Thursday, June 17, 2010

Corruption the No. 1 factor fo RM362 billion debt

Bad governance and widespread corruption in the country are the cause of the massive RM362 billion debt the country has accumulated over the years.

“It is wrong to give the perception that the accumulated debt of RM362 billion is due mainly to the subsidies given to the people," Tawau MP Chua Soon Bui said.

She said the arguments by federal leaders for ending the subsidies were just a desperate measure to cover up for “their past recklessness in managing the country's resources”.

The government contends that its subsidy programme costs it RM74 billion annually.

Chua said by declaring that the country would go bankrupt if government aid is continued, the government is pinning the blame on the subsidy programme and holding the people to ransom.


  1. The assssno got money to build a 800mils palace but no money to help the poor RAKYAT. Go to fly kite lah this sort of corrupted and incompetence gomen.

  2. Read this new edition of Mahathir's Malay Dilemma

    Where is Najib's 1Malaysia heading to? OIC....power hunger is always with it and isn't this a 'racism' by example?

  3. We should continue to vote UMNO since the government is not yet bankrupt. The rakyat should be grateful and thankful to UMNO as Malaysia is still better off compared to Indon, Philippines, Somali etc.

  4. I think we should compare Malaysia with countries like Somalia, Indonesia or the Philippines.

    Just compare with our neighbour like Singapore which has no natural resources but human resources. Malaysia's quality human resources most of them overseas and we are left with Umno morons and corrupts.

    What Malaysia has done:

    Imagine just to send one 'astronaut' or rather space taxi passenger space paying more than RM100 million in the name of pride.

    Petronas twin towers built for the sake of wanting to be the tallest building in the world.

    Petronas CEO and personnel having private jets, helicopters and million dollar lavishing parties.

    Subsidising IPPs, APs and the list goes on..

  5. During the financial crisis in 1997, Jakarta stock exchange dropped till 240 points and KLSE dropped till 270.

    But in 2010, KLSE now is 1250 - 1300 points and Jakarta stock exchange gone up almost twice of KLSE to 2500-3000 points. What is this indicate?

    Our country running by a bunch of crocodile and what do we expect from our gomen?

    Say NO to Be End!

    Sendiri mau ingat lah!

  6. Illegal betting in some cases, Ah Long were also the bookies. Ah Long has been increasing. Since the current government unable to control Ah Long, then for next election it is better to vote for other party. Maybe if other party take over Federal Government, they have better way to control Ah Long.
    Let give other party a try.
    Maybe the rakyat can get more benefit.
    Those days we need not have to pay Indah Water. We paid only water bill. Later Indah Water was implemented. So we have to pay extra bill.
    Who knows in future we have to pay GST.
    So is about time to let other party manage or else we will lose our subsidise.

  7. BN is Bohong NegaraJune 23, 2010 at 1:17 AM

    KUALA LUMPUR: While voters have been spooked by the prospect of bankruptcy if subsidies remain, the government however went on a RM8 billion shopping spree for two French submarines.

    The disclosure was made by Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi in a written reply to Batu PKR MP Tian Chua who asked how much it cost to procure the Scorpene submarines.

    The first contract with French and Spanish manufacturers DNC and Navantia on the purchase of the two submarines including the Intergrated Logistic Support (ILS) was worth €970 million.

    The second contract with Perimekar Sdn Bhd for coordination, support and training for the Royal Malaysian Navy submarine project in Cherborough and Brest in France and Cartagena, Spain, was worth €120 million.

    Perimekar is allegedly owned by the wife of Abdul Razak Baginda, a close friend of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, who was tried and acquitted in the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaaribuu.

    Altantuya was supposedly the interpreter in the deal and Najib was the defence minister then.

  8. read this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Everyone of us know that Umno is corrupt, but yet we cannot fight their corruption.

    Only the polls can defeat them come next election...

    I sincerely hope that Pakatan and SAPP will prevail for a CHANGE!

  10. Record number of politicians arrested by MACC last year

    KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) arrested 23 politicians last year, making it the biggest number of arrests among politicians so far.

    However, only 15 of them - 12 from Umno and one each from Gerakan, DAP and PKR -- were prosecuted for bribery.

    The increase was attributed to arrests made against politicians from a political party who were involved in money politics during the party’s election.

    False claims by state assemblymen including for annual development allocations also contributed to the higher number of arrests, revealed MACC 2009 Annual Report which was handed over to the members of Parliament on Tuesday.

    According to the report, 58.8% (294) cases handled by MACC last year involved receiving bribes while 21.6% or 108 cases were for offering bribes. Another 60 arrests (12%) were made against those who filed false claims.

    Other offences committed include abuse of public office and money laundering.

    It said 939 cases met the criteria for open investigation resulting in over 500 individuals being arrested.

    Besides the 23 politicians 190 public officials and 180 individuals from the private sector and 107 members of the public were also arrested by MACC.

    Of that, 176 were prosecuted in Court. They were public officials (87), members of the public (46), official from the private sector (26), 15 politicians of which 12 were from Umno and one each from Gerakan, DAP and PKR.

    Out of 87 civil servants charged, two were from the top management, 18 from the management and professional group while the rest were from the support group.

    The commission was successful in getting 79 conviction last year, including a case against former Ampang Jaya Municipal Council enforcement director Capt Abdul Kudus Ahmad.

    Kudus was convicted of 24 counts of offences under the Anti-Corruption Act 1997 and was sentenced to 11 years and 10 months’ jail and fined RM370,000.

    Another involved the president of Kangar Municipal Council Baharudin Ahmad who was sentenced to four years’ jail and fined RM1.925mil for soliciting gratification of RM3000,000 from a contractor.

  11. Tak boleh dinafikan bahawa rasuah dalang besar dalam hutang negara. Tapi rasuah ini ada di mana-mana, semua kerajaan tidak kira bertapa baik negara tersebut pun terlibat dalam rasuah.

  12. Makes me wonder, is there any possibility that corruption in the government will ever end??? Mcm tidak kan..everyone is too bloody greedy. Its like, them first then rakyat.

  13. it will never end unless MACC is not corrupt and have a courage to catch this big fish.

  14. Agree with you Pirate.Well, hopefully the MACC will have the guts to capture the big fish....and hopefully the MACC is not corrupted also. If MACC is corrupted, then who will catch them?

  15. Is there any country that is free from corrupted? Would love to migrate there.

  16. Corruption is the number 1 killer in Malaysia. Whose fault is that? Me, you, him, her or them?

  17. How to solve corruption when the anti-corruption agent itself could be corrupted.

  18. Corruption is a disease. Should be curbed and control way before it starts to get out of hand.

  19. Good thing that Malaysia has not yet been listed as one of the top 10 most corrupted country in the world.

  20. corruption di negara kita adalah perkara yang amat memalukan dan samada BN atau pembangkang, corruption patut dihapuskan. namun jika ia melibatkan corruption peringkat top management...susahlah.

  21. kadangkala sukar bagi saya nak mempercayai banyak perkara tentang corruption ni. kadang tu, ramai yang sudah kaya raya...tidak kisah dibicarakan di mahkahmah akibat rasuah. sebab apa? mereka sudahpun mengaut banyak wang hasil dari kegiatan rasuah....

  22. rasuah ni sememangnya perkara yang tidak boleh dielakkan bagi seseorang yang aktif berpolitik atau terlibat dalam peringkat pengurusan tertinggi...hanya keimanan yang kuat dan prinsip peribadi yang teguh sahaja dapat memerangi rasuah

  23. rasuah tu tanggungjawab sendirilah...bila mati nanti duit rasuah tu bukan boleh dibawa ke neraka pun....

  24. Membanteras rasuah adalah tanggungjawab semua.