Thursday, May 2, 2013

"I will not betray the people of Sabah"

KOTA KINABALU: "I will not betray the trust of the people of Sabah no matter what happens," said the president of the Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP), Datuk Yong Teck Lee in a campaign speech in Luyang, yesterday.

He reiterated his stand that he and his party will not return to BN regardless of the election results. This, he said, because he did not want to betray the trust and support given by the people to him.

Accordingly, Yong, a former Sabah Chief Minister urged the people to examine and analyze the facts alleged by political opponents who accuse him of some seemingly sabotaged belief by taking of the alleged money.

He was responding to rumors and lies by two former SAPP leaders (now DAP) who claimed that he received a sum of RM80 million from Datuk Seri Musa Aman allocated to opposition parties to divide the electorate vote. Yong vehemently denied having received any money from Musa.

"I urge people to examine the allegations and think rationally whether Musa would act dumb to finance his opponent in order to win the election," he said.

Rumours have it, the two former SAPP leaders, then SAPP Supreme Council Member Jimmy Wong and Hiew King Cheu claimed Yong received a portion of RM80 million allocated by Musa to the opposition in the state, seen as strategy to split the opposition vote and to make sure that BN wins election. Yong asks Hiew to confront him in the ceramah or a public debate to clarify this wild allegation if he has any conscience himself.

Jimmy Wong will compete on the DAP ticket for the Kota Kinabalu parliamentary seat while Hiew stands for the state DUN seat of Luyang.

Meanwhile, Yong said Sabah need bold and experienced leaderships to raise and to settle local issues such as the illegal immigration, Project IC and so on.

"These problems need to be addressed with bold and effectiveness because it has long been haunting the peacefulness of the people in the state. People are not satisfied with the way the government addresses this issue because it affects all aspects of life of the people of Sabah, " he said.

SAPP is a multi-ethnic party based in Sabah. SAPP was established in January 21, 1994 by Datuk Yong Teck Lee and former PBS leaders.

SAPP was once one of the BN component parties. It won two seats in parliament (Sepanggar and Tawau) in an election on March 8, 2008. It is very vocal in its demands on autonomy for Sabah and problem solving on illegal immigrants and Project IC.

Accordingly, he requested a mandate from voters to form a government that would be fair, transparent and deal with rampant corruption in the country. He also reiterated that SAPP does not rely on federal Government to operate and survive so are 90% of the Chinese community.

In order for the people to know more about the party, Yong invites voters to ask any question to him in any of the talks or ceramah that will be organized by SAPP.

Meanwhile, on the same occasion, SAPP parliamentary candidate for Sepanggar, Chin Hon Kiong said Sabah BN lied when they (BN) said they will respect and implement the 20-point, Malaysia Agreement.

"Actually BN ignored the Agreement. They are not honest in providing fair and equitable treatment to the people of Sabah. Therefore, I urge people not to believe the BN¡¯s empty promises. "

For example, BN lied when they failed to mention in their Manifesto about the Cabotage Policy which caused the living standards in Sabah among the highest in Malaysia and this shows UMNO / BN never serious in their will to solve problems involving the living standard of people in the state.

Malaysia PM, Najib had promised to give the largest allocation of more than 20% of oil royalty for Sabah promised by the opposition parties, in which Chin argued that it was the federal government's responsibility to allocate development funds to each state and this has nothing to do with the 20% oil royalties demanded by SAPP.

"He actually tried to deceive the people once again," he said.

He said if SAPP gets mandate from the people after the General Election on May 5, it will fulfil all the promises made in the manifesto, including land reforming, repeal laws NCR made by the BN government, reissue land titles from 99 to 999, reclaim Sabah Autonomy and Sabah IC Project problems.

According to Chin, the BN government has never been serious about solving problems on Project IC even after former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir admitted his involvement in it. BN also has never gave any suggestion on ways to solve the problem and merely using the RCI and to delay it from resolved.

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