahan people have wake up now to show their strong solidarity and unity to vote out the "Barang Naik" harga party. Bravo !!

    SAPP takes the "BULL Horns" of the Master today. All Malaysians are damn proud of your brave voices today. Keep up SAPP strong voices in the next Parliament sitting on Monday, 23 June 2008. Play "Sepak"!

    Based on the survey table shown that 85% of Sabahans voted SAPP to quit BN but to join Pakatan Rakyat is the best alternatives for Sabah people. Hope other component parties in Sabah will follow SAPP moves today.

    PM had started the FIRE by increasing the fuel and electricity prices but SAPP has started to add more fuel to FIRE the PM today. MY GOD !!




  29. SAPP you guys finally woke up. Actually you guys from Sabah and Sarawak should have woke up during the 12th general election. Then today will be a different story. Then today BN will not be the government and of course NO FUEL PRICE HIKE. Now i hope you realise the mistake you guys have made. It was a damn BIG MISTAKE. You think that sleepy head is going to step down? NO WAY! He is enjoying life to the maximum. Flying here and there in his brand new Airbus 319. You guys will have problem finding money even for bus fares. Why didn't you guys vote opposition during the 12th general election after you have been treated so badly for so long by the UMNO BN government. Now it's a bit late. Looks like you guys will have to wait another 4-5 years. Because you guys voted unwisely, we in peninsular Malaysia are also suffering. The UMNO BN government said currently inflation is around 3% only. You go to the supermarket or minimarket, take a good look at the prices of goods on display. You going to get the shock of your life. Almost everything have shot up in price. The edible and non edible. I dare say that by the 3rd quarter of 2008 prices of most things will increase further.

  30. yong teck lee u are pathetic, since the days of Mustapha yr politics and mismanagement is WORLD CLASS !

  31. Aiyah, Yong, how come you are voicing all these matters(agreed they are legitimate complaints). Your CM, that musang guy should be fighting for Sabah. Or is he a true Sabahan? A son of the soil type of Sabahan, or someone imported from the Phillipines or Pakistan? How come he can hold the office the post of CM, if he is not?

    [Hint: Your musang guy is AAB's right hand man]

  32. Both Sabah and Sarawak have contributed enormously to the growth and development of Peninsular Malaysia (Penang Bridge, North-South Highway, Petronas Twin
    Tower, Penang Bridge, etc. etc), financed by the states' rich Oil and Gas revenues. In return the states only receives a paltry 5% from the Federal Government. THIS IS NOT FAIR AND EQUITABLE. WE NEED MORE OIL AND GAS REVENUE.

    The cost of living in the 2 states are significantly higher than Semananjung, on average 15 - 30%. In terms of infrastructural development, it is shamelessly slow after more 40 years of independence. Roads are in shambles, rural schools are without proper water and electricity supply, crime rates are increasing at an alarming rate, immigrants are flooding Sabah...There is insufficient budget for urban planning, public transportation is an alien concept. We hear so much about KL KTM komuter, LRT, Monorail, KLIA Ekspress, RapidKL, Rapid Penang....what Sabah and Sarawak have are some rikety buses run by profit motivated business enterprise. IT IS NOT FAIR TO TALK ABOUT IMPROVING PUBLIC TRANSPORT IN THE TWO STATES WHEN WE HAVE HARDLY ANY TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    Despite all the short-comings, the government raised petrol and diesel prices without much concern for the dire straits and sufferings of the rural folks in the 2 states. Federal ministers make flying visits and care to empatize with the sufferings of the average Sabahans and Sarawakians. Sorry, we cannot continue to sucked dry of all our oil and gas reserces, timber and other natural resources. IT IS NOT FAIR. AS OIL AND GAS PRODUCING STATES, THE PRICES OF PETROL AND DIESEL IN SABAH AND SARAWAK SHOULD BE REDUCED TO THE LEVELS IN BRUNEI. AS WE DON'T HAVE PUBLIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM UNLIKE IN SEMANANJUNG, VEHICLE DUTIES AND ROAD TAXES SHOULD BE ABOLISHED FOR SABAH AND SARAWAK WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT.

    Sarawak does not exist solely to service Semananjung. What benefits are there to Sarawak to supply hydro electricity power to Semananjung or to be the rice bowl for the country? What is the benefit of an aluminium smelter plant to the common men? IMPROVE BASIC INFRASTRUCTURAL AMENITIES IN SABAH AND SARAWAK FIRST BEFORE HELPING OUT BIG BROTHER SEMANANJUNG.

    Sabah and Sarawak needs to have a stronger voice within Malaysia, as equal partner to Semananjung as enshrined in the constitution. Sabah and Sarawak should not be treated as just one of 13 states in Malaysia.

    SAPP, please pull out of BN and persuade your BN colleagues and component parties in Sabah and Sarawak to form a formidable political force. NO MORE MONEY POLITICS, NO MORE CRONYISM, NO MORE CORRUPTION, NO MORE RACIAL POLTICS, NO MORE SECOND OR THIRD CLASS CITIZEN. If we do nothing now, future generations of Sabahans and Sarawakians will suffer. TAKE UP THE CHALLENGE.


  33. dear sabahans,
    im from peninsular staunch supporter of pakatan rakyat. as a malaysian i am so symapthised with sabah. sabah is a state with abundance but the Feds took you for granted until you have nothing much to self sustain, and the worst part is BN is clinging on you guys for a slim majority. The people in Peninsular had their votes swung already, Sabahans should do so earlier. I support the statement made by Datuk Yong and i feel there is truth in what he says..if you don't do it now, you will be forgotten again. The window of opp only come this time and please grab it.

    We in peninsular show our solidarity and support for our fellow sabahans in this 'ordeal' and i hope there will be saviour who will lift you up soon.

    Go Sabahan!
    Make a change!

  34. To our fellow Malaysian in Sabah.
    Do not be fooled liked the Indians
    who have lost their identity as Malaysians. They have lost their rights, temples have been broken down, Tamils schools almost gone.

    Peninsula Malaysia has
    become "MALAY" sia, UMNO has already got a foothold in Sabah, In a few years time Sabah will become "MALAY"bah.

    STOP THE ISLAMISATION. Get out of BN and join Pakatan Rakyat.

  35. Apa salah jikalau kita anak Malaysia Sabahan cakap INGERRIS -English ? After all Bahasa Malaysia use to copycat dari Bahasa Ingerris juga , so what so proud if we were to speak Bahasa Malaysia .

    U ada tengoh TV Straits Times News advertisement ?

    Murid Murid choma pandai BM sahasa , tertapi ada murid murid lebih pandai BM dan Bahasa Ingerris , apa lah saleh kita bercakap Ingerris / English ?

    Hypocrat / Hipokret betul .

    Di dalam Press Conferrence hari ini , Yong Teck Lee bercakap TIGA Bahasa , ialah Bahasa Malaysia ,
    Bahasa Ingerris & Bahasa Cina

    So what is wrong ????
    Aku kurang pasti lah ?????
    Apa salah dia ????

    If YTL can learn to speak Kadazan Dusun , I sokong him much much more , hahahaha

    Foh Yang said

  36. If we were to ask anyone in the street after 3.00 pm today nine out of ten said : Well done SAPP , YTL creat history ( Vote of no confidence to PM ) , We Sabahan support u all the way , why now ? u should have done it much early , This time is Sabahan to show the federal some color , Sabah needs a HERO now , a real Sabahan has spoken for the people , '

    YTL , u have made a wise choice .
    if u can win the hearts of people u sure to win your country .

    MK Said

  37. if sabah can regain some of what rightfully belong or deserved by Sabah through this exercise of no confidence on the leaders of the day, other states that voice up for their rights would be able to gain from this courageous move. But you must move together. I call upon the other true politicians to act on interest of the people now. Lets all talk about larger issues that affect the countrymen, lets hope there will a change for the better soon.

  38. Let's just do anything we can for Sabah.
    SAPP should have done all these a long time ago instead of being a small and insignificant lackeys of UMNO and BN!
    Priority for SABAHANS! this is our land! not UMNOLAND OR BNLAND!

  39. get lost. bloody semangat kenegerian.all sabah sabah sabah.never talk about malaysia.sabah can rape semenanjung but semenanjung cannot.bloody double standard.

  40. I think this has long been coming, it is overdue, the Federal Government has reneged on many promises even promises made by Wong Pow Nee and Ghazali Sheffie prior to Sabah joining the Federation.
    Sabah must be brave, Sabah is acting truly Malaysian, it is a beautiful state,more beautiful then Bali, but totally neglected. No infrastructure not even as good as Java's and made to beg from the Federal Government, when anyone opposes it especially during the Mahathir era they were punished.
    Its time Sabahans and East Malaysian take their destiny seriously, get rid of the puppets in your midst rise above it all, against racial politics and be real winners.The west is looking to you to repair the damage caused by UMNO and Barisan.

  41. Malaysia is now in a real pathetic state. After 50 years of independence, we still talk about racist and now, Malaysians are fighting over state's issues. Don't be too emotional!!! The gap between states are not necessarily the fault of Federal Government, the state government has to share the same responsibility. Why voice now, when YTL could have raised it many-many years ago. Where is the credibility of the leaders whom stand under BN's ticket, and plan to "hop" after he/she has won!!!! Resign now and return the mandate to the people!!!!

    Don't be naive.... Keadilan leaders are equally not trusthworthy. Promises can be easily made, wait till the time when they are supposed to deliver, all excuses will come out. Be mature.

  42. Theme songs for today:

    Ong.. Ong... Ong...
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    Money please...
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    Oppsss... i mean, i mean more autonomy please... more autonomy please...

    Hmmm,what causes these frogs to sing aaaa? OH! because there is a musician... Let see what kind of music they are listening...

    'Lompat si katak lompat!'
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    'Nanti tak dapat duit poket sendiri!'

    Wow! Great song! Where these frogs learn such music aaa? What? Oversea in Hong Kong? Wow! Must be a good trip.

    Let see who is the music conductor?

    Let see, Oh! that A guy rupanya. Seems familiar la this A guy song. Let me recall, Oh! That A guy is now playing the same song as Dr. M tune years ago... Same songs with different people... result, same ol same ol... No pride at all. Best part, hiding behind people power. But i guess, that's the life of a frogs... Lompat si katak lompat. Only lompat and sing when there is rain...

  43. Labuan still part of Sabah. 1. Reasoning = they still Buy and read Daily Express compre to Utusan / Harian.

    2.Water supply straight from Beaufort Waters.

    3.Foods / vegetables from Ranau / Kundasang

    4. Churches Under the sovenity of Archbishop Kota Kinabalu.

    Sabahan back in 1950's to 1980's lack of graduates and think tank. Decision was advice confusingly by happy opportunist(Syed Kechik etc)

  44. tahniah dan syabas kepada SAPP kerana membuat tindakan yang sangat bijak...dihara parti komponen lain di dalalm BN akan turut membuka mata dan mengikut jejak langkah SAPP ini...

  45. SAPP is crying for inequality, injustice etc.... Does these happened only for the past 5 years..... NO.. Why YTL does not raised those when he was the CM of Sabah, why not raised during Mahathir's era???? Why??? Personal agendas?? Perhaps, his "balls" have yet to "develop" at that point of time......

    By voting Keadilan to power, means bringing back Malaysia into Mahathir's era..... Be Rationale and think twice.

  46. District which has not been badly effected by PTI in Sabah

    1. Kota Marudu
    2. Tuaran
    3. Kota Kinabalu
    4. Penampang
    5. Ranau
    6. Keningau
    7. Tenom
    8. Pensiangan
    9.Sandakan (50/50)
    10.Tawau (50/50)

    District which have more than 40% PTI
    Moslem native+PTI(%)
    1. Kudat 58
    2. Kota Belud 58
    3. Papar 62
    3. Kimanis 68
    4. Beaufort 62
    5. Sipitang 71
    6. Beluran 60
    7. Libaran 80
    8. Batu Sapi 65
    9. Silam 80
    10. Semporna 95
    11. Kalabakan 85
    12. Putatan 62

    PTI hids under Moslem Native status. Saddening but true. Not blamming anyone except PM no action! Talk n sleep.

    I hope Datuk Seri Panglima Yong Teck Lee will become our next Menteri Dalam Negeri Malaysia when Pakatan enters Cabinet.

    Otherwise Sabahan will hope and brings some of the non baldy effected district out of Malaysia. True and realistics. Achievable with help of Allah!

  47. Let's vote for leaving Malaysia.

    BN no good. PKR is using us. In fact even worst, now using same tactics as our former Dr.

    Only then, we can get what we deserved.

    It will be cool what... Our own money currency, our own fuel subsidy, our own passport, our own prime ministers, our own parliament. Hey, instead of 1 or two ministers, let's have all... Instead of 20%, let's have 100%.

    How about that?

  48. Sometimes when we looked... the road is too far.

    Yet so far near to our heart. Thats why Sabah Independents from Cronysm, Nepotism, PTI, religious pressures, JAWI sign languge on roda sign (Although I can read jawi), 3rd class mentality (PM) govern us.

    Need to be Independent. Even Malaysia Government not fully recognise 16 September (Kura2x lupa)

    We need our freedom. We need our soul back. Most important, I need my pride back.

  49. Go go..SAPP ..we the voters support U SAPP...


  51. hey dear penisuliar...

    Stop making a big fuss here.. we Sabahan need a reform now.. we just expressing our heart and stand on our View towards ineeficient leaders...

    we the sabahan wont be a loser just like wat the penisuliar did... u think u guys in penisular is great?? i dont think so.. u guys are just another bunch of dogs and non brain monkey which rely on the AMENO led government to feed u shit!! especially u!!! the MALAYS!!! u got the subsisdies for this and that buy car cheaper, buy house cheaper..i bet even the useless butt get a place in the university.... we sabahan just plead for something that is rite and justify for us.. izit wrong?

    pls tell me if there is any individual that is not thinking for himself?? tell me... pls?? even u guys in penisular too ya.. greedy assholes which only know how to come to sabah to rob!!!

    yes, if really YONG have his own agenda or greediness but so wat??
    at the ends he is the one who initiate all this... and we Sabahan can held high with dignity again!!! waiting for the federal government to help us.. better get a pieces of land and buried our head in there.. cos this will never happens!!! NEVER!!

  52. Oh come on... it wasn't Y guy who initiated all this... it is penisuliar guy called A guy. That means u still need penisuliar. you still can't do anything unless A guy permit u to do it. Do u think A guy care for you?

    That's why Sabah should become a country. No longer a state.

    You don't have to wait from federal to whip all illegals. You can just whip them if you want to... it's your country what.

    You can have more than 20% royalty if you want. Why share with penisuliar? after all, Y guy is greedy as u said rite. If you agree 20%, 80% still goes to penisuliar.

    So be REPUBLIC. Dare enough?

  53. yes, u are rite.. very rite.. u bark all these just becos u are simply another doggie for A guy ya!!

    wat is wrong here in sabah is a reality!! have u live u sabah?? have u felt wat us, the SABAHAN felt?? u just imagine.. the bkt. bintang is full of PTI!!! u surely cant live with that i bet with my on head here!! same things goes to us in Sabah...

    its not that we Sabahan dont want to control it.. but we have our limitation on this.. come to Sabah and open ur dog eyes wide and see the no. of PTI in our state.. but do federal government take our plight seriously?? anyone from Penisuliar care for our situation here??

    We seriously need help from Federal Government but there is not even a farting sound was out from the ass of the A guy!!

    yes, for now.. at least we know that New A guy can really help us on this matter.. consider ourself lucky or stupid at least we saw at least a glimpse of light ahead from this new A guy rather then this old A CLown!!

    sitting there GOYANG Telur!!!

    Proud to be SABAHAN!!!

  54. pak lah... is the dumb pm that i ever meet... all our pm is the best than pak lah...
    pak lah baru belajar menjadi seorang pemimpin... pak lah.. belajar lah dari pemimpin yang sudah makan garam lebih banyak. belajar lah macam mana hendak menjaga rakyat, MACAM MANA MENJADI SEORANG PEMIMPIN YANG DISEGANI.. bukan SEORANG PEMIMPIN YANG TIDUR!!!
    pak lah hanya tidur, honey moon dan malas mengambil berat tentang rakyat.. pak lah hanya tahu menagih simpati sahaja apabila keadaan tidak memihak kepada beliau...

    SAPP BOLEH!!!!

  55. A guy is not Bodohwi... A guy is Anwar la...

  56. To all in Sabah: I am from Peninsular. Please remember we are with you. Suporting you to fight against injustice. We are all victims. We want you to get a fair deal just like we want a fair deal over here.
    Try to think Malaysian, not Sabahan. You have been victimised by UMNO/BN not by west malaysian. We are all brothers and sisters fighting for a Malaysian Malaysia.
    Together, let us chart a better future for all of us regardless of race and religion!

  57. SAPP usul undi tak percaya & stay in BN for a while. I guess the motion will be supported by many BN's MP. This can make the motion to be successful. Once Pak Lah is kicked out, SAPP can join UMNO or MIC. How about that? You can come to Melaka and we can discuss further.

  58. laaa... rupenye SAPP nie tamak. Nak seat lebih, tak dapat. Pastu marah badawi, siap tak datang meeting lagi. camne nak settle masalah kalau ketua pun tak datang.

    menang PRU, jumpa Anuar buat plan motion of no confidence.. pastu reason pasal tak nak tolong rakyat sabah... pada hal sabah dapat grant terbesar dalam RMK 9. ok la tu.. takde pun org semenanjung bising.. rupe2nya, dia nak lagi besar untuk diri sendiri...tapi takpe, ble join PR kan. Mari! Mari! dah poket besar, baru kite tolong rakyat kan... kite tiru aje taktik BN, kepala kite pun bekas orang BN juga... cume kite rebranding skit aje...

    Bagus la leaders SAPP nie... pandai dan bijak! Hidup SAPP! Hidup PR! ape2hal kite perintah negara dulu... yeah!

  59. Rakyat Sabah adalah bodoh. Apa mau sokong parti luar. UMNO itu parti Semenanjung. Apa parti luar boleh jaga Sabah kah? Palui.. palui..

    Go Yong Teck Lee.. Rakyat Sabah mahu pemimpin seperti kamu yang memperjuangkan nasib orang Sabah. Sekarang ini, parti yang ada di Sabah, pemimpinnya hanya jilat dan cium pantat parti luar dan pemimpin luar asal keturunan mereka 7 keturunan kaya raya.

    Lihat setelah 51 tahun Sabah Merdeka dalam Malaysia apa ada? Rakyat makin miskin, tanah kena rompak, ladang kelapa sawit semua milik orang Semenanjung, hasil minyak kena rompak, rakyat Sabah menganggur jadi pelacur kena tipu kerja luar negeri, kerja kosong kerajaan semua dikuasai oleh orang Semenanjung, kuota UMS pun dipenuhi oleh orang Semenanjung, guru-guru pun asyik masuk muka orang semenanjung.

    Apa orang Sabah ini bodoh2 kah? Tiada kelulusan? Palui.. memang palui ini Rakyat Sabah.. Inilah namanya menang sorak tapi kampung tergadai.. padahal pakaian sendiri koyak rabak, telanjang bogel.. palui.. palui.. memang palui.. ini Rakyat Sabah!

  60. to all sabahans. I am a filipino (bisaya) our ancestors came from sabah too. The bisaya, the tausug, maranao, maguindanao, ilonggo and tagalogs are descendants of sabahans too. Although we got conquered by spain and sabah got colonized by britain (thus making us different from each other) and while brunei became a different country we still count you as our brothers and sisters. The issues you are having are also happening here in the philippines. what is important is that you do not let disputes and misgivings give way to violence or else everyone losses. To our malaysian brothers. peace be with you. We in the philippines are concerned that the malaysian government has classified our filipino muslim brothers as "security threats", we cannot discount the fact that many of these are not considered malaysian citizens because of malaysia's strict racial laws. These tausug, badjao, and bisaya and other filipino's are also sabahans. we have been sabahans before there was a philippines or a malaysia. We ask that you respect and protect the filipinos (regardless of what ethnic group). they might not be malaysians but they are sabahans. there are 30 million bisaya in the philippines and 25 million tagalogs (bisaya taal/kota selurong) and 10 million tausug and badjao and maranao and maguindanao. We do not live in sabah nor do we contest malaysia's jusrisdiction in sabah but we also have a right to live in our historical homeland.