Thursday, December 3, 2009

'Racist' BTN: Bouquets and brickbats

'We were shown a picture of Anwar Ibrahim with an American. The instructor told us that he is a traitor to the country as he had a good relationship with the Americans.'

This was among the issues raised during a nation building programme carried out by Biro Tatanegara or the National Civics Bureau, recalled fourth year economics student Fakhrul Zaki Fazial.

Fakhrul, who is studying in Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA), said the focus of the talks is on the Malay race.

"They (the instructors) also criticise leaders from the opposition and consider their criticism as being patriotic," he added.

Universiti Malaya student leader Mohd Ridzuan Mohammad, who attended the BTN programme in 2004, said there were even talks about other races being a threat to the Malays.

"It is not the right thing to do for BTN to play up racial sentiments... that will create racial rift...(as) this programme could influence some students (into accepting the propagation of racist ideologies)," he added.

Chin Shin Liang, a former Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) student who attended a BTN course in December 2008, related his experience.

"We were shown video clips of the Bersih rally and then pictures of war-torn Palestine with a caption; Is this what we want?...we were also shown an (unidentified) protester throwing stones."


  1. Racists and islamists can eventually become terrorists.

  2. Anonymous said...

    Racists and islamists can eventually become terrorists.

    December 3, 2009 3:25 PM

    you are absolutely right! So stop it now! or regret it later!

  3. Illegal fund transfers: Negeri MB not the only one...(Dec 3):Bank Negara disclosure that it is investigating the transfer of RM10 million to London by Negri Sembilan Menteri Besar Mohamad Hasan in 2008 is just the tip of the iceberg.

    every month millions RM are transfered out of Malaysia and this are not the Indons and Philipinos only ec they send it to their homecountry and not UK, Swiss or others!!

  4. BTN’s racist, anti-national and seditious indoctrination courses should not be glossed over or minimized as it makes a total mockery of 1Malaysia slogan and concept

    The Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Ahmad Maslan, who is directly responsible for Biro Tata Negara (BTN), is trying to gloss over and minimize the condemnation of the BTN courses as racist, anti-national and seditious indoctrination programmes detrimental to Malaysian nation-building and national unity.

    Adding insult to injury, Ahmad claimed that BTN courses were based on facts, asking:

    "If we say that two-thirds of the population consist of bumiputeras and one-third non-bumiputeras, is that considered racist?

    "If we say 66 percent is bumiputera and 24 percent consists other races, is that racist? That is just stating the facts."

    Ahmad, who is also Umno information chief, cannot be so obtuse as not to know that nobody objects to such factual information.

    What is legitimate and most proper cause for objection is the communal poison oozing from the BTN course, inciting racial hatred and prejudices which are a great injustice and disservice to 52 years of nation-building, dividing instead of uniting Malaysians of diverse races and religions.

    Ahmad’s claim that “We have thousands of ceramah and maybe one minute of the ceramah, the speaker makes some kind of mistake” reflects badly on his incorrigible denial complex.

    If the Umno information chief and Deputy Minister specificially responsible for BTN is responsible, he would have known about the barrage of complaints about the divisive, racist and seditious BTN programmes and would not have feigned ignorance.

  5. hello umnok, sudah cukup lah makan duit rakyat banyak banyak dan keluar dari sabah sekarang.

    Jangan lupa bawa juga saudara2 umnok kamu, PENDATANG HARAM di sabah sudah dapat IC balik putrajaya bersama sakali.

  6. 对干训班题出质疑的人,都是曾经出席过干训班,有头有脸的人士,其中不乏马来同胞,看来巫统必须对该训练班的主导人士和内容来个大清洗,才能服众。

  7. I am one of the privileged few to have attended a local public university and learned the meaning of hate, thanks to the ever popular Biro Tata Negara.

    All undergraduates were forced to attend this programme or else they would not be eligible for graduation.

    The BTN under the Prime Minister’s Department brought in “intellectual” speakers who were supposed to enlighten the students about the meaning of being a Malaysian but instead it felt more like a communist propaganda camp brainwashing those attending about the importance of “Ketuanan Melayu”.

    The camp would usually take place during the weekends. Students would have to register early in the morning and the programme would last the whole day.

    The organisers were always on their guard, asking participants to show their student identification cards each time they entered the hall, fearing the presence of outsiders.

    In the hall, students were asked to turn off their mobile phones.

    During the lectures, questions were planted among the audience and the students were advised not to ask any other questions.

    One speaker began with the history of Malaysia and how much the country had gone through, always emphasising the May 13 riots.

    He stressed the point of how much the Malays had sacrificed and how the community should be united especially from outside threat — the Chinese community.

    He said that the Chinese community were “the Jews of Asia” and were just itching to take over when Malays were disunited and broken.

    The speaker also revealed a greater Chinese conspiracy where the Chinese Malaysians were working together with Singapore to topple the Malay government.

    “Do you want to become like the Malays in Singapore?” he asked.

    He also went so far as to criticise Malay girls for dating boys from other races.

    He added that they should not be cheap and embarrass their families.

    Once, a student told the speaker that as Muslims, we should also respect other races who are also Muslims.

    “All Muslims are Malays so it does not matter if they are Chinese or Indians. If they are Muslims then they are Malays,” the speaker replied.

    This is why I was relieved when I learned that the Selangor government had moved to ban its civil servants, employees of state subsidiaries and students at state-owned education institutions from attending any BTN courses with immediate effect.

    However I believe racism in varsities does not end at BTN because classrooms have also become victims of ignorant scholars.

    My friend was verbally abused during his sociology class when he did not agree with the points made by his lecturer.

    “You must be DKK,” the lecturer told him.

    “What is DKK?” he asked.

    “You must be darah keturunan keling (descendents of Indians),” the lecturer said, pointing to his dark skin.

    My Saudi friend was also shocked by the comments made by his lecturer in his Islamic civilisation class.

    “We should save our Orang Asli from the Chinese people. They are like the Palestinians and the Chinese are Israel. We must fight the Jews,” the lecturer told his students.

    The lecturer even failed one of his students in his oral exam when he quoted a Western scholar in his presentation.

    “You should be ashamed of yourselves. You are a Muslim and should only use Islamic scholars,” he scolded the student.

    I was personally saddened when my Islamic law lecturer compared Christianity to Head & Shoulder’s 3 in 1 shampoo in referring to the religion’s Holy Trinity.

    I feel that racism has been institutionalised in our country and that BTN is only the tip of the iceberg.

    Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin defended BTN yesterday and claimed that it was not racist but is line with the 1 Malaysia concept.

    I have to humbly disagree and would like to suggest maybe the ministers should bring their overseas children home and let them have a taste of what BTN is.

  8. I had been to a BTN course some few years back. When I phoned one of the officers there they called me TUAN. For god sake it was the first time someone greeted me with such ‘nice’ title. The Tuan Alaka ‘Pakistani’ I believe. My first impression was ‘after the course I’ll be more patriotic, I guess’. But what the hack, during the course the patriot things was good but go to hell with one of the speaker, the stupid sabahan. That guy never learns, we in sabah we never have official religion, they talked about religion, social contract, when our fellow countrymen the Chinese and Indians attending it, I believe that is why they 'the non-bumis' hate us. The stupid people in BTN told us to love our country but as the same time telling us that some of us are special and some are second class, sorry to use that word ‘to my fellow countrymen’ they claimed that the bumis are the landlord, but FUCK BTN, FUCK BN, you are the one that sold our land to the one that you lowly rate. Sorry guys.