Monday, July 21, 2008

FCAS calls for legalisation of illegals

The Federation of Chinese Associations Sabah (FCAS) has called for the legalisation of illegal immigrants who have been in Sabah for more than 15 years without criminal records, as part of positive measures and action to be carried out to solve the illegal immigrant problem in the State.

Whether it was actually one of the 16 resolutions adopted at the FCAS Annual General Meeting 2008 remains to be seen. How many of them (illegals) are we talking about?


  1. what is FCAS? Fxxking Cum Ass Sucking group? what authority do they have and do they know what will be the consequences by leeting those "millions" of PTI become citizen of sabah? Sari Tan may be a bumiputra and he may need all those PTI to be his cheap workers so that he will be enrich further...go to hell with him!!!

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  3. what the fuck, is he (Sari Tan) sabahan or UMNO running dog???

  4. VoxPop: 'Let's not pay 2008 income tax'
    Jul 21, 08 10:44am
    'Can we, the helpless rakyat, organise something to tell our politicians that we are sick of their behaviour?'

    On Are BN politicians going bonkers?

    Teokeloomangoop: As a Malaysian tired of the events unfolding every day, can we, the helpless rakyat, organise something to tell our politicians that we are sick of their behaviour? How about we all refuse to pay the income tax in 2008?

    Unhappy Malaysian: After what has happened to Anwar and reading about the other despicable happenings in the news in our country, I am worried and very unhappy.

    I am an elderly man, and since I was young I was never interested in politics. I was aware that bad things were going on in the government, but it seems to have gone from bad to intolerable. I know the poor are suffering. What can be done?

    The BN government and its component parties are now believed to be incapable of looking after the people and country. They appear irrelevant because they have lost the trust of the people. What is needed now is a change government, one that can really perform, the sooner the better.

    If the current politicians in power cannot perform to meet the rakyat's expectations, why can they not be honest and just resign? Maybe they prefer to be voted out, and that is what the people can promise them in the next election.

    Dr RN: Most country leaderships styles which followed Castro’s, Mugabe’s or even Mahathir’s philosophies to overstay in power are all slowly and clearly failing.

    They are clueless as to what is going to happen and just want to hang on to power desperately or perish. They are being pushed to a corner which is getting hotter by the day and no one could be blamed for this, except themselves.

    Foreign Investor In Malaysia: The atmosphere created by the ruling party in Malaysia, the police and the attorney-general is not bringing any good luck or new investments to the country. Now, investors have a choice, and they are acting as follows:

    They began selling, since the March 8 elections, all the shares they owned in Malaysia. As a result, the stocks exchange and the ringgit suffer, and suffer badly.

    Everyone knows that foreign investors are net sellers, not buyers, so the local investors are getting cold feet and following the trend set by foreign institutions. Malaysia is losing, and the people will suffer, not the Umnoputeras of this country.

    New FDI - now that the bigger, more lucrative countries of India, China, Vietnam and Indonesia are opening up with bigger, better markets, Malaysia is becoming too politically unstable to invest in directly.

    The government, with its police-state mentality like that of the Stalin era in the collapsed Soviet Union, is ruining the country just to protect Najib, Khairy, Abdullah and those related to these three.

    Shame on this beautiful country called Malaysia. People will suffer, and Malaysia is now going the path of Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Again, foreigners are getting out or not coming. Who will suffer? The people of Malaysia.

    As a foreign investor in this country for the past 30 years, I am now thinking of liquidating my assets and flying on a plane to Vietnam to look for investment opportunities in that country.

    After that, I fly to Cambodia. With Malaysia surely out, Vietnam is surely better with Indonesia.

    Koh: Our government is choosing the wrong priorities at this crucial point in time. This is the time we assess the neighboring countries’ situations and make strategic moves.

    We’ve lost FDI to Thailand and Vietnam before, but now Vietnam is facing the problems of extreme high inflation and high interest rate, as is the Philippines. Thailand is facing internal political turmoil, along with border issues with Cambodia.

    In this time, our elected government should use all of its machinery and resources to bring back the FDI in manufacturing that we lost to Thailand and Vietnam and in services that we lost to the Philippines.

    We are an oil exporter, and with lower inflation and interest rates, competent human resources and good infrastructure, we should win back the investments and gain a stronger economic foothold in this opportune time.

    If we did this, our economy would get better and people’s hardship could be reduced. Instead, the government wastes energy and resources to focus on internal political squabbles, neglecting the nation and the people.

    An elected government is supposed to serve the people and lead the nation, not focus on who sodomised whom. There is a far more important national agenda! Even the police are tasked with protecting the citizens from crime. When the police focused resources on Anwar and Raja Petra, how many snatch thieves and car robbers got caught?

    It will be a huge missed opportunity if our elected government chooses to inflict wounds on itself at this critical time

    RM: Resulting from a Freudian slip he made, Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak was forced to admit that he had lied about his relationship with Saiful Bukhari, the man who is accusing Anwar Ibrahim of homosexual rape.

    How then can we trust him about the other things he has said in public, for example about his relationship with Altantuya the Mongolian interpreter who was murdered in cold blood?

    There are serious allegations about Najib having received huge kickbacks from the purchase of the Scorpene submarines from France and the Sukhoi jet fighters from Russia but the Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is not responding to public demands for an independent commission to inquire into the allegations.

    This Najib has the impertinence to tell us taxpayers that the police must treat Anwar Ibrahim with the degree of decorum and respect that he deserves.

    Let me tell Najib this. When Anwar Ibrahim becomes the prime minister and we have a truly people-friendly police force, you can be sure that he will not have you and your wife Rosmah taken to a doctor to have your private parts probed.

    The inspector-general of police, the attorney-general and the chairperson of the Election Commission appeared together on prime time TV just before the general elections and lied through their teeth about the use of the indelible ink to prevent voter fraud.

    The PM lied in public about the date of the elections. And the Cabinet reneged on its promise not to increase the price of petrol. The police have yet to account for the more than100 deaths of ordinary citizens while in police custody in recent months.

    Arbibi Ashoy: I was shocked by the latest trumped up sodomy charges against Anwar. In fact, it makes a mockery of the seriousness of ‘sexual tresspassing’. Being violated sexually is a traumatic experience and this charade that the government is putting on for Malaysians is demeaning to rape victims and makes light of the horrors of sexual abuse.

    Why is the government doing this? Obviously, the idea is to make it look as if there is a culture of fitnah (slandering) in Malaysia. As one person whom I overheard say - ‘I don't really know what to believe anymore’.

    Actually, knowing what to believe or not is not difficult really. One only needs to look at what is known as the ‘media factor’. The Malaysian media is run by editors who are servants of the political masters.

    Thus when the media takes an unusual interest in something, there definitely are political interests involved especially of those at the top of the pyramid.

    Take for example the murder case of Altantuya Shaariibuu. The Malaysian media portrayed her as a loose woman and blackmailer. Why? Is Abdul Razak Baginda such an important person that the media would go all out to smear and discredit the murder victim?

    In fact, this is one fact which I found puzzling - why was the Malaysian media so harsh towards the murder victim and so intent on ruining her reputation? Clearly there is more than meets the eye.

    Newspaper editors in Malaysia know who their masters are and will go all out to defend them. Was the Malaysian media defending Abdul Razak Baginda when they called Altantuya Shaariibu bad names? Or someone else? Think about that.

    Maugham: There are very strong indications that BN politicians are acting in desperation to keep a hold on power when they can no longer do so. In the previous decades, the continuance of power was due to lack of alternatives.

    However, as we build confidence in alternatives the degree of desperation in BN likewise increases.

    The misuse of powers, the lust for keeping them as long as possible come whatever may, the frightening and ghostly stories publicised to ensure public becomes fearful of alternatives, the racial, religious and socio-economic issues emerging at this point in time and the repeat of historical events are all indications measuring the desperate moments of the need for prolonged powers.

    Interestingly, it can only happen in a country where maturity of education in rather low, where the democracy is interpreted with limitations, where information sharing is closed rather than open and power is only meant for one party claiming capability to rule.

    Look around the world, one can get a list of developing countries with such characteristics.

    Eric KJ Lim: I have every reason to believe BN is desperate and is very afraid of Anwar. What about Thursday's Klang Valley jam? Why don’t the police explain?

    Being late twice in a week is enough reason to give warning letters or maybe even to get fired. Will the government compensate fired workers? I think BN should. Luckily, many companies realised the desperate actions BN made on Monday and Thursday.

    If a student does not turn up for his exams, he is considered to have failed it. Is BN going to explain that? I completely doubt it, because BN couldn’t care less.

    I am ashamed to be a Malaysian. Going overseas, people usually ask, ‘Where are you from?’ Then you answer, ‘Malaysia’. They say, ’Oh, Malaysia! I know that one. The political unrest - I cancelled my trip. They say it's not safe to go there.’

    What do you want me to say? Say yes, because it's true? Or say no, and I would telling a big lie? At times, I choose to just answer ‘Singapore’, because I can pass off as a Singaporean, having spent a couple years there. People do look up to Singapore but look down at Malaysia - that's the truth.

    I chose not to vote in GE12 because I was not on either side. When the next election comes, whether its by election or GE, I know who I want to vote for now. Let's not just make it a tsunami, let's make it sink forever.

    Remember the morning of March 9? The eeuphoric feeling, did it feel good? I know I felt good.

    On Raja Petra arrested, charged in court

    Peter Ooi: I have been spending half a day pondering the reason for charging Raja Petra for defaming Rosmah by the police and not the one being defamed, Rosmah herself.

    I am sure Rosmah, being a deputy prime minister's wife, would have sufficient means to sue Raja Petra upside down.

    Now as it is, public funds are involved and lots of man hours are to be spent in prosecuting RPK. The prosecutors are already finding hard to prosecute so many cases so why burden them with a case that appears to me civil in nature.

    The police, too, have many unsolved crimes to keep them busy. With this extra work load, it definitely would not help.

    Yih Feng Low: I fail to understand the concept of criminal defamation with which RPK is being charged with. It has always been my understanding that defamation, be it slander or libel, is a civil case and if Najib is concerned about his reputation, he should summon his own lawyers to fight his own fight rather than involving the police and state-paid prosecutors.

    Also, I fail to understand why no investigation was carried out on RPK's allegations/declarations. Shouldn't Najib at least show up at a police station to give his statements?

    What makes it even more baffling is that when Anwar is accused of sodomy, the same privilege isn't accorded to him, even though he is just as much of a citizen as Najib is and should be accorded the exact same rights/treatments.

    At the end of the day, RPK accuses someone of involvement in murder and ends up being charged in criminal court for what is effectively a civil case and Najib gets away scot-free, without being quizzed by police nor having to spend a single sen for lawyers and court fees.

    Saiful accuses someone of sodomy and he gained immediate police protection and Anwar was accosted by police and thoroughly investigated plus having to get his own lawyers to defend him.

    I simply can't see how that is fair treatment.

    On Another shouting match over racism in the House

    Muhammad Ahnaf: Has either Tajuddin or Ibrahim Ali actually seen the constitution?

    Did they not read, in Article 153 (2), that ‘the Yang di-Pertuan Agong shall [...] ensure the reservation for Malays and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak of such proportion as he may deem reasonable[...] of scholarships’?

    Perhaps they did read that part, but aren't able to understand how it shows that the bumi and non-bumi scholarship quotas are changeable. Poor dears, perhaps we need to set aside scholarships for them too, so they can learn not to stretch their mouths larger than their feet.

    DelCapo: The racial remarks, arrogance and bullying rants from ministers are in really bad form. Is it really spelled out in the constitution that scholarships are only for Malays?

    ‘Tajuddin: You shut up! You shut up! I have children studying in England, Ireland and Australia and they have no scholarships.’

    May I ask the minister, did you come from a well-off family? If you did it purely on a minister's salary scale, I am very impressed.

    Malaysian: I was one of many who watched this issue yesterday. As when the rakyat are trying to believe and implement the meaning of Bangsa Malaysia, and as we hear more often in parliament, ‘we are colour blind,’ said many times by the government, the big issue over providing a basic, fundamental need for the future of the rakyat - higher education loan/ scholarship - has turned ugly.

    Fine, we agree with 55/45 ratio. What we disagree is the way some of the BN Mps are too heavy-hearted to even talk openly about giving scholarship to non-bumis. Don't they look at non-bumis as Malaysians too?

    All Malaysians are Malaysians, and we love this country. We (non-bumis) don't say that we love this country 55% lesser than the bumis. We are also not given any special discount when we pay taxes too, right?

    Why do we have to beg for something that belongs to all? We do not want your pithiness, we want you to do your job.

    Kenny Gan: Given the very racist content of the altercation over scholarships started by an Umno politician, why were MCA and MIC MPs keeping quiet? Do they represent the communities that were being slighted and denied fair treatment?

    Is it only the responsibility of Pakatan Rakyar MPs to speak up for non-Malays? I would like to request MCA and MIC to seriously look at the roles they play in national politics, instead of wasting time and energy re-branding their parties.

    If they continue to be satisfied with a subservient role in BN, they should remove the words ‘Malaysian Chinese’ and ‘Malaysian Indian’ from their party names in order not to misrepresent themselves to the respective minority communities.

    On 'Frustrated' MCA leader quits

    Mooshie Mooshie: It must have exceeded her boiling point for a known, hard-core MCA senior party whip to disclose the way she feels about the party.

    I saw a close friend and ex-party-whip (also not seeking re-election into the upper echelons this term) recently at a mall.

    ‘MCA,’ he said with a tone of voice that sounded somewhat sad and disappointed, ‘has lost its direction and is now trying to come out of the wilderness. It is too deeply entrenched in the backseat, led by Umno for last fifty years. It’s a little too late now, MCA has become irrelevant to the Chinese, including myself,’ he said.

    Tan Yee Kiew's move is not totally surprising. We believe that this is the start of the domino effect that will gloss the belief that MCA is irrelevant. Only time will tell.

    On 'Opposition did plan demo today'

    LBL: Why does minister Syed Hamid insist that he knows PR is organising a demonstration at the parliament house? Is there another mole in the midst of PR?

    Another Saiful? It looks like he received another piece of misinformation. Expose the person - avoid another sodomy charge.

    On The truth shall set M'sia free

    Boon: I do agree with most non-Muslim Malaysians that we do have a valid fear that PAS would like to turn Malaysia into a more Islamic state.

    However, I feel that non-Muslims, especially the Christians (or Catholics, or whatever denominations they would like to call themselves) are not really promoting a sense of religious tolerance.

    If you read the above article, you feel like you're sitting in on a Sunday sermon. His arguments about logic and perception and how the Catholic Church recanted when Galileo empirically proved that the Sun was the centre of the universe, not the Earth.

    He failed to mention that this ‘recantation’ was not done until this century, and that Galileo was under house-arrest until his death.

    And what about truth being verifiable? The statement that ‘God exists’ is still a perception to this day. Has anyone proven beyond doubt that God exists? It is till now only a perception, reinforced by faith.

    The example of the four boys being late does not mean anything, it only states that the four of them did not collaborate on their lie. And even if the tyre did puncture, what if the four of them were seeing it from a different point of view?

    And in the conclusion and advice, I didn't know that our prime minister was actually elected by God. I thought he was selected by Dr Mahathir.

    Furthermore, what did he mean by ‘My advice to Pak Lah: just do what God has called you to do, and He might honour your desire to hand over the leadership of Umno to your deputy’? Is Abdullah now suddenly the hand-of-god on earth, and his mandate was given from the Almighty?

    Why can't we simply ask the man to do what is good, right and humble, and let his action win the hearts of the people?

    My conclusion and wish is to see that, no matter what religious background our leader is, he should steer our country towards development and kindness to all. After all, religious beliefs are personal, and should not be national.

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  6. Anwar’s Arrest Raises Tensions
    Tag it:Jed Yoong
    16 July 2008
    Malaysian opposition leader is taken on sodomy charges as opposition pressure grows

    Police, some wearing balaclava masks, descended on the home of Anwar Ibrahim Tuesday, arresting the opposition leader on charges of forcibly sodomizing a 23-year-old male aide. The move ratcheted up political tensions in Malaysia and sent Anwar’s supporters into the streets around the police station where he was being held.

    At a time when Anwar seemed poised to seize power, the scene was reminiscent of a decade ago when Anwar was arrested on similar charges. About 20 officer in 10 cars arrived at about 1 pm as he was returning from filing a report with the Anti-Corruption Agency against the country’s police chief and attorney general, accusing them of fabricating evidence against him in his original trial for sexual perversion and corruption in 1998.

    Parti Keadilan Rakyat, or the People’s Justice Party, of which Anwar is the defacto leader, issued a statement calling for calm and said he had intended to appear at the police station an hour later to give a statement concerning the latest round of charges. Anwar has filed a libel suit against the man who made the complaint and attempted to take the matter to Malaysia’s Islamic court.

    His supporters allege that the latest sexual perversion charges were trumped up in an effort to thwart his attempt to lodge charges against the country’s police chief, Musa Hassan, and attorney-general, Gani Patail, for fabricating the 1998 case against him. Musa was the lead investigating officer and Gani the head prosecutor at the controversial trial that many believe was a politically motivated plot to end Anwar’s career. The opposition figure was later released and has been poised to return to parliament — and perhaps take a shot at becoming Prime Minister

    The arrest is only the latest in a series of lurid charges hurled by both the opposition and the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition since March elections that saw the Barisan lose its two-thirds majority in parliament for the first time in the country’s 50-year history. The intensifying struggle has driven down the stock market and raised concerns that political paralysis will affect the slumping economy.

    “These events are deeply disturbing to us and indicate that this entire episode is a repeat of the actions taken against Anwar Ibrahim in 1998,” Anwar’s office said in a statement released Tuesday after his arrest. “During the last few weeks the government-owned mainstream media has demonized and vilified him. His staff has been harassed and we see a conspiracy being hatched to thwart the political change that is imminent in Malaysia."

    Sankara Nair, Anwar’s lawyer, told reporters that no warrant of arrest was presented and that he suspected the arrest was unrelated to the sodomy allegations as Anwar was on his way to the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters to give his statement on those charges as agreed.

    “In fact, several minutes before the arrest, the investigation officer DSP Jude Pereira called us to ask if were coming. We replied that we would be there at 2pm sharp," Sankara said. “If Anwar had not showed up at 2pm, I would understand the need to arrest. The police have breached the trust and confidence we once had. Now, my client has expressed fear that he will be subjected to intimidation by the police”.

    Anwar had refused to go to the city's police headquarters on Monday to respond to a police report lodged on June 28 by Saiful Bukhari Azlan, claiming that the 61-year-old politician committed sodomy, a crime punishable by up to 20 years in prison and caning.

    The arrest came barely a day after a live telecast of an unprecedented debate between Anwar and Information Minister Shabery Cheek in which Anwar dodged personal attacks and argued for lower fuel prices. He added that Tenaga Nasional, the national electricity supplier, was restricted by contracts with independent power producers to hold “the highest (electricity) reserves in the world,” thus passing additional costs to consumers.

    From as early as Saturday, in the face of a no-confidence vote against Badawi being tabled in parliament on Monday, the Barisan Nasional deployed about 1,600 police to man roadblocks apparently hoping to weed out opposition supporters said to be traveling to Kuala Lumpur for a major protest rally. A court order was issued on Sunday to “arrest on sight” Anwar and his supporters within a five-kilometer radius of Parliament.

    Police also barred the press initially from entering parliament to cover the day's proceedings. Eventually officials let reporters with government passes in.

    The roadblocks caused traffic jams and stoked concerns over a recent fuel price hike that saw pump prices almost doubling. “Today the police have set up road blocks to prevent a public rally,” Mahathir wrote on his blog, “I do not blame the police for doing this. It is their job. But thousands of cars would be burning costly fuel as they inch their way forward to pass the block. We need to check not just the passenger cars but also the buses and the trains. They are unusually crowded now. They provide loopholes for determined demonstrators.”

    “The government is paranoid,” lawmaker Tian Chua of Parti Keadilan Rakyat told AFP on July 13. “We just called our supporters to witness the debate, but authorities think it will be a mass gathering. There is no need for the roadblocks.”

    Since the general election, Anwar has repeatedly predicted that the opposition would lure enough lawmakers to bring down the government. At the same time, rank and file members of the dominant United Malays National Organisation, mostly driven by Mahathir, have called for Badawi's immediate resignation.

    To ease the pressure, Badawi said on July 10 that he would step down in mid-2010 to make way for Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak to take over. However, Najib is marred by corruption charges and allegations that he was involved in the gruesome 2006 murder of a 28-year-old Mongolian woman with whom he is alleged to have had an affair. Najib denies all charges.

    Comments (4)

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    ... : Ahmad Omar
    In Malaysia, there is a thing called sin transfer which was invented by UMNO. If an UMNO man does a crime, the opposition party man must go to jail. eg. Rahim Tamby Chik rapes a minor and Lim Guan Eng had the sins transfered to him. Now Najib commits murder and the sins are transfered to Anwar.

    July 18, 2008If they arrest Anwar they should also arrest, Najib, Mahatir, The Chief of the Special Branch, etc,, : E.L.
    If they arrest Anwar they should also arrest Najib, Mahatir, Abdullah, The Chief of the Special Branch, etc., and all the other people inside and outside of the UMMNO, MCA, MIC, organisations who are guilty of murder, adultery, bribery, stealing money from the state, and last but not least sodomy! Yes, it takes one to know one but this won't happen because the only person who gets charged and sent to jail is (poor) Anwar Ibrahim. History is repeating itself so I plead with all just Malaysians in and out of Malaysia to STAND UP and FIGHT against the OPPRESSION and LIES - LETS STOP IT NOW FROM HAPPENING AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN! SAVE MALAYSIA FROM ITS HELL AND ITS EVENTUAL DESTRUCTION IN THIS LIFE AND THE HEREAFTER!

    July 17, 2008Play dirty : Ayu
    Malaysian authorities should adduce DNA evidence on the alleged sodomy assualt instead of picking up the suspect.

    Despite several allegations including signed oaths of improprieties on the part of Najib and his wife, the police has done nothing to bring the duo to account.

    All this gives an impression of how dirty the politics can be in Malaysia.

    July 17, 2008Why should Anwar be arrested by the Special Forces? : joefernandez
    Why should Anwar be arrested by the Special Branch? They would have probably taken him away to a secret location. The CID may have stepped in and saved him from that fate.

    This is the most disturbing feature of many states including democracies i.e. the role played by the intelligence services. They conduct themselves like a state within a state. We have seen what the CIA was capable of in America from the Bay of Pigs incident to the assassination of President John Kennedy and Watergate. They were involved in covert and overt operations with slush funds and drug money. Many CIA operatives even ran their own empires. The fall of Richard Nixon culminated in the total re-branding of the CIA, NSA and FBA with Congressional oversight.

    In Iran, after the revolution, the intelligence services were disbanded. Similarly, after the fall of East Germany.

    Pakistan is in fact run by the intelligence services in defiance of the government. They engineer coups, assassinations (Benazir Bhutto!), train and finance the Taliban and run covert operations in Afghanistan including peddling drugs and in India.

    I think it's high time we close down the Special Branch and replace it with a new and transparent intelligence service under a different name. One that serves the nation rather than act as a branch of the ruling party.

    Anwar has been quite forgiving. After his release from jail, he should have targeted the Special Branch. But he didn't.

    July 16, 2008

  7. 'DNA samples can be planted'
    Jul 21, 08 10:29am
    ‘With the current credibility of our police force and AG, I believe it would take more than international experts for the rakyat to believe in fair investigations for Anwar.’

    On Police mull court action to get DNA

    Raymond: The government is currently proposing that international experts be brought in to examine the DNA evidence of DSAI when or if he submits samples for DNA testing. This suggestion is touted as being proof of the government's willingness to get to the truth.

    International experts would lend a credible hand in matching possible samples of the DNA evidence and, if the samples were found to be a match, would put a stop to the accusations of manipulation by the authorities.

    The problem is not the matching of the samples, but the obtaining of it. Samples can be planted.

    With the current credibility of our police force and AG, I believe it would take more than introducing international experts for the rakyat to believe in fair investigations. DNA samples could have easily be obtained from DSAI in 1998 when he was brutally beaten, and can easily be planted.

    The ongoing investigation by the ACA on the IGP and AG on their alleged role in planting evidence in 1998 during the investigation of DSAI has made the current investigation, whatever its conclusion, look like a conspiracy, with the help of international experts on DNA or not.

    Stewart Ngau: I read that DSAI was stripped naked and his private parts were examined and measured. My main concern is that the pro-Umno doctor may extract some fluid from his private part and inject it into Saifuf's anus. This can be used as an evidence against DSAI.

    Please Anwar, don't ever ever let them touch your private parts and take your DNA. For what reason do they want to examine and measure your private parts? It is completely absurd.

    Justice For All Malaysians: Malaysians are intrigued as to why the police force and the home minister are desperately trying to get a sample of Anwar's DNA when his DNA was already obtained in 1998 in his sodomy allegation trial.

    It is in the thought of most Malaysians that the police force could easily compare this 1998 sample to that of Saiful's DNA and come to the conclusion that Anwar is the culprit.

    The fact that the police force and home minister are very adamant in getting a recent DNA sample from Anwar indicates that they may be up to something not good.

    The only possible reason is that Anwar's DNA was not found in Saiful's DNA sample. Otherwise, the police force would have immediately arrested Anwar and prosecuted him.

    As in most conspiracy cases, the only way to entrap Anwar is to first obtain a new DNA sample from him and then ‘plant’ it into Saiful's DNA.

    This is foolproof because even if Anwar were to engage the best DNA experts in the world, they would still find his DNA in Saiful's DNA sample. In the field of criminology, we call this ‘implanting of evidence’.

    The argument put forward by the home minister that it is best to obtain a fresh DNA sample reinforces the above conspiracy theory.

    DNA remains unchanged over the years, which is why forensics specialists and archeologists still extract and study DNA from hundreds or even thousands of years ago. The home minister is using this excuse to get a fresh sample of Anwar's DNA to entrap him and blame it on the opposition.

    Lai Seng Tan: I believe Anwar Ibrahim is justified in his refusal to allow the police to have his DNA sample. It is clear that up to now, the conduct of our police is anything but professional and transparent.

    Their refusal to release the police report of Saiful is highly suspicious and it naturally gives rise to the public suspicion that the report is held back so that amendments can be made to make the accusation ‘truthful’ beyond any doubt.

    The police report Anwar had made about the AG and IGP in the 1998 case has shown clearly how some people in high places will go at any lengths to silence their political rivals by manupilating all our public institutions, bending and breaking the laws that they have sworn to uphold.

    If the police were to produce evidence that semen samples were found in the body of Saiful and match that of Anwar’s, how can we believe that they are telling the truth? And how do we know they did not plant it themselves?

    In any ordinary case of investigation, by now they should have known whether to charge Anwar in court for the alleged sodomy. As they keep themselves busy with unearthing 'the truth', it is conveniently forgotten that a more serious allegation had been leveled against the DPM's wife and a few others who were allegedly present at the scene of a dreadful murder case.

    How is it that the accused in this case is not investigated as thoroughly as Anwar? The AG even had the cheek to make a police report against Raja Petra the very next day after his Statutory Declaration was released before any investigation had been conducted.

    Apart from Anwar, as long as the DPM and his wife, the AG and IGP are not thoroughly investigated by an independent royal commission, they will be tainted.

    It is disturbing that we have come to this. If Abdullah is interested at all to leave a legacy behind before his departure, wake up and help us please to clean up this mess.

    On Existing DNA sample too old, says PM

    Vincent Chun: The PM has been cheated. DNA degrades with time, but in perfect conditions it could last for several thousand years. It certainly would not last for millions of years, or even hundreds of thousands of years but certainly for a very short 10 years.

    Researchers even retrieved DNA from the teeth of Neanderthal men, that's over 40,000 year-old teeth.

    DNA in dried stains is remarkably resilient to degradation and can be detected many, many, many years later. The DNA breaks down if the stains are kept wet.

    However, the profiling techniques have become more and more sensitive and now even a few copies of degraded DNA can be amplified by PCR (polymerase chain reaction).

    A particularly sensitive procedure for this purpose is known as low copy number. It is also possible to type mitochondrial DNA.

    Amazed: Incredible! First he says the police investigations are independent, that there is no conspiracy and now ‘we’ are asking for a new sample.

    If that doesn't stink of political conspiracy then I don't know what does.

    On Dr M: Sodomy again? Gov't not so stupid

    HJ Angus: Well after almost forty years of BN rule, of which twenty-two years were under his thumb, I suppose TDM would be the best person to answer his own question.

    Some writers have commented that Malaysians have been ‘sodomised’ for so long by the government, what with major corruption casting an intricate web across major departments like the police, judiciary and immigration, along with politicians.

    It should be no surprise that in his own words, we have been saddled with a ‘half-past six’ government.

    Don't forget who passed the baton to the present PM and who is now also claiming that his first choice at that time will never become the PM. If we check all the constitutional amendments, I am sure most of them were made in the last 22 years.

    Apart from the major destruction to the intricate balance between the executive and the judiciary departments, Malaysia's human capital has been subject to wanton waste with tens of thousands of young Malaysians leaving the nation.

    This has been going on for many years, but a major change is that even talented Malays prefer not to come back, as they can see the rot in the system and don't know how, or if, the nation can change for the better.

    Stupid or unimaginative may be an apt description. After all, if you hold political power, other qualities are not really necessary. That is the sad truth.

    Rakyat Tak Bodoh: I beg to differ. The government is very stupid and unimaginative. Just because it's been repeated doesn't mean it's the truth. It's just like what BN has been trying to tell us for the last 50 years: vote for the opposition and there will be racial riots.

    I didn’t see any racial riots on March 9. In fact, most people I saw on the street were smiling and happily chatting away about the victories of the opposition, regardless of race. I think our country has never felt so good or united before.

    BN has also repeatedly told us that we don't have the money for oil subsidies, but yet, as Anwar Ibrahim pointed in the debate few days ago, there are many ways we can stop the leakage of our money.

    Our BN representative had no answer and instead launched personal attacks (again, maybe using TDM advice: if you tell it enough, people will believe you) while veering off topic.

    If Anwar really is guilty, please show hard evidence. As far as Im concerned, there's hardly any evidence except the police trying very hard to harvest a new DNA sample from him. Don't they have his DNA records from ten years ago? Why the need to harvest fresh DNA?

    Finally, why not give the man a copy of the police report he deserves? Yes, based on the facts above, I do think the government is very stupid and unimaginative. They think the rakyat are stupid, but unfortunately for them, they’re not.

    Diana Husin: Dr M, your statements really sound like you are trying to convince yourself more than anyone else that Anwar really did it. You called it unimaginative? Like the charge in 1998 was the result of imaginative and creative process of your doing?

    I share your resentment of the copious action by the present government, because the present one appears to be a total fabrication, a personal vendetta that makes the first one (in 1998) also look like a fabrication altogether.

    An absolute spoiler, isn’t it? Just like the Loch Ness monster. My guess is you forgot to bring the book with you when you left office. You know, the ‘How to Bring Anwar Down for Dummies’.

    Come on, admit it that you are somewhat regretful that you sacked Anwar. Otherwise, Umno would still be in power for the next few ages.

    Anti-Authoritarianism: Mahathir has apparently admitted that, ‘The last time it was I who was the prime mover. (Prime Minister) Abdullah (Ahmad Badawi) has denied he is involved this time..’

    Do we take this to mean that as the prime mover he had orchestrated the whole sodomy accusation and trial of Anwar in 1998? Did he also interfere with the work of the police, the AG’s chambers and the judiciary to achieve his aim of demonising Anwar at that time?

    If he did, it would be the worst case of abuse of power in Malaysia. One more thing, habitual liars also find it hard to kick their habits.

    On 'Police should've kept their word'

    Diana Husin: We don’t have to be in Anwar’s shoes to sense the unjust and conniving actions committed against him by the authorities.

    We’ve heard enough about the highly unusual treatments: the roadblocks, fifteen patrol cars equipped with balaclava-ed units, overnight detention, lightning-quick medical checkup and DNA request, and police report (or the non-existence of it).

    The authorities have only themselves to convince that those were indeed ‘normal practices’. Come on, you people up there, get a conscience (which I doubt you even know of, let alone listen to). By no means should Anwar be treated like a god, but by all means he should be treated fairly.

    John: I have lost faith and respect for the so-called Royal Malaysian Police Force. Why was Anwar arrested at 12.55 pm? What was the purpose of the deadline given at 2pm?

    This has clearly proven that the police acted merely as they wished and, more importantly, to please those in Umno, who are the biggest crooks of them all.

    A Nak: I marvel at the extremely high-level of efficiency of the Malaysian police force and AG’s chambers lately. The arrest of Anwar Ibrahim with 15 police cars, the immediate decision to charge Raja Petra...whew!

    A dear friend of mine was attacked in her office two years ago and so seriously injured, she had to have stitches all over her scalp. Her case did not get resolved until early this year, after more than five postponements due to the absence of the public prosecutors.

    The attacker was free on less than RM1,000 bail all the while. I wish we common Malaysians, too, could get the equal and immediate ‘attention and assistance’ from our police and judicial system when we need them.

    Saidi: I have lost faith in our police since the day Musa Hassan and Rashid (SPR) made the press statement about the cancellation of the use of indelible ink in the GE 2008. In the end no suspect was caught and the case was closed.

    Sabaheye: I think everyone should not overlook the fact that the police issued two orders against DSAI on the same day, one that he will be arrested on sight if he came within five kilometers of parliament, and the other that he should report to IPK KL on the same day.

    I think there was a conspiracy to arrest him because if he obeyed one, he would violate the other. The police seemed to be quiet about it. How do they expect DSAI to act? He is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t. Come on police, how can we believe what you are saying?

    Claudia: Kudos to our police force for their super efficiency in arresting the opposition leader. But to our dear CID chief, whatever you said does not and will not justify the heavyhanded manner in which the unarmed and helpless sixty-one-year-old man was accosted.

    The rakyat have lost their faith in the police force and the ruling government. In keeping mum with the sodomy case, the PM would not prove he has nothing to do with it. We are not as gullible as you might think.

    We can see the kind of culture that our former PM has instilled in the ruling party. I'm really sad and ashamed to come from a country where the police force and the judicial system are being used to achieve political agendas.

    To our PM: If you really want to garner the rakyat’s support and gain their confidence:

    a) stop lip servicing about anti-corruption.

    b) withdraw the sodomy case against DSAI.

    c) increase the petrol subsidy.

    On Still no sign of Saiful's police report

    Perplexed: I cannot understand why the police report made by Saiful cannot be made available to Anwar's lawyers. Where is the transparency and professionalism in the whole case?

    In the case of companies where an employee is being investigated (through a domestic inquiry) the employee concerned is given a copy of the charges and is allowed to make his defence. What exactly is Anwar guilty of - sexual assault or consensual sex of an unnatural nature?

    If the whole issue is consensual than they should charge Saiful as well - why isn't he in the lock-up too? If it is sexual assault, I find it hard to believe that a sixty- year-old man could have overpowered a strapping twenty three-year-old man not only once, but several times.

  8. in this case for FCAS calls for legalisation of illegals", I suggest Sabahan should go to DPM's office or house for help. DPM & wife said their office and house are open 24-hour-a-day for the Rakyat...

  9. Stupid FCAS, Member of FCAS is the tauke in Sabah, they dont care about the rakyat, they only care for their business as they can hire cheap labour from those legalized immigrant. Ask the FCAS president if he really care about sabah or we just kick the fu.kin. ass hole of FCAS. I think the president of FCAS son in law is Pilak thats why he want his son in law to be a Sabahan.

  10. FCAS , in the first place , when police catch hold of ' Illegals " They should be deported immediatelly .

    Simply becos they came in illegally .Why in the first place when we wait for them to stay 'illegally in Sabah ' , FCAS then try to give them PR or legalise them ?

    Sari Tan and his whole committee must be out of their mind ???

    What is the difference between 1 yr illegal entry and 15 yrs illegal entry ???
    They are still ' Illegals "

    So what ? send them back home lah .
    If they wish to come to Sabah again , they got to get proper doduments papers and enter into the front gates , not through the back doors .

    Does Sari Tan knows exactlly how many illegals in SAbah ??500,000 ? 1 million ?

    If we were to accept what FCAS Sari Tan and his committee's suggestion , in just less than 10 yrs , the whole of Sabah will be flooded by the illegals walking in the streets , patronising our City Mall , 1 Borneo , Time Square ..............

    Who is to justify them to stay 15 yrs when they are actually illegals ?
    Even they overstay for only 5 yrs , they will claim 15 yrs , who is who to prove them ? The native Chief again ?? Ketua Kampong ?

    Sari Tan and his committee are thinking so much about business making money , they never bother about our sovereignity , our beloved land below the Wind ,

    I just ashme of myself when I read FCAS article , this had shown them how selfish & short minded they are .

    They are not our true Sabahans ,
    very sorry , Sari Tan and your committee , People of Sabah will go all out to fight the illegals , and you all try to adopt them ??

    In this case , u make us no choice , that people of Sabah will fight against FCAS and SARI TAN .

    Watch out when u all walk in the Streets , shop houses , , we will make sure all Sabahans will spit on you all .

  11. This nincompoop Sari Tan should be the first to be deported out of Sabah.Who gave the right to the FCAS to even consider let alone decide that illegal immigrants should be allowed to roam the streets of Sabah?Get the hell out of Sabah.
    An illegal immigrant is an illegal which ever page of a book that you turn.

    Short of using a four lettered word,Sari Tan has way pass his time.While the Chinese community is also suffering and trying hard to make ends meet,Sari Tan is supporting the illegal immigrants.

    What happen to questioning and fighting for the increase of oil royalty[20%]and the unwarranted increase of the price of fuel?This are the issues that this FCAS should be engaging head on with the State Government.

    I have advice all friends,associates,suppliers and relatives having anything to do with FCAS to immediately disassociate themselves.

    The group photograph that appeared in the local daily together with the bloody Musang,will go down in history as legions of shameless scums.

  12. The Federation of Chinese Associations Sabah (FCAS) has called for the legalisation of illegal immigrants who have been in Sabah for more than 15 years without criminal records, as part of positive measures and action to be carried out to solve the illegal immigrant problem in the State.

    I've said repeatedly that it is essential for the planters to be able to hire cheap foreign labor. Without the cheap foreign labor many will go bankrupt. But this does not mean that the foreign labor should be given citizenship after 15 years. Furthermore, most of the foreign laborers working on plantations are well documented with workpasses. Few of them are illegals without documents or stateless. Therefore, there is no need to legalize those who are here illegally and without documents.

    FCAS is being nearsighted to support giving PR to those who had entered Sabah illegally. This will in the end create even more political problems for the Chinese in the long term. This is like drinking poison to slake the thirst. The poison might slake the thirst in the short term but it will kill in the long term. (饮鸠止渴.)

  13. What FCAS should be doing, if it has the guts, is to propose the following:

    1. Those Chinese who have been in Sabah for more than 15 years and still on workpass or some other kind of temporary passes should be given citizenship;

    2. Those Chinese who are not currently in Sabah but have large assets in Sabah for 15 years should be given citizenship;

    3. Chinese who currently are not in Sabah and who have no assets in Sabah should be encouraged to come to Sabah to invest and start businesses if they have the capital and the entrepreneurial expertise. Those with capital of more than 1 million ringgit should be given permanent residence immediately and citizenship after 5 years;

    4. Chinese businesses in Sabah should be allowed to hire Chinese workers from mainland China for whatever jobs needed. They should be given permanent residence after 15 years and then citizenship after another 5 years.

    I challenge FCAS to propose this to the government.

  14. govt full of shitJuly 22, 2008 at 1:32 PM

    I have a friend (chinese) born in labuan 40 years ago, but only managed to get his blue ic last few years. he was holding a red ic since his birth.

    becoz of their race (non-muslims), pr or citizenship is very hard to get whereas the muslim illegals from Philippines, Indon can easily get n thousands of them during Dr M's Project Ic.

    Why the govt kept quiet over this treachery???? It seems better to enter Sabah thru the backdoor than using the proper channel.
    What an irony! govt is full of shit! and shit! and shit!

  15. Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera;

    MINYAK NAIK..!!! Relax...
    Produk HEBAT yang di cari-cari oleh SEMUA orang!
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    Dengan Modal Mula RM 50,
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    Oleh yang demikian kereta Honda Civic 1.5 yang dijual dengan harga RM40,000 di Thailand naik harga sehingga RM110,000 di Malaysia. Rakyat Malaysia rugi. Kerajaan pun hilang wang. Bila kerajaan tak cukup wang - maka potonglah subsidi minyak. Maka naik lah harga minyak 30 sen satu liter.
    Malaysia Boleh!!!!
    Sekian. Salam.
    * Tolong hantarkan informasi ini kepada kawan kawan yang anda kenali. Tolong print dan sebarkan kerana hanya 1% penduduk Malaysia yg celik IT.... 99% memerlukan informasi ini sebagai langkah pertama untuk transformasi negara.... Sedarlah sudah 50 tahun kemerdekaan negara kita, tapi kita masih di takuk lama.... HAPUSKAN PENTADBIRAN ASAS RASUAH!!!
    Adakah kita harus menjadi mangsa dalam kejadian sedemikian?
    Orang lain hutang duit,kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia pula kena membayar ?
    Yang penting sekali, bukan setakat bayar sahaja, manakala nak bayar sampai bila ? Adakah ini akan berhenti ?........... .

    Terima kasih

  16. Sari Tan is a traitor and should be casted out or castrated.

    while bn parties calling Yong a traitor, just think of umno paklah or KJ having secret meetings with pas and trying pact without the knowledge of other bn parties.

    its like a pot calling the pan black.

    on Sari Tan (or last time he used mohd sari tan) is what i can describe "chameleon" and a fat one!

  17. orang Sari tan ini orang malaya mari, apa dia tahu tentang sabah? umno mesti kena dihalau keluar dari sabah baru sabah ada HOPE! Kalau tidak, orang KDM lagi susah dan akan pupus tak lama lagi di sabah. percayalah apa saya cakap.

    Sebab ketua KDM tahu jilat bandat syaitan umno sija dan sanggup jual tuhan, keluarga dan maruah mereka sebab $$$$.

  18. we sabahan must do something, why should we be play around and sell off by a ass sucker called Silly Tan who is not even born in Sabah...and claim that he is a sabah chinese leader !!! every real sabahan should shit on his face!!!

  19. FSCA- Federation of Sabah Chinese Association .
    Tell us , what is your principle & objective & mission ??

    You are suppose to help thousand of Chinese who are still holding RED & GREEN IC , turning them into
    Blue IC / Mycard .

    How come you are harping now on the Illegals ? May be you have changed your association to
    " Federation of Sabah Philippines Illegais Association "

    We appeal all Committee and Sari Tan to appologise to SABAHANS immediatelly .

    Sari Tan has become the TRAITOR of Sabah .

  20. FCAS -
    Sari Tan and his marvelous
    committee ,

    You all must be crazy .
    Can't you all differentiate the illegal & legal ?

    You are suppose to accept the LEGAL and not to welcome the ILLEGALS ?

    I have asked my Primary school daughter today , and she gave me the answer she welcome the LEGAL , do u agree with my daughter 8 yrs old ??

  21. FCAS means "Filipino Chinks Association of Sabah"

  22. Sari Tan u are a stupid fool
    U will regret in ur life time .





  24. http://www.newsabahtimes.

    There are 15 resolutions proposed by FCAS. I give them below with my comments:

    Resolution 1.
    That an appeal be made to the State Government to allocate arable agriculture land to Sabah people who are engaged in food production whereby 15-acre lots be given to each family unit for cultivation of food crops approved by the government in view of the global shortage of food.

    This poster's comment:
    I think this is a good idea. There is plenty of land in Sabah. There is no reason why land cannot be given to those who are willing to work and turn it into profitable money making plantations. But I would not give the land for free because that would encourage crooks to apply for free land and then sell it for a quick profit. I'd require the recipients to show they have the ability and the willingness to work the land. In fact, I'd require them to demonstrate their ability by living for a month on a government plantation and show that they know what to do such as planting, weeding, pruning, apply fertilizer, harvesting, etc. Only when they have passed the test, then they can receive the land. And the land title will not be turned over until 5 years after they have started started working on it and provided that the plantation is well maintained and profitable.

    Resolution 2:
    That recruitment of civil servants must be based on competency in passing certain entrance examinations and promotions and transfer of civil servants must be on the basis of meritocracy in view of the decline in the quality of the civil servants.

    This poster's comment:
    I thoroughly agree with this proposition. I would go further and ask that race should not be a considertion in the hiring of government employees and based entirely on test results and past performance. And those who score the highest must be hired regardless of race or religion.

    Resolution 3:
    That the Ministry of Youth and Sports also allocate funds for Chinese youth organisations for their activities, especially among the clan associations which are very active.

    This poster's comment:
    This is obviously a good proposition.

    Resolution 4.
    That the government be urged to pay special attention to the security problems arising from the growing criminal cases and the wide spread drugs related problems in the wake of several cases of daylight robbery in the streets, the prevalence of drugs distribution, and the abduction of young women who are also brutally raped and beaten are causes for alarm and concern.

    This poster's comment:
    This problem is tied into other problems such as the illegal immigrants, the race inequalities, the stagnant economy, etc.

    If all the illegal immigrants are deported then there will be very few criminals, especially those that commit rape. Also it is mostly illegals who are selling drugs. So get rid of the illegals and you get rid of the drug problem and other serious crimes such as rapes and murder. And once you get rid of the drug problem you will also reduce the number of drug addicts who commit a lot of crimes to get the money to buy drugs. So by getting rid of the illegals you will solve a lot of crimes.

    If the economy is robust and the locals can find high paying jobs, then they will have less need to rob others. This will decrease robberies.

    But to expand the economy you must have many Chinese who have the entrepreneurial expertise and the capital to start new businesses in Sabah. This is why it is important to encourage many Chinese who have the entrepreneurial expertise and the capital to come to Sabah to start new businesses and provide many high paying jobs for the locals. Of course, the Chinese entrepreneurs must also be allowed to hire other Chinese from mainland China or other places to provide the essential staffing.

    This is why I proposed that illegals must be deported and Chinese be encouraged to come to Sabah.

    Resolution 5.
    That the government to adopt the policy of allocation of funds for the Chinese schools proportionately vis-à-vis other schools as a way to accord dignity and respect to the Chinese education and Chinese schools which have churned out good citizens in respective professional fields in nation building.

    This poster’s comment:
    I thoroughly concur with this resolution also. It is a very good resolution. Much of the problem is that from the beginning of “independence” Sabah had become a de facto colony of the Malayan Malays. The Chinese were treated like third class citizens. Indeed, the Chinese were openly and blatantly told that they are not really Malaysians and not welcomed. This is why many Chinese who were the best model citizens were denied citianeship while illegals who were Muslims can just get off the boat with nothing but the shirt on their back and get citizenship almost immediately. It is this mentality of denigrating the Chinese that has compelled tens of thousands of Chinese to leave Sabah to look for friendlier countries to settle in. This mentality is the direct result of the policy of ketuanan Melayu and ketuanan Islam and is the blatant policy of UMNO-BN. This is the reason why Sabah MP’s must leave this evil alliance and form a Pan-Borneo Alliance to better advance and safeguard the interests of the Chinese and the natives such as the KDM in Sabah.

    Resolution 6.
    That the government’s policy of subsidizing the fuel be converted to direct cash payment to the people because the current scheme has a lot of loopholes.

    This poster’s comment:
    This is a good idea. I’ve proposed a similar idea about paying the oil money as dividend to the citizens of Sabah. In fact, I proposed that there is no reason for Petronas to control Sabah’s oil. Sabah should take over control of its own oil and retain all the profits after paying an income tax. Then the remaining net profit can be divided into two equal parts. One part can be distributed to all Sabahan citizens equally as a dividend. The second part can be deposited into a sovereign investment fund who incomes can be used for education and infrastructure building. There is not need to go through all that trouble with giving subsidies to car owners because not everybody own car or cars. And even those who own cars do not drive the same amount. Therefore, giving subsidies to car owners rob those who don’t own cars. And those who drive less will benefit more than those who drive more. So the fairest thing to do is just divide the money up and give everybody an equal share. Then people can decide what they want to do with their share of the dividend.

    Resolution 7.
    That the government in appointing Sabah Development Councillors, a balance of officials, civilians and professionals must be maintained so that the development of the state will be tailored to the needs of the people.

    This poster’s comment:
    This sounds like a good idea.

    Resolution 8.
    That the appeal from Sabah Umno Members of Parliament to increase the 5% petroleum revenue to 20% for Sabah be fully endorsed as FCAS strongly rally behind the Sabah Umno Parliamentarians in urging the Federal Government for the increment.

    This poster’s comment:
    Now this is not an honest thing to do. It is obvious that everybody knows that it is SAPP and PR who have first proposed that Sabah oil share should be increased from 5% to 20%. Maybe Sabah UMNO MP’s are now also demanding 20%. But to say that FCAS is supporting Sabah UMNO MP’s to demand 20% oil share is clearly less than honest. It would have been more honest to say, “FCAS support the demand for 20% oil money.” By trying to suck up to UMNO, FCAS has demeaned itself. Furthermore, it is not at all certain hat UMNO-BN will always be in control of Sabah or even Malaysia. It is more than likely that many BN MP’s will flip and give the government to PR or as I hope a coalition composing of Pan-Borneo Alliance and PR. Then UMNO will become less than the dirt.

    Resolution 9.
    That Federal Government abolish the monopoly of rice imports granted to Beras Nasional and open imports of rice be implemented.

    This poster’s comment:
    There should never be any monopoly unless there is a very compelling reason for it. Giving anybody the monopoly to import anything is clearly a corruption to give a money making machine to some political cronies. It is especially criminal to give a monopoly to import rice since rice is an essential food needed for life.

    Resolution 10.
    That consumer goods under controlled pricing be standardised throughout the nation; despite the announcement by the Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs that prices of the controlled items be standardized but till now nothing has happened.

    This poster’s comment:
    Prices should obviously be standardized, especially if they are more expensive in Sabah than in other states.

    Resolution 11.
    That government should make Kota Kinabalu-Sepanggar Bay Port an international port because at the moment, trans-shipment of inbound cargo and outbound cargo has to be routed through peninsular ports.

    This poster’s comment:
    This is absolutely detestable. The only reason for the transshipment through Malayan ports is because the Malayan ports want to make more money handling the transshipment. This is why I say Sabah is being treated as a de facto colony where everything is done to squeeze more money out of Sabah for the enrichment of the Malayans. Also, there is no hope under UMNO-BN government since it is the policy made deliberately by the UMNO-BN from the beginning. Only a new government can change this deter stable policy. Asking UMNO-BN to change such unfair policies is like asking the fox to guard the chicken house. This fox will eat the chicken and UMNO-BN will continue to squeeze money out of Sabah any way they can.

    Resolution 12.
    That coal fuelled power station at Silam, Lahad Datu be constructed to solve power supply problem in the East Coast on conditions that implementation should be carried out strictly within the framework of EIA Report.

    This poster’s comment:
    I would support hydroelectricity. Coal fire power plant should be the last resort. Also other options may be considered if they are possible such as wind turbines.

    Resolution 13.
    That positive measures and action be carried out to solve the problems of illegal immigrants-legalisation of illegal immigrants who have been in Sabah for more than 15 years with no criminal records.

    This poster’s comment:
    I’ve already posted a reply to this resolution. Essentially, illegals should not be given any legal status but should be deported. If they want to enter Sabah again, then they should go through the proper channel and apply for valid visas like everybody else. Any foreigners could with no travel document must be deported so as to make it clear to foreigners that Sabah is now determined to stop illegals. Convincing the illegals not to come illegally will go a long way to solve the illegals problem. That is to say, if foreigners believe they will never get deported, then they will not come. And if foreigners don’t come into Sabah illegally, then there will be no more illegals.

    Resolution 14.
    That palm oil levy for smallholders of less than 40 hectares be waived because almost all the oil palm smallholders are local and any profit that they made will remain in the State and will not be repatriated to other parts of Malaysia or overseas.

    This poster’s comment:
    This is obviously a good proposal. Furthermore, I don’t see why any palm oil levy should be imposed on anybody. It is enough that oil palm plantation owners pay income tax. It is unconscionable to impose a special levy on anybody be they oil palm plantation owners or rice farmers. It is also not smart to levy taxes on plantation owners or any kind of businesses that are operated by foreigners because making it difficult for them will simply keep them away. In other words, by trying to save 100 ringgit, you are keeping away 1,000 ringgits. Or to put in still another word, if foreigners come into Sabah and generate 1 billion ringgits of profits, he would be generating hundreds of millions of ringgits of profits for the local people in terms of wages, merchandise bought from the local merchants, etc. Therefore, by taxing foreign firms a few million ringgits, you are discouraging them to give hundreds of millions of ringgits to the local economy. In the end, Sabah lose more by missing out on the invisible lost opportunities.

    Resolution 15.
    That the State Government expedites approval for the extension of short lease to 99 years’ leases for Kolombong Industrial Estate because most of the light industrial owners are mostly small medium entrepreneurs who are in fact the back bone for economic growth must be given continuous support from the State Government.

    This poster’s comment:
    I thoroughly concur with this proposition. In fact, I’ve read somewhere that DAP is organizing a proposal to convert all leases to 999 years in Sarawak. In America, all titles are perpetual. There is just no good reason why people must “lease” their land from the government. When anybody bought a piece of land, he should own it for as long as he live and pass it on to his children and their descendents for as long as they can hold on to it. Leases is a concept that is long since out of date. It is just a tail of the old feudal system and has no place in the modern era. Therefore, I support this proposition. I would further suggest that FCAS make a new proposal to convert all leases to perpetual titles.

  25. U Have a FAN from BruneiJuly 23, 2008 at 11:05 AM

    YB melanie,good point about the FCAS. I totally agree that they should take immediate steps to resolved and not mixed up foreign workers and illegal immigrants issues!

    I myself find it very absurb & silly of the federation's proposal of not bein efficient in this matter! Even myself as an ordinary being, have already figured that out years ago and that made me a very confused person about our politicians.It always occur to me that maybe they dont have the right people to run the game! It's a real shame that issues like this can be mixed up!

    YB Melanie, I'm so glad you pointed that out to them. It's about time these people, whoever they are, to WAKE UP and START REALIZING the real facts that is happening! If they cant fixed this problem, they shouldnt be sitting at their position now...get somebody with more wisdom & higher IQ & a more organized people to do it. These people are just so in a mess!

  26. Latuk sari tan,

    Go home 2u lah(philipine) u re born in philipine. we dun need u here.

  27. pengetua lim jian aka ninja turtleJuly 23, 2008 at 12:10 PM


  28. Kepada Penyukong PR.....kenapa u mau desak SAPP keluar BN.....bukan kah SAPP diberi masa selama 30 hari untuk tunjuk sebab.....

    Kalu SAPP sudah buat surat tunjuk sebab....terserah lah pada Dewan Tertinggi BN untuk buat keputusan... sama-sama lah kita tunggu....

    Kenapa u mau marah dan desak SAPP... mereka telah menyuarakan perkara-perkara untuk faedah rakyat sabah....

    Kepada penyukong PR....ini bukan soal keluar BN atau tidak ...ini soal...sama ada kerajaan BN Pusat sedar dan mahu mendengar suara dan rintihan rakyat sabah yang selama ini mereka peras dan rampas hak rakyat sabah....dan sudah sampai masa mereka mengembalikan hak tersebut kepada rakyat sabah semula....itu yang kita mahu.

    Kalau sampai masanya kerajaan BN pusat juga tidak ambil peduli....apa yang disuarakan oleh SAPP.....saya percaya SAPP....tahu hala tujunya.....dan saya percaya bukan saja SAPP....malahan rata-rata rakyat sabah akan sama-sama menentang BN....kerana siapa yang mahu hak nya terus-terus dirampas dan diperas oleh kerajaan BN.

    Jadi kepada penyukong pr.....kau jangan lah memandai-mandai memperkecilkan kebolehan SAPP... mereka telah memainkan peranaan mereka sebagai pemimpin dan telah mengorbankan Parti dan diri mereka sendiri demi kepentingan rakyat sabah....dan kau pula apa tanggungjawab kau selain menghina kebolehan pemimpin SAPP ?

    penyukong pr...kau senang lah cakap...tetapi SAPP bukan tergolong orang-orang yang pengecut seperti yang dikatakan oleh penyukong pr sebagai "pussycat" dan bukan tergolong orang-orang bodoh macam penyukong pr ini yang hanya tahu kasi batu api saja...

    Sayang lah kalau ini lah sikap orang-orang penyukong pr....yang hanya pandai jadi batu api saja....
    sabar lah tempoh 30 hari belum sampai masanya....kau tak payah ajar SAPP...mereka tahu apa mau buat.....

    Sebagai rakyat sabah....saya bersyukur dan berterima kasih...namun saya amat bersimpati atas tindakan Parti SAPP yang sanggup menjadi lilin membakar diri mereka sendiri demi rakyat sabah dan anak cucu, cicit kita....

    Namun saya merasa kesal ada segelintir manusia yang tidak pernah mau berterima kasih dan bersyukur diatas perjuangan dan pengorbanan orang lain....malahan dengan sikap ketidak kesabaran mereka sanggup menghina dan mencemuh dan sanggup menjadi batu api untuk menguru harakan keadaan...

    penyukong pr............
    be patience....kesabaran adalah salah satu daripada iman....have mercy on SAPP....ingat ini.... bahawa
    pemimpin-pemimpin SAPP...mereka bukan tergolong orang-orang yang pengecut or "PUSSYCAT".

    Kalau mereka kau tuduh pengecut..mereka tidak akan menyuarakan 8 perkara itu dan mengusulkan undi tidak percaya kepada PM...kau ingat itu kerja senang kah ? kau cakap senang lah...kutuk senang lah....kritik senang lah....tapi kau sendiri pun takut mau simpan nama kau sebenar.... kau lah pengecut...kau lah pussycat....berselindung di sebalik nama penyukong pr...kasian, cermin lah diri sendiri dulu....

  29. oi anon, 12.45pm,
    jan kelentong sini !!!! tak payah cermin diri, cermin tu tatap pecah ! mau korban parti bukan sekarang korban ! dulu lagi dah mau korban !! aiya suma sama saja ! ada duit ada hong, tak la duit tala hong !

  30. what the fuck, you only represent UMNO and yours benefit so please step down immediately...

  31. UMNO's dog, you fuck yourself!!!

  32. To Sari Tan,
    Have you thought thoroughly before u issue such a proposal?
    Have you thought about the future local generations of Sabah?
    Just think about how many illegal immigrants are there in Sabah! If every one of them attaining age 15 and above, they can claim to have lived in Sabah for 15 or more years...they get legalised whether PR or worst citizenship. It is just a statutory declaration that will make this a reality.
    Think about it!

  33. Sari Tan should retired from FCAS. This guy never think of the consequences of what he has spoken. Why FCAS no other better pure local chinese to head this association? We Sabahan don't need this guy Sari Tan to speak evil again.

    Sari Tan, you better bridle your tougue before you speak which hurt all the sabahan.

  34. Kota Kinabalu: The Federation of Chinese Associations Sabah (FCAS) President Datuk Sari Nuar said the call in the memorandum that they submitted to the State Government was for the legalisation of foreign workers.

    "No, we never suggested that the State Government grant citizenship to the illegal immigrants in Sabah. We understand that obtaining Permanent Resident (PR) status or citizenship must be through certain procedures and all this is really up to the Government," he told reporters here Tuesday.

    What is Sari talking about, first thing in his proposal was: to legalise the illegal immigrants...and now he said only foreign workers!
    He keep on changing his words which is just the same as him and as I have said before "The Fat Chameleon"

  35. "That is to say, if foreigners believe they will never get deported, then they will not come. And if foreigners don’t come into Sabah illegally, then there will be no more illegals."

    In a prior post where I commented on the resolutions of FCAS, I'd made a typo. The above has an error. Instead of "will never get deported" should be "will get deported".

  36. Dear fellow Sabah Chinese, this is the problem when we allowed shameless, double-faced, split-tongued, hypocrite conscienceless assholes like Mohd Sari Nuar Chen Yu Ren, Lau Kok Sing, Kenneth Yen, JJ Tay, VK Liew, Teo Chee Kang @ Teo Chee Bai, Yee Moi Cai @ Sotong @ Mek Yi Cai, John Lim Lau Chien, Kapitan Chin Tek Meng @ Bak Mao Ma Liu to lead us.

    These people have no qualms to sell their their soul to the higher bidder and to betray their own kinds.

    Anyway, i believe history will judge them for their deeds and, may their children be spared from punishment for the wrongs and bad deeds committed by their parents.

  37. zonker wrote:

    Quote attributed to (FCAS) President Datuk Sari Nuar:

    ""No, we never suggested that the State Government grant citizenship to the illegal immigrants in Sabah. We understand that obtaining Permanent Resident (PR) status or citizenship must be through certain procedures and all this is really up to the Government," he told reporters here Tuesday."

    It is not up to the government. Ultimately, the decision is up to the people as a whole. It is the people who tell their representative what they wanted done. And their representative then formulate the government policies according to the will of the people.

    It a democratic society, it is never left up to the corrupt government to do whatever they want against the will of the people.

  38. From Daily Express at the following link:


    "She (Melanie Chia) said she had been made to understand that currently many local employers had ended up employing the illegals because there is too much red-tape in hiring legal foreign workers."
    This is the problem of unfair and ineffectual laws that are unequally and inefficiently enforced. The immigration laws have been discriminatory against the Chinese from the beginning. Therefore, the laws must be rewritten to encourage the Chinese who are model citizens who can do a lot of good for Sabah must be encouraged to enter and stay by giving them permanent residence or citizenship.

    It is the practise of the Sabah goverment to give PR or even citizenship to illegal Muslim immigrants that have encuraged them to come. (More than a million Muslims from Indonesia and the Philippines have been given citizenship since "independence" while more than 100,000 Chinese have left.) Therefore, once it has been made clear that illegal are no longer tolerated and will be dealt with harshly without any chance of PR or citizenship, most of them will stop coming.

    It was mentioned that State Immigration Director Datuk Baharon Talib told Chia that illegals had been deported some seven times. This is obviously a clear exaggeration. Baharon wants people to believe that "every" illegal will sneak back no matter how many times they were deported. I challenge him to provide proof that all illegals had been deported more than once. Obviously Baharon wants to discourage any serious attempt to get rid of the illegals by trying to fool Sabahans into believing that the problem cannot be solved and therefore there is no point in trying to solve the problem. I think maybe the first step to solving the illegals problem is to hire a new immigration director. If true to form, immigration directors of Sabah are only there to enforce the blatant policy of UMNO which is to keep out Chinese and welcome Muslims according to the dogma of ketuanan Melayu and ketuanan Islam.

    But more than anything, else, Sabahans must kick out UMNO-BN because as long as UMNO-BN is in control of Malaysia and Sabah, the illegals problem will not be solved because it is the UMNO-BN's policy in the first place to racially cleanse the Chinese out of Sabah and to welcome in Muslims to minimize the KDM natives. Therefore, to expect UMNO-BN government to solve the illegals problem is like asking the arsonist to put out the fire that he started in the first place. You can expect the arsonist to pour oil on the fire. But to expect that the arsonist will put out the fire is foolish and naive.

    In the end, the only way to solve the illegals problem is for the Chinese and KDM to form an alliance and together with Sarawakian MPs form a Pan-Borneo Alliance and then form a coalition with PR to take over the Malaysian government and Sabah government. Only when that is done can good immigration laws be instituted and efficiently enforced to welcome in the Chinese, allow legal foreign workers to be hired by plantation owners without red tapes, and to kick out and keep out the illegals.

  39. From the following link:


    "According to Sari, following the Government's announcement of the major offensive to flush out illegal immigrants in the State, the business community particularly in the construction and plantation sectors, are worried that their workforce is going to be depleted.

    "Stating that the State Government had implemented similar measures before, he asked why can't there be a second round of amnesty for paperless foreign workers to be regularised."

    I've explained many times that there are two different issues here. The first is to get rid of the illegals who have been given permanent residence and citizenship. The second is to allow the plantation and construction sectors to hire cheap foreign labor because they need these cheap labor to remain profitable and because local citizens don't want to work in these arduous jobs.

    The reason why illegals cannot be given a second round of amnesty is because that will encourage more illegals to come with the expectation that there will be third, fourth, and infinite number of rounds of amnesties. therefore, there must not be any more amnesties. All illegals must be deported after being fined a heavy penalty for their crime. They must be shown that their crime of illegally entering Sabah will not pay. This will then discourage them from coming again illegally as well as discouraging their countrymen to enter Sabah illegally.

    Even if some may still sneak back into Sabah, yet 90% or more of them will not. And after they were deported again, 90% of these will not sneak back again. That is, only 1 out of 100 deported illegals will try to sneak back for a third time. And maybe 1 out of 100,000 will sneak back 7 times. people who keep sneaking back is probably here to do crimes such as bringing in drugs or some other contrabands and not simmly to seek legal employment. These should be put to hard labor camps to clear jungle for the rest of their lives.

    In the final anslysis, the laws should be changed to make it easy for plantation and construction sectors to hire cheap foreign labor without red tapes. ON the other hand, no illegals must be tolerated. Simultaneously implementing these two policies will make Sabah immigration orderly.

    As I've always said, the immigration laws must also be changed to welcome in Chinese entrepreneurs because they are needed to expand the economy of Sabah to provide higher paying jobs for the locals. This is the holistic solution to the immigration problem.

  40. I have asked my 8 yrs old daughter about the Legal & Illegal Immigrants .

    She replied : ' She welcome the legal immigrants , but Tangkap the illegals immigrants and KICK them back home

    Are u smarter than my 8 yrs primary school pupil ???

  41. A fan from PenampangJuly 24, 2008 at 8:15 AM

    To YB Melanie of Luyang ,

    I say YB is supposed to be looking after your constituency in Luyang alone , but I never thought you are also very famous untill Brunei that you got " a fan from Brunei ? "

    Anyway , me too wish to congratulate to u for your courage and your spirit to speak for the Rakyat .

    We salute u YB .
    Please keep up your good work


    'Confusing answers to fake IC query'

    Thursday, 24 July 2008 10:25
    Kota Kinabalu: The answer given in Parliament on fake IC cases in the country is confusing, said Sabah DAP's Local Government and Housing Bureau chief, Edward Ewol Mujie.

    Based on the written reply to Sepanggar MP Datuk Eric Majimbun who had asked about the number of people found guilty for having fake MyKads in each state, he said it was puzzling that there was none in Sabah.

    The Home Ministry stated that from year 2004 to 2008, there were 562 cases of fake ICs detected.

    The breakdown of these cases were 263 cases (under National Registration Department headquarters), 59 in Melaka, 32 in Kuala Lumpur, 26 (Perak), 21 (Selangor), four in Kelantan and one in Terengganu. Another 156 cases were described as being under police action.

    "Sabah seems to be very clean as there are no cases but whether this scenario is true or not, nobody knows, unless the Government can confirm it," he said.

    In fact, he said all the local newspapers have been publishing names of persons who had been convicted for possession of fake ICs (MyKad) in Sabah.

    He said DAP wants the State Government to provide the actual figures and whether it is true that there were no cases of people being caught in Sabah for possession of fake Ics.

    - Daily Express

  43. (21 July 2008)in the news....The Federation of Chinese Associations Sabah (FCAS) has called for the legalisation of illegal immigrants who have been in Sabah for more than 15 years without criminal records, as part of positive measures and action to be carried out to solve the illegal immigrant problem in the State.


    (and then 23 July, 2008)Kota Kinabalu: The Federation of Chinese Associations Sabah (FCAS) President Datuk Sari Nuar said the call in the memorandum that they submitted to the State Government was for the legalisation of foreign workers.

    I am wondering the sudden turn around and denial by Sari Tan may have been made becoz of the public outrage over his original statement which clearly state illegal immigrants. Nothing was mentioned about foreign workers.

    And what was it to do with foreign workers? They are having workpass. Just like someone in this blog said...a chameleon (which changes its colour according to the environment)

    So, Sari, you need to keep your mouth shut and it is better this way becoz like the chinese said a "Gow Si Goon" or "kayu tiga"

  44. Sari Tan , you are only dead-wood just like your previous master Dr. M. now you twist to otherwise. you are good for nothing and sabahan doubt that are you really capable of doing your job. if not pls resign now!!!

  45. Yong tet Lee,

    Lu ingat lu siapa.. lu tu sampah kepada BN ! lu tala kalaja, atleast gua ata kalaja.. kalu lu berani keluar saja dari BN ! Apa mau pancing sini, pancing sana..

  46. Lu ingat lu siapa.. lu tu sampah kepada BN ! lu tala kalaja, atleast gua ata kalaja.. kalu lu berani keluar saja dari BN ! Apa mau pancing sini, pancing sana..
    Who is this asshole talking about?

  47. Sari Tan, either you are moron or damn fucking stupid so go back to the philippine where you were belonged!

  48. asshole sari tan, you are not fit to be a leader for sabah chinese and go to fuck yourself, you son of the bitch!!!

  49. parti bersatu sabah - BNJuly 24, 2008 at 5:55 PM

    Izinkan saya berlalu disini,
    Salam Mesra kepada SAPP,

    Jangan jadi katak dibawa tempurung. Harap saudara-saudara SAPP faham keadaan Sabah masa kini. Diharap SAPP sekalian tutup Blog ini, kerana Blog ini terlalu sentuh sentiman perkauman.
    Sekian Terima Kasih

    Parti Bersatu Sabah,
    Hon. Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Pairin Kitingan

    Hon. Datuk Dr. Maximus Johnity Ongkili

    Hon. Datuk Dr. Yee Moh Chai

    Datuk Pg. A K Aliuddin bin Datuk Pg Mohd Tahir

    Hon. Datuk Michael Asang

    Hon. Edward Yong Oui Fah

    Sebastian Dirih Anjim

    Dr. Othman Minudin

    Sulaiman bin Atok
    ADK, BSK

    Rakam bin Sijim

    Hon. Samson Chin Chee Tsu

    Hon. Herbert Timbon Lagadan
    ASDK, BK

    Datuk Thien Fui Yun

    Hon. Jahid Jahim

    Datin Jamilah Sulaiman

    Hon. Datuk Radin Malleh

    Daniel Kinsik
    ADK, JP

    Hon. Datuk Edmund Chong Ket Wah

    Jikulin Nointin @ Anastasius

    Johnny Mositun

    Almudin Kaida
    ADK, BSK

    Hon. Datuk Louis Rampas

    Jornah Mozihim

    Hon. Dr. Joachim Gunsalam

    Hon. Anita Baranting

    Jublee K K Zen

    John Chryso Masabal
    ADK, CH

    Majabin bin Dalinus

    OKK Haji Ispal bin Haji Adok

    Mohd. Balbir Abdullah
    KMN, ADK

    Khalid Mohd. Taib

    Mohd. Ariffin Chai

    Chin Tek Ming

    Hon. Johnny Goh Chin Lok

    Peter Mak Chun Vun

    Lee Chong Wah

    Datuk Claudius Sundang Alex

    Henrynus Amin
    AMN, ADK

    Datuk James Andrew Vitales

    Salbin bin Muksin

    Atong bin Mangabis

    Chin Tze Min

    OKK William Majinbon

  50. The Malays must be aware that their continued support of Umno with the non-Malays being the bogeyman, will result with the Malays losing this nation to foreigners.

    What happened in Selangor after the General Elections clearly shows that Umno led by Abdullah Badawi is an ultra racist Malay party that doesn’t care about the non-Malays.

    For the non-Malays on the other hand, their traitors are the non-Malay component parties in BN.

  51. http://www.dailyexpress.

    BN will have Chinese support: FCAS
    02 June, 2003
    Kota Belud: The ruling Sabah Barisan Nasional (BN) will always have the support of the Chinese community when the election comes, said President of the Federation of Chinese Associations Sabah (FCAS), Datuk Sari Tan.
    MCA and Gerakan, the two BN component of the Chinese community had been dumped by the Chinese in Malaya. Sari Tan is blowing smoke saying the Chinese will support BN. If he is hearing what the Chinese are really saying, he would have understood that the Chinese in Sabah is just as sick and tired of the UMNO-BN marginalization of the Chinese under the Malay supremacy and the NEP as the Chinese in Malaya. 100,000 or more Chinese had already left Sabah out of despair since "independence" in 1963 which was the beginning of the Malay colonial era and the demotion of the Chinese into 3rd class citizenship.

    DAP has already taken KK. And if the other local parties will not respond to the wishes of the Chinese by leaving the BN, then the Chinese, the KDM, and other non-Malay and non-Muslim peoples of Sabah will dump the local parties and vote for DAP or PKR.

    If FCAS wanted to represent the Chinese in Sabah, then it must champion the wishes of the Chinese Sabahans. Or it will simply be dumped like MCA and Gerakan in Malaya. In the end, if FCAS became a mouthpiece for UMNO-BN, then it is a traitor to the Chinese and irrelevant to the Chinese Sabahans.

  52. >>parti bersatu sabah-BN wrote:
    "Jangan jadi katak dibawa tempurung. Harap saudara-saudara SAPP faham keadaan Sabah masa kini. Diharap SAPP sekalian tutup Blog ini, kerana Blog ini terlalu sentuh sentiman perkauman.
    Sekian Terima Kasih"<<

    Merujuk ke komen atas,jika benar dpd PBS apakah tujuan kamu urang atau peranan sepatut berjuang sebagai pemimpin untuk sabahan atau bangsa malaysian di zaman baru ni?

    Siapakah yang sentiasa mencabar malaysian dgn perasaan "ketuanan melayu" & agama juga pada awal-awal ini antara perjumpaaan oleh UMNO-PAS?

    Apakah peruntukan yang patut atau rancangan semakin lama ini untuk seluruhan rakyat-rakyat tanpa kira kaum di Sabah menaikkan taraf hidup
    rakyat bagi segi
    pendidikan,kesihatan dan dll?

    Apa dah jadi oleh pemimpin-pemimpin selepas UMNO pusat mencampuri pemerintahan di Sabah? Keadaan undur bukan maju ke hadapan antara banyak juga persepsi korupsion,bunuh,kacauan,rompakan,rasuah,
    dan macam-macam hal peribadi urusan oleh kakitangan awam....menjadikan Sabah undur termiskin sekarang!

    Apa lagi sampai sekatang FCAS secara bukan badan "profesyen" campurtangan sebelum ni kata-kata macam mereka yang buat pilihan pemimpin Adun atau MP pada PRU12.
    Hari ini mereka juga ingin menyokong pelan yang tak manfaat seperti yang dirancangkan untuk mementingkan pihak tertentu!

    Buka mata kamu urang dan tenguk sekeliling. Semua harga (CPI) barang keperluan naik terlampau di
    Sabah berbanding dgn negeri lain!!!
    Roti canai telur pon dah sampai 2.20 dan "mee segera" juga naik sampai 1.20 sebungkus! Hey, tuan PBS, kami betul-betul menghadapi masalah yang tidak dikongsikan oleh
    kerajaan pusat,taukah anda? Berapa ramai sabahan pemuda-pemudi terpaksa merantau cari mata pencarian di negara jiran di Singapura. Apa dah jadi pada pemimpin-pemimpin kita yang tak sanggup mendirikan pemuda pemuda di Malaysia sendiri!

    Fikirlah baik baik untuk masa depan sabahan!
    Sekianlah sahaja.

    "sokong SAPP, hidup Sabah"

  53. Now again a amnesty. Who has the benefit of it? Every Sabahan knows the answer!

  54. Now again a amnesty. Who has the benefit of it? Every Sabahan knows the answer!

  55. http://www.dailyexpress.

    "Musa also said people in Sabah have to accept the fact that the various sectors, especially the plantation and construction sectors, were dependent on foreign workers."

    As I've said many times there are two separste problem. One is the deportation of illegal immigrants who cause a lot of crimes and who are given citizenship to dangerously unbalance the proportion of the population in favor of the Muslim that will vote for UMNO to the detriment of the KDM and the Chinese. One is the hiring of cheap foreign labor by the local industries especially the plantation and the construction industries since these two industries rely on foriegn labor not only because they are cheap but because they are willing to do work that is dirty, hard, and dangerous. The locals just don't want to do these jobs.

    But the UMNO government must not be allowed to use this as an excuse to slide on deporting the illegals. The government must do:

    1. deport all illegals;

    2. institute a set of laws and procedures to allow local industries to hire foreign workers without red tapes;

    3. the immigration laws must not be based on race or applied so as to favor the Muslims while discriminating against the Chinese, the Indians, and other non-Muslims. Especially, the law should make it easy for Chinese and Indians who are willing to work on plantations and constructions to be hired just as easily as the Indonesians and Filipinos.

    4. the immigration laws must also encourage the entry of foreign investors especially the Chinese, the Indians, and other non-Muslims so that they can expand the local economy.

    Only such a holistic approach to immigration will the problem be solved to get rid of the illegals who cause crimes while allowing legal foreign workers that are needed to operate the local plantations and industries to enter. And foreign investors who can expand the Sabahan economy to create high paying jobs in the service and manufacturing industries for the local Sabahans must be encouraged to immigrate into and settle down in Sabah especially the Chinese, the Indians, and other non-Muslims.

  56. Sabahan are also at fault for tolerating the overstaying on those illegals.

    There are only two options:
    1) Chase them out !!
    2) Or let stay stay and legalise them and give them schools and pension (so that they can become 2nd class Sabahan citizens)

    Malaysia Digest

  57. Illegals without criminal record deserve PR: Rizalman
    Tenom: Umno division chief, Datuk Rizalman Abdullah said the Government should consider granting Permanent Residence (PR) status to illegal immigrants who have been staying in Sabah for more than 25 years with no criminal record.
    another assxxxx...illegal is illegal and if they can evade the law for 25 years, it is not surprising becoz they can easily change identity numerous times vor lose their identity and how can the police track them?

    by legalizing them will lead to massive abuses by ketua kampungs, commissioner of oaths, ybs etc with extra $$$$$ into their dirty pockets.

  58. Illegals - the perennial nightmare

    Malaysians in Sabah, a stone’s throw from Manila and Hong Kong as the crow flies and bordering Indonesia on the landward side, not surprisingly have had a love-hate relationship with the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants in their midst, in recent years, as the pace of globalization gathers momentum and renders governments everywhere increasingly vulnerable, hapless and powerless.

    MCPXSabah may be the only state in Malaysia where as many as 60 percent of the unofficially estimated 3.5 million population are either overwhelmingly illegal immigrants, over-stayers, stateless or ex-illegals. Legal immigrants form just a fraction and number in the low hundred thousands.

    Official estimates vary but local authorities put the number of illegals from the Philippines alone at 130,000, a figure disputed by politicians who think the figure is closer to 500,000. The Philippines government itself has come up with a figure of 200,000 including 3,000 in detention awaiting deportation, according to figures cited this week by the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

    "Historically, Sabah has been a destination for the people of Sulu and Tawi-Tawi. It has always been a haven for Filipino job seekers because of its geographical location/proximity to South & Western Mindanao and the opportunities it offers. Due to the limited opportunities and low salaries in the Philippines, Filipinos are prompted to take the risks of going to Malaysia, via backdoor Tawi-Tawi, the Southern frontier of the Philippines," adds the PDI report.

    It is not known whether the illegal immigrant menace in Sabah is mostly Filipino in the making or Indonesian. While Filipinos hog all the headlines for criminal activity, unlike the introverted illegal Indonesian colonies, the best guess-estimates out the Indonesian figure at about twice that from the Philippines. Tawau along the east coast, on the border with East Kalimantan in Indonesian Borneo, looks very much like a town in Indonesia rather than in Malaysia.

    It has been mostly the hate factor at work since the March 8, 2008 political tsunami which saw five of the richest states and the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur come under opposition rule. MPs (member of Parliament) from Sabah, emboldened by their newly-found importance in the formation of the Federal Government have demanded that Kuala Lumpur deport the illegal immigrants or else ...

    Mass deportations

    A high-powered cabinet committee chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak resolved they would comply with the demands and has since set the logistics in motion for mass deportations to begin in August.

    Expulsion of course would benefit local politicians in more ways than one. Besides pleasing their core vote banks and diehard supporters, expulsion can translate into big bucks, ringgit and sen-wise, should the illegals return as expected through legal channels. Would be foreign job-seekers in many sectors in Malaysia have to go through a labour agency, most of whom are politically well-connected. Every illegal tolerated means revenue losses for these agencies as well as the insurance and medical community who conduct the compulsory check-ups and health screening on hired labour.

    It is an onerous process which includes employers paying a levy, in lieu of taxes foregone it is said, for every foreign worker employed. There have been calls to simplify the entire process and even "backdating" the procedures. "Illegals rounded up next month should not be repatriated straightaway," suggests Sebatik state assemblyman, Abdul Muis Picho. "The government should set up one-stop centres together with the Philippine and Indonesian embassies to issue the necessary documents to the ilegals to facilitate their recruitment for work by their employers."

    The Federation of Chinese Associations Sabah (FCAS) have made similar conciliatory remarks. "A massive deportation to deport illegal immigrants would cripple many industries such as construction, manufacturing and the agricultural sector, This would be detrimental to the state’s economy, " said FCAS president Nuar Tan in remarks to the media on the sidelines after handing over 12 resolutions and four memorandums to Chief Minister Musa Aman this week in Kota Kinabalu. "We would urge the Federal and state governments to give the illegal immigrants an amnesty period like what has been done years before." He further proposed that illegal immigrants who have been in the state for at least 15 years be legalized and given citizenships if they have no police or criminal record.

    The legalization proposal has drawn flak primarily because there are several thousand permanent residents, holders of red identity cards, who are yet to obtain their citizenship papers. This includes children of Malaysians born overseas without having themselves registered at the nearest mission within the mandatory one year. "Such a proposal is both mind-boggling and unwarranted as it sends a wrong signal that the state is encouraging the influx of illegal immigrants," said Assistant Finance Minister Melanie Chia. "FCAS should not get itself mixed up between the illegal immigrants, legal foreign workers and refugees holding IMM13 papers from the Immigration Department."

    "FCAS should not in any way create or cause to create a false or wrong impression that a person of another country could easily obtain citizenship of this country if they have lived here illegally for more than 15 years. There’s a stringent procedure to follow if one is to apply to be even a permanent resident."

    "The government’s deportation plans are a gimmick and don't really address the genuine concerns of the people on the issue," points out a senior political analyst in Kota Kinabalu. "Deportation merely camouflages the real issues."

    By Joe Fernandez

  59. Malaysian documents

    According to the analyst, the issue is not the illegals per se but those who obtain Malaysian personal documents illegally and get on the electoral rolls. This widespread scam has been at the expense of the Kadazandusun-Murut community in particular. They have seen their number of seats in the state legislature whittled down from a majority to less than a third. The Chinese and local Muslim communities too now feel an erosion in their political strength as a result of the illegals getting on the electoral rolls. Hence, the recent outburst by SAPP (Sabah Progressive Party) president, Datuk Yong Teck Lee, when he proposed a no confidence motion against Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi. His party faces imminent expulsion from the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition.

    Illegal immigrants by whatever term . . . pendatang tanpa izin (PTI) or arrivals without permission . . . pendatang asing tanpa izin (Pati) or foreign arrivals without permission . . . are an intriguing phenomenon in more ways than one. They are certainly not wanted whether by the people of the land, old and new, or the state. They are the butt of jokes and stereotypes, caricatured in newspaper cartoons and the perennial scapegoats for all the ills that beset society.

    Yet, one cannot do without them either in so many ways . . . in the farms and fisheries, on construction sites, in the factories and estates, in the households and across a broad spectrum of economic activities in the towns and cities that dot the length and breath of the country. They fill the massage parlours and fleshpots and walk on the seedy side of life in the drug trade for example, smuggling across the three seas and fencing of stolen goods and are invariably accused of being home-wreckers. They rule the underworld which have links with their home countries, the Philippines and Indonesia, where there’s a thin line between the criminals and terrorists. There’s a thin line with the local cops as well.

    Bestow citizenship status on the illegals and they are instantly transformed into Malaysians with the very same qualities which created the loopholes which allowed the illegals to flood into the land. Their children curse the illegals as well in true Malaysian fashion, denying that they were ever Filipinos or Indonesians not so long ago, and wish them out except for the ones they know or need. This has become a perennial nightmare which feeds on Malaysia’s insatiable demand for foreign labour.

    At one time, it was the Indians and Chinese who were the most upset for political reasons over the illegals stalking the land, prompting puzzled looks among the newcomers. "If Malaysia can accept so many Indians and Chinese as citizens, why can’t they accept us, just from right next door?" is the perennial question that most illegals have on their lips, unmindful of the history of Malaysia as a microcosm of the British Empire. Now Malays and other native Malaysians as well have joined the Indians and Chinese with a chorus of complaints against illegal immigrants. The initial goodwill has evaporated especially since they realise that it doesn’t help them politically either in the numbers game with the non-Malays as evident from the results of the March 8 polls. Besides, illegal immigrants compete more these days with Malays and other native Malaysians at the bottom of the dung heap, rather than with the Indians and Chinese.
    by Joe Fernandez

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