Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pensiangan By-election?

Inviting bloggers here to give their comments of the impending by-election...the Parliamentary seat of Pensiangan. Pensiangan, indeed, one of the most remote and under-developed areas in Sabah and in Malaysia.


  1. From Previous (Anony) comment:

    "We have an Australian Lady Minister born in Sabah, we have a famous US forensic expert born in Sabah, we have Obama's brother in law from Sabah too !"

    "It's time we manage our own state.........."

    "We do not want to send our children to W Msia / Spore anymore just because there aren't any jobs available in Sabah."

    So in the past we even have many talented back from UK and yet they 'jump Q' so often!

    Seriously, we must have a dragon to be sent there this time and SAPP sure boleh! Who else sabahan are confident to elect?

    Opportunity never strikes twice, believe this and change will be on the way.

  2. SAPP Nafsu Besar. Pegilah Tanding di Pensiangan dan bersedia "HILANG DEPOSIT"...Cakap Besar.. Apa sumbangan SAPP pada Negeri Sabah? Apa jasa SAPP pada penduduk pensiangan.. SAPP Parti Resist dan kipas "pantat" DAP..

  3. The opposition parties must form a broad based coalition if they wish to increase the chances of defeating the candidate nominated by the Umno dominated BN. Multi-cornered fight is very detrimental to the underdog candidate of the opposition.

  4. It will be a big mistake if SAPP and PKR contest together, that means supporting BN and that's not what SAPP and PKR (plus Pakatan want or should do). Since there was no election (conest) between the PKR candidate and PBRS's Kurup, we can't gauge the support everyone would have received. That said, we can use the 2004 result in which PBRS's Bernard S. Marat won by mere 608. This 608 is similar to what the Umno candidate in Kuala Terengganu obtained to retain the seat in March 08. We need to wait for the KT by-election results and hopefully PAS (Pakatan) will win. Even if SAPP were to contest, it's President shouldn't because he is a Chinese. As much Sabahans are non-racial and that even Eric Majimbun was elected by mainly Muslim Bumis (49%), we need to know that Umno is badly wounded and will do anything under the sun to destroy SAPP and Pakatan if such things happen. You see, as much as the PR coalition preaches non-racial politics, they play it pragmatically to fend off Umno and its castrated supporters like smaller BN parties. That's why PKR was given multiracial seats, DAP mainly Chinese seats and PAS mainly Malay seats. You see how intelligent they played off and caught BN off guard? Though I'm a strong SAPP supporter (political struggle), I don't encourage the party fielding a candidate in Pensiangan bcoz of the following:

    1. A by-election is an intense battle that gets all attention from all quarters and the nation. In this case, we can't have SAPP explaining why it fielded a candidate (or this or that candidate) rather than getting votes and explaining issues that of concern to the voters. By the time SAPP finishes explaining, BN would have done it is job and divided the people and have exported its peninsular racial and tribal poison. Avoid it.

    2. If SAPP field a candidate and PKR does, that literally means LOSING the seat. We would blame who? Our greed but that would be too late. Furthermore, such scenario would destroy PKR/Pakatan and SAPP alliance in the future which is badly needed.

    3. Kurup has been bribing the voters and that's why he has camped at Pensiangan though he used to ignore it in the past. Due to Sabahan's simplicity and lack of awareness, they may accept his bribes and vote for him. Fielding 2 candidates while it is a by-election in which BN tries to avoid PKR/Pakatan entry into Sabah is the most stupid thing that can be done by anyone. SAPP should allow PKR to field Andipai and should support it in the "spirit" of Sabah and Sabah Maju. A rallying call can be: New Sabah, Another Sabah. Sabah's Revival, Sabah's Political Independence, Sabah wants its Oil, Sabah wants its Security and etc. Since the majority are non-Muslim Bumis (85)plus 12% Muslim Bumis plus 2% Chinese, Andipai is the best option. Furthermore, he has become popular in the constituency as he is credited with "felling" Kurup through the courts. There is no need for infighting bcoz that's what PKR/DAP/PAS avoided in the Peninsular and that's who they uprooted Umno and BN. Avoid multiple candidates in Sabah and Pensiangan and we hope you will win.

  5. "RUNDUM SR. Said :
    SAPP Nafsu Besar. Pegilah Tanding di Pensiangan dan bersedia "HILANG DEPOSIT"...Cakap Besar.. Apa sumbangan SAPP pada Negeri Sabah? Apa jasa SAPP pada penduduk pensiangan.. SAPP Parti Resist dan kipas "pantat" DAP.."


    Mahathir cakap seorang pemimpin mesti berada dihadapan. Jikalau takut kalah dalam peperangan, dan tidak bernafsu besar, bererti Parti itu parti pengikut macam parti komponen BN.

    Jikalau SAPP mahu menjadi parti pemimpin di Sabah, SAPP patut bertanding di Pensiangan.

    Mengenai pertanyaan apa jasa SAPP kepada penduduk Pensiangan ? Saya tidak seberapa tahu sebab saya bukan dari Pensiangan. Tetapi saya tahu, kebudayaan parti SAPP adalah berkhidmat untuk masyarakat dan parti ini telah menunjukkan kebudayaan yang betul di kawasan saya. Saya percaya pemimpin disana juga telah berbuat begitu. Jangan lupa, Pensiangan adalah kawasan PBRS dan bukan SAPP semasa SAPP berada dalam BN.

    Inilah masanya SAPP boleh menunjukkan Parti ini sebagai parti diluar BN dan pemimpin tempatan yang sesuai akan lebih berkesan untuk memberi khidmat kepada penduduk Pensiangan.

    "SAPP Parti Resist dan kipas "pantat" DAP.."
    Ayat diatas menunjukkan RUNDUM SR. seorang yang bercakap tanpa fakta dan tanggung jawab. SAPP sejak ditubuhkan adalah parti berbilang bangsa. SAPP ada YB Kadazan , Cina tetapi tidak ada YB Melayu sebab dalam BN tidak ada komponen parti yang mempunyai YB Melayu. Semua YB Melayu di UMNO sahaja. Inilah taktik pecah belah UMNO.

    Tetapi sekarang senario sudah bertukar. Sebagai parti pembakang, SAPP boleh mengajukan calon Melayu dikawasan Melayu.

    Sejak bila SAPP jadi parti kipas DAP ? Belum pernah dengar khabar angin begini.

  6. I agree that there should not be multi-cornered-fight for this coming by-election. But the choice between PKR and SAPP ? It depends on the popularity of the candidates.

    If Andipai is popular now, then he should be given the chance. Otherwise people would have a bad impression of SAPP for spoiling the chance to win and grabbing what Andipai has achieved through court.

    SAPP should contest only when it has a very popular candidate i.e. more popular than Andipai.

    It's time for both PKR and SAPP to go to the grassroots and make an honest and thorough search on whose candidates are accepted by Pensiangan people.

  7. SAPP masih cari lubang !
    SAPP jangan jadi kacau daun !!
    Klu nak bertanding ? Nape kluar BN???
    Andipai yg bawa kes ni ke mahkamah dan trus menang.. jadi SAPP apa kaki ko??? hanya pandai cari lubang masuk???

  8. Sabah has always been in the limelight when it comes to election. But do people really care? Or to put it the other way, do politicians really care about the people? How long have some of the politicians been in their positions??? What have been their contributions???

    Sabah must change...and the people mentality must change. Do not just vote for the sake of the personality or the party...think of change...

  9. While many comments focus about who shall represent in Pensiangan parliamentary election?

    Are sabahan who have eagerness to "change" understand the MP's important role and efective capability or rather a responsible nominee in parliamentary seating?

    In this modern way, do not choose or send someone who is a "dumb dumb" or "paper tiger" as MP for Sabah in parliament. Waste no more time concern about our future!

    Everything is possible as even for Pensiangan to make a change on non-racial basis. Very influence in Pensiangan may not bring us good if he cannot voice correctly for Sabah as MP, am I right?


  10. SAPP If you really care about People In SABAH ! Put the Vote Stimulation ! Dont Split the Oppositon votes.
    like this
    If there is by-election at Pensiangan, which party/person you support for Oppsition candidates?


  11. "Pensiangan one of the most underdeveloped and poorest constituency in Sabah and Malaysia".As I've said in my earlier comment,Sabah desperately needs better Managers than Politicians.

    Elections after elections,aspiring candidates have always voiced on uplifting the economical well being of the people in Pensiangan,sadly today this remote town is still below the poverty level and NO IMPROVEMENTS is visibly seen.

    Having said this,what assurance or guarantees can SAPP or for that matter PKR provide that upon winning,Pensiangan will be freed from the doldrums of poverty?In the last 45 years,USNO,BERJAYA,PBS and now UMNO-BN has failed,bearing in mind that SAPP was part of the UMNO-BN regime.Are we to believe that a difference is about to reveal itself?

    The uncertainties within PKR Sabah again is another mind-boggling issue.It appears,like in most unsettled golf game,a sudden death outcome will decide the eventual candidate.How pathetic can this be?
    The players here PKR Sabah and SAPP are in the Opposition,and it appears that being in the Opposition in Sabah is similar to opposing themselves.What credibility is this?

    If the nature of this article is to gauge the popularity of PKR Sabah or SAPP,than it has failed miserably to improve their credibility but has increased the position of UMNO-BN.We Sabahans have been telling ourselves that we want change,unfortunately we're not heading towards that direction.The million dollar question is why is PKR Sabah and SAPP are going against each other in Pensiangan?Does either of them have a secret formula to elevate the status of the people there or is it more egoistic in nature?Either way,allow me to knock some sense into PKR Sabah and SAPP,it is the people that will decide.

    But there again,will the people rise to the occasion or are they still fast asleep?I visited Nabawan and Sook recently,and sadly notice that the people there are hungry for change,the tears I saw that illustrated their frustration and their cries for better livelihood has definitely gone unnoticed by the current State and Federal Government,but in reality has transformed rich ADUNS and MP's.How pathetic but true.

    My final advice,PKR Sabah and SAPP,let us not be egoistic champions,as we are fighting the same cause.Hopefully you have not forgotten this,the enemy is UMNO-BN and not ourselves.


  12. If SAPP and PKR do appoint each a person to contest, this would be a clear win for UMNO BN. PLEASE to both parties!!! do come together! Select a person who will win the hearts of this ppl living on poverty for so long. It does not matter from what party as long we get the change put in place and start working FOR Sabahans and not just sucking the wealth out of this land and its ppl. PLEASE sit together with the grassroot and make the best desicion you can make FOR Sabah! Yes we can! If we do the right move to oust UMNO from Sabah and not sitting in two or three corners to fight each other!!! Sabahans need this chance badly to reach a better life!!!

  13. Whether PKR or SAPP wins Pensiangan ,one seat alone is not going to change the federal/state political scenario for now till the next election.

    But the winning by opposition party in this election, it's going to affect and maybe swing the general mood of the whole Malaysia including Sabah for the next election.

    The most important is to win this election.

    PKR was beaten in all seats they contested in the last March 08 election whether in Malay, Chinese or Kadazan areas including its chief and Jefferey Kitingan.

    What made PKR supporters confident that they will win this time when all the BN machineries especially money will be there to entice the people ?

    FREE SABAH said "SAPP should allow PKR to field Andipai and should support it in the "spirit" of Sabah and Sabah Maju. A rallying call can be: New Sabah, Another Sabah. Sabah's Revival, Sabah's Political Independence, Sabah wants its Oil, Sabah wants its Security and etc."

    I don't agree with FREE SABAH. The above rallying calls are not suitable and will sound hollow coming from PKR. It will be more effective from SAPP as SAPP is Sabah based party and has always been vocal on Sabah's interests.

    PKR has to understand that Sabahan are cautious of Peninsula based party because of their experiences with UMNO.

    Pakatan should support SAPP if it has a prominent, popular candidate.

  14. Ronnie said :
    "Sabah desperately needs better Managers than Politicians."

    You can have all the perfect theories but they cannot be applied to real life as the fact is throughout the world, the governments consist of politicians not managers.

    You critised PKR Sabah, SAPP and finally revealed the enemy is UMNO/BN. Why don't you become the candidate and sell your perfect manager theory to the people ?

    On your statement "the tears I saw that illustrated their frustration and their cries for better livelihood has definitely gone unnoticed by the current State and Federal Government",

    I hope that BN will bring as much money as in Ijok by-election so as to alleviate their problems temporarily.

  15. Being critical constructively,doesn't by any account reflect weakness,but must be viewed positively.If one is unable to digest the effectiveness of constructive criticism with the desire to improvise,than we are doom in allowing ourselves to be mere followers of mass destruction.

    Allow me to pacify anonymous that has naively chosen to critise me.I say naively because,what gain will the people of Pensiangan endeavor to expect if the two Opposition Parties were to go head on with each other in this by-election?This will be catastrophic,as one would wonder,what cause are they championing for?

    There is no such thing as a perfect theory,but there are alternatives that has proven to be more effective.If there was a perfect theory I would be sitting beside Dato'Seri Anwar Ibrahim in Parliament,and definitely not with Badawi or Najib.

    About a month from now,Barack Obama,will take he's oath as the 44th President of the United States of America.Was it a Theory or Reality that was once said"A Black can never become the President of America?Was it a Theory,Reality or just plain Stupidity when Malaysia's 2nd Finance Minister said that"Malaysia will not be affected by the global economic crisis"?Was it a Theory,Reality or Ignorance,that the Opposition is currently administering 5 States in Malaysia?Was it a Theory,Reality that Raja Petra was incarcerated under the draconian ISA,for freedom of expression?

    So my nameless anonymous friend,why must it be only a Theory that Sabah needs Managers and not Politicians?Managers make better Politicians,the same however cannot be said of Politicians.

    And yes my nameless anonymous friend,I will definitely provide my input to whoever the Opposition candidate maybe for Pensiangan.The thought my friend has occurred,but perhaps with your assistance and the help from others,perhaps I may decide to take up the challenge of offering myself at the next election.

    Thank you for inspiring me.



    敬爱的五位州议员,YB Abdul Mijul Unaini (UMNO)、YB张志刚 (LDP)、YB Bolkian Ismail (UMNO)、YB Sarapin Magana (PBS)、YB Anita Barating (PBS)及二位国会议员YB Abdul Rahim Bakri (UMNO)、YB Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili (PBS),也是经常说自己是勤政爱民的YB们、高官部长大爷们,以及沙巴州首席部长拿督慕沙阿曼,尤其是本州的基本设施部长拿督陈树杰等。在下有几项重要事件要请上述勤政爱民的YB们、高官部长大爷们请多多帮忙 tolong-tolong为那些人民每天要来往使用这条马路来找一餐半饭食的人民传达心中之苦,能够早日为我会解决困境。

    1. 请问你们这七位国州议员们,其中一位还是连任二任的国会议员及联邦部长。当你们这些大爷们每次来回古达之时,是坐飞机由空中回呢?还是坐船由海上回呢?故所没有发觉到有这些好像是牛行的路呢?
    2. 请问是不是坐在有司机驾使的(好舒服)名贵车,坐上车背後便睡著了,更加没有发觉到有这样好像给牛行的烂路了是吗?
    3. 如果每次来回古达之时,有发觉到这些牛行的路,那请问你们这些大爷们,为什么这么久了,时不时都有当地的人民投诉予你们,你们便当耳边风,难道你们当投诉者是白痴了是吗?
    4. 你们这些官老爷,有否想到308大选之时你们便是狂风扫落叶全胜,五州两国呢?你们到今天就是给这些牛行的路来报答让你们获得胜利,享有高官厚祿的古達選民嗎?
    5. 请问你们这七位官老爷,你们知道這这些牛行的路到底有多少年沒有去修铺过呢?如果我没有记错的话,丹斯里章家杰在位之时修铺了通行古达的马路之後。因某种事件他一怒之下自己丢官了,便直到今天便再没有人去修铺了,你们这七位官老爷说对吗?除非你们这这七位官老爷们每次是搭飞机由空中飞回古达,故所以便不知道了对吗?
    6. 请问你们这七位官老爷,这几段牛行的路,是要给反对党执政之後等反对党政府去修铺吗?
    7. 沙巴州首席部长拿督慕沙阿曼,您每次都说沙巴发展走廊亿亿声来发展沙巴州,尤其是在最近的2009年财政预算案内也说拨出亿亿声来发展沙巴州的道路等。那请问你,首长拿督慕沙去古达这些牛行的道路包括在内吗?
    8. 请问你,首长拿督慕沙在今年首相拿督斯里阿都拉巴达威已来了沙巴州多少次呢?首相巴拉每次来都说发款千千万万亿亿声给沙巴,那为什么这些牛行的道路到今天一滴巴麻油都看不到呢?有如加拉巴干国会议员嘉布沙烈所说的这么久以来,沙石都看不到一粒呀?(古达的道路还想铺巴麻油「沥清」)
    9. 请问州的基本设施部长拿督陈树杰,如果我们没有记错,你在本年初某月内,便公布要在今年七月内要大动工程来去修铺这几段路,直到明年七月便全部完成,那要再请问拿督陈树杰,今天是什么月了,直到今天已动工了多少寸长的工程了呢?
    10. 请问你拿督陈树杰,你现在还有想到这些每日受苦受难的人民吗?有为我们这些每日受苦受难的人民着想吗?你现在根本没有去想了,每天24小时只有在想组织新党好呢 ?还是加入其他成员党好呢?还是为着你的裤袋而着想了是吗?
    11. 如今正在想,如果加入其他成员党,便要叫他入做老板,看他人的面色,同时副首长宝座还会是他坐吗?还是副首长宝座也会坐不久了,如果组织新党那便做大哥,副首长的宝座也便可再坐多几年了。你说是吗?好了闻话我也不再多讲了,如果你们这些勤政爱民的人民代议士YB们、高官部长大爷们看了之後,觉得我所讲的一切都是破壞政府、破壞你们大爷们的话一切都是没有事实的话,那便请你你们大爷们亲自驾驶名贵车去行一回古达吧,如果不是事实,回来之时在24分钟内可用内安法令来捉我,我会接受的,如果看了之後觉得完全是事实的话,那便马上下命令去在24个星期之内把这些牛行的道路铺好来给这些这些每日受苦受难的人民来使用吧!好吗?此祝你们这些高官大爷们万岁万万岁。

    古达选民陈灿汉 签

  17. can anyone help translate what chin chan hon wrote in chinese?

  18. Selepas membaca 17 komen dari saudara/saudari KR ingin mengesyorkan kepada SAPP untuk memberi perhatian yang sewajarnya terhadap segala komen tersebut.
    KR ingin mencadangkan agar SAPP mengadakan satu Sesi Debat (Dalaman SAPP) dan "Bengkel" untuk melakukan analisis S.W.O.T yang menyeluruh sebelum berbincang dengan rakan Pembangkang yang lain.
    Dalam hal ini, KR juga ingin berkongsi dalam ruangan "Pensiangan By-Election?" dan pandangan KR adalah seperti berikut:
    1. Parti yang akan mewakili pembangkang untuk bertanding perlu mempunyai kemampuan untuk sentiasa bersama rakyat dan mempunyai rekod khidmat yang baik.
    2. Calon yang akan dipilih mesti lah individu yang boleh berbahas dalam Parlimen dan mampu mengetengahkan isu-isu sebenar yang dihadapi oleh rakyat Malaysia di kawasan Pengsiangan.
    Kemenangan Pembangkang di Pensiangan amat penting kepada Sabah kerana kawasan lain yang sebelum ini tidak dihiraukan akan turut diberikan perhatian.
    KR percaya SAPP atau PKR sanggup berkorban dengan berkompromi demi kepentingan Sabah.
    KR agak setuju juga dengan cerita kedai kopi yang berbunyi 'biar Parti tempatan Sabah yang lawan sama dia'.

  19. To
    Anonymous Dec 19,2008 1:16 Pm

    Mr Chin Chan Hon requested the 5 YB,2 MP, CM and Mr Raymond Tan to do something for the Kota Belud-Kudat highway.

  20. 陈灿汉向多位沙巴国阵国州议员投诉古达区多年没有修补的羊肠小道,是对统治该州几十年的国阵强烈不满。国阵要员们声声说:联邦政府投下数以亿计的发展资金,他天天为生计走过的那条羊肠小道,千创百孔,依然如故。


  21. What about for some funny reasons PKR fields Jeffrey Kittingan as the candidate for Persiangan? What more credibility does PKR Sabah has by then?

    We can reasonably says that Jeffrey Kittingan carries a huge baggage of credibility. Anwar must work carefully to rid PKR from people with highly questionable integrity like Kittingan.

    Jeffrey is more a liability to PKR than an asset.

    SAPP and PKR must work hand-in-hand for a straight fight with BN. In doing so, SAPP and PKR must field a credible candidate acceptable to all.

  22. Let Andipai as the candidate for Opposition. Jeffrey kitingan will be the head of election committe for opposition. SAPP fully support them and to make sure BN GET LOST FROM SABAH especially the evil umno.

    Sabahan will send the evil umno and their illegal muslim immigrants who already obtained MYCARD illegally back to putrajaya in the coming GE13.

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  24. I do not mind the candidate from PKR,SAPP,DAP or PAS. I do not mind that the candidate is KD,Bajau,Chinese or Indian.I do not consider he/she is a Sabahan or not. I only support the person mandated by PL. If the person from PL is a politic player and the BM candidate is better than the person, I will vote for BM.We did "enjoy"Multi-Party system for more than 30 year,it is the time for us to test the Two-Party system.

  25. "I do not mind the .....!!!"

    If chosen leader speaks like you then "IJN for poor" will be a gone case issue killing more who wait but with poverty!

    Even now in present time it means only to care-free for "civil servant or government what else people can have free medical help so desperately?

    It is so selfish to mention "I" don care and you may not realise the meaning of word "Who Am I" !

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  27. "Pensiangan, indeed, one of the most remote and under-developed areas in Sabah and in Malaysia."

    It is not surprising Pensiangan is the most remote and under-developed as the basic infrastructures are not available.

    The road connecting Tawau and Keningau is not fully asphalted. The road from Tawau to Kalabakan has recently been asphalted but Sepulut in Pensiangan for a stretch of 100km is still a gravel road. This gravel road is quite straight, wide and well maintained for logging purposes. But we could only drive at a speed of 30-60km/hr. It needs a simple job of surfacing with a layer of asphalt only to be accessible for commercial vehicles. Why can't the YBs press the government to do something about it after 45 years Merdeka ?

    With good road connecting these 2 towns, I am sure the living conditions of Pensiangan people would improve as it will be easier for the children to go to school, the people transport their produces to towns, tourists visit Maliau Basin as Pensiangan still has the natural beauty of jungle scenery which you dont see even along Ranau/Tawau road, small villages will spring up along this road creating incomes for the locals, telecommunication will improve ,etc. Currently , I could not use my Hotlink for the 4 hours trip.

    Pensiangan people, it's your opportunity to show the government your displeasure with the living conditions of your area. Do not be easily satisfied with the "gula gula" given out during the by-election as it doesn't last long in your mouth and it doesn't fill up your stomach. Think of long term.

  28. It's quite obvious there are certain issues the PR coalition must sort out before it presents itself to the Malaysian voters and faces the BN incumbents in the 13th General Election as well as the Sarawak State Election. It appears as the Press report put it that DSAI may miss the KK Parliamentary By-election because he's in Turkey health check.

    Husam Musa's statement on Hudud Law may create some ripples if PAS values the non Malay votes in the upcoming KK By-election. We see how the other partners of PR coalition argue their case when they campaign for the PAS candidate.

  29. Let Andipai be the candidate for Pensiangan by-election. Pensiangan people expected to him win. Other parties don't put up a candidate, it will only give BN a winning chance.

  30. It will still be money politic play major parts in rural area like Pensiangan. Rural people tend to remember you whoever gave them (hutang budi), they can be easily be fooled and can't see a bigger picture of the whole situation. I think the opposition have a tougher roles to play.

  31. Khas untuk rakyat Sabah dan khususnya di Parlimen Pensiangan. Sekiranyalah ada Pilihan raya kecil di kawasan ini, siapa yang perlu bertanding haruslah dikembalikan kepada rakyat. SAPP dan Pakatan Rakyat perlu tidak ada ruang untuk bertembung kalau mahu menang. Parti keadilan mempunyai kekuatan sendiri namun pergolakan untuk penantuan calon diantara Andipai dan J.Kitingan adalah umpama bom yang tunggu masa untuk meletup. Sekiranya ini berlaku, BN akan memang lagi. Apabila Datuk Kurup memang, rakyat di situ akan menyaksikan tanah yang luas di sana akan menjadi hak milik syarikat-syarkat gargasi. Akhirnya rakyat disitu akan mendapat anugerah kekal sebagai rakyat miskin tegar. SAPP belum mendapat sokongan kuat diperingkat akar umbi kerana parti itu baru keluar dari penjara BN. Rakyat tahu SAPP adalah satu-satunya parti tempatan yang kelihatan bersungguh-sungguh untuk memperjuangkan hak rakyat Sabah. Tetapi mereka perlu berkerja keras sekiranya kompromi dengan PKR memihak kepada SAPP untuk bertanding (SAPP harus berusaha untuk memperolehi kompromi itu). Kehadiran kumpulan kecil ahli-ahli SAPP ke kampung-kampung setakat ini adalah permulaan yang baik tetapi perlu diperkukuhkan. Kalau mengikut perkiraan, SAPP mempunyai isu-isu yang lebih baik dari PKR untuk membolehkannya memenangi pilihanraya itu nanti. Persoalan calon, apa salahnya kalau Andipai bertanding atas tiket SAPP, kalaulah benar-benar Andipai mempunyai sokongan yang terbaik diperingkat akar umbi? Calon perlulah dipilih dengan lebih berhati-hati berpandukan kepada rekod perkhidmatan bukannya kepada bangsa dan agama mereka. Kalau satu-satu bangsa itu mahu berjaya, mereka perlu berubah dari pelbagai sudut termasuklah sudut pemikiran dan amalan mereka. Kalau negara Maju seperti Amarika Syarikat boleh menerima pimpmpin kulit hitam, kenapa kawasan kecil seperti Pensiangan tidak mahu menerima pemimpin yang mampu membawa mereka keluar dari belanggu kemiskinan sekarang. Yang penting calon itu haruslah dipastikan adalah rakyat Sabah Tulin, Sama-sama lah kita sebagai rakyat Sabah asli, untuk berusaha mengembalikan hak-hak kita yang telah dibawa keluar oleh orang luar untuk kepentingan bangsa yang mendakwa sebagai tuan. Kita tidak sepatutnya hanya pasrah dengan kedudukan kita sebagai bangsa kelas III dalam negara yang merdeka. Selamat berjuang rakyat kita di Pensiangan.

  32. Kepada Pemimpin dalam SAPP. Tanggapan rakyat kepada SAPP merupakan sebuah perti orang Cina haruslah ditangani dengan bersungguh. Langkah pertama yang agak mudah ialah mengeluarkan bahasa Cina dari lambang parti, surat-surat menyurat parti, pejabar parti dan mana-mana apa pun yang boleh dilihat oleh rakyat. Guna dua bahasa saja iaitu Bahasa Malaysia dan Bahasa Inggeris. Yang lain akan menyusul kemudian. Kita akan komen. Kita ikhlas komen supaya SAPP benar-benar akan menajadi parti yang mampu mengubah nasib rakyat Sabah. Hidup SAPP

  33. Let me repeat! SAPP only has 1300 members. Not what I say but based on what SAPP claims to have.

    Second, there is no confirmed partnership with Pakatan Rakyat.
    SAPP is still considered as independent in parliament.

    In terms of strength, I am afraid that SAPP is lacking and hence, seriously, SAPP would be at the losing end if they proceed with candidate nomination.

    PKR would go ahead with or without SAPP nomination. Next GE, some SAPP might even fall to DAP.

    Fighting for sabah issues. Perhaps, I am naive. I still think that PBS is far better than SAPP. Better still, I would choose DAP. Anyway, they make inroad into Sabah in 1986, winning 4 parliamentary seats.

    Local party? Hey! UMNO semanjung party lah? Ah so!

  34. Saya setuju dengan sebahagian komen tu. SAPP hanya mempunyai 1300 ahli di kawasan P182 Pensiangan. Keahlian ini mula rancak selepas keluar dari BN. Masa dalam BN, kalau Datuk Kurup dengan SAPP daftar ahli di kawawasannya, dia akan cakap jangan kasih keliru rakyat. Tu yang saya cakap, permulaan kumpulan kecil yang mengumpul keahlian adalah permulaan yang baik. Saya difahamkan yang ahli-ahli baru SAPP dikawasan ni masuk secara kesedaran tanpa dibantu oleh pusat SAPP. Sebagai rakyat Sabah, kina macam tiada pilihan selain sokong SAPP kerana DAP, UMNO, KEADILAN semuanya parti KL, sementara PBS,PBRS, LDP, UPKO merupakan parti yang diikat oleh Barisan Nasional. Tanyalah pada mereka samada mereka berani jamin yang president parti-parti ini akan diberi peluang untuk bertanding pada PR akan datang. Semuanya President BN yang putuskan. Tidak keterlaluan saya katakan pemimpin BN Sabah sekarang ini lebih penting melayan kerena orang KL dari melihat masalah rakyat di Sabah. ISU PTI tak penting, Isu hak rakyat Sabah diambil tak penting, Gas hantar ke Sarawak OK, Bina loji arang batu biarlah, dan macam-macam lagi. Sama-samalah kita fikir....