Friday, December 3, 2010

About Ketuanan Melayu

Is ketuanan Melayu or Malay supremacy concept as a fraudulent ideology that has propped Umno up all these years?

Is the concept of Malay supremacy concept was used by Umno's elites to deceive the Malay masses for self-enrichment and to maintain political power?

The result is that the majority of the Malays and bumiputra have remained poor and neglected, despite 53 years of Umno rule.

Well, I agree with Wan Azizah in saying that.... "The concept of Malay supremacy must be left behind so that our children will grow up with the vision of a dignified race."


  1. With the mentality of supremacy and ketuanan attatitude one must come with the ability, intelligence, caliber, efficiency and be able to win the respect of other people by virtue of good qualities. Then we can move forward. Let go of the tongkat so that you can run with dignity. Compete with fairness then you can be proud of your achievement. Shouting doesn't gain you more respects. Wan Azizah's has got the vision and courage. I Salute her for bringing up the subject when most people dare not even talk about it in public.

  2. Who is Melayu in Sabah.Is it not relion is between an individual and the God.Is it means when an individual is a muslim is a malay although he may be by birth as Brunei, Kedayan,Illanun,Bisaya,Bajau etc.Can a Chinese Muslim in China be considered a Malay.