Friday, June 27, 2008

CM Melaka welcomed Demonstrations in Sabah

"As a Chief Minister and Umno vice president (Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam), it is very sad and regrettable for him to come here to support the demonstration which is not our (Sabahans) culture.

“Don’t come here (Sabah) to disturb our harmony,” said Eric, who is SAPP Deputy President and MP for Sepanggar.

As a former native chief, Eric wants to see the prevailing harmony enjoyed by the people in Sabah continue to be preserved without any disturbances.


  1. Sabah for sabahansJune 27, 2008 at 10:19 PM

    What do you expect from a stupid man like him? This is the man who said "UMNO will win always and doesn't need the votes of Sabah and Sarawak, Indians and Chinese."

    I think we need to go beyond mad men like him. One day he will come to realise how important Sabah is. That's when he loses power and AMENO loses power and his contracts come to an end. I'm aware he has stolen large tracts of land in Sabah.

  2. Jgn kau sebuk di sini ini bukan macam tempat perasaan bangsa tapi menahan kebaikan utk sabahan.
    Tiada Tuah atau Jebat tapi Wira kito Yong Teck Lee sokong rakyat Sabah!
    "Eih,porak-porak cuni wakeder!"

    பினாங்கின் மோனோரயில்,போர் திட்டங்கள் தள்ளிவைப்பு
    השיטה: המשתתפים יושבים בקבוצות, בהתאם לרמת הספרדית שבפיהם, ומונחים על ידי מורים מקצועיים של המכון לידידות אמריקה. לכל מפגש נקבע נושא מרכזי עליו מדברים המשתתפים, בשילוב חומר מודפס ועזרי לימוד. למשל: קניות, טיולים, הכרות, מאכלים ועוד.

  3. ya loh,pak bodek tu selalu ada nak tunjuk sokongan sja,mungkin tanpanya umno susah rakyat,biarlah ia,(hero bn)Rakyat Sabah yg harus lebih peka terhadap pemimpin2 yg dpt memberi keutamaan rakyatnya.Bukannya adanya pemimpin yg tidak teragak-agak mengambil tindakan tanpa menghiraukan rakyat.BN bersungguhan agar rakyat Sabah mnyokongnya,masalah rakyat Sabah adakah diteliti kerajaan.berapa penggal lagi untuk BN melaksanakan tugasnya.(50 tahun lagi).

  4. This is the condescending culture of UMNO,welcoming demonstrations that benefits their selfish intention.I'm surprise that Pairin,V.K.Liew,Joseph Kurup, Bernard Dompok,V,Jothy and Robin Lo were not around,it would have been a great BN party,with all the festivities and fanfare couple with the PTI's doing the sumazau.

  5. YB Eric, tiada guna kau komen mengenai dengan Pemimpin Umno macam Ali Rustam ni, dia tu anak PTI. Sudah menjadi lumrah PTI dari INDON mengadakan Demonstrasi. Jadi Sampai masanya Rakyat Sabah Berdemonstrasi untuk menunjukkan bahawa kita juga boleh berkeras sekiranya perlu. Mari kita adakan Demonstrasi secara AMAN. Lupakanlah itu bukan BUDAYA KITA tu. ADAKAH BUDAYA moginum itu Budaya kita? BUKAN.. itu budaya UNIVERSAL.. begitu juga dengan Budaya Demonstrasi itu juga budaya universal.

  6. The Malays THOUGHT Sabah belongs to them. The Malays THOUGHT the Sabah Chinese kurang ajar.

    BUT little do they know that Sabah Natives especially the Dusuns once sailed the seas with Admiral Yin Ching and Cheng Ho in the 13th century, and made North Borneo their home.

    The Malays also are proud to have Hang Tuah. BUT little do they know that Hang Tuah, Jebat, Lekir and Lekiu were in fact Shaolin Masters sent by Emperor Shih Huang Ti as his daughter, princess Hang Li Po's bodyguards.

    Tuan was Toh Ah, Jebat- Chee Fatt, Lekir - Lee Ker, Lekiu -Lee Kew. Kasturi was a Majapahit warrior acting as their translator.

    Long live Sabahans. Piss off 'orang semenanjung'!

  7. Wonder how a "KATAK DI BAWAH TEMPURUNG" can be chief minister in Melaka!

    Oi oi... Melaka people, get a better representative as CM!

    Ali Rustam tu, BIKIN MALU saja. Jangan kau lupa.. nenek moyang kau dari Indon. Kau pikir kau bumi tulen ka?

    Kadazan, Dusun, Bajau, Murut baru Bumi Tulen Sabah!

    Bukan jawa, indon, filipin atau Melayu!

  8. cm melaka...bodoh punya cm....bercakap pun tak pandai...he is nothing.....nil at all

  9. Get lost orang Melayu semenanjung, Ini Sabah not Melaka la, why UMMO can demonstrate and why Hindraf or Bersih can't? You called this democracy? Shame on you UMMO leecher!

  10. Mereka-mereka yang masih sokong BN terutama PBS/UMNO adalah mereka-mereka yang macam anjing dapat tulang yang dibuang oleh tuannya. Mereka makan daging daging yang melekat pada tulang itu, manakala sebahagian besar daging itu sudah dibolot oleh tuannya.

  11. apa juga melaka tu negeri kecik saja,sabah&melaka lawanlah panggil hang tuah sekali. Hang Tuah hanya cerita dongeng. Mari sini sabah lah lawan monsopiad kalau tidak kepala kau jadi koleksi peribadi monsopiad.

  12. YB mohamad ali rustamJune 28, 2008 at 3:23 PM

    Wahai rakyat sabah,
    Walau apa pun kamu orang sabah cakap, kamu tetap anak angkat kepada kami Semenajung. Dari dulu sehinga sekarang sampai masa depan kamu orang sabah tetap anak angkat yang selalu minta sedekah daripada kami. Khazanah kamu telah bagi kepada kami de semenanjung untuk pembangunan. Bukan kami rampas tetapi kamu orang sabah yang di depan mata hanya "duit poket sendiri" itula hakikatnya. Nak tuduh, tuduh kamu orang sabah punya pemimpin yang hanya untuk sendiri kenyang sehaja. itula hakikatnya. Jika kamu Pintar, kamu tak seharusnya menyertai Malaya ketika dahulu. Kamu tak bekerjasama, itulah hakikatnya. Bagi RM sudah cakap "ok Bos".

    Yang Benar,

  13. schrauben Sie die Eselslöcher!
    He is Kerl whatfor?

    당나귀 구멍을 조이십시오!
    그는 무엇을 위해 여기에서 있는가?

  14. Llamada de everone en SAPP no importa qué & de Yong de la ayuda; ¡Sabahan! Amamos Sabah y no nos tiranizamos por favor.

  15. Gov't still taking rakyat for granted

    I have been reading with amusement how the various Barisan Nasional parties such as Gerakan, MCA, MIC and PPP have been ‘re-organizing and re-positioning’ themselves to be acceptable to the rakyat after their devastating losses in the last general election. Most of them seem to see the little pictures in the plot but either are completely oblivious or refuse to see the big one. They are not going to win over the people’s trust by just making press statements, announcing future plans and directions and paying lip service to the concerns of the people even now.

    First and foremost on almost all citizens’ unspoken minds must be the Hindraf issue. Why was the Hindraf march peaceful march last year a threat to national security and (as rightfully questioned by MIC Youth chief) why are the Hindraf 5 so dangerous that they have to be detained without trial? Perhaps there were whimpers of disagreement from the BN component parties but the public never heard it nor saw any sign of protest made to the cabinet or the government of the day.

    At the same time, why is there was no action when a prominent political party in the Barisan organised the demonstrations against the chief minister of Penang. Didn’t the jewelry shop and other shop owners not feel threatened? Not a pipsqueak was heard from any decent Barisan rep who had any sense of concern for public safety.

    Need I mention the ridiculous sedition charge against Raja Petra? All the ministers are leaving it to the attorney-general who has a penchant to appear in person to handle such ‘famous cases’ The Hindraf 5 are regarded by the Home Minister and the police to be a threat to national security. But please, isn’t the judiciary equipped with the finest brains to determine this?

    With the myriad of laws such as the Sedition Act, the OSA and the Penal code, is the learned Attorney-General so devoid of resources that he can’t charge these men in court and prove the government’s allegations against them once and for all?

    The people in general rejected the many of their previous representatives because they stood mute when there was excessive abuse of power, lack of fairness and lack of fairplay. Issues like Ctos which received widespread attention and attracted comments from top ministers and Bank Negara has not yet been resolved. Banks are still carrying on business as usual and all those issues have been swept under the carpet.

    On the temple demolition issue, S Samy Vellu says that he personally appealed to then Mentri Besar of Selangor to intervene but was flatly refused. Would the mentri besar be able brush a senior cabinet minister’s protest if he (the MB) did not have the backing of his own party and president at that time?

    The list of real issues not being addressed is long. It is also obvious that the government of the day is more intent on punishing those who have shaken them into consciousness but we are being regarded instead as grave inconveniences. Statements by some Gerakan and MIC reps to release the Hindraf detainees have been far and remote and also muted. But we do not know if it is because of the mainstream media or the party’s own stance.

    The Hindraf 5’s detention may end (eventually) and they will probably elicit a formal apology from the government one day or after the next election as was done sort to end the 1988 judicial crisis. But before that, my message to the Barisan component parties is that you have received the message from the people (fair and just minded Malays and non-Malays alike) to set all the wrongs right. To ignore that would be to your peril.

    To Gerakan, MCA, PPP and MIC who may be trying to make amends (although late) on the Hindraf and other issues, this is my view: If your loudest screams and protests are falling on deaf ears and if you feel you are not being taken seriously as a political ally by an overconfident partner, please have the moral courage do what is right to amend all the wrongs.

    If you strongly disagree with the system, you change the system. If you cannot you quit the system. Maybe Pakatan will be able to form the federal government earlier than later.

  16. Harga minyak di negara pengeluar minyak seperti Malaysia
    UAE RM1.19/litre
    Eygpt RM1.03/litre
    Bahrain RM0.87/litre
    Qatar RM0.68/litre
    Kuwait RM0.67/litre
    Saudi Arabia RM0.38/litre
    Nigeria RM0.32/litre
    Turkmenistan RM0.25/litre
    Venezuela RM0.16/litre
    Brunei RM 1.20/litre

    MALAYSIA RM2.70/litre =(RM2.70 x 159 litres = US $ 135.00 international price. so where is subsidy???)

    So, Malaysian people are fooled by the govt...


  17. wahai mohd ali rustam,
    memang pun mcm tu tapi petikan ini jangan sampai ke tangan pememimpin2 BN sabah, kau akan menerima padah nanti bahawa sebenarnya pemimpin2 semenanjung (UMNO) menganggap pemimpin2 sabah bersifat demikian. Maka terbongkarlah bahawa pemimpin2 sabah hanya dijadikan alat untuk kepentingan politik semenanjung.

    "pemimpin yang hanya untuk sendiri kenyang sehaja. itula hakikatnya. Jika kamu Pintar, kamu tak seharusnya menyertai Malaya ketika dahulu. Kamu tak bekerjasama, itulah hakikatnya. Bagi RM sudah cakap "ok Bos".

    you must remember!!!! kemenangan tipis BN adalah datangnya kerusi dari sabah.

    jangan sampai kau menerima nasip yang sama saperti rahim thamby cik yang jatuh lagi dihina.


  19. Jangan kacau kalau tidak mau tuntolo di potong, OK? Banyak lagi munsang macan anjing putih chin teck min yg suka jilat tohi Pek Lah. Jaga, nanti saya suruh Jos Kurap cukur kepala kau, Ini Sabah, tanah yg kita sayang dan pertahankan sejak kamu belum pandai minum tapai lagi. Get lost!

  20. Ini lah sikap kebodohan kepimpinan UMNO!


  21. Ali rustam, you come to sabah want to steal our land with taufiq titingan ke? Bagi 5000 hectar untuk oilpalm plantation with yayasan sabah?

    Yayasan Sabah tidak pandai buat oilpam plantation sendiri ke kenapa mau JV sama yayasan melaka?

    Tanah dan ladang di Sabah semua dah kena jual sama orang malaya like FELDA, IJM, IOI and etc .. masih lagi mahu bagi ladang bagi orang luar?

    As far as I know, if we want to JV with another company perhaps in sabah doesnt has the technology or expertise. But Sabah is more advance in oilpalm industry than melaka why we need to JV with Yayasan melaka?

    Ali babi, itu umno tawau anjing bagi tanah dan ladang sama kau dan kamu bark like a mad dog for them?

    This Ali ever says jika you pakai baju melayu, ikut kebudayaan melayu, kamu islam then you are consider a malay. Otak macam orang ini macam tidak pernah ke sekolah and just another racist and hypocrite!

    umno vice president ka with such low IQ? SHAME ON YOU!

  22. aku tengok orang-orang sabah ni jenis tak berani letak nama waktu buat komen. takut ke apa? at least bertanggungjawabla sikit bila nak bercakap, ni jenis lontar batu sembunyi tangan yang banyak tak pun pakai nickname, apara... tak macam yong teck lee, talk straight to the face bah.

    Dr M: 22 fiascos in 22 years of power
    Batman | Jun 27, 08 4:45pm
    Many of those who worshiped Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad cannot understand why Malaysians blame TDM for the woes of the country. I have compiled excerpts of reports which were published in the media in past years to refresh the memories of Malaysians, as to why many Malaysians feel that TDM did more bad than good for the country in his 22 years.

    These 22 fiascos were published in the form of questions directed to TDM:

    1. On clean government

    You came to power in 1981 and introduced the slogan Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah (Clean, Efficient and Trustworthy). What did you do to further that? Did you make the Anti-Corruption Agency more independent and effective? Did you ensure that the police and judiciary did their jobs properly and reduce corruption in their ranks? Did you ensure that ministers and chief ministers not have incomesbeyond their legal means? How many big guns were prosecuted for corruption offences during your tenure? What happened to Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah?

    2. Press freedom

    Your criticism of the present government got plenty of coverage in the local media whereas, during your time, criticisms against you by two former prime ministers were muted in the mainstream newspapers. Editors in Umno-linked newspapers, too, were removed for not toeing the line. What did you do to advance the cause of responsible press freedom?

    3. Proton

    You went ahead with the national car project in 1983 despite a number of experts disagreeing with you, especially with respect to the lack of economies of scale. Isn’t it true that Proton’s profits over the past 20 years came from the vastly higher prices that the Malaysian public has had to pay to subsidiseProton, resulting in considerable hardship for Malaysians who need cars because of the poor public transport system? Why was it necessary for Proton to buy a stake in a failed Italian motorcycle manufacturer when it could not even produce cars competitively?

    4. Heavy industries

    Why did you push into heavy industries such as steel and cement in the 1980s, ignoring studies which suggested developing natural resource-based industries instead? They caused major problems and billions of ringgit in losses.

    5. Immigration

    Why did you allow hordes of people to emigrate, mainly from Indonesia, in such an unregulated way that there are as many or more illegal immigrants than legal ones now, accounting for some three million or more people? Did you not realise that this would cause serious social problems?

    6. Operasi Lallang

    Why did you have to resort to this move in October 1987, when you used the Internal Security Act (ISA) to detain over 100 people, close down four newspapers and cause a wave of fear throughout the country? Was it to consolidate your tenuous hold on power then by using an oppressive law?

    7. Judiciary

    What was your motive to take action in 1988 to remove the then Lord President and several Supreme Court judges from their positions under allegations of judicial misconduct, a move which was heavily criticised by the Bar Council and other bodies? Was it because you needed more compliant judges whose rulings would not threaten your position of power in a number of cases in court?

    Was this the first step in dismantling the judiciary’s role as a system of check and balance against the legislature and the executive? What have you to say to repeated assertions by many, including prominent ex-chief justices, who maintain that this led to the erosion of judicial independence?

    8. Education

    Why did you allow our national school system, which is the ideal place to develop ties among young Malaysians, to become so divisive? Why is it that our local universities, once the preferred choice of tertiary education, have deteriorated to a level that even students who gain admission prefer to enroll into local private universities.

    9. Malaysia Airlines

    Why did your government sell MAS (private sale) to Tajuddin Ramli who had no knowledge whatsoever about running an airline? Why did your government then later bail out Tajuddin by paying RM8 per share when the shares were trading at only RM3.60 in the open market, costing close to RM1 billion of the rakyat’s money.

    10. Privatisation

    Why did you allow privatisation to take place in such a manner that the most profitable parts of government operations were sold away like Telekom Malaysia, Pos Malaysia and Tenaga Nasional? Tolled roads had guaranteed toll rate increases and compensations in the event traffic projections were not met. Independent power producers (IPPs) had contracts that guaranteed them profits at the expense of Tenaga Nasional. What was the justification of privatising the government medical stores to Southern Task Sdn Bhd, and the resulting increase in the prices of medicines?

    11. Putrajaya

    What is the justification for spending RM20 billion on a grandiose government city at a time when office space was available in Kuala Lumpur? Could the money not have been put to better use, such as improving educational resources?

    12. Indah Water Konsortium

    What was the basis of granting Indah Water Konsortium a concession to manage the national sewerage system? Could you explain the RM1.4 billion soft loan to IWK which clearly has irrecoverable losses?

    13. Konsortium Perkapalan Berhad

    Why did you rescue Konsortium Perkapalan Berhad (then owned by your son Mirzan) and which had debts of RM1.7 billion using funds from Petronas? Was it not your administration which forced Malaysian International Shipping Company (MISC) to acquire the assets of Konsortium Perkapalan Nasional?

    14. Time Dotcom Bhd

    Why did your administration bail out Time Dotcom Bhd which was saddled with a RM5 billion debt? Why did your government use RM904 million from Kumpulan Wang Amanah Pencen to buy up 273.9 million of unwanted Time Dotcom shares incurring an instant loss of RM280 million?

    Did you not force the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) to buy 81.6 million of the unsubscribed public portion of the initial public offering (IPO) of Time Dotcom Bhd at RM3.30 per share when the shares were trading at only between RM1.95 and RM2.10 and in the process incurring an instant loss of RM100 million?

    15. LRT

    Why did you bail out the light rail transit operators Projek Usahasama Transit Ringan Automatik Sdn Bhd (Putra), which belonged to Renong, and Sistem Transit Aliran Ringan Sdn Bhd (Star) using almost RM600 million from the EPF, which still resulted in EPF having to write off RM135 million with a share loss of RM96 million?

    16. North-South Expressway

    Why did your administration award the North South Expressway concession to UEM (which then formed Plus) and then provide them with a loan of RM1.6 billion which was half of the tender price of RM3.2 billion? What was the justification for your administration to grant Plus such over-generous terms, which included annual increment of toll rates and guaranteed traffic volumes?

    17. PSC Industries Berhad

    Why did your administration in 1998 award a RM24.3 billion contract to PSC Industries Berhad, together with an advance of more than RM2.5 billion to build naval patrol boats? Why were they also given exclusive rights to service the Malaysian navy’s entire fleet? Could you confirm that the first two ships built by PSCI could not even pass pre-delivery trials? How would you answer to the Public Accounts Committee’s revelation that it will cost the government another RM120 million just to salvage the first two vessels nearing completion after seven years?

    18. Bakun Dam

    Why did you award Ekran Bhd the contract to build the Bakun hydroelectric dam in Sarawak? Why did your administration take over the construction of the dam by bailing out Ekran by almost RM200 million for ‘work done’?

    19. InventQjaya

    What was the basis of inviting Libyan-American Sadeq Mustaffa to Malaysia to set up InventQjaya Sdn Bhd and to also give him a grant of RM440 million? What was the benefit for Malaysia and how has Malaysia benefitted? What has happened to InventQjaya now?

    20. Forex losses

    Why did your administration dabble in speculation in the international money market which ultimately cost Bank Negara almost RM9.3 billion in losses?

    21. Bank Bumiputra

    Why did you allow the mismanagement of Bank Bumiputra, to the extent that it had to be bailed out three times, costing the country a total of RM3 billion? Again, by dipping into Petronas’ funds?

    22. Perwaja Steel

    Why did your administration allow Perwaja Steel to be mismanaged resulting in RM2.9 million of the rakyat’s money being squandered?

    There you are - 22 fiascos in 22 years. The bad news is that there are actually more than 22. Remember the APs, Maminco, Renong and many more. Those who remember, please add on to this list.

  24. ini pasal bung moktar yang selalu bising2 di parlimen semua cakap2nya semua tidak berisi. Tidak profesional langsung, semangat macam kampung. sedarlah sikit kau itu bukan tinggi sekolah punya.cakap inggris pun tidak pandai.kita tahu bah, cara orang berkelulusan bercakap sama orang tin kosong. tin kosong bunyinya kuat tapi malangnya kosong dalamnya. APA PUNYA BUGIS! pemerintahan umno/bn bugis pun boleh jadi yb, dan tidak lama lagi pelarian filipina pun boleh jadi yb. shittt!

  25. Sia ingat ini Ali Rustam, satu racialist bigot pacam jadi pemimpin, tia tau lah sia.

    Sia kasian sam ini punya urang, yang sakap tia pakai otak.......

  26. 'Suspend Kinabatangan MP'
    Jul 11, 08 8:54am
    'He shows no responsibility or restraint and instead just shoots off his mouth without thinking. He is an absolute embarrassment'.

    On Kinabatangan MP: Yes, I did it but...

    G-man: I think that the Kinabatangan MP should be suspended indefinitely for his antics in Parliament, which has somewhat turned the sitting into a zoo.

    He shows no responsibility or restraint and instead just shoots off his mouth without thinking. He is an absolute embarrassment to the country and its people alike.

    Doesn't he and the media realise that this is picked up by people outside the country who are laughing at us at the kind of immature members of parliament we have?

    This man is a shame to all Malaysians especially Sabahans and I hope that stern action will be taken against him

    Concerned Malaysian: I have been watching the debates and am rather shocked by Bung Mokhtar's behaviour and crude and uncultured behavior.

    He feels that he is a hero-orator but he actually brings our Malaysian Parliament into disrepute.

    Our speaker just lets him off and by doing so he is creating a very bad impression on himself as he is also from Sabah. Does the speaker fear him for his crudeness lest he too be insulted?

    This is what is going to happen next. Therefore its proper that the PM take immediate steps to institute disciplinary action against this Bung.

    Throw him out from parliament so that our other Barisan MP's are more cautious with their language and signs while delivering their reports.

    Such behavior as shown by the Kinabatangan MP is not part of our Malaysian culture.

    Doraisamy Karuppiah: He is a rude and unkind MP and I sincerely don't understand why our Sabahans still keep him.

    He doesn't deserve to be an MP. Let's hope there might not be another chance for him to be an MP. Bye, bye.

    Koo Cheow: All this chiding and admonishment by readers for this uncouth MP I am afraid has gone to waste.

    Akin to 'casting pearls at swine'. This MP can't read a word of English, that's the trouble.

    RM: A member of the ruling coalition, the Barisan Nasional, Bung Mokthar Radin exhibited an obscene sign with his hands during a session of Parliament.

    This man did not care that there were ladies in the chamber. Please take into account the mentality of these types if you have any business to do with the Parliament of Malaysia.

    We are told that the the chimpanzees and the gorillas are in danger of extinction. It would be doing us a favour by taking away his species too.

    P/s. Bung Mokthar hanya layak jadi mp di era 60an, dan tak releven lagi de era 2000an ini terserlah stail kekampungannya yang tidak bertamaddun.


  27. 'Bung Mokhtar has shamed us all'

    ‘So what's the point of the government spending millions of taxpayers' money in putting Malaysians on the highest peak and in outer space to create a positive image of Malaysia?’

    On 'Suspend Kinabatangan MP'

    64-yr-old Fair Lady: Yes, suspend him! I am disgusted to say the least. He does not belong to civil society. He does not belong to the league of parliamentarians.

    He does not deserve to sit in the august house. Other MPs should feel ashamed to be in his company lest his uncouth behaviour rubs onto them.

    Please send him back to where he comes from, as it will take forever to train him.

    Kaisim: We have two clowns in our parliament - one the Kinabatangan MP and the other Ibrahim Ali (Independent). They love to talk and do silly things in parliament in order to gain the attraction of the media..

    One shows an obscene hand gesture shamelessly and feels so proud that he has done something wonderful while the other talks so much about one male goat giving service to eighty female goats in Kelantan.

    What have these two things got to do with Parliament? The people`s representatives are there to talk and debate on important issues regarding the country but the two clowns have turned this place into an entertainment centre.

    Malaysian voters should be wise enough to cast their votes in the next GE. We should not be wasting money on these jokers who are there to make fun and thus giving the country a bad image.

    People who cannot contribute positively to the country should not be there at all.

    Don Ng: Kinabatangan MP Bung Mokhtar Radin apparently has paid no heed to the vehement condemnation of his habitual disgusting ribaldries that were tainted with concupiscent dreams uttered in the august House not too long ago.

    This incondite yokel who is suffering from his Walter Mitty fantasy has instead gone up a big notch in abusing his right as a MP in the august House by abominably gesturing Nabokovian innuendo, which must have by now been screened abroad and laughed at by many.

    So what's the point of the government spending millions after millions of taxpayers' money in putting Malaysians on the highest peak and in outer space to creative a positive image of Malaysia, if this BN person who has been appointed as the deputy chair of BBC by the very same BN government, is allowed to go unpunished for his shameful deeds each time and every time?

    This public servant of ours has shamed all Malaysians big time. We want him out of the Dewan indefinitely.

    On Cracks show up in opposition ranks

    JKS: It's good for the writer to highlight the fissures in the PR coalition, so that PR can try to improve, and Malaysians can enjoy a bi-party political system.

    There is also a positive side to the punk rock ‘culture shock’. The conservatives among us need to become acquainted with the frustration of those below 30, who will dominate the population soon.

    For the younger population, parents just need to explain what the ‘culture shock’ is all about - just as these days they will need to explain what sodomy, murder, witness coercion, police violence, official greed and waste are all about.

    If parents don't explain, then they are only letting the government take over the brainwashing of our youth.

    PAS hopes to intervene via religious leadership. But the basic responsibility still lies with the parents.

    Siva: It has been four months since PR took over the five states. Yet there is no visible plan or action. The three partners do not appear to agree with one another other than on the subject of taking over the federal government by fair or foul means.

    The appointment of the state exco members and local councilors smack of the BN model. You have to appoint the best man for the job irrespective of race and religion - don't talk about racial quotas.

    What we need are concrete plans for better governance, transparency and better living conditions. The cancellation of summons and the free water benefit the rich more than the poor. We should extend this to the poor only.

    In the case of traffic summonses - especially for parking in no-parking zones - can the local authority provide adequate public transport or affordable parking space for our daily errands?

    What has happened to all the abuse of power or corruption cases of the old BN government? Have they been covered up?

    p/s- fuck-off bung mokhtar