Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fuel price hike likely in August

Kuala Lumpur: Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad on Monday hinted that petrol and diesel prices may go up beginning August.
"It will happen...petrol prices will increase, I think the idea is in August this year when the subsidy system is re-structured," he said.....but it is 5 June 2008 (00.00hrs)!!!


  1. KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on Wednesday announced the new price for petrol is RM2.70 a litre, effective midnight tonight.

    He announced that the price of petrol would be increased by 78sen and diesel by RM1.

    The 40% increase in petrol price is part of the new fuel subsidy plan the Prime Minister announced at 5pm Wednesday.

    The price of diesel goes up to RM2.58 from RM1.58.

    Oh My God! What the hell this PM doing??? His minister doesn't even Know....

  2. The government is right in allowing fuel prices to go up as it's the actual cost of the fuel (or doing business), however, the government must also have aware that the increase in fuel price can trigger almost every things in the economy which greatly impacts the entire population especially the lower income group. This is inevitable as going against the current of higher fuel prices worldwide is counter productive and totally wrong. What government ought to do immediately after raising the fuel prices is to beef up the welfare department swiftly in order to help those in need in overcoming the effect of the "economy avalanche". Efficient delivery system especially in the civil service is utmost important and critical in the success of the new policy.

  3. "Rice price hike"

    What about the price hike in rice? The government should not interfere with its pricing but rather ensure that people can still have the supply of rice with government helps, either directly or indirectly.
    Peoples must be told of the real cost of the essential items globally and not deliberately hiding the truth from reality.
    The higher rice price may create local enterprises interested in the padi farming business as it becomes lucrative and profitable.
    This may help to bring down the commodity price so that it becomes affordable as well as strengthening the strategic position of Sabah in the area of food self-sufficiency and better foreign exchange status.
    Latest technology in farming as well as ICT must be deployed in order to achieve the highest efficiency and productivity.

  4. Oil prices drop below $122 a barrel
    Thursday June 5, 1:14 am ET

    Oil prices drop below $122 a barrel after US reports drop in gasoline demand

    BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) -- Oil dropped below $122 a barrel Thursday in Asia, extending its decline from last month's record after the U.S. Energy Department said gasoline demand fell sharply last week.

    If oil prices dropped, will the government reduced our oil price???

    Will electricity tariffs be reviewed or reduced???

    Hot Gas? which never comes down?

  5. Nation City Price in USD Regular/Gallon
    Netherlands Amsterdam $6.48
    Norway Oslo $6.27
    Italy Milan $5.96
    Denmark Copenhagen $5.93
    Belgium Brussels $5.91
    Sweden Stockholm $5.80
    United Kingdom London $5.79
    Germany Frankfurt $5.57
    France Paris $5.54
    Portugal Lisbon $5.35
    Hungary Budapest $4.94
    Luxembourg $4.82
    Croatia Zagreb $4.81
    Ireland Dublin $4.78
    Switzerland Geneva $4.74
    Spain Madrid $4.55
    Japan Tokyo $4.24
    Czech Republic Prague $4.19
    Romania Bucharest $4.09
    Andorra $4.08
    Estonia Tallinn $3.62
    Bulgaria Sofia $3.52
    Brazil Brasilia $3.12
    Cuba Havana $3.03
    Taiwan Taipei $2.84
    Lebanon Beirut $2.63
    South Africa Johannesburg $2.62
    Nicaragua Managua $2.61
    Panama Panama City $2.19
    Russia Moscow $2.10
    Puerto Rico San Juan $1.74
    Saudi Arabia Riyadh $0.91
    Kuwait Kuwait City $0.78
    Egypt Cairo $0.65
    Nigeria Lagos $0.38
    Venezuela Caracas $0.12

  6. It's not realistic to compare oil prices of other countries as the commodity differs from country to country because of location, transportation, extraction difficulty etc.
    What matter most is the fact that why BN government didn't act on the huge subsidy on the oil years ago until today. Were they sleeping as some quarters branded it? They should be adjusting the difference year in year in order not to have such a big gap to appear, thereby avoiding the sudden huge increase in he oil price which is beyond the capability of normal folks to shoulder in a short period of time.
    By the way, something very interesting indeed in today's Daily Express quoted Jeffrey Kittingan saying that Petronas does not sell most of its production to the open market directly but has to sell to 6 "special" companies at a price highly "questionable"; how much Petronas really get when selling to these companies? Do they get a good price or just a token? Are we being taken for a ride by these elites who operate these companies? Are we fooled again by our leaders? Oh! I'm tired of all these... Pak Lah should explain even though he may have been the victim of his predecessor's misdeed.

  7. The recent fuel hike announced by the government is one that has been much criticized by the general public. Opposition party leaders took the opportunity to make matters worst for the government by promoting street demonstrations and poor economic rhetorics.

    I applaud our Prime Minister and his administration on the courageous decision that they know will not gain popularity among the public. However, it is more of a matter of doing what is economically right.

    I truly believe all subsidies on petrol/diesel should be removed and allowed to be floated at market rate. Rebates and compensation should then be allocated to the deserving lot of Malaysians. An effective and transparent mechanism must be implemented for the rebates.

    Rigorous implementation of upgrading public transportation must be given emphasis. Budget 2009 will be closely watched.

    Taking this bold move after a "poor" result from the recent election is a testament to the governments commitment in safe guarding our national asset=oil. The government is very well aware of the implications over the recent fuel hike.

    Yes, I agree, there are countries like Nigeria that sells dead cheap fuel. If a comparison is made, let it be fair. Nigeria is a major oil producing country and its oil reserves multiplies that of ours. We are not even in OPEC for gods sake. Don't just compare fuel prices between countries, delve deeper for more facts before comparing.

    What the government should do is to educate the public on the urgent need of restructuring fuel subsidies/removing amid escalating crude oil prices. Make a textbook out of it if necessary.

    Global oil prices are going up and high prices are here to stay. Don't blame your government if it affects your lifestyle. Be proactive, Dig deeper into your creative minds and create alternative source of income. Change your mindset, Live out of subsidised mentality! Break away from the mentality that your welfare is the responsibility of the government. Come on guys, stop complaining, remove ourself from your comfort zones and be efficient.

    The government of Malaysia has taken a move that is ahead of the curve on fuel subsidies. A brave one.

  8. Whats done is done but I wander if bodwin goverment ever thinking of future. Future energy source like bakun electricity and not simply up the tariff when oil price is up. Whats their plan or vision 10 years from now. No vision?

    Oil price will definately be up up and away but our givernment has the power to promote save enviromental energy from now on. They should think or come up with a plan to let people use alternative energy or initiatives. No initiatives?

    I guess they are busy saving their fat ass! Down with BN- Barang Naik! Your time is up! Bye bye


  10. Rakyat Sabah adalah bodoh. Apa mau sokong parti luar. UMNO itu parti Semenanjung. Apa parti luar boleh jaga Sabah kah? Palui.. palui..

    Go Yong Teck Lee.. Rakyat Sabah mahu pemimpin seperti kamu yang memperjuangkan nasib orang Sabah. Sekarang ini, parti yang ada di Sabah, pemimpinnya hanya jilat dan cium pantat parti luar dan pemimpin luar asal keturunan mereka 7 keturunan kaya raya.

    Lihat setelah 51 tahun Sabah Merdeka dalam Malaysia apa ada? Rakyat makin miskin, tanah kena rompak, ladang kelapa sawit semua milik orang Semenanjung, hasil minyak kena rompak, rakyat Sabah menganggur jadi pelacur kena tipu kerja luar negeri, kerja kosong kerajaan semua dikuasai oleh orang Semenanjung, kuota UMS pun dipenuhi oleh orang Semenanjung, guru-guru pun asyik masuk muka orang semenanjung.

    Apa orang Sabah ini bodoh2 kah? Tiada kelulusan? Palui.. memang palui ini Rakyat Sabah.. Inilah namanya menang sorak tapi kampung tergadai.. padahal pakaian sendiri koyak rabak, telanjang bogel.. palui.. palui.. memang palui.. ini Rakyat Sabah!

  11. Baguslah orang malaysia ni semua palui , itulah kurang makan babi.

    BN tu apa ? BURUK NIAT...
    mahu susahkan rakyat aje..UMNO TU APA?... UNTUK MEMJELAJAH NERAKA ORANG.

    Haa.. haapadan muka...