Friday, September 19, 2008

Dissolve Parliament: Cash

Kota Kinabalu: Consumer Association of Sabah and Labuan (Cash) called on the Prime Minister to dissolve Parliament to make way for fresh elections and a new mandate, so as to clear uncertainties over the present government.

Its President Datuk Patrick Sindu, said this would be better than to continue with all the uncertainty which is not only bad for the nation and people but also the economy.

Sindu also praised Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Zaid Ibrahim's decision to resign, describing it as "very brave and not common in our country."



  1. This would be the best for Malaysia, but who thinks PM will do it and give away power and risks to be charged for what evr has happend under the UMNO-BN Umrellar! He never will do that!

  2. I pitty pengguna di Sabah sebab hak-hak mereka tidak diberi perhatian. I think Sindu should better think of relinquesting his position in CASH. He is not what so ever interested in consumer affairs. CASH is TOTALY FAILED under Sindu. Its much better for him to focus in politic. BUT I think he is forever an independent candidate since NO parti interested to take him. Sincerely.

  3. malaysiakini.....

    .......Her father Kok Kim Tong, 74, told reporters that he was told by Teresa that she was being probed for

    1) alleged involvement in the "Azan" issue,
    2) road signages with Jawi script and
    3) another matter regarding the Selangor Religious Department (JAIS).

    Item no 1 - Have been refuted and police report lodged by Masjid Imam of the respective mosque.

    Item no 2 - Our Conventional Banks' Signboard in the 1960s to 1980s using jawi to denote bank's name. Yes, back in the 1960's the rural malays read and write jawi very well. Now almost all the Banks have drop jawi signages except the recent newly set up of islamic bank. So the banks were racist and didnt the the Police arrest Bank Negara Governor and Bank's CEOs under ISA. Looks at the Government or the Malay Muslim individuals who owned Banks.....had dropped the bank's name under jawi inscription...???? long long time ago. Any protest from Persatuan Pengguna Islam.....etc

    Item no 3 - About not sure and no further comments.

    Yes, the rakyat wants to have a fresh general election and this time sure the UMNO and all its running dog component parties will be kick out.

  4. Served your right Mr. Running Dog.....Puiii Mr Raymond Tan and feed him with dog shit. Its time that Mr. Raymond Tan 'POTONG' and join UMNO Sabah....! hahahahah

    Malaysia Today.

    Kota Kinabalu: Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Deputy President Datuk Raymond Tan does not see why he should tender his resignation from the party, since it is the party that does not want him.

    "Why should I tender my resignation?. It is not that I don't want to be with the SAPP. It is the SAPP which does not want me," he said. However, he said if the party required him to send in a resignation letter, he has it ready.

    Describing himself as an "independent BN Assemblyman", Tan said he would be meeting Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman on Monday to tender his resignation as State Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Infrastructure Development.

    Among those resigned from the Government were Assistant Finance Minister Melanie Chia who is also SAPP wanita chief, Vice President and Likas Assemblyman Datuk Liew Teck Chan who was Deputy Chairman of Sabah Economic Development Corporation (Sedco) as well as those holding the post of councillors and People's Development leaders, among others.

    "I will be tendering my resignation from the State Cabinet as a matter of principle considering the position I'm now in following SAPP's decision to pull our from the BN," he said.

    Tan said he would be leaving it to Musa to decide on his resignation as the appointment of ministers is the prerogative of the CM.

    Tan said he has been unfairly treated by SAPP since registering his objection to the party's decision to move a vote of no-confidence against the Prime Minister at its Supreme Council meeting on June 18.

    He cited being removed for no apparent reason as the party's Tanjung Papat Central Liaison Committee and Sandakan zone Chairman.

    "After the party made a stand that it had lost confidence in the Prime Minister in June, which I opposed, I was treated like an outsider although I am a senior leader of the party," he said.

    Giving another example, he said when he arrived 15 minutes late for the party's Supreme Council meeting on Sept. 17, he had no place to sit as the chair usually reserved for him as Deputy President was occupied by someone else. "My seat and name was not there. I had to ask for a place to sit. I was late before but my chair, file and name tag on the table were always there," he said, adding that it may sound petty but it demonstrated the kind of treatment the party had accorded him.

    "You (SAPP President Datuk Seri Yong Teck Lee) said you were badly treated by the BN but look at how you have been treating your colleague in the party," he said.

    Tan said despite feeling unwanted and his differences with Yong, he remained loyal to the party and was even prepared to suffer the consequences of its confrontational stance towards the BN and Federal leadership.

    He said his stand not to tender his resignation was similar to the party's supreme Council decision on Sept. 17 that it was not necessary for it to officially inform the BN of its decision to quit the coalition" as the BN has already abandoned it."

    Meanwhile SAPP Vice President Jimmy Wong Chee Khiong and Youth Chief Au Kam Wah have resigned from all party posts.

    Both said they could no longer tolerate or subscribe the way in which SAPP is now being run. "We continue to believe and subscribe in the BN struggle for the betterment of the people of Sabah as we believe that under the BN concept whatever differences could be resolved through discussions," Wong said.

    He said what SAPP is doing now went against the grains of the BN concept, beliefs and the principles. Wong, who is political secretary to the Chief Minister and a Charted Accountant, has been a member since the party was formed in 1994.

    He stressed that recent motion of no-confidence against the PM did not enjoy the support of all SAPP members. He also said the decision by top BN leadership to issue SAPP a show cause letter and then withholding any decision showed its understanding towards members.

    "But it appears these overtures did not appease some segment of the SAPP leadership until it decided to burn the bridge and leave the BN, its struggles and concept."

    On the SAPP's eight-point declaration on seeking a better deal for Sabah, he saw no reason to harp on the issue, adding all should be working together to fulfil the mandate given by the people in the March 8 election.

    He added the current global economic situation of high fuel price, soaring food prices and other daily expenses and the efforts by the BN Government to address these issues were commendable.

    However, success could only be achieved by working together instead of taking advantage of the situation.

    Wong said he would get views from the supporters before deciding on the next course of action. On his position as Datuk Seri Musa Aman's political secretary, Wong said he would leave it to the Chief Minister.

    Meanwhile, Au who is Elopura Assemblyman, said he submitted his resignation letter to the SAPP Supreme Council through a friend in Kota Kinabalu at 1pm yesterday (Thursday).

    "I am now a free man and am not bound to any party. The time now is for me to go back to Elopura to focus on serving my supporters and the people," he said.

    "Since the March 8 elections, our country has been in political turmoil.

    Many of our leaders have been distractedÉthey have lost focus on what is more important, which is to bring development," said Au at a press conference in his Sandakan office.

    Au, who has also been a SAPP founding member since Feb. 21, 1994, said he had no plans at this moment to join any party. He said he received many offers to join other parties, including the opposition.

    On the situation in SAPP, he said, "as a representative of the people, I do not feel I should involve myself in such a situation".

    "I decided not to attend the (SAPP) meeting after repeatedly seeing at the Supreme Council meeting that the majority supported his (Yong's) decisions," said Au.

    - Daily Express, Sabah

  5. bagi saya SAPP atau mana - mana parti dalam barisan pembangkang tidak kuat ... andainya tidak bersatu dalam satu platform yang kuat ... ia umpama rumah tanpa atap, dinding dan tangga ....
    harap anda faham maksud tersirat

  6. If Pak Lah is so sure about his MPs, why does he have a problem to go for a Vote of no confidence???

    Only if I know, I will loose, then I behave like him, no reason to behave that way if I am sure about a outcome in my favour, right or wrong? So what is he waiting for? I would say, he knows that he will loose! But he will not give up the power he holds. But to some point in time he has to stand up and face the facts. I feel sorry for him, because a lot of advice given to him was the wrong advice and I would ask myself, why did I get this ill advice at the first place from ppl who I think they are my friends and have my well being in mind. What do they have really in their minds?

  7. Satu permulaan yang baik daripada sebuah pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO).
    Saya ingin mencadangkan agar usaha diperhebatkan seperti membuat roadshow bagi menarik lebih ramai pertubuhan NGO untuk mendesak kerajaan adakan pilihan raya baru bagi menamatkan kemelut politik demi kepentingan ekonomi negara dan perpaduan pelbagaian kaum.
    Mandat rakyat perlu dihormati dan bukan dengan menaburkan janji manis contohnya manifesto BN pada Pilihan raya Umum ke-12 yang lalu mengatakan:
    - mengawal kenaikan harga barangan
    - minyak tidak akan dinaikkan dalam tahun 2008
    - penyalahgunaan kuasa yang berleluasa seperti ISA
    - dan banyak lagi.
    Sebahagian yang disebut di atas telah membuktikan bahawa Kerajaan BN telah mengkhianati rakyat yang telah mengundi mereka.
    Datuk Patrick perlu menjalinkan kerjasama yang lebih arkab dengan SAPP untuk menjadikan Sabah antara negeri yang Maju dalam Malaysia.

  8. Lets we rakyat do it.....October 20th, 2008 to have a fresh general election...spread this message !

    "October 20th, 1947 is a day in which the people of Malaya call upon, to stage the greatest political demostration (rakyat peaceful strike by closing biz and stay at home for one day)that this country has never seen"

    Hartal Manifesto 6 Oct 1947

  9. This may be the fairest way to settle the question of who has the mandate of the people. I hope the people have now understood the importance of the opposition PR and what they stand for which is equality and justice. For the Chinese, it is important to overthrow the UMNO-BN because it is the root of evil that has marginzalized the Chinese for the last 45 years. Therefore, it is not possible for the Chinese to gain equality under the UMNO-BN government.

    But I really don't think Badawi will dissolve the government for the simple reason that too many UMNO-BN MPs will lose their seats. It is even likely that a new election will give the PR coalition a 2/3 majority. Therefore, UMNO-BN will rather keep their seats and not risk losing them in a new election.

    But I think Anwar has promised to hold new election within 6 months of taking over the government so as to give the people the opportunity to express its mandate. That is fair.

  10. To all of you who supported SAPP selfish move, why not the Botak done what he shouting for when he was in power as chief minister? Or at lease before 8 march 2008? why his people used BN flag to contest during the last election, it was because he was not appopinted a senator and Chairman of BIMP-NAGA as promised then he turned hostile, u people please wake up and see the real SELFISH BOTAK YONG TL...

    For Partrick Sindu, FUCK OFF.....Stop using CASH as your veil and a man, use your own identity...BODOH!!! Listen to the grassroot who talked bad about you..If you are good and sincere, you would have won the last election...wake up idiot!!

  11. Syed Hamid the Home Minister said:
    "The police, based on suspicions that there may be a threat to public order or security, can always act under the law."
    Current_News/NST/ ...

    That police MAY act under the law is not the same as saying the police may act PRECIPITOUSLY and UNJUSTIFIABLE act under the law. That is to say, the police cannot just knock somebody down, kick him for 5 minutes and then drag him off to jail for no good reasons. Before the police can arrest somebody, they must have "very good evidence" that somebody is about to commit a terrorist crime that will endanger the security of the nation. For example, if the police had good credible evidence that Teresa Kok was about to blow up the Paliament Building then they can act under the ISA and arrest her. But if the police read in some newspaper that Teresa Kok had tried to lower the noise level of the azan at some local mosque, that does not constitute good evidence that an immediate threat was posed to the security of the nation that warranted her arrest and detention. Therefore, it is obvious that the police had acted simply as a threat to terroize opposition politicians.

    In the final analysis, the police cannot go around and arrest people without good evidence. And since the police had not produced any good evidence that Teresa Kok was ever a danger to the security of the nation, there was no justification to arrest her in the first place. And for government ministers to try to sanitize the terrorist tactics of the police, it is obvious that the biggest threat to the innocent Malaysians are the UMNO-BN government and the police who have gone rogue.

  12. The fact that Teresa Kok never even was involved in the azan noise level is even more damning evidence that the police had been precipitous in her arrest and detention. The police should have investigated that she was involved and primarily responsible for the problem before they could reasonably arrest her. But it is just insufficient reason to arrest anybody just because she complained about the noise of the azan. Therefore, this entire sorry episode is just an unmitigated fiasco.

  13. Hoi VK Liew the imposter. SAPP sack the boss because the boss 1) refuse to increase salary 2)the boss is arrogant 3)the boss didnt keep the election promise 4)the boss become crazy...simply ISAed 2 soft spoken lady 4)the boss suck company money 5)many many more if write also cannot finish.

    So VK Liew the imposeter, read more on other comments, read the BN GE12 election manifesto and most important dont be a fcuker.




    Did Tan ever read bloggs? Grassroot means the ppl on the street and not the members with position!

  15. You, malnutiritious Vicky Liew imposer,, didn't u suck enough dog's milk to damage your grey matter shrink brain? Under UMNO-BN concept, they can do what they want and it's opposite for others. Not even our great Yong Teck Lee or you gay Vicky can do anything if you are still locked inside BN's type of unfair dictatorial rule. Have Ahmad Ismail or you Vicky being arrested for uttering nonesene and racial issues? No, but instead ISA was used by your doggy step-father against real everyday rakyat defenders for helping the people. Vicky the imposer, you can always take Ahmad out and kiss his butt, don't spit out, you'll like the taste coz you are 'expert' in licking.....

  16. pocketful of projectsSeptember 20, 2008 at 11:56 AM

    it is an irony that raymond tan wants to takeover parti setia. as he not setia to yong. maybe raymond tan should form "parti setia kepada projects".


    On the one hand, there is the party philosophy of ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy) and its legion of supporters in branches throughout the country...

    "First, they call a BN supreme council meeting, and then there is the Umno supreme council meeting where Ahmad's sentence is passed. It's as if Umno is taking instructions from BN and that should not be the case." (Said by an UMNO divisional official.)

    If anybody still believes that BN is an organization where all the component parties are equal and can tell UMNO how to do things should take a good look at the above and see what the reality is. The realisty is that UMNO is the master of the BN. Therefore, to be loyal to the BN is to be the running dog of UMNO. And the first agenda of UMNO is the dominance of the Malay race through ketuanan Melayu.

    So any Chinese who thinks he is doing the interests of the Chinese by being loyal to the BN is either stupid or deliberately traitorous. Or both.

  18. 沙巴政治人物揭秘 贸工部把投资家往外州挪 拨款最后一刻才到















  19. Nampaknya raymond tan hanya sekadar mahukan kepentingan dirinya sendiri drpd kepentingan orang lain la? Dia mahu nama dan kuasa lebih drpd dia cintai rakyat yg undi dia.. Kalau begini suka ampu Barisan demi pangkat biarlah dia dah tengok muka dia tahu apa jenis orang ini.. tak guna langsung hamba abdi!!!

    benci ku tengok muka dia ini dia ingat dia hebatka?!

  20. To VK Liew the imposter,

    Don't fcuk here , fcuk there... srew your own wife lah !

    You are really immoral to use vulgar words on someone in this blogsite.

    Reveal yourself n we will made you n Patrick meet... then both of you can really debate.

    Don't fcuk, fcuk. fcuk again VK, ok ?

  21. Mr. Sindu,
    We have the right to vote,so someone ia able to become "YB".
    "YBs" have the right to exercise the "no confidence" to "PM".
    Why we do not have the right to exercise "no confidence" to the "YB" who has no interest for his people ?


  22. Sidhu Patrick..common- this man is full of shit in his stomach. He should resign as teh CASH head. CASH will never accomplish anything under him. Most of the time he mingles with politic. Sadly, he doesnt have support. Reason: is his weak, no vission and doesnt know his responsibility. IF SINDHU RESIGN THE SOMEONE CAN REFORM CASH. CASH will be a useless body so long Sindu remain as its head.. Common sabah people.. let remove sindu.. we need someone with ideas, vision and dynamisme.. SINDU pls resign..