Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fake attack at Suria Sabah

Too eager to be hero, Junz Wong has tragically turned a private family matter into a public embarrassment

KOTA KINABALU, January 23, 2014: Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) has accused DAP Sabah assistant secretary cum Likas Assemblyman Junz Wong of allegedly manipulating the young girl in the 'fake robbery' controversy, to come out to apologise publicly.

Speaking at a news conference held here today, a group of SAPP women activists led by its supreme councillor Chia Miu Lee claimed that Wong had manipulated the girl to issue a public apology, to Suria Sabah Shopping Mall especially, after his dubious claim concerning the so-called robbery attempt which allegedly took place in Suria Sabah recently, backfired.

They were responding to the public apology made by the girl, who refused to be identified, in a news conference organized by Wong, on Wednesday.

They said it was utterly irresponsible for Wong to manipulate the girl to apologise to everyone especially Suria Sabah, after his attempt to score political mileage by highlighting the alleged robbery attempt in Suria Sabah, backfired. They noted that a thorough investigation by both Suria Sabah management and the police had confirmed that such incident never took place there.

They suspected that the said public apology was just a publicity stunt by Wong to cover up his blunder which has now backfired on him.

"In the first place, it was Junz Wong who personally posted on social media photos of a deeply cut thigh and hand with stitches without the consent or knowledge of the girl.

"He also described in detail in his "KK Shocking news" posting of a young girl being attacked by a robber who is suspected to be an illegal immigrant robber. He also wrote that it was lucky that the robber was scared off by a couple who came out from the toilet. He even called on Suria Sabah to step up their security," she said.

Chia continued that Wong’s desperation to score political mileage has caused the girl to unwittingly commit an offence of lodging a false police report which is a crime under the law.

"If Junz Wong had not recklessly posted the fake photos and story (of the attempted robbery at Suria Sabah), the wrist-cutting incident by the young girl would have remained strictly a private family matter, and she would not have had to go through the trauma of repeating her story in the police station, and subsequently a public apology," she said.

She maintained that that Wong had 'persuaded' the girl to lodge a false police report so as to cover up his own mistake earlier.

"Too eager to be a hero, Junz Wong had tragically turned a private family matter into a public embarrassment for the family," she lambasted.

Also present at the occasion were, Mary Siah, Wenddy Gaimin, and Rafidah Sarigan.

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