Thursday, June 26, 2008

Government proposal on illegal immigrants in Sabah backfires

AP /June 25, 2008
KOTA KINABALU: Kimanis member of parliament Anifah Aman says the federal government's proposal to set up a special task force on illegal immigrants in the state is unconstitutional, according to a Bernama report datelined Kota Kinabalu Wednesday (25 June).


  1. AP /June 25, 2008
    KOTA KINABALU: Kimanis member of parliament Anifah Aman says the federal government's proposal to set up a special task force on illegal immigrants in the state is unconstitutional, according to a Bernama report datelined Kota Kinabalu Wednesday (25 June).

    “The actual power on immigration matters lies with the state government,” he was quoted as saying by an online news portal.
    Citing Article 161E(4) of the Federal Constitution, Anifah said immigration matters in Sabah and Sarawak lies with the state authority, the chief minister, to regulate and control.

    He said the proper way to handle the illegal immigrants' issue was to set up a high-profile task force headed by the chief minister while deputy prime minister may play the patron role.

    “This would be consistent with Article 161E(4) of the Federal Constitution,” he said.
    Anifah also dismissed other proposals such as a royal commission or even a parliamentary select committee as unconstitutional and inappropriate.

    He said a special panel headed by Sabah chief minister, with participation from federal ministers, was the only constitutional step towards solving the state's long-standing illegal immigrants' problem.

    As such, he said, the federal government's move to set up a high-level task force headed by Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, as announced by the prime minister recently as part of a package designed to appease Sabahans, went against the Federal Constitution.

    The Bernama report said Anifah, the powerful Umno MP seen as a key player in the battle for support of East Malaysian legislators, was backing Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) sentiments in relation to Sabahans' unhappiness with the BN federal government, but stopped short of backing SAPP's decision to support a no-confidence motion against the prime minister.

    He suggested that the federal home affairs minister should also sit on the special panel to advise on the findings and recommendations.

    Anifah said the high number of illegal immigrants in the state was a long-standing issue which Sabahans are unhappy with and expect help from the federal government to solve.

  2. I support Anifa Said !!!

  3. Is Anifah telling us that we’ve been “fooled” and being taken advantage by “the big brother” all these years?

    I just can’t help but wondering whether Anifah was wrong.

    1. Were we just too naive and ignorant about our rights?
    2. Were all past CMs incompetent even though some of them were legal professionals by training?
    3. Were all past CMs not properly advised by the State AG?

  4. Ini-lah ORANG SABAH.
    Jangan macam diaorang (PBS, LDP & PBRS) tahu angkat kaki dan gosok Kasut sahaja.

    Mana ada "Barisan Spirit"!!!!
    "Barisan Sendiri" ada-lah.

    I support U ..... Tuan Anifah....
    Good Job and keep up the spirit for Rakyat Sabah.

  5. It seems as if federal never gets it right for whatever they’ve been trying to fix these days, why?
    No body seems to pay respect to the federal government any more, from the appointment of federal posts to “vote of no-confidence”; perhaps the federal should show their teeth before any tom Dick Harry intensify bullying our elected government.
    If slitting the neck of the only “fighting cock” in Sabah helps improving the BN/federal images and administration, why not?

  6. Illegal immigrants consider another matter, What happened to our 20% oil royalty? Can we all sit down and wait for another 10 years? Can you guarantee the new 9th Malaysia Plan will solve Sabah poverty especially for Bumi ppl in rural area? I doubt that.

    On the news today, PM said Bumi ownership equity in corporate only at 19.4%, and i reckon you should say UMMO Malay equity not yet reach 30%. Shame on you to use "Bumi" as your excuses for you despicable act to take over big company.

    Then again, I don't see the beneficial if target of Bumi ownership in corporate reach 30%, i only can see UMMO ministers benefit from it.

    SAPP must be firms on their demands for Sabah ppl, don't get too excited after our DPM proposal to set up special task force on illegal immigrants. I can sense the BN only want to drag thing longer to calm Sabah ppl down.

    If wants win the heart of Sabah ppl, BN's must shows that their party listen to the ppl voices and fulfill their demands. I belief after that Sabah will become BN role model to attract more voter on opposition states for voting BN as their goverment. Simple as that.

  7. “The actual power on immigration matters lies with the state government,” he was quoted as saying by an online news portal.
    Citing Article 161E(4) of the Federal Constitution, Anifah said immigration matters in Sabah and Sarawak lies with the state authority, the chief minister, to regulate and control.

    If this is true, and I don't see why it isn't true, then why is it necessary for Sabah to whine about the immigration problem for so long and not taken effective actions long ago independently?

    If the power in immigration matters are all in the hands of the Sabah government, then why are the Sabahans pleading to the federal government? It seems to me that in asking for the federal government for help, Sabah is giving away its sovereign rights to the federal government.

    If the Sabah government could have taken steps to stop the illegal immigration problem, then the failure to do so is entirely the fault of the Sabah government. So what is the Sabah government waiting for? Why did Sabah acquiesce in granting all those citizenship to the illegal immigrants while denying permanent residence to law abiding Chinese millionaires who have lived for decades in Sabah and have contributed so much in the growth and development of the Sabah economy?

    Even now, why is Sabah still pleading for help for the federal government to play any kind of "patron role"? Why does Sabah need the federal to play any role, if Sabah alone has the sovereign rights over immigration matters? Sabah can just independently formulate an effective plan and put it into action to get rid of the illegal immigrants.

    I think it is time for Sabah to grow up and take matters into its own hands and act like reponsible government officials that can do the business for the Sabah people, instead of a bunch of lost boys who whine and cry for help from the federal government which only rob and cheat Sabah anyway.

    I'm glad to see that Anifah is speaking out to emphasize Sabah's sovereign rights over its immigration matters. I hope he and SAPP and other Sabah government officials will put into action an effective policy to take care of the immigration matter without further delay and without waiting for any help from the UMNO government; not only in stopping the illegal immigrants but also to implement new immigration policy to encourage the influx of Chinese with skills, management expertise, capital for investment, etc. who will revitalize Sabah economy to provide more high paying jobs for the expanding population as well as to achieve a more equitable balance in the respective population among the races.

  8. PULANGKAN MINYA KITA DI SABAH NI !!!! 20% oil royalty cukup dah better than 5%!!!!!!!!!!!! Buduh punya dulu itu siapa yang setuju join MALAYA !!!!! baru ko tau sekarang genenasi sekarang ! kalu bukan join malaya kita sudah jadi macam NEW YORK !!!!

  9. A prior poster said:
    It seems as if federal never gets it right for whatever they’ve been trying to fix these days, why?
    No body seems to pay respect to the federal government any more, from the appointment of federal posts to “vote of no-confidence”; perhaps the federal should show their teeth before any tom Dick Harry intensify bullying our elected government.
    If slitting the neck of the only “fighting cock” in Sabah helps improving the BN/federal images and administration, why not?

    The UMNO government have never done anything right which is why Malaysian economy is even less than Singapore's economy in terms of total GDP and less than Singapore's per capita GDP by some 6 times. The UMNO government has also foisted ketuanan Melayu on the non-Malays thus runining the lives of millions of Chinese, Indians and other non-Malays. It can be said that everything that the UMNO government has done is either bad or worse. Therefore, the more the scurrilous UMNO government tried to fix things without changing the fundamental root of evil which is the ketuanan Melayu racist dogma the worse things are going to get. And since the UMNO government will not abolish ketuanan Melayu and the NEP, there is no hope that anything UMNO can do will be right in the future.

    Since the UMNO government is an evil government which maintains a reign of terror enforcing the racial cleansing policy of ketuanan Melayu which is in violation of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it will only continue to have the contempt of those Malaysian people who have a conscience and a sense of righteous and the civilized world in general. And it is high time for the Malaysian people to shout their vote of no confidence to the entire UMNO government. Actually, the peoples of Malaya had already expressed their vote of no confidence in UMNO-BN in the last election. The Malayan people have voted overwhelmingly for DAP and PKR thus expressing their vote of no confidence against UMNO-BN. It is only in Sabah and Sarawak that the Chinese and the natives who are still supporting UMNO-BN like some zombies shocked into the Stockholm Syndrome who keep supporting those who have terrorized them for 45 years. The vote of no confidence proposed but not yet submitted by SAPP is the first indication that the Sabahans are coming out of this state of Stockholm Syndrome.

    And the threat of "slitting the throat of the fighting cock" is just the kind of example of the reign of terror that has terrorized the Sabah people for 45 years. And as long as this terrorist mentality continues in the UMNO, nothing it can do will be right. It is time for the Sabah people to wake up and understand that they have the power to dump the evil UMNO once and for all. All they have to do is for the Sabah and Sarawk MP's to leave BN and then let 6 MP's join PR and UMNO-BN government is overthrown and gone forever.

    So come on, Sabah and Sarawak. If you want to solve the immigration problem, and get back your own oil money, then show a little gut and do what you have the power to do.
    You don't have to go to war. You don't have to fight with anybody. All you have to do is tell your MP's to get out of the BN and join PR. And remember, once UMNO-BN is out of the government, they can never terrorize you again. It will be you who will have the power to bring these villains to justice. It will be you who will control the ACA and the ISA and use them to investigate, arrest, prosecute, and sentence these evil people to jail for a long long time. And if you won't even do that, then you're hopeless. And it will be your own fault for all the problems you're having.

  10. Samada si Anifah ini mahu cover abangnya atau memang ingin melihat negeri ini mendapatkan hak imigresennya.

    CM gagal berbuat apa-apa setakat ini jadi saya anggap menyerahkan kuasa kepada CM untuk membentras PTI merumitkan keadaan. Adakah kongkongan yang dikenakan kerajaan pusat sehingga Musa Aman tidak dapat berbuat apa-apa? CM terdahulu Chong Kah Kiat lantang dengan kempen anti pendatang haram, dan kita boleh lihat kempen itu memang ada kesan positifnya. Walaupun dia gagal membendung PTI tapi agak ramai PTI yang berjaya ditangkap.

    Namun kini CM langsung tidak menyuarakan kebenciannya terhadap kekacauan yang diledakkan oleh PTI. Dia tahu benar bahawa ramai Pendatang Asing di BDC, kg Muhibah dsb di Sandakan yang menjadi penyokong kuat beliau di Sg. Sibuga.

    Bagi saya, tiada yang indah bagi PTI di negeri kita. Mungkin ada segelintir local yang terkahwin dengan gadis-gadis PTI yang bekerja di bar atau pusat karaoke namun kita tahu mereka lah punca keruntuhan banyak rumahtangga kita di Sabah. Gejala sosial, jenayah, rasa ketakutan kita, kekotoran (di bandar) dsb. adalah antara hasil perbuatan PTI di negeri ini. Pernah OCPD keningau (beberapa tahun dahulu) mengatakan bahawa 6 dari 10 jenayah di daerah itu dilakukan oleh PTI. Alangkah amannya negeri kita tanpa penyangak PTI ini.

    Di mana kelemahannya?
    1. Penguatkuasaan di sempadan (Terutama di Tawau dan Sandakan). Saya pernah bercerita dengan beberapa PTI dan mereka mengatakan bahawa mereka dengan senang melalui kawalan Marine dengan hanya menggunakan $$$.

    2. Penguatkuasan checkpoint. Checkpoint terkenal, di Batu 31 Sandakan/Lahad Datu/Telupid dahulunya dikawal oleh Polis Gerakan Am. Namun sudah menjadi kebiasaan mereka untuk meletakkan 'tin' bagi pesalah-pesalah untuk membayar kesalahan mereka.

    3. Pemberian IC Tulen/Palsu
    Pegawai pendaftaran dan ketua kampung yang tamak menyumbang kepada pendaftaran mereka untuk mendapatkan IC tulen. Saya tidak risau dengan IC palsu sebab ia boleh dikesan namun IC Tulen kepada PTI merupakan nightmare bagi org tempatan.

    4. Peranan kerajaan BN
    tidak dinafikan bahawa selama ini BN telah memanjakan PTI kerana mereka boleh memberi keseimbangan kaum/bangsa/agama di satu satu daerah. Rakan saya mengatakan bahawa pada pilihanraya 2004, sebuah bas dari KK telah datang ke kampungnya. Bas itu penuh dengan PAKISTAN dan mereka membawa IC yang 'dipinjamkan/diberi' oleh orang tertentu di KK untuk tujuan mengundi. Kebetulan seorang Pakistan telah didapati membawa IC seorang nenek (dari kg itu) yang telah meninggal dunia. Mereka membelasah Pakistani itu dan dia mengakui mereka memperolehi IC dari seorang dari pemimpin BN di Kota Kinabalu. Kes ini bukan terpencil. Beribu-ribu penipuan dilakukan oleh BN dengan mengeksploitasi PTI untuk kepentingan mereka.

    5. Mengambil PTI sebagai pekerja (kos jauh lebih murah) merupakan satu penyumbang kepada ledakan kemasukan PTI ke Sabah. Negeri ini kaya dan merupakan syurga berbanding dengan wilayah Mindanao. Peluang pekerjaan masih banyak terutama di sektor yang tidak disukai oleh orang tempatan.

    Alahai, terdapat banyak lagi alasan lain. Namun yang menjadi masalah sekarang, di manakah kerajaan menempatkan PTI yang di tangkap. Kerajaan Philippine dengan angkuhnya mengatakan bahawa mereka TIDAK akan menerima PTI yang dihantar balik. Saya cadangkan agar mereka diagih-agihkan di Semenanjung Malaysia seperti di Putra Jaya, Langkawi, ataupun di pusatkan di kampung halaman Datu Nazri.

    Akhirnya, saya pasti rancangan kerajaan pusat sekarang ini HANYALAH gula-gula kepada rakyat Sabah. Mereka tiada keinginan melihat PTI lari. Mereka hanya takut sokongan rakyat Sabah menghilang. Mereka takut lebih ramai pemimpin BN Sabah akan melalak dan keluar BN. Walau bagaimanapun apapun rancangan untuk kepentingan rakyat Sabah saya alu-alukan. Apapun tindakan pemimpin BN yang melalak saya akan sokong agar kerajaan pusat terbuka mata. Saya beri BN 2 bulan lagi untuk membuktikan rancangan mereka berjaya. Kalau gagal juga, kita bagi peluang kepada orang lain, yang mempunyai idea yang berkesan.

  11. KOTA KINABALU: The Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) is calling on Umno Kimanis MP Datuk Anifah Aman to lead an independent group of MPs from Sabah and Sarawak.

    MPs representing different parties from the two states can move the process of political change forward, SAPP president Datuk Yong Teck Lee said in a statement.

    Yong said that several MPs from Sabah, Sarawak and peninsular Malaysia have deliberated on the current political scenario in recent days.

    “This is the window of opportunity that SAPP has relentlessly reminded our leaders and people to not let slip by,” he said.

    Yong said that Anifah, who is Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman's brother, was brave and farsighted to have stepped forward to identify himself with Sabah and its people the issues raised by SAPP.

    Anifah has come forward at a time when some other Sabah Barisan parties have turned their guns to attack SAPP in the name of the “Barisan Spirit”, instead of fighting for the people and their state.

    Yong claimed that Anifah has refused to subscribe to divide-and-rule tactics and has come up with a fresh angle to the current struggle of Sabah to regain the autonomy of the State of Sabah (and Sarawak) by re-examining Article 161E(4) of the Constitution concerning immigration to the State.

    Article 161 touches on the “Safeguards for the constitutional position of States of Sabah and Sarawak”, including matters of citizenship, the jurisdiction of the High Court in Borneo, religion, language and native rights arising from the “Twenty Points” leading to the Malaysia Agreement of 1963.

    Anifah on Wednesday said that the Chief Minister of Sabah should head a high level task force to tackle the illegal immigrant problem, as under Article 161, matters of immigration came under the chief minister's jurisdiction.

    Over the last four decades, this special position and autonomy have been gradually eroded, whereby power is increasingly concentrated in the central government and its leadership, he added.


  12. To fellow Sabahans,

    It is a very simple question to ask you guys SINCE majority of all the Sabahans supported BN to win the election for the past 10 or 15 years and why UMNO still issue IC illegally to the muslim PTI? ethnic cleansing? to outnumber the local?

    This is totally an "evil intention" and a "traitor" to Malaysia.

    Don't just shouted that you umno guy are patriotic but selling our country by giving free IC to the muslim PTI. CAKAP TAK SERUPA BIKIN ialah kebudayaan umno! Hypocrite!

    I pray that our beloved Sabah will be protected by LORD and cast this bunch of evil-minded people out from our state. Amen.

  13. To SAPP :

    I think it is time for Sapp to end up their relationship with BN and join Pakatan Rakyat for (of course) the rakyat’s good. I know it's difficult to switch from a coalition to another but it's more difficult for the rakyat.

    So I urge Sapp to not delay their decision anymore and start soon. The rakyat will be fight along with you in your decision made to join Pakatan Rakyat.

    That's how we feel here in Sabah. Please go ahead and I'm sure the rakyat will support you all the way to your success.


    Muhyiddin yang diketahui begitu akrab dengan mantan TPM, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim akan saling berganding bahu untuk menggulingkan Najib dengan mengada-ngadakan pelbagai isu palsu dan membongkar segala hal berkaitan Najib sehingga menjatuhkan reputasi Najib dan nama beliau tidak lagi bersih.Inilah peluang yang amat dinantikan oleh Muhyiddin.

    Apabila Najib sudah digulingkan, beliau pula yang akan terus mendaki tangga ke jawatan Presiden UMNO dan Perdana Menteri. Sudah kedengaran juga keluarga Muhyiddin telah memasang angan-angan untuk menjadi keluarga pertama dan menantunya, Adlan Berhan juga memasang cita-cita untuk menandingi kepopularitian Khairy Jamaluddin selaku menantu Perdana Menteri.

    Manakala Anwar pula sudah pasti akan menjadi rakan gandingan dan peluang untuk Anwar melebarkan pengaruh kembali dalam UMNO akan cerah pada masa tersebut.

    Ternyata Muhyiddin sedang galak menjalankan rancangan bagi memastikan segala impiannya tercapai. Masa yang dikatakannya belum tiba untuk diumumkan sebenarnya penuh dengan muslihat. Perancangan yang teratur dan teliti harus beliau jayakan terlebih dahulu sebelum sebarang kenyataan dikeluarkan. Disebabkan itulah beliau belum membuat sebarang komen. Dan apabila beliau bersedia bermakna Najib dalam bahaya.

  15. Sandiwara malaysiaJune 27, 2008 at 12:06 PM

    Mukriz hanya akan letak jawatan sekiranya Pak Lah tidak berhenti di akhir Julai ini – satu tempoh yang terlalu lama bagi orang UMNO mahu melihat sejauh mana kebenaran Mukhriz dalam menetapkan tarikh itu.Maknanya, kita juga mahu lihat pada 1 Ogos nanti apakah Mukhriz sudah catat dalam diarinya menulis surat letak jawatan kalau Pak Lah masih lagi perdana menteri.

    Bukan sekadar ahli UMNO sahaja yang akan mengingati tarikh itu, ahli-ahli parti lain termasuk pembangkang pun menunggu tarikh keramat bagi Mukhriz itu. Tarikh keramat Anwar pada 16 September. Jadi setiap bulan kita ada tarikh keramat dari pemimpin Melayu.

    Kerana itulah saya kata Mukhriz memang ada banyak persamaan dan layak benar Anwar ajak Mukhriz masuk PKR saja lebih mudah. Lagipun ayahnda Mukhriz dulu pun bos Anwar. Untuk balas budi bekas bosnya, memang sesuailah Anwar berbaik-baik dengan Mukhriz.

    Berbalik pada tindakan Yong, belum tentu lagi seluruh SAPP dengan ahlinya setuju dengan tindakannya. Silap-silap hari bulan, ada anggota SAPP yang tidak berkenan dengan tindakan beliau, ada pula usul undi tidak percaya terhadap Yong. Itu baru padan muka. Tapi mana tahu. Dalam politik ni macam-macam boleh terjadi.

  16. The Personalities in Politics mind boggling discoveries[Article 161E[4]of the Federal Constitution] raises huge questions.Yong's support in Anifah[UMNO] to lead Sabah and Sarawak MP's is also raising eye brows as to their modus-operandi.

    The exciting events over the past week had lifted the hopes of Sabahans.But the inconsistency in the statements made by these flip-flop politicians could be catastrophic.

    Could this be yet another hoodwinked attempt as seen previously?Unless proven otherwise,it is envisaged that a decision has already been made"Let bygones be bygones","Forgive and forget"even before the 30 days is up on the show cause letter that SAPP is required to answer.

    Should this scenario occur,I dread to imagine the tsunami of all tsunamis that will end the political careers of these flip-flop politicians.The power of wanting to stay in power,will be decided by the people.

    We urge the Pakatan Rakyat to be steadfast and focus in ensuring the confidence of the people.

  17. Where r we going to put the PTI once thousands of them being rounded up in the coming operation? Put in pairin's house or Najib's kebun? Use your head man. Why can't we set up a detention camp at an isolated island and ask UNHCR to handle it. Remember the Government set up the refugee camp to house the Vietnamese refugees at Pulau Bidung in 1970's? These people cannot leave the island until UN send them back or relocate them to a 3rd country. We can do the same on some border islands and put them all there. UN can force Filipin or Indon to co-operate to accept these illegal unwanted. Why is pairin so 'low profiled' on PTI. Can't u see the no. of PTI in Keningau, Pitas and other KDN areas? He doesn't even care! He is so scared to speak up for people of Sabah. He just wants a quiet and comfortable minister post. So are traitors like J krup and VK Liew. SAPP should be respected and thanked for voicing out Sabahan's sufferings. Syabas SAPP!

  18. Kalu sia , sia akan taruh Boom! kasih boom semua pti tu paduli diarang ! namapk diarang macam nampak toyol ! kalu butul kerajaan ikhlas butul ! korang tinguk lar tu pulau gaya diorang tak akan pigi sapu kalu pun ada sapu ! bangsat punya BN ! Konon KK nak dijadihkan indah ! tu gaya punya orang kasih boom dia bah ! toyol punya BN !

  19. 沙巴进步党呼吁金马尼士区国会议员阿尼法阿曼挺身而出,率领沙巴与砂拉越独立的国会议员,展开政治改革议程

  20. BN only promising Sabahans that they wil curb the PTI problem because they are desperate to stay afloat in sabah. The moment we divert our attention to another pressing issue, they will promise to settle the next problem, and the PTI case will be forgotten again...and again. They've made promises before, instead of solving, they are handing out free IC to the PTI. Why should we think that this time is going to be any different?

    Previosly, the 'kampung air' in pulau gaya looks so tiny, because they are far away. Now the houses appear more clearly because they are getting nearer to the mainland. In a few years time, we can probably walk to Pulau Gaya. Even now the PTI are already creating massive problems in KK, are we really going let them trample over the locals so easily? If we allow the govt to fool us into believeing they will do 'something' abt this, we might as well roll out the red carpet and set up a welcoming committee for the illegals now.

    So what exactly is Najib's plan of action now? We Sabahans eagerly wait. But what can we xpect from someone who's trying to juggle denying murder allegations and kissing pak lah's behind at the same time. looks like he's got his hands full.

  21. Boleh dipercayaikah kata kata orang UMNO ini.Kenyataan mereka ini cuma pada zahirnya sahaja menunjukkan mereka prihatin terhadap keadaan di negeri Sabah. Tapi bila undi tidak percaya, saya amat meragui bahawa mereka akan menyokong usul tersebut. Oleh yang demikian saya berharap SAPP berhati hati dengan mereka ini.

  22. I say, every Sabahan should read the contract signed so long ago that no one, not even the CM, knows anymore what is written in it.

    Read it and then start using it to the best for Sabahans!!!! Just use our right given in this contract and if BN says NO, then get out of it because every contract can be terminatet from BOTH SIDES!!!!
    Go for it for a better future for you and everyone who comes after us!!!

  23. Aiya, Kalau itu UMNO ndak mau kasi hantar itu PTI di Sabah balik filipin atau indo, kasi import pergi KL saja la ba! Penang pun boleh, tinggal sebelah rumah Khairy atau bapa mertua dia, PAk Lah. Kasi dia orang sama sama kenduri bah!

    Hantar kasi itu Ali Rustam, orang melaka yang sokong umno tawau demonstrasi itu pun bulih bah! Dia suka sama dia orang kan !

  24. Harga minyak di negara pengeluar minyak seperti Malaysia
    UAE RM1.19/litre
    Eygpt RM1.03/litre
    Bahrain RM0.87/litre
    Qatar RM0.68/litre
    Kuwait RM0.67/litre
    Saudi Arabia RM0.38/litre
    Nigeria RM0.32/litre
    Turkmenistan RM0.25/litre
    Venezuela RM0.16/litre
    Brunei RM 1.20/litre

    MALAYSIA RM2.70/litre =(RM2.70 x 159 litres = US $ 135.00 international price. so where is subsidy???)

    So, Malaysian people are fooled by the govt...


  25. can you trust what the BN govt promose you?