Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ku Li: Malaysia’s oil wealth squandered!

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah hit the nail on head, painting a bleak future for Malaysia under the Barisan Nasional government which has squandered the nation’s oil wealth of billions and billions of ringgit.

The former Finance Minister of Umno said that Petronas oil have been used “to bail out failing companies, buy arms, build grandiose cities amidst cleared palm oil estates”.....The oil that was meant to spur our transition to a more humane, educated society has instead become a narcotic that provides economic quick fixes and hollow symbols such as the Petronas towers!

That is also to say that Sabah's wealth was squandered by the BN-Umno federal government, Petronas and their cronies!


  1. YB Kuli. You have given an excellent summary of what this country is all about for the 22 years under Mahathir's rule and the practice continued to this day without him. I hope your analysis will be reported in the mainstream media.

  2. What is he still doing in this party? He should know by now that he is not able to change UMNO or BN! So the only way to make use of the balance of his life - get out and join PR! NOW!

  3. He know it all the time and still is a member? What is wrong with him>

  4. Anonymous
    December 12, 2009 7:36 PM


    Aiyah... most of the BN YB like that one lah!
    If this coming GE BN collapesss... most of the UMNO YB will jump one...
    U forgot kah the '916' fly to Taiwan? How many YB kena offer so that they dont jump?
    U know i know lah...
    I'll vote for local opposition Parti but not Parti Cinta Malaysia sebab itu PBS-BN punya game want to split SAPP (Local Party Vote)!

  5. Ku Li has my respect and admiration.He has been privy to all the wrongdoings of Petronas,importantly during the regime of mamakthir.Nonetheless good account of yourself.

    But whats important is to ask the previous state Chief Minister's of Sabah,why didn't you fight for a bigger share of oil royalties?

    The truth will be reveal very soon.

  6. I mentioned previous State Chief Ministers doing nothing.But no I didn't forget about the current CM,Musa Aman.It's a waste of time mentioning him in the first place,when it's public knowledge that he's in cahoots with the corridors of power.

  7. Read!! Urgently!

  8. Empty fruit bunches an alternative to coal?
    14th December, 2009

    KOTA KINABALU: A community-based organisation has suggested an alternative to coal as a source of energy to boost power supply in the east coast of Sabah.

    Partners of Community Organisations or PACOS, said there was no need to resort to “dirty” energy such as coal to solve the power woes.

    Adrian Lasimbang, an expert on renewable energy, said empty fruit bunches which were a natural waste product from oil palm plantations could generate the much needed electricity.

    “I am not talking about future technology but what is being used right now by TSH in Kunak at their bio-integrated complex where they produce a whopping 14megawatts of electricity using empty fruit bunches,” he said.

    In 2005, TSH Resources Berhad was the first in the world to use empty fruit bunches (EFB) as well as palm oil mill effluents (POME) which are produced as residue after the extraction process.

    “If TSH can do this, why can’t other palm oil mills? Sabah has 1.4 million hectares of oil palm and hundreds of palm oil mills and most of these are on the east coast,” he pointed out.

    Adrian who heads the PACOS Trust Resource Management Programme which includes renewable energy said the technology was simple.

    It only requires a small scale turbine with the EFB, which is a waste product, as the fuel.

    “This concept is in line with the Malaysian Green Technology Policy which was launched by the Prime Minister in July,” he said.

    He contended that the palm oil industry had already taken plenty of resources from the state and now they not only had the opportunity to give back to the people but it would also benefit them.

    “The bottom line is Sabah has alternatives to having a coal-fired power plant and the technology is available.

    Now what we seem to have is a lack of will from certain parties who say that there is no alternative but this is not true. We have alternatives. Imagine what a great model for the world Sabah will be with this!” stated Adrian.

    The TSH mill produces 14 megawatts of electricity of which 10megawatts is sold to the Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) and the remaining 4megawatts is retained.

    At least 300megawatts of electricity is needed in the east coast and Adrian suggests sourcing the power from the mills that adopt the technology already in use by TSH.

  9. Dear Joe,

    You had echoed what many others had said.
    We all heard about corruptions , abuse of power etc.
    We all know already. Or , we should have know it by now.
    But, it seems that all of them are free as birds. What can you do? Can you put them into jail?
    Take the case of Linggam. He said it looks like me , sound like me but it is not me.
    Can you find another more concrete evidence?
    In Port Klang case, how come an amount of hundred of millions or billions could be involved without the authority of Finance Ministry ?
    Is the internal control of our Finance Ministry so loose?
    A newspaper report had been published that 60% of Infra Development fund for Sabah/Sarawak had been sipponed out. Any action?
    Please go for action. Dont just let us know.

  10. To everyone who has voted for UMNO BN pls stop complaining! You have gotten what you had asked for!

    If you want changes then go for it in GE13 and vote for change!

  11. i like that " looks like me, sound like me but it is not me"...

  12. Malaysia boleh!

    RM50m jet engine stolen from RMAF base


    Alang Bendahara

    KUALA LUMPUR: A missing Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) jet fighter engine worth RM50 million is believed to have been sold to a black market buyer in Europe.

    The General Electric J85-21A afterburner turbojet engine which served as a powerplant for the single-seater F-5E Tiger 11 and RF-5E Tigereye, went missing from the RMAF airbase in Sungai Besi here late last year during a routine maintenance service.

    Both the armed forces and police confirmed the case when contacted by the New Straits Times yesterday.

    Federal Commercial Criminal Investigation Department deputy director I Datuk Nooryah Mat Anvar said a joint investigation by the armed forces and police have uncovered the involvement of four locals. Police had questioned all of them.

    “The four included the engine buyer, the seller and Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) personnel who assisted in stealing it,” said Nooryah.

    Police have submitted their investigation papers on the case to the Attorney-General’s Chambers for further action.

    Nooryah said the armed forces had filed a police report in January.

    “In the course of our investigation, we worked closely with the armed forces
    and RMAF. Many RMAF personnel as well as members of the public were questioned,” she said.

    Armed Forces chief Gen Tan Sri Azizan Ariffin said they had turned to the police after their own investigation into the stolen jet engine revealed the involvement of civilians.

    Azizan, speaking to the New Straits Times after attending the national-level Maal Hijrah celebration at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre
    yesterday, said RMAF documents showed that the jet engine should have been stored at the warehouse at the RMAF Sg Besi air base.

    Also missing was the jet engine maintenance and service record.

    It was learnt that no buyer would take possession of the jet engine without the maintenance and service documents.