Saturday, February 16, 2013

PR's divide rule formula akin to BN's

Pakatan Rakyat's seat sharing formula: Pakatan 52 seats, local Sabah based parties 8 seats

KOTA KINABALU, February 16, 2013: Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Youth Chief Edward Dagul said the startling revelation that Pakatan Rakyat wants to go for more than 50 state seats with the intention to take all 25 parliamentary seats has upset the opposition parties to the negotiation table in Sabah.

"Despite the "Kuching Declaration" and the DAP Borneo Agenda among others, Pakatan Rakyat is blatantly refusing to the idea of Sabah Autonomy, which begs the question of sincerity on Pakatan Rakyat's side," he added.

Edward said that the decision by Pakatan Rakyat leaders to only accommodate 8 state seats for Sabah based parties is very much alike to the "divide and rule" formula applied by BN all these years.

"After all this time of building up the hopes of Sabahans that the majority of Parliamentary seats be left to Federal based parties whilst the locally based parties gets to contest majority of the state seats, under the "one to one" concept, a concept acceptable to most opposition parties and supporters, now their wishes are denied."

"Having only 8 seats cannot achieve autonomy. A glaring example is, PBS, a Sabah based party having a mere 12 seats in the current BN set up. PBS has to be subservient to its political master, Malaya based UMNO."

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