Saturday, February 15, 2014

Only full withdrawal and apology may defuse lawsuits

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) president Datuk Yong Teck Lee said the accusations by DAP and its leader Junz Wong against SAPP and him (Yong) were so viciously defamatory that only a full withdrawal and apology can defuse lawsuits.

“Junz had personally alleged that `SAPP has worked out a 50 million deal agreement with Najib to split Sabah voters` and that SAPP had offered him (junz) candidacy and some cash.

“These are blatant lies that only Junz Wong can answer for in a court of law,” Yong told reporters in response to DAP Sabah chief Jimmy Wong`s call for SAPP and the party president to withdraw the defamation suits against DAP and Junz.

Yong said Junz and DAP had received several letters from SAPP`s side concerning these matters but both DAP and Junz had completely ignored our letters.

“Now,Jimmy Wong hypocritically speaks about cooperation, Jimmy Wong should stop this double talk,” said Yong.

“Luckily, in Malaysia, we still have the courts of law, which DAP has often used successfully to bring its accusers to court for remedy.

“Three of the four suits concern accusations against SAPP and myself on the issue of illegal immigrants, phantom voters and Project M.

“These are such serious allegations of treason against SAPP and myself that since DAP and Junz have refused to even reply to our letters, we are now left with absolutely no option but to seek legal redress to clear our names,” Yong said.

He contended that in fact, DAP, Jimmy and Junz knew who the real culprits were in the illegals,phantom voters and `Project M` issues, but instead of pinning the real culprits, Dap and Junz had chosen to attack an innocent party, SAPP.

“As for Jimmy`s remarks that the defamation suit is `like an adult bullying a kid`, My advice to him is not to look down on and insult Junz.

“Junz is not a kid, Within this term of the DAP office bearers, jimmy will suffer the same fate as other DAP leaders who have left DAP,” he said. (DE-15/2/2014)

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