Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Malaysia Missed!

Missing fighter jet engine sold
BAGAN DATOH: The Royal Malaysia Air Force (RMAF) F-5E fighter jet engine missing since 2007 was sold to an international company based in South America, said Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.
He said the company was believed to have hired an agent to bring the RM50 million engine out of the country.

Missing Sugar
"This current shortage is really tiresome," said Chin, who normally buys 48kg at a time for her John King's bakery. "Sugar is necessary for the people."

Port Klang Missing
The billion dollar Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) fiasco fallout has opened a frightening can of worms of power abuse and mismanagement.

Kota Kinabalu Hospital Missing
"We are puzzled by the missing figure for QEH in the Budget 2010 after the Minister and the Deputy Minister of Health and the State Cabinet led by Datuk Musa Aman had spoken so much about the crisis faced! It is obvious to the people that the BN Government had not done anything to put what they say into action! We are very disappointed", Melanie said.

The Budget 2010 allocated RM14.8 billion under the Ministry of Health for the construction or upgrading of hospitals in Bera (Pahang), Alor Gajah (Melaka), Shah Alam (Selangor), Kluang and Tampoi (both Johor).

Missing Kinabatangan MP
On Sunday, after days of repeatedly denying the marriage, Bung Moktar admitted that he and the 31-year-old actress were now husband and wife.
After admitting that he had married local actress Zizie Ezette, Kinabatangan Member of Parliament Datuk Bung Moktar Radin is now appealing to the media for privacy.

What's next?


  1. To all the readers and their families:

    Merry Christmas and happy new year!

    My wish is a "gone missing government and left all the money behind! I know it is just a wish!

  2. Hello Pengantin Slimmy Bung
    His Words sting like dung
    Once famous for "Bocor"
    After lying, now rahsia bocor
    Rakyat $$$$$$ paid to clown
    To turn parliment upside down
    What other antics to show
    Limbo rock BN Bung will stoop low
    But now busy with his own "leak"
    Pray it will end busok league.
    Parliment is for people betterment
    Reduce suffering & living detriment

    Justice Crusader

  3. U dont play play... all Kinabatangan UMNO committee, youth, Wanita & Putri been taking care $$$!!!
    Monkey Bung know how to play his card...

  4. Just fed-up, fed-up and fed-up of the corrupted, short-sighted, low mentality UMNOPUTRA/BN destroying the country!!!

  5. this is a joke! A under sea cable costs billions and the power loss is high!

    Sabah the fixed deposit will lose again!

    'Bakun electricity too expensive for Sabah'


    THE government decided to supply the electricity generated at the Bakun Dam to Peninsular Malaysia rather than Sabah because of cost considerations.

    Deputy Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Noriah Kasnon said constructing infrastructure in Sabah, where the terrain was challenging, was costly.

    She told Senator Datuk Maijol Mahap the government's intention to supply power generated at Bakun to the peninsula was a way of reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

    She told the house that 90 per cent of power stations in the peninsula depended on fossil fuels, such as diesel, which were subject to fluctuating market prices.

    Noriah said the government was considering developing hydroelectric plants in Ulu Padas and Liwagu, in Sabah, to reduce electricity shortages in the state.

    On another matter, the house was told the media had acted responsibly in its coverage of issues between Malaysia and Indonesia, despite some attempts to sensationalise it.
    Give the perfect gift this holiday season, Inspiron™ 14

    Deputy Foreign Minister A. Kohillan Pillay said the Malaysian media did not go overboard in reporting issues although their Indonesian counterparts got worked up in a frenzy.

    He told Senator Abdul Rahman Bakar that the two countries had formed an eminent persons group to improve ties.

  6. Hi all,

    Anyone amongst us that has any relationship of any kind with this FROG BUNG......first wife?

    Ask her Ex-Wife to come forward and face the media ...and sure he,ll resign(remember how the ex-wife of Effendi Narawi)did to him last few years?

    Merry Christmas everyone and God Bless all our efforts.

    Jac Hamm---r

  7. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to u all!
    Thank you for putting ur comments here....cheers!

  8. I wish all the readers a Merry Christmas!

  9. I wish all the readers a Merry Christmas!

  10. Start working on it and FAST!

    Apathy keeps 5m off electoral roll
    16:32:51 PM

    PUTRAJAYA: It should have been more than 16 million, but because of apathy, Malaysia has only about 11 million registered voters.

  11. 3 hari yang lepas KR telah terbaca kenyataan berkenaan semua warga Malaysia tidak kira dari kaum apa harus menganggap diri mereka sebagai Malaysian seperti di Indonesia dan Thailand yang mengenalkan diri mereka sebagai Indon dan Thai.
    Tetapi yang menggelikan KR ialah parti Perkauman BN seperti UMNO untuk Melayu, MCA untuk kaum Tionghua dan MIC utk kaum India yang telah menanam pemikiran tersebut...
    Contohnya di Sabah, Rakyat Malaysia di Sabah hidup lebih harmoni sesama kaum kerana Parti Perkauman seperti USNO, UPKO hanya mampu bertahan selam 9 tahun sahaja sebelum diambil alih oleh Parti Berjaya iaitu Parti Berbilang Kaum. Di situ lah keharmonian dan toleransi kaum telah dipupuk dan wujud.
    Parti perkauman terutamanya UMNO tidak akan bertahan sehingga PRU-13 jika terus memainkan irama lama...

  12. Defence expenditure used as kickbacks

    Prime Minister Najib Razak has vowed a full and open investigation.

    But Tian said that under Najib's leadership, national wealth was being plundered and that "defence expenditure is used for kickbacks to government cronies".

    "In return, they provide political funding to the ruling politicians to remain in power," the outspoken lawmaker added.

    The opposition claims that an illegal commission of RM540 million was paid to a close associate of Najib to help broker the purchase of two French-made submarines.

    The prime minister has denied there was any wrongdoing in the deal, which was signed in 2002 when he was defence minister.

    Khalid Samad, a PAS lawmaker, said the latest scandal showed it was "business as usual" for Najib.

    "So many parties must be involved in getting the engines out of the country. It is scary," he said.

  13. The 'missing cycle' goes like this in Malaysia : Second part is interesting????...........

    Get Vietnamese workers, dogs go missing.
    Get Bangladeshi workers, Malay girls go missing.
    Get Indonesian workers, money go missing.
    Get Indian workers, jewellery go missing.
    Get Chinese workers, husbands go missing.
    And now ..
    Call the police, the evidence goes missing,
    Call the lawyers, the judge goes missing,
    Call the ministry of transport, the reports go missing
    Change the government, funds go missing,
    Say something and you may go missing.............WAH LAOW!!!

  14. The most important part is Sabah's money went missing...to the pockets of Umno politicians!

    Missing oil $$$ gone to the west and Twin towers.
    Missing gas going to Bintulu
    Missing taxes gone to federal coffers and costlier cost of living.
    Missing Sabahans migrating to other countries.
    Missing $$$ gone overseas because of PTIs (few hundred thousands illegal immigrants sending money back to their homeland)
    story goes on.............

  15. How can a super BIG jet fight can gone missing in the eyes of Ministry of defence?

    What a joke of the day?

    Sudah lah syaitan umno. jangan memperbodohkan rakyat sabah lagi. Masa kiamat untuk syaitan umno ke neraka di GE13.

  16. I wish, all UMNO BN members would 'go missing' but would have left all account details for RPK and PR to take the money not rightfully earned back so that Malaysia would be one of the most 'well off' countries in the world!

    Just a wish!

  17. So...much were missing....in 2009 and past!
    Let's start a resolution and make sure this magician who come to steal from poor for rich will be missing totally from 2010 and soon in next GE!
    Happy New Year to all and shake hand or say hello to those who may not be in SAPP but have efforts before alright my all YB and YBP in SAPP.

  18. Kedai Kopi cakap-cakap...
    During Najib tenure as Def Minister.
    a) Jet arrived in M'sia without engine (Question: is the jet came in kargo or fly to M'sia?)
    b) Some say nothing arrive but they just sign the LPO coz Government/individul need the $$$...
    So, which one u think? or u want to share ur view...

  19. Happy new year... New day for Opposition but scary day for BN! Special present "Sugar Price" for 1st day of New Year... All their kurap & kudis begin to rise... Haha!

  20. someone said:"Chinese know numbers"????

    Yet many malaysian always be fooled for unusual price hikes!!!

    Happy New Year bah!

  21. Dear SAPP,
    Online poll through SAPP web as follow:
    "Energy supply management better be managed by Sabah as the State have the abilities to do so" or
    "Pengurusan tenaga elektrik harus ditadbir sendiri oleh Sabah memandangkan Negeri mempunyai kemampuan untuk berbuat demikian".

  22. otonomi...Otonomi... itukah diperjuangkan..
    Akhirnya..kita perlu membuat keputusan...Pemimpin BN sedang bulan madu ketika ini...termasuklah Bung Moktar..lagi lambang pemimpin BN yang gila nak kahwin... Dok..dok... ada sorang lagi. dari Sabah pula tu. Kahwin tak salah. Tapi kalau ingat nak kahwin je... rakyat macamana????

  23. Ai Yayaaaa....... semua pun missing lah?, tapi mana juga tu pembangkang yang patut berkerja keras untuk rakyat? Apa yang di capai oleh pembangkang sekarang dah keluar BN?

    Takkan tiada apa boleh di buat dengan penuh hati bah! Tapi adakah anda buat dengan penuh hati???

  24. Tolong lah... jangan mcm Herbert si katak bawah tempurung tu... jangan-jangan bawa tempurung pula Haha...Apa pula komen Herbert pasal kalimah Allah???
    Katak, oh katak...