Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dirtiest by-election in history ... Hulu Selangor...moving to Sibu

Zaid said, “(Prime Minister Najib Razak) came to Hulu Selangor with RM67 million to spend,” he said, saying that BN won because they bought voters.

He added that the Election Commission was also party to this offence because it turned a blind eye to BN's 'corrupt' practices.

“Buying votes in daylight and in the dark have become accepted as halal,” he said while BN supporters celebrated by lighting fireworks outside the stadium.

Zaid also described the by-election as the “dirtiest and most corrupt” in Malaysian history.................

BN had spent over RM100 million to secure its victory in the Hulu Selangor parliamentary by-election, claims PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim.

In a statement today, Anwar (right) said that despite having to fork out an average of RM65,000 per voter coupled with the Election Comission's failure to ensure free and fair elections, police intimidation and attempts to prevent voters from voting, BN only managed to win by a thin majority.

"This means that BN has learned nothing since the March 2008 election. Character assassination, racism, bribery and brute force may help to win one or two by-elections, but the people of Malaysia will not be deceived," he said.


  1. In order to stay relevant, you must be corrupt like Umno

  2. from Msiakini-----
    Aramsa: Instead of talking about the economy and what P Kamalanthan can do, the Umnoputras are resorting to gutter politics to win the day. This is campaigning using low-level guerilla tactics. What a shame. Are they running out of ideas or are they deliberately creating something which will backfire on BN. Strange accusation indeed.

    This is really Umno, no more and no less. Always the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. One leader is smear campaigning one's character and the other is denying it. I really know don't know when they will wake up to his hypocrisy and confusion

  3. Toh SP: BN/Umno, you are a bunch of hypocrites. If Zaid Ibrahim has an unsavoury past and is not fit to be elected as a MP, how come BN/Umno appointed him a minister during his BN/Umno days? Why nobody raised this issue then?

    If you want to be a moral police, then cleanse your own party of the alleged murderers, womanisers (mind you, you have a president of a component party who has admitted that he is a one and yet you accept him as a political partner), etc.

    If you do this honestly and sincerely, I believe more than half of your cabinet will not be fit for office.

    Sarawakian: Resorting to personal attacks is so typical of the BN because they don't have anything else to show. Hishammuddin Hussein may deny it, but look at Muhyiddin Yassin and Mohd Ali Rustam speeches.

    It goes to show how low the Umnoputra are willing to sink just to score points. Hitting below the belt is what they are good, besides stealing from us poor rakyat that is. Fair-minded Malaysians are not fooled.

    P Dev Anand Pillai: If they can post Zaid's photo with a beer bottle, why can Pakatan post a photo with Hishammuddin with a beer can which was seen in the Internet recently.

    Showing Elizabeth Wong in her sarong? It will be a lie if every Malay woman says that she sleeps with a full gear on inclusive of the tudung!

    If this is what BN is about that is to peep into women's houses to see if they are wearing their bras and panties when they sleep, and to see who is drinking and who is not then they deserve to be a "shit, shit and shit" government in the words of the great Perkasa lord Ibrahim Ali whom the BN candidate supports.

  4. Gk: The fact is that no one can claim that we comply to every single teaching of our respective religion - not Ali Rustam, not Najib Razak, not Mahathir Mohamad, not Muhyiddin Yassin, and of course not Zaid Ibrahim. These are just shameful tactics that run down opponents. For Zaid to own up his so-called 'mistake' is a plus point to me. For me, I don't even regard this as a mistake.

    Ichigo: Kudos to Zaid for owning up his past mistakes and repented. Comparing him to those unrepentant villains who steal from the nation to enrich themselves, commit murder, adultery, abuse of power, take bribes, misuse the taxpayers' money, etc, Zaid is like a saint.

    ABU: Umno and BN stealing from the rakyat through inflated contracts is worse than drinking liquor.

    Maddy: Even though I don't support PKR, I feel that Zaid must win because he's a good, principled guy compare to Ali Rustam who is not even suited to be an Umno deputy president (but still can be a chief minister of a state). Zaid should ask Hindraf to campaign for him.

    Geronimo: So Zaid Ibrahim admitted he drank but why did Umno condone his actions when he was the law minister? Why attack him now that he had left the party. Some time ago, there were photos circulating that Hishammuddin Hussein and his wife were caught drinking. By right Umno should bring the blade down on Hishammuddin, but why didn't they?

    Since we are on the subject of moral issues, maybe Ali Rustam has suddenly suffered from an eclipse of memory that his predecessor was allegedly involved with an underaged girl, and I guess that is alright with an Islamic party like Umno? What a bunch of losers and hypocrites.

    Black Mamba: BN should know better than to play this game of 'I am holier than thou'. They have the most corrupt MPs in Parliament and are the biggest hypocrites, and most have scandals of sex and money that can fill up volumes of books.

    Let just start by the PM, DPM right up to the current and previous cabinet to leaders of the components parties who don't hold ministerial posts now. This is akin of "the pot calling the kettle black".

    Lonestar: Stop taking the moral high ground. Let the person who is completely moral cast the first stone. All of us have sinned. There is only one sinless one.

    RJM: Ali Rustam, allow me to recount the scandal of you being found guilty of 'money politics', a lesser description for corruption. Do you recollect the time when you descended to the level of a louse in embarking upon a racial tirade against Malaysians of Indian descend at a PPP gathering? These should be the subjects discussed at ceramah, not the private life of Elizabeth Wong.

  5. PKR's Halili defects to Umno showed his frustration or unhappiness because he was not chosen as the candidate.

    Easy prey for Umno to entice him with $$$$ to defeat Zaid.

    simple logic

  6. Msg:YAB Datuk Yong
    kenapa kamu pergi IJOK dulu masa pilihanraya kecil disana tapi tak nampak siapa pon menyokong PR sikarang di Ulu Selangor!

    Patut bersama-sama kalo nak memperjuangkan untuk "Adil". Sabahan dari KL pon dah sokong sepenuhnyo untuk pilihanraya kecil di Ulu Selangor.Kalo jauh pon hantar wakil saja.Datuk memang seorang pemimpin hebat tapi sangka kami nampak lain dari Sabah BN yang disini kacaulah!

  7. Kau tak kenalan SAPP ke? Memperjuang untuk siapa ni dan sendiri saja.
    Mereka tak macam ito DAP, PKR dan lain-lain Sabah ada hal juga disuarakan tolong sama-sama.
    Kalo nak nail kapal terbang airasia pon buleh mah...macam si CM Lim Guan Eng ekonomi bah!

    Yong dan rakan-rakan kami tunggulah.Sokong sikit bah!

  8. DAP katak now become 'Datuk' Hee Yit Fong.

  9. Lagi Katak Lompat Dalam PKR?

    Bendahari PKR Hulu Selangor, Dr Halili Rahmat hari ini mengumumkan keluar daripada PKR dan menyertai Umno. Dr Halili Rahmat (foto:kiri) merupakan seorang pakar bedah saraf dan rapat dengan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim kerana pernah menjadi doktor peribadi ketua umum PKR itu. Sebelum ini, beliau disebut-sebut antara yang disenaraikan untuk bertanding mewakili PKR dalam pilihan raya kecil parlimen Hulu

  10. Malaysia should change its constitution to prevent kataks (frogs)from crossing party to party at their whims.

    No wonder the BN government does not want to change it becoz of the advantages of being in the ruling collect frogs.

    Malaysia is raining frogs, even during hot and dry weather.

  11. Straight fight in Hulu S'gor, 2nd independent pulls out.

    RM20,000 deposit altogether goes to SPR, but 2 independents got more and could be 10 to 50 times more. That is good business for these 2 independents from MIC and Umno.

  12. An eye opening for righteous Sabahan in future....
    -Surgeon become a jump dead frog all in sudden for 10 years?
    -and snake players snaked again in pretend to fight for BN?
    What a principle of 1M about?
    A typical phobeas in Kuala Kubu & Ulu Selangor estates kampung to blind rakyat's wisdom.

  13. Sabah get out of Malaysia for your own good! and do it fast!

  14. Autonomy for Sabah is not about getting out of Malaysia, there are much more to its definition.

  15. Quoted:"DAP sole SabahStateAssemblyman "Tiger" JimmyWong (Sri Tanjong) moved urgent motion on 20 Points in Sabah Assembly KK ystrdy but got rejected"

    >Sabahan ADUN all:Why it was rejected? Give a good reason!

  16. Share with u...relax!
    What would Zaid hold for Ulu Selangoran intead of UMNO?

    not only UMNO's men can do magic to wrongly accuse Zaid!

  17. Daripada Sapp Sabah:

    1 rombongan seramai 6 org ahli SAPP telah bertapak di Kuala Kubu Bharu, Hulu Selangor sejak 20 Apri.

    Untuk mengikuti perkembangan, anda boleh layari facebook "sapp sabah" tetapi "add" duhulu dalam "friend request"


  18. Who is going to win in Hulu Selangor. PKR or BN?

  19. PKR's Zaid Ibrahim will win this important by-election and that he will win it with a majority of between 1,000 to 1,500 votes..

  20. The most corrupted by-election in Malaysian history.

    BN won by playing dirty and this is also their trademark.

  21. so we know now: for a lot of voters taking money and believing in promises is ok. they did not learn ONE thing from the past 50+ years of UMNO rule! Promises are easily forgotten! We know that! But will the Sabahans vote them out? No! because hand-outs are given for votes - who cares for the future? No one since the like to eat today and stay hungry tomorrow and the rest of the times between elections! use your brain!

  22. 'Government should postpone allocations'

    Yesterday, Ibrahim distributed via SMS, his reaction to the Hulu Selangor by-election to the media.

    In his statement, Ibrahim urged the government to put on hold allocations promised to the Chinese community there "because it is clear that the Chinese and Indians did not support the BN. They do not appreciate what has been given by the BN government".

    He added that the BN government should instead reward the Malays who had been proven loyal.

    The BN government had promised a slew of development programmes and allocations for the Chinese in Hulu Selangor, in the run-up to yesterday's polls.

    The most recent one was RM3 million promised by Najib (above) himself, for the development of a national type Chinese primary school in Rasa.

  23. BN won't punish the Chinese for lack of support in the Hulu Selangor by-election...but if the Chinese voted for BN, then they will be rewarded, is just tantamount to bribery.

    Does it mean that democracy is to vote for the BN, and if not, you will be punished?

    Should the majority of Malays voted the PKR, would they be cautioned likewise?

    Who is BN to say who to support whether it's a by-election or the general election.

    It is our choice to vote who we want!

  24. Wether Robert Lau win or lose, it's does not matter because they have way to buy frogs. Look at the previous 2 frogs in Perak.
    Case became NO case. So do you think you can still trust these group of peoples.
    If they want to jump from one party to other party, then let the people vote.
    At least Datuk Zaid is good because he lose in Hulu Selangor by election but he willing to stand for voting. Unlike the 2 frogs jump without giving the people choice. Most of the people choose to vote for party and not person. But they insist peoples vote for them.
    By insisting will make peoples lose trust.

  25. Correct on the above comment.
    Datuk Zaid was good because he willing to stand for voting let peoples decide. Unlike the three frogs of Perak, refuse to let people decide by insisting.Out of three frogs, two frogs with previous corrupt cases are free.
    So do we still want to trust on those who insist?

  26. The May 13 rally is said to be in Terengganu. Who and which party is behind the scene. These group of peoples will not organise this kind of rally in Sarawak & Sabah because they need Sarawakian & Sabahan votes. In future if they are getting very strong, they may not need Sarawakain & Sabahan votes then they may form this kind of rally in Sarawak & Sabah.

  27. The May 13 rally is said to be organised by Gerakan Kebangkitan Rakyat (Gertak) along with a government agency.

  28. read this...
    ‘May 13 an Umno tool'

    One of the founding members of Suaram and educationist Kua Kia Soong also agreed and did not mince his words when he said that the topic of May 13 has become an "Umno tool".

    "Since the rout by Malaysian progressive forces in the March 8, 2008 elections, Umno has been floundering in a dilemma of playing the only game it knows - racism or try to win the Chinese, Indian and disaffected Malay votes.

    "Umno leaders have been using May 13 as a threat to Malaysians who would contemplate an end to BN rule and an end to blatant racism and racial discrimination," said Kua, who had previously penned a book 'May 13: Declassified Documents on the Malaysian Riots of 1969'.

  29. the picture says: Thanks for the money!!!!!!!!!!!!