Saturday, August 16, 2008

Trace supplier of documents to foreigners

KOTA KINABALU: Tan Sri Bernard Dompok wants a Royal Commission of Inquiry to be set up to trace the supplier of Malaysian documents to illegal immigrants in Sabah.

Dompok, who is Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, said that without this, he doubted that the ongoing crackdown against illegal immigrants would be effective. more...


  1. Monday January 10, 2005
    Police arrest couple suspected of making and selling fake ICs
    KOTA KINABALU: A couple believed to be involved in “manufacturing” fake ICs and other documents were arrested by police in Sabah’s east coast Kunak district.

    The activities of the duo came to light when police arrested a 46-year-old suspect at a roadblock on Thursday. The man produced a fake identity card and the police then went to his house in Kampung Jawa, where they uncovered his clandestine operation.

    His 36-year-old Filipina wife was also arrested in the bust, in which police recovered over 21 MyKad, 29 Class D and E driving licences, nine original driving licences, 10 GDL driving licences, 38 passport-sized photographs, two temporary IC receipts, eight birth certificates, and A4 papers with thumb prints of “applicants”.

    Also seized were a “Horse” stamping unit, a stamp bearing the name of the National Registration Department officer based in Tawau, a stamp to certify authenticity and a date stamp.

    Kunak police chief Deputy Supt Mohd Zain Yaacob said yesterday that the suspects were being investigated under the National Registration Regulation for falsifying official documents.

    He said police believed that the couple were selling the fake ICs and driving licences for between RM1,000 and RM2,000 to illegal immigrants, especially those in the plantation sector.

    DSP Zain advised foreigners not to be taken in by people selling such fake documents.

    “I hope the public will inform the police immediately if they hear about people selling documents,” he added.

  2. Wednesday October 24, 2007
    Fake native certs circulating in Sabah

    KOTA KINABALU: Fake versions of native certificates are in circulation in Sabah. Kota Kinabalu District Chief William Majimbun said he had personally revoked 100 such documents.

    He said many of the fake native certificates that had been produced before him were dated after April 22, 1982 when the state stopped the issuance of such documents due to numerous abuses.

    "The people doing this probably had no idea that the certificates were no longer issued after that date," he added.

    "There were also native certificates dating back to 1979 but when we checked with our records, the signature on them differed from that of the official in charge then. We knew then that these documents were dubious," Majimbun said.

    In Sabah, children of mixed marriages with either parent from any of the state's ethnic communities are deemed bumiputra and are entitled to various privileges including acquiring native titles by using such certificates known as Sijil Anak Negri.

    Majimbun said a new twist to this situation was the forgery of letters verifying the authenticity of the native certificates.

    He said on Oct 6, the Lahad Datu Land and Survey office sent him via facsimile a copy of a letter dated Sept 25, 2007 purportedly written by him verifying the authenticity of a certificate.

    "The letter was perfect in every way but the give away was the signature. It was similar to mine but still different," said Majimbun, who became Kota Kinabalu District Chief in 2004.

    He said he subsequently lodged a police report and noted this was the instance he had stumbled across someone forging his signature.

  3. 2008/06/03
    Jaswinder Kaur: More than just the talk of Sabah

    THE formation of state- and national-level committees on illegal immigrants and raids to find and deport them have for years dominated conversations at coffee shops, sparked debates at the Sabah legislative assembly and made headlines in newspapers.

    There have been many promises, including tighter security at Sabah's porous north and east coast borders, which have led to a drop in the entry of foreigners who used to enter the country without documents, but many issues have yet to be resolved.

    Local leaders are keeping their fingers crossed that the status of children of migrants who are holding fake MyKads , or who allegedly obtained them through dubious means, crime and drug-related activities linked to illegals and pressure on medical facilities at government hospitals will be solved by the high-powered committee announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on Saturday.

    Acting on a host of requests from Sabah, Abdullah had, during a visit to Kota Kinabalu, informed the people that Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak would head the committee on illegal immigrants in the state. Najib also chairs a cabinet committee on migrant workers.

    United Pasok Momogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (Upko) secretary-general Datuk Wilfred Madius Tangau said the committee should include leaders of political parties in the state and must include all Sabahan ministers and deputy ministers.

    "Sabah leaders are the ones who know the problem and what needs to be done. The presence of illegal immigrants is more than just a political issue.

    "There are wider implications such as money owed to hospitals and stateless children.

    "Foreigners have obtained fake MyKads in the past and their children born in Sabah cannot apply for documents as records of their parents do not exist at the National Registration Department.

    "Some of them are unable to sit for exams because they don't have identity documents. What is going to become of them?

    "They are stateless. We need permanent solutions."

    Tangau said it was important to get to the root of the problem, which is to investigate the alleged "Projek IC", a project to issue identity documents to foreigners years ago.

    The existence of "Projek IC" came to light at court hearings and through the writings of those who have done research on the matter and Tangau said exposing those behind the project was key to finding a solution to the problems caused by illegals.

    He is banking on the committee to propose the need for a Royal Commission of Inquiry as he sees it as the most effective way to get testimony from those who are involved in issuing documents and from those who obtained identity cards.

    In January, the Anti-Corruption Agency in Sabah broke a fake identity card ring, and picked up four people, including a senior officer with the NRD.

    A month later, Parti Bersatu Sabah secretary-general Da-tuk Radin Malleh claimed there were 700,000 foreigners in Sabah holding MyKads with forged data.

    Consumers' Association of Sabah and Labuan president Datuk Patrick Sindu said he had been receiving many calls from the people, wanting to know if the newly-announced committee would be effective.

    "Since the prime minister has announced the formation of the committee, we hope that its members will propose and approve the setting up of a Royal Commission of Inquiry. That is the only way.

    "Some people have called me to say that we are going back to the ABCs, or to the drawing board, if we just stick to a committee," said Sindu who has been vocal on the issue.

    A senior Barisan Nasional leader, who requested to remain anonymous, said no details were given on the committee and it was left to be seen if it could tackle the problem as previous initiatives had fizzled out after a few meetings.

    Prior to Abdullah's commitment, several leaders had asked for a Royal Commission of Inquiry and others felt the establishment of a parliamentary select committee would be the best solution.

    Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman had last week said a royal commission did not guarantee a solution and that the matter could be resolved through systematic and coordinated enforcement by the authorities.

    Sabah Progressive Party president Datuk Seri Yong Teck Lee had recently stated that action against illegals did not depend on royal commissions or parliamentary select committees.

    "What the government must show is strong political will and more resources and manpower to conduct operations to detain the ring leaders and to push for the setting up of a Philippines consulate in Sa-bah.

    "Malaysia should leverage on Asean and the Organisation of Islamic Conference to get the Philippine government to cooperate," Yong said.

    Reports indicate there are 130,000 illegal immigrants in the state, although many say it could be higher.

    While it is easier for the government to track down and repatriate Indonesians with the help of the consulate general's office in Kota Kinabalu, dealing with Filipino immigrants has become a problem as the Philippines wants proper documents to be issued before their nationals are sent home. It has declined to open an office in Sabah.

    Despite some rumblings, the setting up of the committee under Najib is the federal government's pledge to help Sabah resolve its battle with illegal immigrants.

    Instead of debating if the committee would be effective, it would be best for leaders, the government, academicians, non-governmental organisations and even the private sector to pool their resources to put the issue to rest within a timeframe.

  4. 9th August, 2008
    KOTA KINABALU: The operations against illegal immigrants in Sabah went into high gear with some 1,200 people roped in as Ops Bersepadu entered its second day.

    Police in the city and neighbouring Penampang continued their pocket operations to round up illegal immigrants who were sent to screening centres where Immigration Department and National Registration Department vetted documents. However, State Secretary Datuk Sukarti Wakiman, who is director of Ops Bersepadu, has yet to make any media release on the number of immigrants that were found to be illegal or holding fake documents.

    The media has been barred to enter the two processing centres at the Luyang Community Hall and Federal Complex Multi-Purpose hall here where the detained immigrants were vetted before they were released or sent to the immigration detention centres for deportation. Some 500 personnel from various agencies are involved in the integrated operation that is being coordinated by State Security Council under the Chief Ministers department as immigration was a state matter. The Home Ministry oversees the operations.

    When contacted yesterday, Sabah deputy Police Commissioner Datuk Abdul Razak Abdul Ghani said that police were picking up migrants found without any valid document and also those in possession of suspected fake or tampered Malaysian identity cards and IMM13 visit passes issued by Immigration to Filipino refugees.

    “If our men on the ground are suspicious about the IMM13 or IC, then we will detain them and send them to the screening centres immediates for the relevant agencies to check the authenticity of the documents,” he said.

    Razak, who declined to give details of the numbers arrested by police, said that the police had faced no untoward incidents in the operations which had been proceeding smoothly.

    However, he reiterated that many of them have gone into hiding or left ahead of the operations that was widely publicised.

  5. UMNOK = illegal muslim immigrant
    UMNOK = Illegal IMM13 Holder

    Jangan main wayang kulit saja. Kita di Sabah sudah bosan janji kosong sejak 20 tahun yang lalu sampai hari ini. PIGILAH MAMPUS UMNOK

  6. Allow me to share u a story .

    There are alot of so called
    " PRO " beautiful young ladies working in the pubin KK , Penempang , Sandakan , Tawau ...........etc.
    Whenever an operation to strike on them , police & immigration officers when reaching the suspected premises , " PRO" just disappear in the thin air . U just can't find them there i the pubs .

    Thats is the truth .

    Now we have another type of OPERATION on illegals .
    Before that the politicians made the nnouncement , then the police force also do so , the Rela follow suit , immigrations dept follow too. They started to make BIG announcement before they strike , why ???????

    Infact the authorities conserned are giving ample time to tell all illegals immigrants m " Hi brothers & sisters , we are coming after , u all should know what to do . If u can run pls run as far as possible & hide places where we our enforcement officers cannot find u all .

    Only after the OPERATION then u come out again .

    That is the so call BN Govenment' OPERATION "
    So 500,000 thousands of illegals in Sabah all went into hiding places .

    So when the authorities caught hold 154 illegals first day , they publishedin the Headlines in the local newspapers . So proud of it . Next day another odd one hundred plus illegals got caught , another headlines in the newspapaers , Job Done , so proud of it .

    I have asked my 8 yrs old daughter to help me to do the calculation .

    Let us make a simple calculations Primary school mathematic with estimate 500,000 illegls immigrants in Sabah , one day we can catch 200 illegals ,

    Question is how many days or how many yrs it will take to finish the OPERATION to call off ?
    Answer is - it will take 2500 days or 6 yrs plus 8 months to finish the so call OPERATIONS

    Can u imagine , my fellow Sabahans that our BN Government OPERATION can really successful in implementing in Sabah ???

    I doubt it /

  7. ***This article was copy from
    It's clearly shown and prove that Najib and his wife is the killer of altantuya. Do follow this story through the website above that i mention just now. UMNO-BN must be bring down to graveyard!!!

    Raja Petra Kamaruddin

    For example, one of my Deep Throats, who is a very senior Umno man and who can be regarded as one of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s advisors, told me that all my allegations in the Statutory Declaration are true.


    Raja Petra Kamarudin

    Shafee latest challenger to RPK’s online stature
    The Malaysian Insider, 14 August 2008

    Nearly every day last week, Datuk Shafee Abdullah had to field calls from friends, colleagues and fellow lawyers. All the conversations started in the same vein, sans the small talk, with a question: have you read the articles on you by Raja Petra Kamarudin?

    After dismissing the articles — which alleged that he was the hidden hand behind the sodomy case against Opposition icon Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim — the prominent lawyer promised to enter unfamiliar territory to clear his name and turn the tables on the blogger who runs the popular website Malaysia Today.

    He delivered half of his promise yesterday by seeking and obtaining a rare order from the High Court, so rare that lawyers could not remember the last time any journalist/blogger in Malaysia was directed by the courts to reveal the source or sources of his reports. The order for Raja Petra to reveal the identities of readers who commented on the offending reports is unprecedented.

    There have been cases in the United Kingdom and United States where bloggers have been ordered to reveal the identities of those who made defamatory postings on websites. But not in Malaysia.

    Justice Datuk Tee Ah Sing also ordered Raja Petra to remove the articles titled "Shafee Abdullah: Sodomologist Extraordinaire'' ( ); "Money, Power and Sex: What Motivates Man'' ( ); and "The Real Dalang Behind the Anwar Sodomy Allegation ( ).''

    His order asking Raja Petra to reveal the sources and identities of those posted comments on his blog will have far-reaching consequences, and could signal a move by the courts here to spell out clearly the boundaries for commentary and comments on blogs and websites. It also comes at a time when government ministers and officials have been calling for closer monitoring of bloggers and tougher action against defamatory articles on the Internet.

    Tee's decision will provoke a gush of criticisms in blogosphere, where the prevalent view is that the Bill of Guarantees under the Multimedia Super Corridor provides a shield against any censorship or restriction against the freedom of speech. Lawyers have noted that the laws of defamation apply equally in any sphere, as long as the key ingredients in a defamation charge are made out.

    They also believe that Shafee is relying on the Norwich Pharmacal principle to compel Raja Petra to reveal his sources and the identities of those who posted allegedly defamatory comments about him. In 1974, the House of Lords devised the principle to compel individuals or companies to reveal the identities of infringers so that the aggrieved party could take action against them.

    By taking this route, Shafee is going for broke and is inviting a fight from Raja Petra, who already has a clutch of court appearances before him. In a statement to the newspapers yesterday, he said: "I have not seen anything more defamatory than what this man has written. None of what he said is true.

    "Even someone with a pea-sized brain would realise the preposterousness of the stories Raja Petra has posted on his blog.''

    These comments are unlikely to force the blogger into submission. Indeed, it could embolden him and force a standoff.

    In the past, he has accused Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak and his wife of being involved in the murder of Mongolian model Altantutya Shaariibuu; has accused the Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan of being involved in criminal activities and the Attorney-General Tan Sri Gani Patail of wrongdoing in the first sodomy case against Anwar in 1998.

    He has been charged with criminal defamation for alleging that Datin Rosmah Mansor and two others were present when C4 explosives were used on Altantuya, and has said that the prospect of going to jail does not frighten him.

    It is difficult to envisage him yielding to the High Court order and revealing the sources of the three articles or the identities of those who posted comments on his blog by Saturday. It will be seen as nothing less than a capitulation for someone who has built a reputation of taking on all comers.

    Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said it very aptly last month when the allegation of sodomy against Anwar Ibrahim first broke. Of course he will deny it, said Abdullah. No one will admit it. That would be the normal reaction of anyone being accused of something.

    Okay, that was not exactly the way he put it but he said, more or less, this: it is normal for someone accused of something to deny it and that no one would admit it. And that is exactly my response to Shafee Abdullah as well: would he admit it and would it not be normal for him to deny it?

    He knows what I am saying is true and that is why he is demanding that I reveal my sources of information. It is actually six sources of information to be exact. Three of these sources are Datuks who were in that very meeting room in Shafee’s office that I wrote about. They saw the whiteboard and listened to the conversation between Aziz and his three or four police officers. The whiteboard had Anwar Ibrahim’s and my name on it with notes, charts and scribblings below it. And Aziz and his police officers mentioned Anwar’s and my name many times with sodomy the main topic of discussion.

    I also have other witnesses who told me how Shafee bragged about how he is behind the sodomy allegation against Anwar and about how he is going to fix Anwar up. He also bragged that he is going to be appointed the next Attorney-General and that he will be selling off his law firm once that happens. These same people even wanted to give me the names of all the women -- and it was one hell of a long list -- whom Shafee is screwing around with but I told them that I am not interested in that part of his misdeeds because that is between him and the women he is screwing.

    These informers know what they saw and heard. And I too know what they told me. And whatever I wrote about Shafee is the gospel and no court order is going to transform a devil into an angel. That I am very clear about, as clear as my name is Raja Petra Bin Raja Kamarudin.

    The Malaysian Insider piece above also said:

    In the past, he has accused Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak and his wife of being involved in the murder of Mongolian model Altantutya Shaariibuu; has accused the Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan of being involved in criminal activities and the Attorney-General Tan Sri Gani Patail of wrongdoing in the first sodomy case against Anwar in 1998. He has been charged with criminal defamation for alleging that Datin Rosmah Mansor and two others were present when C4 explosives were used on Altantuya, and has said that the prospect of going to jail does not frighten him,

    Well, Anwar Ibrahim has already lodged a police report about the IGP and AG fabricating evidence against him in 1998. Did they charge Anwar with the crime of making a false police report? Furthermore, Anwar also furnished the evidence to support his police report. Anwar even called a press conference to reveal the evidence and to announce the police report he made. So, is what I wrote a lie?

    With regards to the IGP story, I attached Statutory Declarations from half a dozen or so senior police officers plus another two from underworld bosses that confirmed the links between the IGP and the crime syndicate headed by BK Tan. We are talking about Statutory Declarations here, not idle conversation and whispers in the night. If these six police officers and the two underworld bosses lied and signed false Statutory Declarations why were they not charged like I was when I too signed a Statutory Declaration? I have actually seen many other documents as well but I decided not to publish them because I want to protect the source. But at least these documents helped convince me that the IGP is guilty as hell and not a victim of slander.

    The same goes for the allegation against Rosmah and the husband and wife Lt Cols as well. Initially, the police wanted to charge me for the crime of making a false Statutory Declaration. Then, during my two-hour interrogation, when the police realised that I do really have reliable sources as I claim I have, they decided to drop the false declaration charge and instead charge me with criminal defamation.

    The police and AG realised that if I am charged for making a false declaration I would be able to produce witnesses who will testify that they did give me information based on Military Intelligence reports -- which was the basis of my Statutory Declaration. This frightened them and they backed off.

    “How well do you know this informer?” the police asked me.

    “45 years. Longer than I know my wife who I have known for only 40 years,” I replied.

    I caught the police glancing at each other. They then tried squeezing more information out of me such as the identity of the informers(s) but they got nothing. I then challenged the police to charge me for the crime of making a false declaration and then the informer(s) will come forward to take the stand. That will not only demolish their entire case against me but the truth will also surface and my story will be confirmed.

    I goaded the police and dared them to take me to court. “Charge me!” I told the police with a cheeky smile on my face. “Charge me and my informers will come forward. That will be the end of Najib. He will never become Prime Minister.”

    And that is the very reason why they dropped the false declaration charge and instead charged me for criminal defamation. They want to make sure that I would have no opportunity to bring my witnesses to court. In a charge of false declaration I will need my witnesses to testify that they in fact did give me information. The truth of the information is not that crucial. It is whether you were, as you claim, informed. In a criminal defamation charge it no longer matters whether you told the truth or you lied or whether someone did or did not give you that information. Even if you told the truth and someone did give you that information you would still be guilty.

    Smart people these police and AG, are they not? And that is the same reason why they charged me under the Sedition Act. Under the Sedition Act it also does not matter whether you told the truth or you lied. Even if you told the truth you are still guilty -- as what happened to Marina Yusoff when the court ruled that the truth has nothing to do with the matter. Even if you told the truth it is still sedition.

    Can you see how they carefully chose the charges so that they need not prove I lied? I also will have no opportunity to prove that I told the truth, as the truth is not material to the charge. The charge is about whether I did say or write all those things and not about whether there is any truth in what I said or wrote.

    In short, they can send me to jail for telling the truth as long as they can establish that I did say or write whatever I am being charged for saying or writing. They hope that once I am convicted then the public perception would be I have lied because most people would not comprehend I am being sent to jail for telling the truth.

    So I am not going to bother accepting any challenges to prove what I wrote or to reveal my sources. Even if I produce 100 witnesses who will swear on their mother’s grave that what I said and wrote is true I will still end up in jail. And if I am going to be sent to jail anyway, why sacrifice my Deep Throats? Once I expose even just one of my Deep Throats no one will come forward any more after this.

    For example, one of my Deep Throats, who is a very senior Umno man and who can be regarded as one of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s advisors, told me that all my allegations in the Statutory Declaration are true.

    “What you said in your SD is true,” he told me. “Yes, Rosmah was there when they blew Altantuya up and Najib has been fucking Altantuya. We all know about it. Most Umno people know about it, even the PM.”

    So what do I do with this information? Sign another Statutory Declaration and name my informer? If I do, will he ever see me again, let alone tell me all those things? That’s right, they trust me enough to tell me all those things because they know I will go to jail rather than finger them. And that is why I am able to get information no one else can.

    Oh, by the way, the Military Intelligence boys told me not to worry. “We will never let them put you in jail,” they said. “We will make sure that we will do anything it takes to keep you out of jail.”

    Hey, as I told the police in my cautioned statement under Section 112, I have known my wife for only 40 years. I have known these people for 45. Would I not trust them with my life? Okay, maybe not with my life, but at least with my freedom.

    Okay, so now let the games begin. You wanna tango, let’s tango. But this might be your last tango if you’re not careful because, for sure, I do not plan for it to be my last, as I have many more revelations to offer the Malaysian public.

    What’s that? You think I am taunting them? You can bet your sweet ninny I am.