Monday, April 15, 2013

KL leaders ride roughshod and mockery of Sabah 'leaders'

DAP Sabah Chief Jimmy Wong Sze Phin should not be surprised by the disrespect shown by his KL leaders as proven by the announcement of PAS candidates in Tawau, said SAPP’s Datuk Chua Soon Bui.

“It is a double shame that Jimmy Wong was made to sit like a mouse among PAS’s top guns and had to bear the insult of listening to PAS announcing that DAP has lost the Chinese mixed Merotai seat to PAS,” said SAPP.

“Since the PAS Merotai and Tanjong Aru candidates are announced by none other than PAS President Dato’ Seri Tuan Guru Hj. Abdul Hadi Awang, it means that the DAP leadership in KL has already given away these seats without the knowledge of Sabah DAP. This is because PAS, PKR, and DAP have been meeting in KL without the courtesy to inform their Sabah leaders,” said Datuk Chua Soon Bui.

“Be ready for more Surprise”

“DAP and PKR leaders in Sabah must brace themselves for more shocking surprises as their leader ride roughshod over local leaders and make a mockery of their promise of “autonomy” in the Kuching Declaration.

How can DAP protect Sabah? This is a question every Sabahan must ask himself. And it is only proper for Sabah DAP leaders to stop shouting that they have the “autonomy” to decide on Sabah matters, reiterates Datuk Chua Soon Bui.

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