Friday, August 20, 2010

Coal plant DEIA rejected

Kota Kinabalu, Aug 19, 2010: The Department of Environment (DOE) has rejected the Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (DEIA) for the controversial proposed 300MW coal-fired power plant at Sinakut, Dent Peninsular.

Sabah Environment Protection Department Director, Yabi Yangkat, said he was informed of the decision by the Director-General of DOE through a faxed message Wednesday afternoon.

A central reason DOE cited for rejecting the DEIA, prepared by a team of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) Bakarunding consultants, was many important environmental parameters in respect to the proposed project were not addressed in the DEIA report, according to Yabi.

He said the DOE took note of the range of shortcomings and queries raised at the DEIA Panel of Review meeting on August 27 at the Kedah Room, Federal Building, here.

Now, we can ask for alternative power solutions.....example our SABAH GAS!


  1. While we have gas, dirty coal is being forced for Sabahans to accept.

    The sincerity of the government is questionable, as always.

    People in Sabah are not that stupid now!

    Fight for what is rightfully yours, go all the way out Sabah for the Sabahans!

    We are here to win, if not, we will be gone forever, under federalism!

    To save Sabah is to vote for SAPP and it is YOU, the one who decides, whether YOU want it or not.

  2. nampaknya, kerajaan kena ambil alternatif lain untuk menjana tenaga elektrik di Sabah.

  3. langkah bagi mengatasi masalah tenaga elektrik perlu dicari. harap jalan terbaik bagi menjana tenaga dapat dicari.

  4. The government had tried their best to find solution for the power shortage problem. Now, i wonder what will be the next best option to solve the problem.

  5. Those who oppose should cooperate with the government to come up with an alternative solution. Remember, electricity is just as important as environment.

  6. now, the project has been rejected.. so what is the best option for Sabah? environmentalist and the bodies who oppose the project should cooperate with govt by sunggesting the best technology to solve the electricity shortage in Sabah.. sabah is really need it.

  7. Since coal plant is being rejected, I hope there are much more better solutions to solve power outage woes.

  8. If that's was the answer, then we can do nothing, just let it go... May be we can have a new and fresh tech...owh if only i can think one...

  9. We see this only a small win for the very first battle.

    Various NGO's, SAPP and the rakyat should unite and work hand in hand in tackling the issue of clean energy in Sabah.

  10. Solar power, wind power, wave power, gas power ready available! Why does Sarawak get dams to generate 600% more electricity as Malaysia will need in 2010???????????????

    Get the electricity from Bakun to Sabah and NOT to West Malaysia because they have more then enough!!!

    Who gets the kick back from a coal powered plant - which is dirty in itself, the sludge is toxic, the coal has to be paid for in US $, the technique has to be paid in US$, our engineers cannot run it - we need foreigners to do it and they get paid in US$.

    WHERE is the profit for Sabah??? How high will the costs be for the ppl????

  11. byk lagi sumber tenaga lain boleh dijana untuk menghasilkan tenaga elektrik, seperti tenaga solar, angin dan sekarang yang masih dalam perancangan adalah tenaga nuklear.

  12. Jadi, maksudnya sekarang kita mungkin akan mengunakan penjana tenaga alternatif?

  13. I wonder if there is such thing as a completely environmental friendly plant to solve the power shortage.

  14. Jackie Daniels yeas there is!

    Wave power, sun power and wind power is clean and cheap! Technology available and if Sabah and Malaysia would be willing to invest in new technologies, Sabah could have a wave power plant already!!! SAPP (Melanie and Datuk Yong knows that!

  15. Gas powered energy is the best solution other than dirty coal.

    The only problem with the BN is they cannot get the money into their pockets.

    Gas is available becos Sabah has it, but why they persist to force coal power plants is just about their corrupt economics.

    Petronas will not earn much by supplying Sabah the gas that Sabahans rightfully entitled to...NO BIG INCOME for THEM (BN and Petronas).

    Sabah is all along been their milking cow...they will only want to suck you dry.

    For these many decades Sabah has suffered since the mysterious deaths of the Berjaya Cabinet, has Sabah ever progress?

    Sabahans have to wake up to realize that they are being taken for a ride for 47 years, but do we Sabahans ever thought of taking back what is rightfully ours?

  16. God help them because they don't know what they do!

    1,500 villagers show support for proposed coal-fired power plant

    Published on: Sunday, August 22, 2010

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    Lahad Datu: About 1,500 residents from 11 villages in the Tungku state constituency Saturday gathered in a show of support for the proposed building of a coal-powered power plant here.

    The villagers, who are from Kampung Tambisan, Sungai Nipah, Sungai Merah, Simuning, Sinakut, Kampung Tanjung Labian, Lok Buani, Tanjung Batu, Sungai Bilis, Tanagian and Tagupi, gathered at Dewan Tun Mustapha for two hours from 8am.

    At the gathering, the People's Assembly Action Committee (Jawatankuasa Bertindak Perhimpunan Rakyat) Chairman, Nagaraju Applasami, handed over a memorandum to Tungku Assemblyman Datuk Suhaili Said, to be forwarded to Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman.

    Among others, the memorandum expresses full support for the Prime Minister's proposal for a coal-fired power plant be built in Sinakut, Tungku to meet the local demand for power supply, while the project is also in line with the State Government's aim of developing downstream industries in the Palm Oil Industry Cluster area in Lahad Datu.

    It also urges full adherence to environmental protection standards in implementing the project, besides assurance of long-term and consistent social responsibility undertakings for the residents.

    Recently, the Department of Environment rejected the Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (DEIA) report for the proposed power plant and this was welcomed by various quarters, especially non-governmental organisations

  17. The 1,500 people from Tungku may not know what they are going to face in the future.

    We can't blame them becoz they were campaigned with promises of income and employment in their areas.

    They could be sweet-talked by BN politicians into believing that all is well now...what they do not see is the impact of health and environmental side effects for the years to come.

    They are not educated as well how dirty coal can inflict them with various health problems and their future generations.

    God bless them!

  18. The stake is very high as far as this is now a political animal where corruption has impacted this project since the beginning...

  19. Is this you Joe on twitter?
    So slow if not!

  20. Ironheart, it is not me, I think this joesapp is a kick boxer...
    please log in (busy with other things, suggestions are very much appreciated)

  21. Does it get as expensive as the Bacun dam?,build-dam-mekong-tributary.html

    No money to invest in Malaysia ;-)

  22. Why didn't we try for a hydroelectric dams instead? There's a few of it at Peninsular already and now there are actually in the running of building an hydroelectric dam at Terengganu. It's expensive, yes, but eco-friendly of course and saves us alot in the long run. Besides, I heard the coal plant costs RM 1.7 million if i'm not mistaken? Hello?

  23. Fiona,
    The coal plant is estimated to cost RM 1.7 billion, up from the RM 1.2 billion last year.

  24. Opps sorry, just between a 'b' and 'm'. So, am I being heard here? Correct me if I'm wrong.

  25. Fiona, it is a big 'b'

  26. OK, so then whats with the big 'b'? I just misspelled it. c'mon, is that a big problem for u? I am talking about my idea right here probably answering the big Q the other commentators asking here. But now you're only response towards my idea is about your big 'b'?

    Hm. Selamat hari raya btw.

  27. Fiona,
    the big b meant billion in fact..the plant cost 1.7 billion ringgit, sorry if it confused you
    regards, Selamat Hari Raya

  28. no, i am not confuse. i know it is a billion. why are you stressing it out like it is big problem? between a b and a m? it doesnt matter, as long as i have the idea. but if it is really does matter to you, well good right, now we have alot of money to start it rightaway already. TQ.