Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sapp duo will face action if they support anti-PM motion

Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today warned that disciplinary action will be taken against two Sabah Progressive Party (Sapp) members of parliament if they proceed with tabling or supporting a motion of no-confidence against Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in Parliament on Monday.


  1. why not act against muhyiddin, rais yatim and murkhiz and all umno divisions that shouted loudly that zzzzzzz pm must go

  2. I can't understand why Khairi, Badawi's son-in-law, can imagine that Yong was promised a DPM post by Anwar.

    To any sound-minded person, this is not possible and Yong will not believe or agree to such ridiculous offer.

    Upon following the events and the points raised, I believe Yong is asking for a better Sabah for us! Sabahans have waited and was suppressed for so long.

    Khairi was just having his illusions or either concocting lies to discredit the SAPP leader.

    Wake Up! Sabahans! Do crawl under the bed!

  3. Where are all the other cowards...LDP, PBS, Sabah Umno?

    Your brother is being brought down by the big guns! They can do anything they want but they cannot get my vote! No way!

  4. SAPP, whether u initial no confidence vote or not would not matter.
    Anyway, they will sideline u or wait for right time to expel u.
    Do we Sabahans deserve it???????????

  5. Yong is fighting for what we all Sabah ppl wanted in our hearts!
    Paklah is not responding to our Sabahans plight but Khairi is responding................Father-in-law, son-in-law sama - sama bah!
    Why???? in the hell you think we Sabahans are subservients?
    mana itu lain, diam and penakut?

  6. All Sabahan and Sarawakien should support 100% to SAPP for their guts in doing the right thing. It is a honest motion action and not greed!
    His compassion, sacrifice and dedication works is not only for the betterment of East Malaysia but also to West Malaysia. He must be well respected. Malaysia is for All & All must for Malaysia.

    The pain and sufferings we are getting now is because Malaysia is getting poorer and poorer due to the mis-used of public funds and irresponsibilities of the present goverment. They simply approve and spend money like water. BN goverment are not only SUCKERS but also BIG SPENDERS with NO BRAIN. They provide non constructive ideas and actions.
    Whatever mistakes they have made, we rakyat will be penalties and responsible to pay their price. Why do we deserves these??? Why do we still want to believe and put trust in them??? So many racist issues all the way....they not only neglect the Ibans, Bidayuh, the origins orang asli in the land of Malaysia but also to majority of the Chinese and Indians.

    MCA and MIC as of today, what we can see is that those mens have no balls and guts. They just simply behave like cowards and hyprocrites. Sooner or later the Chinese and Indians will throw them off like Gerakan.

    The day will be soon.

  7. It is more than likely the UMNO will kick SAPP out of BN. It is obvious that SAPP leadership is prepared to leave BN once it has gone against the UMNO in tabling the no confidence. It would be uncharacteristically naive for the SAPP leadership to think that UMNO would accept such a slap and not retaliate. Most probably the SAPP leadership had already made up its mind to leave BN whether or not it has decided to join PR or not. And if UMNO think SAPP is a lost cause, then it will certainly choose to kick SAPP out of BN before SAPP withdrew its membership from BN as a cautioinary example to other BN members.

    But UMNO is in such a chaotic state in its internal organization that many Malaysians now believe that it is a matter of time that UMNO itself will collapse. And rather than wait for UMNO to collapse, many BN members will probably opt to get out of the sinking ship and align themselves with PR for a brighter future.

    Anyway, nothing is going to be the same from now on. The Sabahans have taken all they're willing to take from the arrogant Malays. The demonstrated weakness of UMNO itself also shows that it can be challenged with impunity. And that will certainly encourage more challenges from PR and defections from BN.

    If the current Sabah politicians don't start fighting for the best interest of the Sabahans, then they'll be rejected by the Sabahans who will vote for new leaders that are willing and ready to challenge the Malay racist supremacists to fight for the best interest of the Sabahans even to the point of taking Sabah out of the Malaysian federation.

  8. Come on SAPP, don't wait for stupid timing and chances anymore. The signal is clearer than ever. Go out of BN and move on!
    There isn't any point staying in BN anymore, things will only get worse.

  9. this is the reality, whatever excuses Pak Lah has causes all Malaysians suffers with all his actions and big waste by making Malaysia famous with such as ECER, program angkasawan, Monsoon Cup and many more waste, but the citizens has to suffer. Pak Lah should leave and go back sleep at home.

    Jika Pemerintahan Pak Lah adalah yang terbaik, adakah semua ini akan berlaku?








  11. Damn shit this Kali Jamaludin...... goood in imagination. I reallly fed up with adula now the way ACA doing they job. Damn shit u Musang, all project above 1 million u wan commission. U make Sabah poorer and poorerrrrr. Hidup Uncle YTL.
    SAPPshould be brave and act fast to quit Barisan.. No turning back and firm to you goood decision for Sabah.

  12. We Sabahan no doubt support 100% your next action. YTL, well done. To ACA, shame on u. If u wan to probe YTL, better probe AAB, NTR, Musang and all the big fish first. ACA got to be independent MAN. I hate u ACA,

  13. BN leaders and politicians who support BN, when a have clear evidence of corruption, ACA will sweep the case under the carpet .....under the instruction of the Bigger Corrupted BN Prime minister.

    The minute the ex-BN leader goes against the BN, the ACA will open up files that were closed and confirmed previously....No case.


    If the Corrupted Bastard Musa Aman goes against the BN, then his closed files which the CORRUPTED ACA DIRECTOR closed will be opened up. Giving the ACA director who is investigation your case a Datukship is also Corruption.

    As for Raymond Tan.... Are you worried that your files will be opened ? You Raymond (Sabah's only Pondan YB)should have balls to face the music....opps very sorry Raymond Pondan you don't have balls.

  14. ACA Director kau pandai sembayang kah di masjid. Lepas sembayang buat yang baiklah. Di akhirat masuk neraka .......Pariah punya ACA director...... Lebih baik amput mama kau sendiri..... tiada pendirian dan maruah.

  15. Datuk Yong Teck Lee BOLEH!!!
    memang kau boleh... macam ni lah pemimpin yang memikirkan hak-hak rakyat!!!

  16. ACA konon!!!
    baru nak jalankan tugas. baru nak tunjukkan kuasa..
    bila disuruh baru nak buat... badawi??? kenapa nak pakai ACA sekarang.. takut tergugat kah.. sekarang pun tergugat. fikirlah badawi, sebelum engko menjadi pemimpin.. apa yang terjadi dengan malaysia, BN, UMNO??? semua berjalan dengan lancar...
    sejak engko mengambil tempat, belum 10 tahun engko dah punah ranapkan malaysia dan BN.. inda lama.. rakyat jadi takut... nanti peperangan lagi terjadi.
    mana leader-leader yang berlagak berani, cakap jah banyak.. pembelaan rakyat??? hancus!!!!!

  17. Better declare out from this Barang Naik, no direction govt. Baduwi, u reallly no leadership to lead our country. YTL, i support you 100%.
    Damn u Badan pencegah rasuah la kunun. Tak guna punya, control by barang Naik.
    Beras 10kg now RM28.00, damn shit.
    Minyak jangan la cakap.....

  18. badawi lah orang yang paling dungu di alam ni. siapa yang menentang... sure kena siasat BPR, ISA, ACA....
    itu jah yang pak lah dapat buat.. takut tergugat kerusi yang baru nak panas... badawi, sedarlah... jangan nak makan angin, makan bersuap dengan bini baru.. badawi, ingatlah cucu cicit engko tu masih nak nikmati dunia.. jadi beribadah lah banyak-banyak.. bartaubat!!! ingat tuhan. rakyat sekarang tengah menderita!!!

  19. The Prime Minister has mention that he cannot satisfied Datuk Yong greed by giving him a Senator Post.

    So, the question is, is all the Senator Post that he has given to those ppl are all greedy?

    In my point of view, if the PM really says about that he has offer Datuk Yong the post. Datuk Yong is not greedy at all, if he is he will take the offer. Isn't is safer to just sit down and take money and keep silent? But he insist on calling PM with a vote of no confidence so that the PM will respond to what I believe all Sabahan is wishing. Can't you all understand this? Sabahan being the richest State with minerals such as oil and lumber is the poorest state in Malaysia? Where's all the money has gone? TO make the picture more horrible, doesn't this look like Cononization from the West Malaysia to East Malaysia? Why do need to live in poor? Why food in Sabah is always more expensive than the West? Why the job pay is higher in the West? Why is the buying power of Sabahan so low? Ask yourself this question if you are supporting the PM. Is he doing his job?

    THere's another big question on the new is that, the Anti Coruption Agency will investigate on Datuk Yong. Hmm... it triggers me is that is the ACA belongs to the PM? WHy is the probe done by now? Is it this the only way to tarnish the brave soul?

    And to the Mr Raymond Tan. Did you ever look at this Blog setup by your party? Are you the greedy one behind which doesn't support the action of the President of your Party?

  20. I know what I am writing may not be related to this Title but you must know that what is happening today is due to years of mismanagement under the 'Barang Naik' regime. The current tense political situation in M'sia is due to "OIL". UMNO brand US as selfish fighting terrorism just to get control of Mid-east Oil. UMNO is actually doing the same all along. Controlling the sovereign wealth just to fill up the treasure chest of their few UMNOPUTRAs' cronies. Dont be fooled by their promises any further or M'sia will become a third world country very soon.

  21. salah ke kalau dtk seri panglima yong teck lee menyuarakan ketidak puasan hati rakyat sabah. YTL sudah tidak tahan melihat rakyat sabah diperalatkan,kita rakyat sabah sudah tidak tahan, apa yang kita nampak dan rasa kemasukan umno ke sabah sebagai batu loncatan untuk pemimpin2 di kl untuk mengebas kekayaan sabah, banyak pemimpin umno sabah yang kaya disumbat dengan kekayaan agar jadi pak turut,liat saja ramai pemimpin sabah yang pandai angkat kaki dapat habuan besar, hidup mewah. pak lah badawi, selaku PM cuba tutup mulut YTL dengan jawatan Senator, apa dia ingat YTL harga diri YTL begitu murah ke, apa dia tidak sedar ke, berapa lama YTL tidak ada jawatan apa-apa pun dia masih bergerak, masih berkerja untuk rakyat, masih tolong kami yang susah ini, sekarang dia sanggup menerima hinaan dan cacian demi rakyat sabah, kerana apa yang disuarakan adalah kebenaran dan kenyataan, pak lah badawi jangan fikir orang sabah semua bodoh,tidak semua pandai angkat kaki saja, sudah sampai masa kita orang sabah bangun dan bertindak sabelum kekayaaan sabah habis dikikis, sebelum rakyat sabah terus-terus dipijak, tahniah dtk seri YTL atas keberanian mu, hari ini rakyat dapat liat mana pahlawan, mana kawan sebenarnya, kenapa kita mesti takut pada pak lah badawi,pemimpin-pemimpin dan ahli-ahli umno sendiri hentam dia terang-terang,bukan main belakang, kalau orang rumah sendiri pun berani hentam, apa lagi orang luar yang di anak tirikan.
    tahniah dtk seri panglima yong teck lee, jgan gentar dengan ugutan mereka untuk gunakan BPR untuk mengheret dtk seri ke mahkamah, itu lah saja senjata mereka untuk menghapuskan orang-orang yang mereka tidak senangi,yang mengugat kedudukan mereka, pak lah badawi dan konco-konconya, kamu jangan fikir dtk seri YTL boleh senang-senang kamu makan, dia seorang yang bertindak mengikut otak yang waras yang telah mengikuti perkembangan politik sabelum dia melibatkan diri, jadi jangan main-main anak sabah. dtk seri YTL teruskan perjuangan mu, kami orang sabah akan terus dan tetap menyukong mu, alang-alang menyeluk pekesam, biar lah sampai ke pangkal lengan, gengam bara api biar sampai jadi abu, alang-alang mandi biar sampai basah, jangan pandang belakang lagi, terus maju, Tuhan akan memberkati usahamu kerna perjuangan mu adalah untuk rakyat.

  22. hvoter from seppanggar behind u ERIC....fight for sabah rights

  23. Kenapa PM bimbang sangat dengan Anwar padahal Pak Lah juga yang melepaskan beliau...!
    Adakah ketidakpuasan KJ adalah disebabkan oleh ketamak....kan KJ tidak dapat dipenuhi ketika KJ menemui Anwar selepas pembebasan beliau di kediaman rasmi Anwar...???

  24. Pak Lah might be old but his brain is still not mature enough.
    That is why he cannot make any decision well.
    He might be the PM of this country but the real thing is that it’s his wife (Jeanne) who is running the country.
    K.J is just only an adviser.
    Most of Umno supreme council knew about it but chose to keep quite because they will being provided with mass fortune.
    Only Najib is the one who is “suffering” because he’s being blackmailed and threatened.
    Pak Lah and his gang have nothing to lose because if the country collapse, they will leave for another country to settle down happily.
    Pak Lah have not only fully forgotten about his first wife but also had broken his words of promise to his mother, the day he was chosen to be the PM.
    Pak Lah did’nt know that the longer he stays on, the greedier his gang will be.
    That’s why he cannot please all of them at one time because our country’s fortune is nearly depleted by now.
    One by one, his party member will betray him and most of them are using the same tactic that he had used on us that led to his downfall .
    “Cakap tak serupa bikin” is the only weapon now being use by his party members against him.
    During the 12th GE, he was so confident that he will win but it really jolted him but not that much.
    Now is the time that his very own members are planning big to sent him “flying high”.
    Watch out for our MCA and the MIC!
    “Word of promises ” nowadays are not worth even a penny under Pak Lah’s rule.
    Prepare for the change!!!

  25. I warn you BN, if you crush SAPP intention to bring Sabah to a better place for all Sabahan, Sabah ppl will guarantee no daylight for BN in Sabah for the next election. You should listen the voices of the Sabah ppl not the voice inside you own rotten brain.

  26. Apa,semua MP BN akan menghadapi masalah krn nak memperjuangkan nasib rakyat.(ISA,ACA,PDRM....)Atau kebanyakkan MP terpaksa mendiamkan diri agar tidak diambil tindakan.Lebih baik MP-MP tu jgn bertandinglah,biar yang boleh membantu rakyat tu bertanding.Apa punya demoratik,bersuara macam-macam tindakan diambil.BN tidak boleh ditegur,rakyat yang harus menerimanya.50 tahun sudah disia-siakan,sampai bila baru nak sedar.Mengapa kerajaan tidak mengadakan survey sokongan rakyat masa kini.Berapa peratus rakyat yang akan menyokong tindak-tanduk BN.Atau pilihanraya dianggap satu ritual upacara sja.Lepas pilihanraya,rakyat dilupakan.Tangungjawab BN kekal hanya sebulan dua.Bangunlah rakyat.

  27. Dear Datuk Yong,
    Dont fear the ACA, that is the weapon of BN use to againts us who are speaking out the truth, speaking out for the people right! DAM it! PM!!
    ACA totally are political!!! which is control by BN! FCUK IT !!
    We talk we go ISA, we talk we get from ACA!! Wat the hell of our human right!!
    Sorry sia punya english broken.. ;-p
    aramaiti.... Oi PBS, UPKO apa ko tunggu lagi.......

  28. honestly said:"I can't understand why Khairi, Badawi's son-in-law, can imagine that Yong was promised a DPM post by Anwar."

    If even it is possible then Malaysia's sabahan has proven capability to manage Malaysia for all Malaysian, what is wrong with this? Can't sabah bumiputra have equal or even better right as PM or DPM if capable? What a nasty issue by Khairy!
    "li(ng)mau belum panjang sudah bertanduk"
    Sabahan too have plenty from Oxford!
    Don't add salt & see thing in wider aspect as SAPP is for sabahan.

  29. Sabah for SabahanJune 21, 2008 at 2:40 PM

    Hey orang Dusun, Kadazan, Bajau, dan lain lain. Kamu berasal dari mana? Sabah atau semenanjung Malaysia? Kamu patut beri sokongan kepada SAPP, perjuangan mereka adalah demi masa hadapan rakyat Sabah. Kamu ada mata tenggok semua ahli perkerja yang bekerja di jabatan kerajaan seperti JPJ, Polis, Kustom dan lain lain hampir semua berasal dari semenanjung Malaysia. Apa orang Sabah dapat? mahu cari kerja pun susah dan terpaksa pergi ke Singapura atau kilang di semenanjung supaya dapat gaji tinggi sikit.

    Pendatang Haram lagi teruk punya kes, jika tidak percaya pergi ke Inanam dekat pasar tamu. Saya jamin kamu boleh nampak budak filipino jual rokok haram di merata rata tempat. Ini bukan perkara baru lagi, kita sudah tunggu 20 tahun untuk menyelesai perkara yang dihadapi di Sabah. Mahu tunggu lama lagi kah? 20 tahun lagi? masa itu aku jamin budak filipino itu jadi kamu punya YB.
    Dunia sekarang sudah berubah, kita bukan boleh hidup sendiri lagi, kita mesti bekerjasama dengan kaum lain supaya kita punya cucu cicit menpunyai masa hadapan yang cerah.

    Taraf kemiskinan di Sabah amat teruk, aku percaya jika kamu pergi ke kampung seperti linkabau, sungai, atau di ulu ulu. Kamu boleh nampak kebanyakan mereka baju pun tiada dan beras pun susah dibeli kerana tiada duit. Aku rasa kesihan betul kepada budak mereka berbanding dengan budak di bandar.

    Sampai sekarang, aku rasa hairan kenapa YB YB di Sabah tidak rasa kesihan kepada bangsa mereka sendiri. Ini amat melukai hati saya sebagai rakyat Sabah.


  31. perompak , pencuri,penyamum itulah namanya porklah badawi islam hadhari

  32. Sabah BN MPs you better listen to the voices of Sabahans rather than Bodowi, Najis, Kera Khairy, Musa corrupted bastard, Pairin asshole or Maximus the traitor. We will remember how really love Sabahans and willing to fight for our rights.

    Raymond and Au are you worried you will be hurled by ACA. Raymond you must have done a hanky panky deal that is clear for exposure. Au we all know what is going on in Sabah Energy Coorporation..... you fear that ?????????? hanky panky will be exposed.

    you are the bastards that sell Sabah and the people's right to UMNO dogs.


  34. Rakyat Sabah adalah bodoh. Apa mau sokong parti luar. UMNO itu parti Semenanjung. Apa parti luar boleh jaga Sabah kah? Palui.. palui..

    Go Yong Teck Lee.. Rakyat Sabah mahu pemimpin seperti kamu yang memperjuangkan nasib orang Sabah. Sekarang ini, parti yang ada di Sabah, pemimpinnya hanya jilat dan cium pantat parti luar dan pemimpin luar asal keturunan mereka 7 keturunan kaya raya.

    Lihat setelah 51 tahun Sabah Merdeka dalam Malaysia apa ada? Rakyat makin miskin, tanah kena rompak, ladang kelapa sawit semua milik orang Semenanjung, hasil minyak kena rompak, rakyat Sabah menganggur jadi pelacur di kerja luar negeri, kerja kosong kerajaan semua dikuasai oleh orang Semenanjung, kuota UMS pun dipenuhi oleh orang Semenanjung, guru-guru pun asyik masuk muka orang semenanjung.

    Apa orang Sabah ini bodoh2 kah? Tiada kelulusan? Palui.. memang palui ini Rakyat Sabah.. Inilah namanya menang sorak tapi kampung tergadai.. padahal pakaian sendiri koyak rabak, telanjang bogel.. palui.. palui.. memang palui.. ini Rakyat Sabah!

  35. To those Sabahan ministers who are critisizing Dato Yong, SHAME ON YOU!!!!!! u're nothing but cowardly chickens, dare not take risk in defending the rights of people of YOUR OWN LAND!!! Instead, these pengecuts rather "lick boots" for their own benefits while we Sabahans continue getting suppressed. Who's the bigger traitor here now??

    We the People of Sabah support you for your courages action because it is obvious that your action is not an act of so call personal greed as claimed by pak lah.

  36. Najib's warning of taking action against SAPP MPs if they support anti-PM motion is preposterous, it is an act against democracy. he can't stop them, it is their rights.

    Obviously, that's all bn, especially umno got anyway. Throwing tantrum, threatening and terrorizing, just like what they were announcing in Penang after the general elections, showing temper by threatening to appeal the federal goverment to cancel planned developments in Penang. GROW UP!!! who u think u are threatenig the act of righteous??!!

  37. I 100% support the actions taken by Yong. I'm Sabahan, n working at KL, also overseas leaving my family so far away. THAT IS NOT MY WISH! All is caused by the government did not properly develop our land well!

  38. What happen to wanita of SAPP? In news and even RTM wanita from other BN component parties (Gerakan & Umno) had shown against SAPP motion. Who are they? They can hardly understand what many Sabah ppl ask for.
    Calling YB Melanie Chia & SAPP wanita is time to act just like what you always do for ppl welfare in Sabah. Immediate response now to defend Datuk Yong,& SAPP. Reply something in press!

  39. WE support SAPP decision!! leave the Barisan.. Our citizen suffer a lot when this bloody still as our PM. everyone in the country are getting poorer, but them (badawi)are going to be richer and richer. especially among their families. all the families involve in the business with government how it can be? khairy/ juz few years can be the CEO of the Kazana. WTF>?
    what about the citizen? our country is exporting goods to other country on last few years (during Mahathir that time was good)
    but now, we need to import goods from others country? And now saying using our money to subsidy us? what a crap!!! what going on especially rice,flour palm oil.
    asking us to change our life style? who should change. is asking us going to rob the bank and robbing thers? they should change. I m afraid our country one day will like the indonesia ,. suharto

    To all malaysian. we should wake up from their lies.. Our goverment telling lies to us.

  40. SAPP and those Sarawak parties , they should leave the BN.
    Our country now is getting worst and worst. but our goverment is getting richer and richer.
    let's talk about the food issues
    during past few years ago, we are very strong in exporting goods like palm oil, rice, flour and ect. but now goverment giving us a shit telling us they need to subsidy us on those things. what a crap!what do u mean subsidy? we are producer for those products and now telloing us , we importing those goods from others>?

    look at those great goverment families. Khairy- juz only few years he is a CEO of the Kazana. Kazana is the big company in goverment which combine with alot big company like petronas ...
    now what? why their family become richer and richer? their wage only less than 17000 per month and can afford to buy a big big house in perth. worth 21 billion!!

    we should not juz shut up and let the goverment ruins our life!!.
    we should change our goverment.
    Pak lah is giving us shit!!
    they will going richer and richer!!
    but we going to poor and poorer!!
    i m affraid we will be like our neighbour like indonesia. juz like this suharto .. corruption , and keep digging their country money!!

  41. Rakyat Sabah adalah bodoh. Apa mau sokong parti luar. UMNO itu parti Semenanjung. Apa parti luar boleh jaga Sabah kah? Palui.. palui..

    Go Yong Teck Lee.. Rakyat Sabah mahu pemimpin seperti kamu yang memperjuangkan nasib orang Sabah. Sekarang ini, parti yang ada di Sabah, pemimpinnya hanya jilat dan cium pantat parti luar dan pemimpin luar asal keturunan mereka 7 keturunan kaya raya.

    Lihat setelah 51 tahun Sabah Merdeka dalam Malaysia apa ada? Rakyat makin miskin, tanah kena rompak, ladang kelapa sawit semua milik orang Semenanjung, hasil minyak kena rompak, rakyat Sabah menganggur jadi pelacur di kerja luar negeri, kerja kosong kerajaan semua dikuasai oleh orang Semenanjung, kuota UMS pun dipenuhi oleh orang Semenanjung, guru-guru pun asyik masuk muka orang semenanjung.

    Apa orang Sabah ini bodoh2 kah? Tiada kelulusan? Palui.. memang palui ini Rakyat Sabah.. Inilah namanya menang sorak tapi kampung tergadai.. padahal pakaian sendiri koyak rabak, telanjang bogel.. palui.. palui.. memang palui.. ini Rakyat

  42. Let's not talk till the cows come home. What is important is that some leaders have already woken up and are taking action. These people in SAPP deserve support. Hopefully other leaders from other component parties will wake up come 23/6 and give a good slap to Pak Lah and his cronies!

    Wish those courageous MP's all the best and hope that others will have some conscience to the people who elected them.

  43. 1. We will support motion of No confidence Vote against PM

    2. We will not leave BN

    R u trying to eat from 2 bowls of rice or wat? Believe me, u will choke

  44. Let us Independant from A.A.Badwi and control our own oil well.

    Independants means =
    Kadazandusun Murut become millionaires
    Bajau / Brunei kedayan will be millionaire
    Chinese will prosper.

    Stay in A.A.Badwi Country
    Khairy Jamal = Billionaire
    Patrick Lim Badwi & Berjaya Holding & Ong ka chuan/Ting / Ting peking= Trilionaire
    Semi Value & Son Maika Holdings= Zelionaire

    Kazitah Gadem & perogol bersiri UM-N0 = bebas dari tuduhan lasuah.




  46. This is our FUTURE PM Najib????

    An influential Malaysian blogger alleges that Najib’s wife was present when the Mongolian translator was murdered in 2006

    Asia Sentinel

    One of Malaysia’s most prominent bloggers, in an explosive statutory declaration to a Malaysia court, has alleged that the wife of Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak as well as a Malaysian Army officer and the officer’s wife were directly involved in the murder of Mongolian translator Altantuya Shaariibuu on October 19, 2006, and that people at the very top of the Malaysian government are aware of the fact.

    The declaration, by Raja Petra Kamarudin, who edits the web publication Malaysia Today, has been ignored by Malaysia’s government-linked mainstream media. However, it threatens to finally break open the case. Even if it doesn’t, it adds considerable chaos to the country’s political mix. The Barisan Nasional, the national ruling coalition, is reeling from the loss of its two-thirds majority in March elections.

    Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, taking the brunt of criticism over the loss, has already promised to step down at some future date to cede the premiership to Najib. District elections are due in July in the United Malays National Organisation and there are suspicions that the verdict in the Altantuya murder trial is being delayed until the elections are completed.

    Raja Petra wrote that Najib’s wife, Rosmah Mansor, and Acting Colonel Aziz Buyong and his wife, Norhayati, Rosmah’s aide-de-camp, were present at the scene of the murder and that Aziz Buyong was the individual who placed C4 plastic explosive on Altantuya’s body and blew it up. Both Najib and his wife have repeatedly denied any involvement in the case although top society in Kuala Lumpur has been buzzing for months with rumors of their complicity.

    Shaariibuu was executed by two shots to the head and her body was blown up with military explosives in a patch of jungle near the suburban city of Shah Alam. One of Najib’s closest friends, Abdul Razak Baginda, once the influential head of a political think-tank, and two of Najib’s bodyguards, Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar of the elite Unit Tindak Khas or Special Police Action Unit, have been the subject of a marathon murder trial that got underway more than a year ago.

    Neither Najib nor his chief of staff, Musa Safri, has been questioned nor summoned as a witness despite the fact that Baginda in a sworn statement in November 2006 said he had contacted Musa for help in dealing with Altantuya, his jilted lover. That has raised widespread suspicions that the court – prosecution, defense and judiciary – have all been struggling to keep the case under wraps. It has been subject to numerous delays for reasons that are unclear.

    Raja Petra himself is due to go on trial in October on sedition charges that were filed against him for writing an article titled “Let’s Send Altantuya’s Murderers to Hell” and accusing Najib, his wife and others of complicity in the murder. He amplified the statement considerably in his statutory declaration, made last Wednesday, in which he also said that Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had been a full report by military intelligence on the involvement of his deputy premier’s family. Badawi gave the intelligence report to his son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin, for safekeeping, according to Raja Petra’s statement.

    altantuya 8Raja Petra, a member of the Selangor royal family, also wrote that one of the country’s sultans had been given a full report on the matter. He didn’t identify the sultan, but that raises additional implications, presumably that there is at least one member of royalty who can back up his declaration, which was made under oath, if he is subjected to additional charges over the matter.

    From the time Altantuya’s body was discovered, there has been widespread suspicion that not only figures at the top of the government were involved but that the 28-year-old translator and mother of two may have been involved in a much bigger controversy than a jilted relationship. She made several trips to Kuala Lumpur to attempt to confront Baginda, at one point standing in front of his house and screaming “Razak, bastard, come out.” The last time she was seen alive was again in front of his house, when she was bundled into a car and taken away.

    She accompanied Baginda to France when he was involved in negotiating the purchase of two Scorpene submarines and a used Agosta submarine produced by the French government through a French-Spanish joint venture, Armaris, for the Malaysian defense ministry, which was headed by Najib as minister. The submarines were bought through a Kuala Lumpur-based company, Perimekar Sdn Bhd, which at the time was owned by yet another company called Ombak Laut, which was wholly owned by Abdul Razak Baginda.

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  47. Both SAPP MPs not in Dewan Rakyat today
    Posted by St Low
    Monday, 23 June 2008
    The members of Parliament from the Sabah Progressive Party members of Parliament are not in the Dewan Rakyat today.

    The party's Sepanggar member Datuk Eric Enchin Majimbun, when contacted at 11.35am today, said he would not going to the Dewan Rakyat.

    "I have a meeting with Datuk Yong and after that I have to attend a relative's funeral. I will not be coming today," he said when contacted by phone.

    Eric said he did not know if Datuk Chua Soon Bui (Tawau) would attend the meeting later in the afternoon. Chua could not be reached by phone.

    Both MPs’ presence in the House was highly anticipated as they were expected to vote against the government today.

    SAPP leader Datuk Yong Teck Lee had vowed to move a motion of no confidence against the government last Wednesday and the party's supreme Council had endorsed it.

    However, talk in parliament this morning centred around both when Chua and Eric were not spotted in the Dewan Rakyat.

    During the 90-minute question time, their absence was felt as their seats remained vacant.

    Though both could not table any motions today, they could have registered their party's displeasure by voting against the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister, Datuk Shahrir Samad's motion on inflation.

    Shahrir is currently tabling the motion.

    The debate will start shortly.

    Apa suda jadi OOhH????? SAPP!!

  48. kenapa selalu salahkan kerajaan..salahkanlah diri sendiri..sekarang ndak memerintah jadi ketua menteri bisinglah...kerajaan ndak adillah,banyak pendatanglah..tapi dulu masa memerintah jadik ketua menteri ndak plak buat...apa ni yong teck lee..macam gunting dalam lipatan...bila tiada jawatan menyalak macam anjng...ingat semua buleh buat skelip mata ka...fikirlah..jgn pandai cakap jak...salahkan parti lain lah..senang jak cakap...sya dari dulu mmg ndak suka sama pemimpin sabah,pembangkang dan kerajaan..banyak kroni..apa2 mau semua untuk duit poket keluarga..apa rakyat dapat???buat jalan ndak sampai 1/2 km pun susah mau dapat..inikan pulak air bersih...kalau mau masuk kerajaan negeri pun pilih bulu..hanya suku2 itu jak ada di dalam,yang lain dibiar...cermin lah diri fair for every body..cuba kamu tanya,apa yang syarikat sinora buat di sandakan..menggaji pekerja asing sehingga menidakkan hak bumiputra sabah....diorang untung rakyat sabah merana...masuk tv3 mampu makan sibut babi jak...berapa org pemimpin yang ambil peduli,termasuk YTL????hah????????last2 kena rasuah kroni..lapastu dikejar ACA..Lagi menyedihkan penyediaan untuk orang Islam dinafikan di banyak kawasan...yg banyak gereja jak..apa sudah jadik???sedarlah selagi kita bertopengkan kuasa dan duit,selagi itulah kita akan rosak..tapi kalu kita ada pegangan agama,kita akan selamat....jgn cuma menghentam UMNO jak...apa kamu ingat masuk SAPP buleh jaga hak org lain ka???mau ambil kesempatan dalam kesimpitan jak...mana hak org bumiputra islam...berapa banyak kedai org bumiputra di KK?yang kebanyaknnya bangsa itu jak....sedarlah...

    Bangsa yang Hina...Putra Tawau